MySweetWishList: 2018 Dream Gala

According to Greater Dallas JDRF Executive Director Amy Camp,

Amy Camp*

“The Greater Dallas Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation recently announced its annual Dream Gala, which raises funds for research to find a cure for type 1 diabetes, will be held Saturday, April 28, at the Omni Dallas Hotel. The JDRF Dream Gala is a night of celebration and inspiration for all those living with and affected by type 1 diabetes. The theme of the 2018 Dream Gala is ‘Oh, What a Night!’ and it will honor 7-Eleven CEO Joe DePinto. The evening will feature silent and live auctions, seated dinner, inspiring program, Fund A Cure appeal, and live entertainment by the Midtown Men. Event chairs include: Joe DePinto, Dave Strauss, Harold Gernsbacher and Scott Paul.

“Founded in 1970, JDRF is the leading global organization focused on type 1 diabetes (T1D) research. JDRF’s goal is to progressively remove the impact of T1D from people’s lives until we achieve a world without T1D. JDRF collaborates with a wide spectrum of partners and is the only organization with the scientific resources, policy influence, and a working plan to bring life-changing therapies from the lab to the community. As the largest charitable supporter of T1D research, JDRF has invested nearly $2B in research over the past 45 years, and is sponsoring scientific research in 17 countries worldwide. The Dream Gala itself helps raise a large portion of funds to support the ongoing research.

“We hope you will make plans to join us for the 2018 Dream Gala. For more information, as well as underwriting opportunities, please visit: contact the Melissa Pinkerton at [email protected] or 214.764.6770.”

-By Amy Camp, Greater Dallas JDRF Executive Director

* Photo provided by Greater Dallas JDRF

Curtain Call And Dream Gala Go Head-To-Head On March 31

Bret Michaels and the girls

The days of 2011 are getting less and less and already 2012 is starting to look as crowded as the early-morning lineup at Starbucks in Highland Park Shopping Village. First face-off by event planners is Saturday, March 31, when both Curtain Call benefiting the Dallas Summer Musicals with spectacularly beautiful and talented Vanessa Williams at the Music Hall and the Dream Gala for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation with Bret Michaels at the Omni Hotel will take place. Unlike this past year when Bret was the guest of honor for his efforts promoting juvenile diabetes, he’ll be performing on stage this go-around.

It’s going to be a battle to decide which one to attend: Vanessa putting on one heck of a show, and Bret doing the same across town. Last year when Bret attended the event as an honored guest, he was surrounded by kids and grown-up ladies lining up for photos with the rock star.

In the “Sure You Knew Department:” In addition to Bret’s being Type 1 diabetic since childhood, his daughter Raine is diabetic. Ironically, Vanessa is Type 1 diabetic, too, and lost her grandmother as a results of diabetes. It’s a nasty disease that needs to be put to rest. 

So, no excuse for staying home and cleaning up your Outlook on March 31 . . . not with these two events taking place.

Bret Michaels Provides The Dreamy Factor At Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Gala

The Dream Gala got off to a bit of a rough start on Saturday, March 26. First there was the predictable traffic jam around the Hilton Anatole because of market taking place in the neighborhood. Then it didn’t help that in addition to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s gala, the Rockwall Women’s League (500 people) and the Catholic Pro-Life (2,220 participants) event were also taking place at the Anatole. All of these elements coming together would have been challenging enough for guests trying to arrive, but then there was the black Mercedes. The usual two-lane drive in front of the Chantilly Ballroom was reduced to one due to the non-mobile Mercedes. As drivers muttered  in wonderment why the dark thing was hogging the lane, the valets scrambled to make due. Perhaps it was a VIP’s ride standing by for a quick getaway. Or maybe Mercedes was an event sponsor.

None of the above.

Seems the Mercedes’ driver spilled her drink on the console and fried the car’s high-tech system into a coma.

But the guests’ arrival woes didn’t stop there. No sooner had they entered the Anatole then the beautiful walls of white flimsy fabric and crystal beading started wavering thanks to a norther blowing through entry’s doors. The towering walls toppled down two or three times, but Anatole catering staff was Johnny-on-the-spot to shore up and correct the situation.

David, Elizabeth and Kim Roosevelt

After making it through these two tests, guests found a perfectly marvelous gala with guests ranging from seven to 77. (COMMENT: Everyone has experienced munchkins out of control. Think the extreme opposite at the Dream Gala. The underage guests were beautifully behaved and the elders should take bows for excellent parenting.)

Jeffrey Brewer

JDRF CEO/President Jeffrey Brewer felt right at home. He should have, since he grew up in Dallas, attending Jesuit and SMU. After leaving town, he co-founded City Search in 1995 and then went on to co-found Overture Services in 1999. Thanks to making a tidy profit off these two ventures, he was able to go into philanthropy. But Jeffrey’s involvement in Juvenile Diabetes is far more than professional or philanthropic. His 16-year-old son, Sean, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2002.

Katherine and Deborah Brewer

As Jeffrey was describing his goal of doubling JDRF’s revenues within the next five years, his Australian-beauty wife Deborah told how they had met thanks to a joint venture project. But her days now are filled schlepping _-year-old daughter Katherine to equine jumping events. According to Deborah, since Katherine started riding competitively, she has been scoring ribbons from the Hamptons to Florida. Alas, poor Katherine took a nasty fall resulting in a broken collarbone that will keep her out of competition for a bit. Not to worry. Katherine has big plans and nothing like a silly “oops!” is going to hold her back.

Sean Brewer

In the meantime, Sean was busy trying out the new electronic gizmo from BidPal. According to event organizers, the slim little blue auction device allows guest to bid on the silent auction items. Nothing new about that. Ah, but this one would allow you to monitor and increase your bidding through the night from your table. Dream Gala was its debut.

Rosi Hygate and Kim Gatlin

Another out-of-towner on the scene was LA-based Rosi Hygate, who was with Kim Gatlin. They’ve been busy working with the TV crew on GCB. . . Across the way was

Lauren and Rudy Gatlin

Kim’s daughter, Lauren, with dad Rudy Gatlin. . . .Dr Pepper/Snapple Executive VP Jim Baldwin wore his JDRF Hero medallion with genuine pride. After all, Dr Pepper/Snapple not only was being honored as the 2011 Dream Gala Corporate Inspiration Award, it’s been a key corporate sponsors of JDRF for more than a decade.

Jim Baldwin

According to the corporate plan, “It’s their goal to provide a full range of products focused on reducing calories and smaller sizes and improving nutrition by 2015, as well as supporting local and national programs that encourage active lifestyles.

And speaking of calories, the Dream Gala menu was not your typical dish descriptions. Each course had a breakdown of the carbohydrate content. This information made even those new to the battle with diabetes more aware of the need for healthy eating.

Bret Michaels and the girls

But the menu was just a smattering of what Gala Chairs Dr. Arlene Jacobs and Allen Feltman had in store. They had scored a major home run landing the true highlight of the evening for kids of most ages — 2011 Dream Gala Contagious Inspiration Award recipient Bret Michaels. Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of six, Bret arrived after most of the guests had entered the ballroom. But he was quickly surrounded

Comparing scars

by adoring fans with cellphones, cameras and smiles. Patiently and graciously, the rocker/Celebrity Apprentice winner handled practically every request. Just before he was introduced by KDFW-CH. 4’s Steve Eagar into the ballroom, Bret told the crowd of fans, “I’ve got a few little scars there. We’ll go in there and say ‘hi’ to everybody. We’ll have a good time.” Comparing the “scars” with youngsters, he admitted he has done “four injections a day for 42 years. I’m old-school!”

Then it was time to enter the Chantilly, but it was a slow entry. Everyone wanted to hug him, pat him on the back and thank him for putting diabetes in the spotlight. (You did know that he had his Celebrity Apprentice prize of $250,000 given to the American Diabetes Association, didn’t you?)

Bret Michaels being surrounded

Even after making it to his table near the stage, he was still surrounded. Despite the numerous politicos and local celebs in the audience, Julianne Hough on stage entertaining the 1,100 guests and Gene Stallings making the keynote speech, Bret was the one everyone wanted to meet and be photographed with.

Robyn Sanders and Bret Michaels

As someone said, “Diabetes is a cruel disease, but Bret makes it seem cool.”