Dallas Zoo Residents Are Ready For A Herd Of Visitors For Thursday’s Dollar Day! Special

The Dallas Zoo folks snuck up on a lot of folks. Instead of waiting until August scorches the area, they’re holding the infamous Dollar Day! this Thursday. That’s a $14 saving for adults and a $11 saving for youths and seniors.

Not only is admission going to be a dollar, but the following will be available for a buck each:

  • selected snack items (canned drinks, water, hot dogs and chips)
  • nectar to feed the lorikeets
  • bird food at the Travis and Zach’s Birds Landing

Giraffe (File photo)

And if you want to splurge and look like a big spender, here are some other bargains for this one-day-only special:

  • $2 T-Rex Express mini-train
  • $5 Wilds of Africa Adventure Safari monorail
  • $5 giraffe feedings (and, yes, the giraffes do have long black tongues)

Since parking is going to be $8 and traffic is expected to be limited, try out the DART Red Line.

Hippopotamus (File photo)

BTW, prepare yourself for the Simmons Hippo Outpost. These two are more fun than a barrel full of monkeys.

BTW, don’t forget the sunscreen, sunglasses and cameras.

Hot Thursday (Hello, Like Tomorrow) Is Dollar Day At The Dallas Zoo

Brace yourself. We’re heading into the steamy, hottest days of summer. How in the world can it be more bearable? Simple. Way more than simple, thanks to the Dallas Zoo.

Tomorrow (aka Thursday, July 21) will be a “Dollar Day” day. OMG. For a cheap thrill, folks can see the greatest creations of Mother Nature. So what are the special deals? How about:

  • • $1 admission (free for 2 and under and Zoo members)
  • $1 selected snack items
  • $1 nectar to feed the lorikeets
  • $2 Endangered Species Carousel
  • $5 giraffe feedings$8 parking (limited)
Giraffe (File photo)

Giraffe (File photo)

BTW, if you’re gonna feed the giraffes, please be cool. They have tongues that are longer than a socialites’ Christmas card list.

If you haven’t been at the Dallas Zoo since the newbie elephants from Africa set up camp, take the time to check out the bambino elephant’s name that will be revealed on Reunion Tower at 9 p.m. tonight. (Update: Abaju). Talk about smart marketing. Wink, wink.

Whew! Don’t worry about gift-giving for the baby elephant. He ain’t registered at Babies R Us nor Hollywood Feed, so gifts are not expected.

And if your budget is tighter than a high-school prom squeeze, then consider venturing on to the Dart red line. You just might be surprised about this public “Uber” transportation that will take you to the Dallas Zoo.

Yes, for those of the Pokemon searchers, the Dallas Zoo is ready for you. Giggle.

Get A Headstart On Thanksgiving Celebrations With The Dallas Zoo’s Dollar Day And A Visit To The Dallas Arboretum

Dallas Zoo elephant (File photo)

Dallas Zoo elephant (File photo)

The Dallas Zoo is really committed to getting record crowds for 2015. To help the numbers rise, they’re having one of their legendary Dollar Days on Wednesday, November 25. The temps will be in the upper 60s/lower 70s and there might be a sprinkle or two, but shoot! For a buck, it’s worth wearing a windbreaker.

So, if you’re lucky enough to have a boss who’ll let you off early, or if you’re claiming Wednesday as a holiday, head to the zoo and wish the critters a happy Thanksgiving.

The 12 Days Of Christmas (File photo)

The 12 Days Of Christmas (File photo)

Hey! Here’s an idea. Do a twofer! Hit the zoo in the morning and the Dallas Arboretum in the afternoon to check out the 12 Days of Christmas. It’s the absolute perfect way to chill and get your mind set for the day that focuses on being grateful.

Winspear, Amani, Marina, Kamau And Giants Of The Jurassic Are Ready For Thursday’s Dollar Day At The Dallas Zoo

The Dallas Zoo is becoming the Chuck E. Cheese for critters. Just this past Saturday Cheetah Winspear and his running buddy Amani the Labrador celebrated their second birthday with “meaty ice cakes.”

Marina before dipping in

Marina before dipping in*

Tuesday new-penguin-on-the-ice-block Marina made a splash for zoo guests and the media as she took her first dip in the Don Glendenning Penguin Cove. While there was a “lifeguard” in the pool just in case, Marina took to it like a duck penguin to water with her folks Tazo and Tulip looking on.

It was just back on Wednesday, April 15, that the little African black-footed penguin was hatched, weighing “a little more than a C battery.” Now three months later she’s a whopping five pounds.

The reason for the delay was she had to slough off her “fluffy gray downy feathers.”

Marina making a splash

Marina making a splash*

The timing couldn’t have been absolutely more perfect! Why? Because Thursday is Dollar Day at the Dallas Zoo and Marina, Winspear, Amani, hunky new lion king Kamau and the Giants of the Jurassic will all be out and about for the hundreds … uh, no … make that thousands of visitors.

What? Is that an exaggeration? When you realize the normal fee is $15 for adults and $12 for kids (ages 3-11) and seniors (age 65 and up), a buck is a very sweet deal. Last year Dollar Day attracted 33,000 visitors and they’re hoping to hit the 30,000 mark Thursday. Wouldn’t it be great if they topped the 2014 attendance?

Suggestion: Take DART to and from. It’s cheaper than the $8 parking fee in the zoo parking lot, less frustrating that competing for a parking space and you won’t have to hassle with traffic.

Also, don’t forget the sunscreen, a hat and comfy walking shoes.

The zoo opens at 9, but be smart and get there early. Marina, Winspear, Amani, Kamau and the rest of the zoo family will be waiting for you.

* Photo credit: Cathy Burkey/Dallas Zoo

Tuesday Is “Dollar Day Do-Over” At The Dallas Zoo

Dollar Day Do-Over*

Dollar Day Do-Over*

An elephant in the hood (File photo)

An elephant in the hood (File photo)

There are a lot of fingers, hooves and claws crossed in the hopes that the rain ends by tomorrow. The reason? It’s the encore of Dollar Day at the Dallas Zoo. Remember, the last one on July 17 sorta got rained out despite thousands still showing up.

The animals and zoo staff will be open for business regardless Tuesday starting at 9 a.m.

* Graphic courtesy 
of Dallas Zoo

Dallas Zoo To Do Dollar-Day-Do-Over

Dollar Day Do-Over*

Dollar Day Do-Over*

The folks at the Dallas Zoo are gluttons for punishment. Despite the rains on their annual Dollar Day on July 17, amazing numbers of guests still showed up with umbrellas in hand. Still Dallas Zoo-meister Gregg Hudson, his staff and the animals felt more should have had the opportunity to visit the acres of critters with the sun shining.

So, the decision was made to hold a second Dollar Day. This one will take place on Tuesday, August 19, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The crowds should be great, so consider taking DART and avoid the parking congestion.

When you think that the Dallas Arboretum has an August Dollar Days special running throughout the month of August, perhaps the month should be renamed Buck-ust.

* Photo courtesy of Dallas Zoo

Today’s Dallas Zoo Dollar Day Is A “Go” Come Rain Or Shine

The Dallas Zoo folks have been bracing for today’s Dollar Day for weeks. Annually it results in a tsunami of adults and children breaking attendance records.

Dallas Zoo Dollar Day*

Dallas Zoo Dollar Day*

Even with today’s rainy weather, the bargain day is still on. So, if you want a “cheap thrill,” grab an umbrella, put on your goulashes and head for the zoo. The animals will enjoy your company.

* Graphic courtesy of the Dallas Zoo