2017 Junior Cattle Barons Ball Celebrants Created Pillow Artwork Before Attending Disney On Ice At American Airlines Center

As the princesses and princes lined up at American Airlines Center for the Disney on Ice performance on Sunday, March 19, there was a VIP gathering already underway at AAC’s Jack Daniels Old No. 7 Club for the ultimate royals. They were the kids from Children’s Health and Children’s Medical Center who had locked horns with the ultimate dragon — cancer.

But they weren’t just there to see the show and get on a sugar high with jelly beans, M&Ms and malt balls as part of the Junior Cattle Baron’s Ball. They were put to work, but it was fun work.  Immediately upon arrival, they picked up the pillow cases provided by Luke’s Fastbreak and were directed to tables to decorate ‘em.

Finished pillow case

Hello? Pillow cases? Instead of past years, when the kiddos got their faces temporarily painted, they got to decorate the pillows for keeps. After all, who wants to sleep on a ho-hum pillow? It was a brilliant addition to the annual pre-show extravaganza at the center. The children and their siblings didn’t hesitate to start decorating. Why, shoot! Some of them were dreamy works with art/heart that couldn’t help but create sweet dreams.

Caroline Corrigan, Rosemary LeBlanc and Sarah Munir

Anne Stodghill and Dash Stodghill

Behind the tables were junior hostesses Caroline Corrigan, Rosemary LeBlanc and Sarah Munir. Despite her tan line, Rosemary reported that she had stayed home for spring break.

CBB Co-Chair Anne Stodghill accompanied by her tousle-hair son Dash Stodghill told how their stay in New Mexico had been spent counting out-of-town license plants for Dash’s third-grade project.

The Williams clan: (from the left) Whitney, Jamie and Craig, Graham, Georgia, Andrew, Derrin, Lanier, Mary and Kate

Merrick Huckin, Debbie Munir, Catherine Jaynes, Juliana LeBlanc and Mary C. Corrigan

Just as the doors opened for the afternoon fun on ice, Moody Foundation Human Resources  Director Jamie Williams arrived with her Williams family (Whitney, Craig, Graham, Georgia, Andrew, Derrin, Lanier, Mary and Kate) in tow. It was thanks to The Moody Foundation that the event took place and also thanks to coordination by CBB-ers Merrick Huckin, Debbie Munir, Catherine Jaynes, Juliana LeBlanc and Mary C. Corrigan.

Words Failed To Describe Junior Cattle Baron’s Ball

_MG_1859Just sometimes, there are events that need no words. The pictures of the faces say it all. The Junior Cattle Baron’s Ball at American Airlines Center on Sunday, April 7, was one of those events. Just before Disney on Ice Rockin Ever After commenced, Jr. CBB Co-chairs Lisa Ogle and Tia Wynne and their Cattle Baron’s Ball committee members produced a party with food and fun for munchkins who have first-hand experience in battling cancer. Thanks to sponsors The Moody Foundation, Feld Entertainment, American Airlines Center and Krogers, the children and their families partied and then headed into the arena for the ice show.

For this reason, the MySweetCharity Photo Gallery will provide the coverage of this day of cheer for little heroes among us.

Little Royals Partied At Sunday’s “Disney On Ice” At American Airlines Center Thanks To Cattle Baronesses

Lisa Ogle

Never have so many princesses gathered in pink with tiaras at the American Airlines Center. A half hour before the doors opened, little royals were clustering to get inside for the “Disney on Ice” show Sunday morning. Ah, but even before the crowd of wee ones and parental escorts arrived, the Cattle Baronesses supervised by Lisa Ogle and Tia Wynne with crowns in place were stuffing bags and preparing for the arrival of some very special royals at Club No. 7.

Tia Wynne, Kristen Johnston, Cameron Westcott and Katy Bock

It was all a part of the Junior Cattle Barons celebration, where youngsters battling cancer from Children’s Medical Center along with their folks have a pre-show reception and primo places at the show.

Jill, Dan and Emma Engelsmire

Instead of the fragrance of a royal garden, Club No. 7 was filled with the scent of cotton candy and popcorn. And while the munchkins may have not had heads covered with curls, they wore their regal beauty to the delight of their parents and the Cattle Baronesses whose purpose is to raise funds to battle cancer.

Emma Engelsmire decided to skip the typical jeweled crown for a natty, hoty pink headband complete with a bigger-than-big pink flower. It was easy to see where she got her smile after you met her parents, Jill and Dan Engelsmire.

Beth and Kamren Murray, Leslie and Regan Head

Princely type Kamren Murray liked the whirling light stick, but he wasn’t quite sure about all the girly pink, Cinderella tattoos and crowns worn by his friend Regan Head and the other little lasses. Luckily, that’s what moms Beth Murray and Leslie Head understood …  that a fella can have difficulty being surrounded by so many princesses.

Marie, Skye, Whitman and McKenna Brewer

CBB Co-chair Skye Brewer brought her kiddos (Marie, Whitman and McKenna) as did past CBB Chair Kristi Hoyl with daughter Sydney. New CBB member Andrea Nayfa brought her daughter Ella Kate and sister Andrea Nayfa and her daughter Mary Grace.

On the other hand, Nancy Gopez, who wasn’t on the Junior Cattle Barons’ committee, was on hand sans makeup in the background stuffing bags of goodies for the honorees. When asked what she was doing there early on a Sunday morning, Nancy didn’t hesitate — “We got a shout out that they needed help.”

As the multitude of children and families made their way through the private hallway into the arena, the baronesses got back to work on the September 29th ball at Southfork. There are more little royals out there like Emma, Regan and Kamren, who need Cattle Baron’s help to battle cancer.