Mirages, Mind Tricks, ‘Intrigue’ And Sticky Fingers Marked The Perot’s Annual Night At the Museum Fundraiser

Tania Boughton, the Texas legislative chair for Childhood Obesity Prevention, said someone advised her to attend "Intrigue," the Perot Museum's Night at the Museum fundraiser on Saturday, November 11, because she would see some "very important people" there. She's glad she did, Tania said, because in no time at all she was meeting and chatting with guests like Diane and Hal … [Read more...]

JUST IN: Diane And Hal Brierley Gift A Whopping $5M To The United Way Of Metropolitan Dallas’ Unite Forever Campaign

Diane and Hal Brierley are probably gonna be clipping grocery store coupons after today. The philanthropic duo, who have supported everything including the arts, healthcare and animals, are $5M lighter in the wallet. Tomorrow it is going to be announced that the Brierleys have donated $5M to the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas’ Unite Forever Campaign. Yup, that’s right a … [Read more...]