JUST IN: KidneyTexas Inc.’s Runway Report Co-Chairs Plan “Transforming Lives” With Tootsies Fashions, Awards And Much More

KidneyTexas Inc.’s 2017 Runway Report Co-Chairs Christine Martin and Susan Russell have announced plans for the Tuesday, September 26, fashion show at Brook Hollow Golf Club with Linda and Steve Ivy serving as honorary co-chairs. This year’s theme which will be “Transforming Lives” was revealed in the logo designed by Lynn Townsend Dealey. The theme was especially … [Read more...]

Just Say Yes’ “Building Bridges” Will Celebrate With Romos, Brown And Chances For Gragg Gems, Royal Dining, Grelle Artwork And More

As if having former Dallas Police Chief David Brown as the keynote speaker and Honorary Co-Chairs Candice and Tony Romo weren’t enough for the 7th Annual Just Say Yes (Youth Equipped to Succeed) Celebration's Building Bridges," organizers have put together quite a line up for the Wednesday, April 19th raffle and live auction fundraiser at Belo Pavilion. For the raffle, … [Read more...]

Royal Chef Darren McGrady Can Be Yours For A Feast If You’re Lucky

Ran into Royal Chef Darren McGrady, who was holding court at Debbie and John Tolleson’s Wednesday night for the Center for BrainHealth gathering. Lucky were those who ventured into the kitchen, where Darren was having a jolly good time with the staff laughing as he whipped out delicious items that got gobbled up the moment they were put before the guests. But more about the … [Read more...]

Royal Chef Darren McGrady Is Cooking Up A Regal Deal For The Fashion Stars For A Cause Raffle

Like birds twittering in the spring, so raffles are abounding. Every fundraiser seems to have ‘em. The trick is to make the item(s) extra special to take a chance. The area’s FLOR (First Lady Of Raffles) is Yvonne Crum, who sells them in her sleep…when she does sleep. This year for the Fashion Stars For A Cause, she’s managed to get Darren McGrady, the former chef for … [Read more...]