Jade Ball Was Highlighted By Beijing Opera Singer Lucy Xu, Artist-Filled Hutongs, Delayed Dishes And Dancing Dragons In The Driveway

As locals and tourists in shorts, T-shirts and sneakers walked by Belo Mansion on Saturday, October 7, something seemed a little amiss. Perhaps it was the sound of drums, but more likely it was the dragons.

At times there were two Chinese dragons vying with the valet parkers in the driveway for the arrival of black-tie guests. At other times it was an elongated dragon dancing and entertaining the already-settled guests looking down from the windows upstairs in the Pavilion. The dragons, the drums and the 350 guests were all there to celebrate the inaugural Jade Ball benefiting the Crow Collection of Asian Art.

Phillip Chen

Once past the check-in, the Mansion and hallways surrounding the ballroom had been turned in to hutongs filled with artist Danqing Coldwell, calligrapher Carle Shi, tea master Phillip Chen and fortune teller Iris Quachs.

Robert Weatherly, Amy Lewis Hofland, Lynn McBee and Trammell S. Crow

Event Chair Robert Weatherly and Honorary Chair Lynn McBee were hustling through the crowd, fulfilling the demands of photographers.

Darryl Freling and Emily Eisenhauer-Freling

Paul Christopher Yanez and Lauren Embrey

Linda and Steve Ivy

Kristen Gibbins and Stacie Adams

Darryl Freling and Emily Eisenhauer Freling were reporting that they were past the newlywed-year marker… Following the fundraiser’s title, jade was indeed the color of the night — Linda Ivy’s jade necklace and matching earrings with jade-colored stole, Kristen Gibbins‘ earrings, Nikki Webb‘s necklace, Gay Donnell‘s and Angela Nash‘s jade-colored gowns, and Billy Martin Jr.‘s tie highlighted with deep-green leaves. Getting into the Asian ensemble category were Mimi Sterling in a gray kimono with fan, Lauren Embrey in a rose-red lace qipao, Trammell S. Crow in traditional Chinese formal black jacket and Koshi Dhingra in a red sari highlighted with sky-blue flower appliques.

Crayton and Nikki Webb and Angela Nash and Billy Martin Jr

Just as the place was going to bust with guests, the doors to the ballroom opened with a splendiferous array of tables surrounding a stage with a backdrop of bamboo topped with colorful lanterns.

While it took some time for the guests to take their places, there were no pre-sets. Instead of salads, they found charger plates, silverware, water and wine glasses and chopsticks, of course. Crow Collection Executive Director Amy Lewis Hofland got their attention plinging chimes. In describing the growth of the Asian community in North Texas, Amy told how when she had graduated from Plano High School, only 1% of the students were Asian Americans. Today the figure stands at 30%.

In the meantime, servers provided plates with three dumplings — pork with ginger soy, chicken with dragon chili and mushroom with sesame yuzu. Not wanting to seem unworldly, most guests proved their dexterity by using their chopsticks to devour the trio.

Lucy Xu

Instead of being immediately removed, the dumpling-less plates stayed put while beautifully attired Beijing Opera singer Lucy Xu sang “Drunken Beauty,” accompanied by the Dallas HuaYun Chinese Orchestra.

Eventually, the dumpling dishes were removed and water glasses were filled nonstop. A floor monitor walked between the table looking satisfied. Plates of Hong Kong style short ribs on purple and russet potato taro root mash and wok fired Yu Choy with sweet carrots slowly made their way to the tables. Most guests found themselves resorting to the silverware to cut into the short ribs and saw into the carrots.

Lucy Xu

Chair Robert and Honorary Chair Lynn were invited to the stage by Crow Collection Media Relations person Stacie Adams. Graciously they thanked the Crow family for expanding Dallas’ appreciation of the cultures on display and programs available at the museum. Between the eloquent acknowledgments by Robert and Lynn and the live auction was Lucy Xu in yet another fabulous costume to perform “Farewell My Concubine” after a slight delay, due to one of the HuaYun Orchestra members having to tune up.  

While Lucy’s performance was beautiful, the action tableside was still spotty. At one table, all the entrée plates had been removed except for one. Even after dessert plates—with vanilla cake with matcha cream frosting, red plum drizzle and mooncake with red bean —had been placed, the empty entrée plate stayed as if anchored to the table. The guest in possession of the lone entrée plate told the other guests to proceed with their desserts. Despite his offer, no one lifted a fork until the situation was updated.

Katherine Rigdon

It was now 9:30 p.m. and Heritage Auctioneer Katherine Rigdon took the stage, searching the room for bids like a bird dog on the hunt. She claimed there was $2,500 hiding out there. At one point she hooded her eyes and looked to the far reaches of the room trying to discover a $45,000 bid. Oops! Make that a $4,500 bid. After a couple of packages were paddled in at low four-figure numbers, Chef Kent Rathbun arrived on stage, taking the mic and rallying the bids. His package of a dinner for 20 at the Crow Museum popped up the bidding to $10,000. Things were definitely perking up. Kent then continued his campaign, offering an event at the Rathbun homestead for a dinner, a cooking or whatever for ten. That surprise package hauled in a nifty $7,000 from Nick Even.

After the final bid was tallied, the crowd adjourned for more fortunes to be told and artwork to be created.  

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MySweetCharity Photo Gallery Alert: Jade Ball

It’s not every day that dragons dance merrily in the driveway of Belo Mansion, or that Chinese Opera singer Lucy Xu sings “Farewell My Concubine” in the Pavilion. But those were just a couple of the sights and sounds that took place at the Crow Collection of Asian Art’s Jade Ball on Saturday, October 7.

Lucy Xu

Lynn McBee and Robert Weatherly

Gala Chair Robert Weatherly and Honorary Chair Lynn McBee arranged for a hutong of Chinese artists, tea masters and fortune tellers to the delight of the 350 black-tie guests before entering the ballroom for a seated dinner complete with chopsticks and a live auction that had auctioneer Katherine Rigdon searching for bids.

Phillip Chen

Katherine Rigdon

While the post is being prepared, check out the pictures at MySweetCharity Photo Gallery.

Grovel Alert: Jade Ball

Always-on-the-move Lynn McBee was on her way to Saturday night’s Fur Ball when she reported that the Jade Ball benefiting Crow Collection of Asian Art on Saturday, October 7, at Belo Mansion was just one table away from being a done deal.

Jade Ball*

According to sources, the near sell-out is due to Jade Ball Chair Robert Weatherly and Lynn along with the host committee members like Denny Alberts and Cynthia ComparinJenna Alexander, Annika and Dennis Cail, Darryl Freling, Kristen and Reed Gibbins, Gerardo Gomez, Joyce Goss, Diana Hamilton, Frank Hettig, Jenny and John KirtlandJerald Miller, Jin and James Mun, Angela Nash, Andrea and David Nayfa, Debra Nelson, Heather Randall, Tracey and Kent Rathbun, Carol and Frank Riddick, Lisa and John Runyon, Capera Ryan, Stephanie and Michael Seay, Clara Hinojosa, David Kiger, Matrice Ellis-Kirk and Ron Kirk, Jane McGarry, Sunie Solomon, Anne and Steve Stodghill, Whitney and Rob Strauss, Tara Lewis and John SwordsConnie and Marc Sigel, Lisa and Marvin Singleton, Ashley Tatum, Joanne and Charles Teichman, Maxine Trowbridge, Trey Wasser, Annette and Myron Watkins, Paige Westhoff and Megan and Brady Wood.

Lynn McBee (File photo)

Robert Weatherly (File photo)

Ah, but Lynn reports that the Crow Collection’s inaugural Jade Ball is going to be a fundraiser somewhere between The Sweetheart Ball and Art Ball with a blend of entertainment, seated supper and surprises throughout the evening.

When asked why it wasn’t being held across the street at the Crow Museum, Lynn said, “There wasn’t enough room.” After all, the attendance for the event is scheduled to hit the 400 mark.

According to Robert, “The success of the Jade Ball is extremely important as we work to ensure the longevity of our city’s sole Pan-Asian museum. I’m very proud that this first-year event will help the Crow Collection of Asian Art continue to provide North Texas with quality, diverse programming such as the southern U.S.’s largest Chinese New Year Festival, groundbreaking exhibitions, innovative wellness programs and exciting educational activities and events for all ages.”  

If that one table has already been snapped up, try the old-fashioned way of getting in — write a big, old check. Betcha Robert and Lynn will find a way to squeeze you in. Here’s the link to get in.

JUST IN: The Inaugural Jade Ball To Benefit The Crow Collection Of Asian Art With Robert Weatherly Chairing And Lynn McBee As Honorary Chair

There’s the Fur Ball, the Eye Ball and now there’s the Jade Ball. It was just announced that on Saturday, October 7, the Inaugural Jade Ball Gala will take place benefiting the Crow Collection of Asian Art.

Robert Weatherly (File photo)

Lynn McBee (File photo)

Gala Chair Robert Weatherly and Honorary Chair Lynn McBee revealed that a black-tie, three-course dinner will take place at Belo Mansion for 400 complete with a grand entrance, signature cocktail, entertainment, networking and a live auction.

With summer vacation just kicking off, it’s a perfect time to check out the 19-year-old museum “dedicated solely to the arts of Asia, with rotating galleries exhibiting the arts of Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Myanmar (Burma), Nepal, Pakistan, Thailand, Tibet and Vietnam.”

Oh, about the price of admission? In addition to having air conditioning to cool off the summer heat, it’s free admission thanks to its founders the late Margaret and Trammell Crow.

With Willy-Nilly Bill Gone With The Wind, Dallas Arts District’s 2015 Summer Block Party Is In Full Throttle For Tonight

It appears that the Dallas Arts District has more pull than most folks realize. With days and days of off-again, on-again rain thanks to Bill, tonight appears to be pretty clear just in time for the 2015 Summer Block Party.

Dallas Arts District Summer Block Party*

Dallas Arts District Summer Block Party*

It’s a true neighborhood gathering, with the Crow Collection of Asian Art, Dallas Museum of Art, Nasher Sculpture Center and Klyde Warren Park opening their doors for family-friendly entertainment from 6 p.m. to midnight, and most of it is free. Of course, you want to know what attractions will be on hand in addition to performers from Dallas Solstice and United Dance Academy and a pop-up station for Cantoinette Studios to provide wearing art for the night. Here’s a smattering:

  • Crow Collection of Asian Art — In addition to At Home and At Court: Chinese and Japanese Paintings, the Crow Collection After Dark will have a documentary screening, community prayer flags and free meditation in preparation for the Dalai Lama’s visit next month.
  • Dallas Museum of ArtLate Nights at the DMA kicks off with a double feature night at the DMA with Tim Burton’s Batman showing at the Ross Avenue Plaza at 9 p.m. and The Avengers at 9:30 in the Horchow Auditorium. For those more active types, the DMA will have yoga, self-guided tours, a ceremonial bar provided by Deep Ellum Brewery, “an after-hours musical showcase featuring Cassie Holt and the Lost Souls” and so much more. In the Fleischner Courtyard, there will be an Arts District Courtyard Sale with “selected discounted merchandise from the CMA, the Nasher, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and the Crow Collection.”
  • til Midnight  at the Nasher**

    til Midnight at the Nasher**

    Nasher Sculpture Center — The annual ‘til Midnight launches its summer program with live performances in the Nasher Garden with The Walden Twins at 6 p.m. and SXSW 2014 Rock Band of the Year Quiet Company on stage at 7 p.m. To top off the evening there will be a showing of “A Fish Called Wanda” at 9 p.m.

  • Klyde Warren Park — Need you even wonder? It will be a parade of food trucks and the usual activities that never dull the senses.

BTW, at 7 p.m. Twitter will be the place to be #ArtHunt “to win prize bags from the participating organizations.”

Thank-you notes for all these festivities and the good weather should be sent to the Texas Commission on the Arts and The Dallas Foundation.

FYI: If you’re downtown, remember that starting at 3 p.m. North Harwood Street will be closed from Ross Avenue to Woodall Rodgers and Flora Street will be closed from Harwood to Pearl streets. And if you’re not going to Uber, here is parking info.

* Graphic courtesy of the Dallas Arts District 
** Graphic courtesy of Nasher Sculpture Center

Dallas’ Leading Families Celebrated Asian Sculpture Garden And The Return Of Reunion Tower

Musicians are the Crow Collection entrance

Musicians at the Crow Collection entrance

Instead of a brass band to welcome guests at the October 4th gala celebrating the new sculpture garden at the Crow Collection of Asian Art, it was an elegant band of Chinese musicians. They were stationed between the valet parkers and the fountain with oranges bobbing in the water.

So beautiful that Lucy Billingsley grabbed a couple of shots of them.

Up the steps of the Trammell Crow Center, the guests discovered the magnificent ancient and modern sculptures serenely placed beautifully amid the downtown business district.

Adhering to host Trammell S. “Sandy” Crow’s request that guests either don black tie or appropriate costume, they took their host for his word despite the humidity of the evening weather.

As Sandy wiped his brow, he managed to make each guest feel as if they were numero uno.

Terrell and Jim Falk

Terrell and Jim Falk

Barbara Crow and Trammell S. Crow

Barbara Crow and Trammell S. Crow

While Terrell Falk worn a beautiful blue robe, husband/DFW World Affairs Council President/CEO Jim Falk got into equal finery. . . the southern part that is. . . like India.

The twosome were so cool in their light fabric ensembles. BTW, Jim’s DFW World Affairs will be hosting the 30th H. Neil Mallon Award Dinner on Friday, October 25, honoring Lucy (aka Trammell’s sis).

And speaking of Trammell’s relatives, ex-wife Barbara Crow was on the scene. These two are the poster children for civilized ex-es. They were both delighted about son Nathan’s engagement to Itzel Castillo. It seems the twosome who have dated for seven years since they met at the Crow Collection, are planning on a spring wedding.

Itzel Castillo and Nathan Hunt

Itzel Castillo and Nathan Crow

Barbara laughed that as the mother of the bridegroom, all she has to do is “be pleasant.”

Other fashion snapshots included Barbara Daseke in a silk chiffon skirt with painted Japanese characters. She wore a Tibetan ivory broach on a jade beaded necklace. Husband Don wasn’t to be outdone. He sported a Zegna tuxedo and a tie of black silk with dragons designed by Mimi Fong.

Xu Erwen

Xu Erwen

As statuesque John Clutts models (Sirisha Reddy, Claire Elizabeth, Renee Austin and Sierra Loren) modeled Asian fashions from Silk Threads, People’s Republic of China Consul Xu Erwen reported that the Crow collection “has done a lot to promote cultural exchange between China and the U.S., and we appreciate very much this contribution. They are a good friend of China.”

After a two-hour cocktail reception, guests headed to the tables for a Stephan Pyles dinner. Unfortunately, some of the guests couldn’t hang around. By 10 p.m. some like Laree Hulshoff and Ben Fischer were tired of waiting for their meal and headed home.

Reunion Tower Flashes Back

Nancy Ann Hunt

Nancy Ann Hunt

Chris Kleinert and Ray Hunt

Chris Kleinert and Ray Hunt

While the Chinese beauty of the Crow Collection sculpture garden was nestled nicely at the Trammell Crow Center, the Ray Hunt clan was celebrating the revitalization of Reunion Tower.

After a mega-undertaking to “refresh” the Dallas landmark, Nancy Ann and Ray Hunt along with daughter Ashlee and son-in-law Chris Kleinert hosted a dessert party on the grounds near the tower.

Jeanne Phillips

Jeanne Phillips

As guests from an earlier private dinner, like Harriet Miers, Gary Coghill, Jan and Steve Langbein, Linda and Bill Custard and Sheila and Jody Grant, were bussed to the site, Jeanne Phillips proved her reputation as a perfect hostess was well intact. The champagne flowed and desserts abounded. Guests prepared for the big highlight — fireworks surrounding the internationally recognized orb atop the tower.

Taking their seats right on cue, the guests were like little kids attending their first Fourth of July. Pete Schenkel and Jerry Ford chatted.

Before going dark

Before going dark

Going dark for Reunion Tower's fireworks

Going dark for Reunion Tower’s fireworks

Then for the first time since it opened, the Omni Dallas Hotel went dark. The fireworks exploded atop the tower. Anita and Jim Oberwetter waved red, white and blue glo-sticks to the music.

With true-blue, all-American music selected by Jeanne and Chris, the tower exploded with colors and lightning that even Mother Nature envied.

Summer Block pARTy Leaves No Excuse For Staying Home Friday Night

The Mavericks fans left downtown Dallas in one piece. Okay, so maybe they also left some trash on the streets and sidewalks, too, but that’s being picked up lickety split. Good news, because the Arts District is gearing up for a hot Summer Block pARTy Friday night. The public is invited to join the festivities at the Crow Collection of Asian Art, Dallas Museum of Art and the Nasher Sculpture Center. To make pedestrian traffic more convenient, Flora Street will be closed to vehicular traffic. There will be food, music, art, and so much more. For details (and there are a lot of them), follow the jump!

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