Tutu Chic Fashion Show And Luncheon Was Highlighted By Lifting Ballerinas And Bid Paddles For Texas Ballet Theater

Stanley Korshak’s Crawford Brock had better watch his back. Ah, but more about that later.

Tricia Besing

Betsy Crousen

Mary Potter

Kameron Westcott and Katy Bock

Barbara Daseke

With November temperatures proving warmer than usual, the Tutu Chi Fashion Show and Luncheon on Tuesday, November 28, at the Winspear was lacking furs and boots. Rather the gals like Lee Bailey, Doris Jacobs, Betsy Crousen, Katy Bock, Kameron Westcott, Simona Beal, Lisa Cooley, Tracy Lange with daughter Olivia Lange, Barbara Daseke, Mary Potter, Lynn McBee, Tricia Besing, Linda Ivy, Tucker Enthoven with her mom Julie Ford wore those in between season attire. And while the guests sipped white wine and champagne and towered in stilettos, the Texas Ballet Theater ballerinas were backstage in their ballet slippers.

But soon the chimes call the crowd to the Shannon and Ted Skokos Stage for the fashion show featuring ballerinas in Naeem Khan fashions in between performance by the TBT dancers. Alas, the designer couldn’t make it this year, but his clothes represented him to a T.

Before the program got underway, TBT Executive Director Vanessa Logan and Crawford welcomed the filled-to-the-brim crowd. It was at this point that Crawford may have tweaked some. He told how traditional models don’t eat and tend to look unhappy because they’re hungry. On the other hand, he suggested that this occasion was one of his favorites because the models looked so healthy and they do eat.

On the latter, Crawford was right on target. As the program got underway with TBT Artistic Director Ben Stevenson, Presenting Sponsor Nancy Carlson, Co-Chairs Marybeth Conlon and Heather LeClair, Robyn Conlon with daughter-in-law Megan Conlon front rowing it, the dancers’ leaps and lifts showed muscles that any athlete would admire.

Texas Ballet Theater dancers

Texas Ballet Theater dancers

Texas Ballet Theater dancer

Texas Ballet Theater dancer

Following the presentation, Vanessa and Crawford returned to the stage where the request for funds was made. Crawford admitted that he had a personal appreciation for the art — his mother had been a dancer.

Stepping forward to address the group were two of dancers surrounded by the rest of the troupe. Michelle Taylor told how the dancers went through their slippers, boots and toe shoes thanks to rehearsals and performances. And then there were costs of costumes, wigs and other needs for their “Swan Lake,” “Nutcracker” and other ballets.

With mics from the left: Michelle Taylor and Robin Bangert

Robin Bangert explained how in recent years, physical therapy availability had been a game changer for pulled muscles.

All of these cost money. So, while guests pulled out checkbooks to fill donation envelopes, Crawford auctioned off “A Year Of Experiences (attending Naeem’s presentation at the September New York Fashion Week, a lunch for the winner with friends at Stanley Korshak along with a $1,000 gift certificate, a $500 gift certificate to Bullion, four tickets to “Swan Lake” in June at the Winspear and a one-night stage at the Hotel Crescent Court). But before Crawford could even request an opening bid of $2,500, hand was up. Then the hands started raising throughout the audience resulting in a winning big of $12,000.

2016 Art Ball Auction Item #6: The Best Of Italy

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The Best Of Italy (Value: $25,050)

Ulysses wandered the Mediterranean searching for his home. The winner of this 2016 Art Ball package will find the food, fashion and the fabulous places that Ulysses only wishes he could have found.

The Best of Italy*

The Best of Italy*

  • Florence and Fiesole — For starters there’s the former monastery located in Fiesole just outside of Florence. With its fabulous grounds and terraces, it stands today as the marvelous boutique hotel Belmond “Villa San Michele.” So typical of the region, this retreat is surrounded with breathtaking art, natural beauty and cuisine and wines that are right at home in Ital. To help the winners of this package feel right at home, there is a six-hour tour of the area’s highlights like the Accademia Gallery, Uffizi Gallery and Il Duomo di Firenze.
  • Solomeo — After a couple of nights in Florence, it’s on to Solomeo where Stanley Korshak’s Crawford Brock and his cashmere loving designer Brunello Cucinelli, whose schedule allows will tell about the history of the village. If Brunello isn’t available, one of his trusted associates will take the helm. If the stars in alignment (May 24 and 25), Crawford will host a private dinner party with Brunello.
  • Rome — Despite being located in the hub of Rome’s active scene, the winner will enjoy the serenity and luxury of Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria Hotel located within a 15-acre parkland. In addition to a full day tour of Tome including the Vatican’s Museum and the Sistine Chapel, the Colosseum and the Roman Forum.
  • Naples Kiton Factory Tour — Just down the road there will be a private tour of Naples’ Kiton Factory, where tailors and craftsmen create world-class creations. On this occasion, the package winner will take home a custom-made sports coat and trousers plus a woman’s jacket. Just send that thank-you note to Crawford Brock.
  • Amalfi Coast — The final stop on the Italian adventure will be the Amalfi Coast’s Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa perched on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean. Formerly a 17th century monastery, the hotel has been meticulously “restored into an exclusive 20-room boutique hotel.” Its fabulous spa is perfectly situated against a natural showcase of beauty and enhanced by 21st century advancements in luxurious pampering.

Compliments of Strong Travel Services, Cindy Nesti Black, Villa San Michele and the Belmond Group of London, Crawford Brock of Stanley Korshak, Walks Inside Rome, Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Kiton and Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa

* Photo courtesy of the Dallas Museum of Art

St. Valentine’s Day Luncheon Underwriting Team Announced Along With Crawford Brock’s MR Magazine‘s Lifetime Achievement Award

Carmaleta Whiteley (File photo)

Carmaleta Whiteley (File photo)

St. Valentine’s Day Luncheon and Fashion Show Chair Carmaleta Whiteley reports that she has lassoed three powerhouses to co-chair the underwriting for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society fundraiser — Olivia Kearney, Kate Rose Marquez and Lynn McBee.

Olivia Kearney (File photo)

Olivia Kearney (File photo)

Lynn McBee and Kate Rose Marquez (File photo)

Lynn McBee and Kate Rose Marquez (File photo)

The event is scheduled for the Meyerson on Wednesday, February 12, with Stanley Korshak providing the glamorama fashions.

Speaking of Korshak, that Crawford Brock is a pretty smart fella. In addition to being king of the Stanley Korshak kingdom, he’s been smart enough to have his three retailing daughters (Leigh in pr, Laura in men’s and Helen in women’s) work for him. Can you imagine what it must be around the holidays in their household!

Well, daughter Leigh reports that Crawford was just back from NYC where he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from MR Magazine. The award is designed to “honor innovators who have made a permanent imprint on the men’s apparel business.”

Bart Trigg, Laura Brock Chandler, Crawford Brock, Helen Brock, Rose Clark, Gray Sawyer and Suzanne Warner

Bart Trigg, Laura Brock Chandler, Crawford Brock, Helen Brock, Rose Clark, Gray Sawyer and Suzanne Warner*

According to MR Editor-in-chief Karen Albert Grossman, “Aside from creating a unique and very special shopping experience for his customers, he’s willing to share his extensive knowledge of merchandising and marketing to inspire other independent merchants in the country.”

Hey, Karen, Crawford also knows and appreciates the importance of supporting the nonprofits in his market. Just ask the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Texas Ballet, Fresh Faces of Fashion and The Salvation Army’s Echelon Group.

* Photo provided by Stanley Korshak

JUST IN: Saint Valentine’s Day Luncheon And Fashion Is Happening Tomorrow “No Matter The Weather”

St. Valentine's Day Luncheon 2010

Remember last year’s Saint Valentine’s Day Luncheon and Fashion Show? Sure, you do. It was the one that ended with the ladies heading to their cars as Dallas got hit by a wintry blast. Ah, but the ladies had Lady Luck on their committee and managed to pull the whole thing off before things got grim.

Once again the gals are being threatened with snowfall, but they’re absolutely fearless. They just sent word that tomorrow’s event at the Hilton Anatole is a definite “GO!” At the recent patrons party, they announced that they had a back-up plan — slumber party at the Anatole the night before. Wonder if they’ll be telling ghost stories tonight?

Crawford Brock

Or, they just might be writing thank you notes to Stanley Korshak’s Crawford Brock. You ask why? Well, this info from the committee is pretty self-explanatory:

“For more than 10 years, Crawford Brock of the renowned retail outlet, Stanley Korshak has been an integral part of the Saint Valentine’s Day Luncheon and Fashion Show. Not only has Stanley Korshak been a major cash sponsor of this event, donating over $600,000 in cash alone since 2002, Crawford and his store have provided in kind donations as well that have significantly decreased the expenses associated with this magnificent production. In addition, as the Fashion Presenting Sponsor, Crawford Brock and the team at Stanley Korshak, have been dedicated to supporting the mission of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Whether it be through underwriting production costs, providing stylists and models, securing and flying in designers such as this year’s designer, Carolina Herrera or through hosting kickoffs and events to promote the Luncheon and Fashion Show, their support has helped create a one of kind event that every Dallasite wants to be a part of while raising vital funds for cancer research. We would like to nominate Crawford Brock and Stanley Korshak for the Partners Against Leukemia & Lymphoma Award as they truly are a partner in the fight against blood cancers.”