Columbus Day Is The Holiday That Isn’t A Holiday

Monday is Columbus Day and it's a tricky one. While banks, the U.S. Postal Service and Federal offices do consider it to be a holiday, the state of Texas doesn't. Bad news for the kiddos. Most schools will be in session. So why not take a long lunch and be grateful that you weren't on the Niña, the Pinta or the Santa Maria because accommodations weren't exactly top drawer … [Read more...]

A Gentle Reminder: Monday Is Columbus Day

Just in case it slipped by you, Monday is Columbus Day. It’s a tricky holiday. Yes, it means no mail. But there are some banking institutions and schools that be will be open for business. So, before you set out on a trek to talk with your banker or drop the kiddos off to school, make sure they’re not shuttered. And if you do have the day off, why not check out the State … [Read more...]

Columbus Day Commemorates A Discovery of 523 Years Ago

In this day and age of GPS, high-tech communication and jet travel, it’s hard to wrap the imagination around the idea of that people actually setting off in wooden boats guided only by the stars in search of a never-known world. That’s pretty much what happened back in 1492, “when Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” For more than a month, Christopher Columbus’ three ships … [Read more...]

Exactly What Is Opened And Closed On Columbus Day?

Today is Columbus Day. While it’s a federal holiday, it’s also a tricky holiday with some closures and others remaining quite open. Here’s a rundown: Closed — Federal offices, U.S. Post Office delivery (the main office on Interstate 30 will be open), the Dallas Public Library, Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Greater Dallas and most banks. Open — Most Dallas and … [Read more...]