JUST IN: New Crystal Charity Ball Members Revealed

2018 Crystal Charity Ball Chair Claire Emanuelson has just announced the newest members of the 66-year-old fundraising organization for Dallas-area children’s charities.

Ashley Allen (File photo)

Kara Axley (File photo)

Marybeth Conlon (File photo)

Let’s cut to the chase. The frosh class of 2018 include Ashley Allen, Kara Axley, Marybeth Conlon, Lissie Donosky, Anne McPherson and Lisa Rocchio

These ladies join decades of predecessors, who have provided more than $137M for more than 140 nonprofits. Just imagine — the children who benefited from that initial fundraiser at the Baker Hotel in 1952 are now AARP types with grandchildren of their own.

JUST IN: New Crystal Charity Ball Advisory Board Members Announced

2018 Crystal Charity Ball Chair Claire Emanuelson just announced the newest members of the CCB Advisory Board. Drum roll, please. Charlotte Jones Anderson, Richard Eiseman, Sarah Losinger and Nancy Perot will serve a three-year term on the Board.

Charlotte Jones Anderson (File photo)

Richard Eiseman (File photo)

Sarah Losinger (File photo)

Nancy Perot (File photo)

The recent death of Lifetime Advisory Board Member Ruth Altshuler leaves Annette Simmons as the only CCB Lifetime Advisory Board Member.

MySweetWishList: 2018 Crystal Charity Ball

According to 2018 Crystal Charity Ball Chair Claire Emanuelson,

Claire Emanuelson (File photo)

“There is a saying that ‘no one stands as tall as he who stoops to help a child.’ That summarizes my wish for the holiday season and the new year. The Crystal Charity Ball committee’s sole purpose is to serve the children of Dallas. 

“Since 1952, the Crystal Charity Ball has benefited 167 children’s charities in Dallas County with more than $145 million distributed. Beneficiaries have ranged from Children’s Medical Center to The Salvation Army. The common thread is that children are the future and they need everyone’s help. Every child deserves an education, healthcare, safety and positive reinforcement.

“In February, the Crystal Charity Ball Committee, after weeks of extensive research and vetting, will identify several children’s charities as the 2018 Beneficiaries. Charity Selection Committee members, along the accounting firm Deloitte, have carefully studied dozens of requests and proposals that will be presented to the entire Crystal Charity Ball membership. The campaign to fund these worthy recipients will begin in March.

“Please help us secure the future of the children of Dallas by visiting www.crystalcharityball.org.”

-By Claire Emanuelson, 2018 Crystal Charity Ball chair

A Gentle Reminder: 2018 Crystal Charity Ball Grant Application Deadline Nears

The clock is ticking and there are a heck of a lot of nonprofit types who are hard at work to meet the Tuesday, October 17, deadline. That’s when the 2018 Crystal Charity Ball applications are due.  

Claire Emanuelson (File photo)

Patty Leyendecker (File photo)

2018 CCB Chair Claire Emanuelson and Charity Selection Chair Patty Leyendecker are making no exception. The forms have to be physically in the CCB offices by high noon… not 12:01 p.m. No email applications will be accepted. FYI: If you decide to mail the application, it won’t matter what the postmark is. If it ain’t in the CCB office by noon, it ain’t gonna make the cut.

It’s well worth the hard work. Since 1953, CCB has provided $131,244,558 for Dallas children’s charities. If you need proof, check with any of the past beneficiaries.

So, stop reading and get back to filling out those dang forms. And if you’ve put it all off until the last minute, the form is available here.

The 2018 beneficiaries will be selected Thursday, February 1.

Gentle Reminder: Crystal Charity Ball 2018 Charity Selections Are Now Available Online

Any Dallas County children’s nonprofit dreaming of qualifying for the Crystal Charity Ball grants should check out the CBB website. The applications for the 2018 grants are available online now.

Claire Emanuelson (File photo)

Patty Leyendecker (File photo)

According to 2018 CCB Chair Claire Emanuelson and Charity Selection Chair Patty Leyendecker, the timeline for this year’s grant process is

  • Wednesday, September 20, at 9 a.m. — Orientation meeting for prospective applicants. Attendance is not mandatory, but strong encouraged.
  • Tuesday, October 17, noon — Applications “must be mailed or hand-delivered to the CCB office. No email applications will be accepted.
  • Thursday, February 1 — 2018 beneficiaries will be selected.

To qualify for a grant, the organizations must

  • serve children in Dallas County
  • have had a 501 (c) 3 designation for at least three years
  • have provided services in Dallas County for at least three year

Since 1952, CCB has provided more than $137M to more than 100 children’s charities, so why not take the opportunity to land one of the grants?

2018 Crystal Charity Ball Selection Process Plans Announced

Claire Emanuelson (File photo)

In between applications of sunscreen and ripping open Amazon Prime Day purchases, think ahead to 2018. Believe it or not, it’s just around the calendar corner.

Need a for instance? The 2018 Crystal Charity Ball selection process. 2018 CCB Chair Claire Emanuelson has provided the rundown of dates for nonprofits to participate:

  • Friday, September 1, 2017 — Applications for the 2018 grants will be available online. Why the early warning? That gives Dallas County children’s charity brain trusts enough time to decide if they want to take the first step in vying for funding and the stamp of approval by the 65-year-old organization. To qualify for consideration, the charity must
    • Serve children in Dallas County
    • Have had a 501 (c) 3 designation for at least three years
    • Have provided services in Dallas County for at least three years
  • Wednesday, September 20, 2017, at 9:00 a.m. — For newcomers and returnees, there will be “a brief prospective application orientation at Communities Foundation of Texas.” No, it’s “not mandatory, but it is strongly encouraged.”
  • Tuesday, October 17, 2017, at noon — Hard-copy applications must be in the Crystal Charity Ball office, 3838 Oak Lawn Avenue, Suite L 150, by noon. Remember, that’s noon for hard-copy applications and no excuses.
  • Thursday, February 1, 2018 — The selection of 2018 beneficiaries will be made.

If you’re weighing whether or not to try out, check with past recipients. Since 1952, more than 100 children’s charities have received more than $137M.

2016 Crystal Charity Ball Beneficiaries Celebrated Receiving Checks For More Than $5.5M

The skies were blue and the temperatures gave no sign of drizzle, let alone snow. Still, on Tuesday, April 4, it was Christmas time with 2016 Crystal Charity Ball Chair Christie Carter and her committee members handing out six-figure checks totaling $5.6M.

Anne Besser, Cordelia Boone, Kay Barry, Theresa Francis, Christie Carter and Claire Emanuelson

Hosted by Westwood Trust at Communities Foundation of Texas, the 2016 beneficiaries were downright giddy. Some, like Hope’s Supply President Barbara Johnson and Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas CEO Jennifer Bartkowski, admitted from the stage that the last time they had been there, they had been nervous in pitching their nonprofits for CCB consideration over a year ago.

Now, they were relieved that they had passed muster and were being handed checks to help them in their missions.

Drum roll. And the happy-faced beneficiaries included:

Susan Farris, Paige McDaniel and Margo Goodwin

David Krause

Cary Wright


  • Community Partners of Dallas for a “forever home for Community Partners of Dallas” — $1,359.236
  • Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas for “STEM Center of Excellence Girl Exploration Center” — $976,000
  • Hope Supply Co. for “hope for homeless children” — $600,000
  • Notre Dame School of Dallas for “Hearts and Hammers Campaign” — $676,020
  • Parkland Foundation on behalf of Parkland Health and Hospital System for “mobile medical clinic and pediatric screenings” — $789,002
  • Teach for America for “Elementary Education Initiative” — $500,000
  • The Family Place for “Children’s Counseling Center” —$750,000

Suzy Gekiere, Jennifer Bartkowski and Tricia George

Barbara Johnson

Gregg Ballew

Paige Flink and Eric White

Also, in attendance were Westwood Trust Senior VP Gregg Ballew, Eric White, Paige Flink, Melissa Sherrill, Pam Busbee, Lisa Singleton, Margo Goodwin, Pat and John Harloe, Ola Fojtasek, Suzy Gekiere, Tricia George, Candace Winslow, Rob Snyder, Cordelia Boone, Paige McDaniel, Joanna Clarke, Vinnie Reuben, Theresa Francis, Kay Barry, David Krause, Laura and Jason Downing, Cary Wright, Rea Foster, Tucker Enthoven, Piper Wyatt, Beth Thoele, Michael Meadows, Anne Besser, Susan Farris, Elizabeth Gambrell, Greg Nieberding, 2018 CCB Chair Claire Emanuelson with husband Dwight Emanuelson, and Vin Perella with his wife/2017 CCB Chair Pam Perella, who is already managing the haul of $5.8M for the 2017 beneficiaries.

It Was A “Perfect Season” For Crystal Charity Ball Underwriters At Gail And Cliff Fischer’s Estate Thanks To Vintner Norma Hunt

Nothing makes a lady’s leg long better than a stiletto. But along with beauty can come a bit of a pain in traversing certain areas. One of those areas was the auto courtyard in front of Gail and Cliff Fischer’s more-than-fabulous estate on Wednesday, November 9.

Gail Fischer

Todd and Heather Furniss

Robin and Debby Robinson and Barbara and Ralph Babb

The occasion was the Crystal Charity Ball’s Underwriter Party and the POA was for the guests to have their cars taken at the street and the guests to stroll in the moonlight up to the mansion. This made sense since the driveway’s entry only allowed one car at a time to pass through. With about 200 guests including Debby and Robin Robinson, Barbara and Ralph Babb, Pam and Vin Perella, Linda and Les Secrest, Piper and Mike Wyatt, Tincy Miller, Heather and Todd Furniss, Tom Addis, Tiffany and Paul Divis, Sharon Friedberg and Fisher daughter Elizabeth Fischer   RSVPing, the street drop-off made more sense.

Tincy Miller, Tom Addis, Bette Mullins and Garry Cox

Sharon Friedberg, Stephen Pelitere and Elizabeth FIscher

Only there were a couple of hitches in the plans. First there was a big grate between the street and the driveway, and the valets were worried that the ladies’ heels might fall victim to the large slits in the metal panels.

Then there was the stroll. The courtyard is beautiful, but it is also a gravel one and a couple or three gals had to wobble their way up to the steps with the help of their escorts.

As for the moonlight, it had taken the night off and so could not help the guests up the drive.

Ah, but once inside, it was a glorious gathering with CCB 2016 Chair Christie Carter and CCB Underwriting Chair Claire Emanuelson and husband Dwight Emanuelson along with the evening’s presenting sponsor David Blank and his wife Stacy greeting each guest.

On the entry hall’s huge round table were the favors provided by Norma Hunt — bottles of wine from her Sonoma vineyard. It made sense. The wine was 2013 Perfect Season Cabernet Sauvignon and this year’s CCB theme is “There is a Season….”

And while some folks looked a little bleary eyed from late-night watching of the election returns, one gal admitted that she was so tired of all the news coverage that she went to bed before the final numbers were in. So, how did she find out who had won the presidential election? “I asked Siri.”

Amit Berger, Kelsey Halford and Stacy and David Blank

On the other hand, evening presenter David Blank was bright-eyed in introducing Amit Berger, senior VP of Diamonds Direct that had just purchased David’s Diamond Doctor. Amit has been with Direct for more than 20 years and was previously in charge of the Birmingham store. Diamonds Direct VP of  Marketing and Branding Kelsey Halford once again reassured all that Diamonds Direct would not only continue but would perhaps expand on the store’s presence among the North Texas nonprofits.

JUST IN: Claire Emanuelson To Chair 2018 Crystal Charity Ball

The letters are hitting The Crystal Charity Ball member mailboxes today with the name of the 2018 Crystal Charity Ball chairperson — Claire Emanuelson.  

Claire Emanuelson

Claire Emanuelson

As a member of the Crystals since 2007, she has chaired the organization’s Children’s Book and the CCB Fashion Show and Luncheon, as well as co-chairing the Silent Auction and Special Gifts and Ball Reservations committees. For the 2016 ball, she is serving as the Underwriting Chair. In addition to being chair-elect in 2017, she will also be the Ball Decorations Chair.

But Claire’s involvement in Dallas has not been limited to CCB. Among the events she’s chaired over the years are the St. Valentine’s Day Luncheon, Vine And Dine, Stiletto Strut and Palm Night. She has also founded and chaired the UTSW Friends of the Comprehensive Cancer Center and is on The Family Place Foundation and the Clayton Dabney Foundation for Kids With Cancer Advisory boards. 

A New Orleans native with a business degree from Louisiana State University, Claire and her husband Dwight Emanuelson have two sons, Hillis Emanuelson and James Emanuelson.

According to the 2017 CCB Chair Pam Perella and 2017 CCB Leadership Selection Chairman Debbie Oates, “Claire’s extensive experience in the Dallas community, her proven ability to raise significant funds, her generous nature, intellect and commitment to The Crystal Charity Ball will ensure continued success for The Crystal Charity Ball.”

BTW, she’s smart. She’s has fabulous taste. She’s funny. She’s tireless. And she wouldn’t admit to any of that.

St. Valentine’s Day Luncheon And Fashion Show Kick-Off Party And ReuNight Eve Reception Kept Fundraising Going Into The Night

After a day of honoring veterans on Wednesday, November 11, the fundraising efforts for North Texas continued into the night throughout the area.

Michael Flores and Gina Betts

Michael Flores and Gina Betts

Over at the Mockingbird Room in Highland Park Village, St. Valentine’s Day Luncheon and Fashion Show Co-Chairs Gina Betts and Michael Flores were rallying the troops with plans for the Leukemia and Lymphoma of North Texas sweetheart of a fundraiser.

The twosome have arranged for Amanda and Brint Ryan to serve as honorary co-chairs for the Tuesday, February 16th event with fashions from HP Village.

Yes, it’s a couple of days after the right-official St. V-Day, but love is always in the air, don’t you know?

Luke Lange, Tracy Lange and Livia Lange

Luke Lange, Tracy Lange and Livia Lange

In the crowd hearing the deets were Platinum Presenting Sponsor Nancy Rogers, Joyce Fox, Holly Davis, Angela Nash, Nikki and Crayton Webb, 2015 St. V-day Chair Lisa Singleton, Pat Holder, 2016 Tom Landry Award recipient Luke Lange with his folks Tracy and Ben Lange and his sister Livia Lange.

Faerber bracelet

Faerber bracelet

Speaking of Nancy, it was tough keeping up with her. She had a full dance card! Seamlessly, she headed over to Forty Five Ten, where Brian Bolke was hosting a private little gathering.

The occasion was for folks to check out to the Faerber collection of marvelous antique necklaces, bracelets, broaches and baubles to benefit Thursday night’s Family Place fundraiser’s ReuNight that was being co-chaired by Lady Rogers and Robert Weatherly.

Brian Bolke

Brian Bolke

Claire Emanuelson

Claire Emanuelson

On hand were ReuNight Honorary Co-Chair Claire Emanuelson, Rainey Fogiel, Shelby Wagner, The Family Place’s Paige Flink.

One guest admitted that she wasn’t able to stretch the budget to qualify for the $1,500-a-head ReuNight dinner at Oak. Then with a twinkle in her eye, she smiled that just perhaps she could get herself an early Christmas gift since Brian was donating a percentage of the purchases to ReuNight.

MySweet2015Goals: Claire Emanuelson

Claire Emanuelson ( File photo)

Claire Emanuelson ( File photo)

According to mom/wife/fun(d)raiser Claire Emanuelson,

“SPIN more with the one and only John Terlingo at Terlingo Cycle!!!!

“Get over the major trauma of Tom Thumb closing in the Village (this is going to take some real effort).

“Learn what to do with these big sticks called golf clubs that my husband gave me for our anniversary.

“Spend more time with my precious friends.

“That’s all I can commit to!!!”

Claire Emanuelson’s Grateful Four

Claire Emanuelson (File photo)

Louisiana-born Claire Emanuelson appears to live a gloriously flawless life. She’s gorgeous, has a knockout husband, lives in a beautiful home, exercises a mischievous sense of humor and is generous with her time for nonprofits. Alas, she’s “not good at following the rules” and submitted Grateful Six plus #7 grateful for family and God.

  1. Wonderful, loyal, FUN friends who somehow keep you afloat during tough times and celebrate with you during the great ones and always always find a way to make you laugh!
  2. All who serve and have served in our military to keep us safe and free.
  3. The incredibly generous Dallas community that never stops giving time and resources so that we have the best hospitals, schools, arts district …etc.. We are so fortunate to live here.
  4. Celebrity iced tea, ALS tuna poke and late night cheeseburgers and Mi Cocina. Margaritas!
  5. Neiman Marcus!
  6. You and all you do!