2018 Dallas Symphony Orchestra League Presentation Followed The Tradition Of Bowing Debutantes Plus A Shout-Out Of Love

One might have thought that The Dallas Theater Center had moved across the street to the Meyerson when the Dallas Symphony Orchestra League Presentation Ball took place there on Saturday, February 17. But, more about that later. Before the evening of bowing and dancing got underway for the 1,060 guests, hints of a formal pep rally were simmering. Meyerson ushers found … [Read more...]

Dallas Symphony Orchestra League Deb Announcement Presentation Returned To Korshak With Champagne, Roses And Peacock Feathers

The clouds above were looking like bruised cauliflower on the evening of Friday, June 3. Outside Stanley Korshak, the valet check-in looked more like an afternoon school pick-up lane with valets apologizing for the delay. Across the street, the bulldozers were crunching down Old Warsaw. But inside Korshak, the 2016 Dallas Symphony Orchestra League debs were … [Read more...]