Former Dallas Mayor Adlene Harrison To Receive The Carmen Miller Michael Legacy Senior Communities Award

Adlene Harrison (File photo)

A press release was distributed about The Legacy Senior CommunitiesYes! Event featuring Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran.

While it was great news on one hand, it was embarrassing on the other.

First the great news — former Dallas Mayor Adlene Harrison will receive the Carmen Miller Michael Legacy Senior Communities Award at the Meyerson on Thursday, November 2.

The problem came later in the release in reporting that a “committee chaired by Maddy Unterberg and which included Andrea Statman, Shirley Tobolowsky, Julie Lowenberg and Hanne Klein, as well as Frieda Gayle Stern, of blessed memory.”

The problem was the listing of “Frieda Gayle Stern.” For those who knew the late PR champ, who died this summer, her name was Freda Gail Stern. Evidently The Point Group that issued the release didn’t know that. But in this day and age, guess the spelling of a name isn’t that big a deal. In Freda Gail’s day, it was.

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Self-Made Millionaire/”Shark Tank”‘s Barbara Corcoran To Be Guest Speaker For The Legacy Senior Communities Yes! Event In November

Barbara Corcoran*

Barbara Corcoran is a very busy, busy gal nowadays. Well, she always has been with all her real estate deals that transformed her from waitress to “self-made millionaire.” Then there’s a little TV show, called “Shark Tank,” where she has held her own with the likes of Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, Kevin O’Leary and Daymond John

She’s had so many balls to juggle, it’s no wonder that the 68-year-old’s gig on “Dancing With The Stars” was just one too many, resulting in her being eliminated this past week. However, she proved her spunk and class by accepting her elimination with humor.

But leave it to the The Legacy Senior Communities Yes! Event to snag her as the guest speaker for the annual fundraising luncheon at the Meyerson on Thursday, November 2. But then what else would you expect from a committee including Carol Aaron, Dawn Aaron, Sandy Donsky, Linda Garner, Zona Pidgeon, Jody Stein and Karla Steinberg?

The plan calls for her to “share her personal story, as well as insight into what motivates her today.”

Benefiting The Legacy Senior Communities Financial Assistance Fund, the event will provide support for The Legacy Midtown Park’s rental continuing care retirement community currently under development in Dallas, to help supplement the cost of their care and provide the extra amenities that enrich the quality of their life.”

According to Carol, “A community is judged by the way it cares for its elders, and I feel it is our collective responsibility to provide a wonderful lifestyle and exemplary care to seniors in Greater Dallas. We encourage everyone to step up and help us continue to not just meet but exceed the needs of seniors and their families now and in the future.”

In addition to Barbara, The Carmen Miller Michael – Legacy Senior Communities Award will be presented to “pay tribute to a member of the Greater Dallas community who displays the special qualities which Carmen Miller Michael possessed: a pioneering spirit and an unshakeable sense of justice and compassion.”

The Legacy Senior Community Board of Trustees Chair Marc R. Stanley said, “We will honor a truly inspirational individual and trailblazer who shares our commitment to serving others, and we will hear from a motivational entrepreneur during this captivating event. We are thankful to all of our donors whose support assists us in providing thriving communities and high-quality care. We find it truly rewarding to provide seniors with dynamic and enriched lives.”

Single tickets are $200 with various levels of sponsorship available.

* Photo credit: ABC/Patrick Ecclesine

The Senior Source’s Molly Bogen To Receive The 2014 Carmen Miller Michael Legacy Senior Communities Award At The Yes Event

­­There are those people who simply do not age. They simply thrive with each passing birthday combin­­ing youthful exuberance with earned experience. Despite what their birthday certificate may register as their age, they are as hopeful and energetic as a second grader on the first day of school.

They’re people like Ebby Halliday and T. Boone Pickens. Younger folks envy their intelligence and generosity of sharing wisdom. Older folks snort and envy the mojo in their genes.

Molly Bogen (File photo)

Molly Bogen (File photo)

So, the Legacy Senior Communities will salute one of “those kind of people” with the “First-Ever Carmen Miller Michael Legacy Senior Communities Award.” That person knows the word “senior” like most folks know the word “I”. She is Molly Bogen, the executive director of The Senior Source.

Molly admitted, “I was surprised and quite honored to hear that I would be the first to receive such an award in Dr. Carmen Miller Michael’s name. The same issues that drove her to do such amazing work drive me. I am passionate about impacting the lives of Texans who are aging, those who face cognitive challenges and those who may need direct services to improve their lives.”

Having “been leading The Senior Source as the executive director for 38 years, Bogen has chief of staff responsibility for administration and management of the agency with its 63-member staff and just completed her 10 years of service on the board of trustees for the Baylor Specialty Health Center.”

That’s the official word. The reality is that Molly and her team have faced the daunting situation of seniors and their needs growing at catastrophic speed. They have helped with job searches, nursing homes advocacy, money management, safety and protection, volunteer opportunities and counseling regarding aging issues and proving a “service delivery system on a continuum with 10 programs.” All that means that Molly has been on the frontline of the silver tsunami facing society.

Adding to the youthful feel of the occasion will be special guest speaker Jane Pauley. Dadgummit, but that gal never seems to age.

Adlene Harrison (File photo)

Adlene Harrison (File photo)

Chaired by Madeline Unterberg , the committee making the choice was comprised of Adlene Harrison, Shirley Tobolowsky, Julie Lowenberg and Freda Gail Stern.

Molly will receive the award at the “The Yes Event.” on Wednesday, November 19, at the Winspear.

Here’s to growing young in the years ahead like Molly, Ebby and Boone!

If you want to hang with a bunch of youthful people with the hope of its rubbing off, here’s where you can get ticket and sponsorship info.