Crystal Charity Ball Committee Husbands Are Feted With A Picnic

While the harvest moon was a shade slimmer, the season’s earliest cold front had dropped temperatures from the low 90s to the lows 70s on Wednesday, October 11.

Caren and Pete Kline

And in Preston Hollow, it was dreamy at Caren and Pete Kline’s estate for the Crystal Charity Ball’s picnic salute to the committee member husbands. There was no check-in at the front door. Instead guests like Tanya and Pete Foster, Leslie and Bryan Diers, Lisa and Clay Cooley, Vinnie and Malcolm Reuben, Janelle Walker and Patty and Mark Leyendecker left their cars, like Rich Enthoven’s snazzy blue vintage Corvette, in the circular driveway and took the brick pathway to the backyard with its covered terrace adorned with buffet, the pool, bars along the wall and candle-lit lanterns.

It was a bravo project for the Klines. Just a month before, Caren’s 91-year-old father, Robert Whiteman, had died.

Michael and Shelle Sills and Malcolm Reuben

In one part of the grounds, Shelle Sills reported that after supporting Michal Powell’s chairing The Salvation Army’s “Doing The Most Good Luncheon” on Thursday, November 16, she would be the underwriting chair for the 2018 Celebrating Women Luncheon.

Husband Michael Sills was concerned over the fires blazing in California. While his favorite vineyards were pretty safe from the fires, he indicated that until the final flicker was out, the state’s economic health was still to be determined.

Speaking of California, Neiman’s NorthPark GM/VP Malcolm Reuben told friends that the day after Christmas, he and wife Vinnie Reuben were starting his retirement by heading to California.

Chris Branscun and Mary Clare Finney

Mary Clare Finney reported that she was redecorating her two Park Cities homes. While she claimed that she initially had planned to redo only two rooms in one of the houses, she hinted that Chris Branscun had been the one who encouraged her to expand her plans to include the entire place. Chris protested that he shouldn’t be blamed for the bigger picture.

And speaking of re-doing, 2017 CCB Chair Pam Perella has already started planning for post-CCB life. Taking a couple of months off following the Saturday, December 2nd fundraiser at the Anatole, she’ll start the redecoration of the Perella homestead. But Pam added that the year had flown by and she had loved it.

Rob Bowlby

At 7:45 p.m. BB&T North Texas Region President Rob Bowlby addressed the group. Unlike previous event sponsors, like Comerica’s Ralph Babb’s simply congratulating CCB for their efforts, Rob with notes in hand told of the company’s involvement in the area and thanking CCB ladies.

Richard Dix and Claire Emanuelson

But as the sun set, so did the lighting. One guest, upon being greeted by “a friend” and told she looked terrific, admitted that she couldn’t see who had given her the hug and good words.

Still another guest giggled, “The lighting is perfect. It makes the wrinkles disappear.”

Claire Emanuelson in stilettos and Richard Dix in tie admitted this was not their normal picnic garb. Due to previous commitments, they had to go high-brow.

Caren And Pete Kline Welcome Dallas Children Advocacy Center Supporters With A White Mercedes Up For Grabs

Kody Followill had only been with Park Place Mercedes-Benz a few months, but as if he had Ken Schnitzer by his side, he cared for the gleaming white car at the entrance of Caren and Pete Kline’s residence on Wednesday, March 23.

Park Place Mercedes–Benz GLC300W

Park Place Mercedes–Benz GLC300W

With guests arriving, Kody made sure that the flawless white mid-size SUV with steel gray interior and all the 21st century gadgets stayed absolutely perfect. If so much as a leaf dared to land on the vehicle, Kody made sure the stay didn’t last more than a second. His one regret was that he hadn’t brought a cloth to keep polishing the Mercedes. Good thing, he didn’t because Kody would have probably rubbed the finish off.

The reason for Kody and his wheels being parked for guests to check out was this sweetheart of the Mercedes lineup will be the raffle prize at the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center luncheon on Tuesday, April 26.

Paula Richmond, Caren Kline and Megan Steinbach

Paula Richmond, Caren Kline and Megan Steinbach

Inside, Caren was greeting one and all after attending the J. Erik Jonsson Luncheon earlier in the day. It was a memorable lunch according to Caren, who recalled honoree Terry Flowers describing his daughters as “pieces of my heart that walk outside my body.”

Pete Kline and Lynn Davis

Pete Kline and Lynn Davis

But on this night the occasion was focused on thanking those who had been so supportive of DCAC and another luncheon — Appetite for Advocacy. In the living room, Pete talked with Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center’s Lynn Davis, who, when asked about the raffle, said he could cut a deal. Instead of the $100 per ticket, Lynn could sell 100 tickets for $1000. Well, yeah!

Event Co-Chairs Paula Richmond and Megan Steinbach have arranged for TED standout Brené Brown to be the speaker at the luncheon that has changed locations, sorta. It’s still at the Sheraton Dallas, but it will be take place on the upper level opposed to the ground floor.

Piece of trivia: Brené will be flying in that morning and heading out after the luncheon. The reason for the quick visit is a promise she made her family. She would only stay one night a month away from home. Now, that’s a lady who has her priorities in place.

Mother Nature Throws A Curve Ball At Tonight’s Events

Oh, goodness gracious, Aunt Hattie. Tonight was such a challenge for event planners. With a cold front slamming against a ho-hum warmish condition in North Texas, what were activities like the Dallas Arboretum’s Spring Dinner to do? Have it outdoors among the Dallas Blooms glories, or hunker on down in the Rosine Hall? Thank heaven, the wise brains prevailed and the dinner was moved indoors.

Another group not taking a chance against Mama Nature was the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center’s kick-off party for Appetite for Advocacy at Caren and Pete Kline’s sweetest home-sweet-home. They had the 60 or so guests chatting and munching inside the Klines’ Preston Hollow residence with a sweetheart of a !ercedes parked out front. It’s the raffle goody going for $100 per.

Well, gee whiz and double darn it. Both the Arboretum’s and the Klines’ great gardens were just divine for wandering, but they’ll still be there when the sun shines.

While the local weather guessers doffed their jackets and jiggled and wiggled their predictions, the evil parts of the weather-scape held off until after all the activities had closed down for the night.

As one weather expert once said, North Texas is the Super Bowl/Olympics for meteorologists with the winds off the Rockies and the gusts from the Gulf. It always provides a great conversation topic year round.

Alas, it was also part of KTVT’s Larry Mowry finale, who is heading to Chicago, according to Uncle Barky. Too bad. Since he first arrived on the scene, Larry has been a stand-out in predicting weather without all the drama.

Theo Ross’ “A Cancer In The Family”‘s All-In-The-Family Genetics Hitting Home With Today’s And Tomorrow’s Generations

Every family has a problem. Perhaps it was crazy Aunt Maudie or the diabetes that has run through more than just an immediate family member. On Friday, February 5, buds Lucy Billingsley and Caren Kline spread the word that their pal Theodore “Theo” Ross had published “A Cancer In The Family” by having a hundred guests in for a book signing.

Lucy Billingsley, Theo Ross and Caren Kline

Lucy Billingsley, Theo Ross and Caren Kline

It was a topic close to both Lucy and Caren. Just that week both women had been touched by the well-being of family members.

Lucy had lost her brother Howard Crow to years of suffering from a disease that had left him in a state requiring round-the-clock assistance.

Caren had zoomed to Florida upon learning that her mother Bettye Whiteman had fallen. No sooner had Caren thought all was well than she learned that Bettye had once again been hospitalized. Luckily for Caren and Bettye, sister Dale Pinto had been able to fly Bettye back home to New York and care.

Theo’s book addresses the very issue of the mystery of genetics and how it impacts all those family members.

Jeff Rich and Jan Miller and Barbara and Steve Durham

Jeff Rich and Jan Miller and Barbara and Steve Durham

After signing mountains of books in the dining room, Theo was in the living room telling guests like Barbara and Steve Durham, Pam Busbee, Roslyn Dawson Thompson, Kathleen Gibson, Lynn and Allan McBee and Nancy Gopez how her research into the world of genetics had resulted in life-changing developments in how she handled her own life.

Pam Busbee, Roslyn Dawson Thompson and Kathleen Gibson

Pam Busbee, Roslyn Dawson Thompson and Kathleen Gibson

Pete Kline

Pete Kline

One question came from publishing agent Jan Miller, who wondered if such genetic investigation would confirm her “absolute” belief that she is African America.

Theo’s “A Cancer In the Family” has been such a hit, a sequel is already in the works. She revealed the dedication in the sequel is to Lucy and husband Henry Billingsley and Caren and husband Pete Kline.