Brené Brown Brings The Courage Of Vulnerability To Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center’s Appetite For Advocacy Luncheon

With way more than 1,000…okay, it was nearly 2,000…in attendance, there was no doubt that at the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center’s Appetite for Advocacy Luncheon at the Sheraton Dallas on Tuesday, April 26, something was up. Perhaps it was the speaker/best-selling author Brené Brown? Perhaps it was the occasion of DCAC’s 25th anniversary? Perhaps it was the recent and … [Read more...]

JUST IN: Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center’s Ruth Sharp Altshuler And Bill Walsh Awardees Revealed

Wow! Friday is turning into the good-news release day. The folks over at Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center just sent word on who will be honored at the 9th Annual Appetite for Advocacy Luncheon on Tuesday, April 26, at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel. In addition to Luncheon Co-Chairs Paula Richmond and Megan Steinbach arranging to have author Brené Brown be the keynote … [Read more...]

Round Robin Sept. 18: Too Many To List

Every now and then, there are “go-figure moments” in fundraising scheduling. Thursday, September 18, was such a day. Here it was the tsunami of nonprofits emailing, calling and tapping sources to donate to the North Texas Giving Day. Last year most groups went dark to allow the big day to take place uninterrupted. This year the pendulum swung in the opposite direction with … [Read more...]