CancerBlows Lineup Revealed For “The Legends Concert” And “CancerBlows: The Principals Recording Session And Concert”


The 2017 CancerBlows lineup has been finalized and the only one missing is Gabriel! According to organizers, the “legendary trumpet players” who will be performing at “The Legends Concert” on Wednesday, May 10, at the Meyerson will include Doc Severinsen of “Tonight Show” fame, ten-time Grammy winner Arturo Sandoval,  “Chicago” founder Lee Loughane, Dave Matthews band artist Rashawn Ross, DSO principal trumpet Ryan Anthony, international soloist Wycliffe Gordon, Hollywood musician Wayne Bergeron, international soloist Randy Brecker, former Canadian Brass artist Joe Burgstaller, cancer survivor and composer Anthony DiLorenzo, clinician Vince DiMartino, former Canadian Brass artist Jens Lindemann, international soloist Rex Richardson,  former Canadian Brass artist Ronald Romm, Boston Brass soloist Jose Sibaja, international artist Marvin Stamm, international soloist Allen Vizzutti, world-renowned conductor Jeff Tyzik and Bozeman and Wyoming Symphony Director Matthew Savery.

In addition to the Wednesday big-name concert, there is also the “CancerBlows: The Principals Recording Session And Concert” at 5:00 p.m. on Monday, May 8, at the Meyerson featuring Ryan Anthony, David Krauss of Met Orchestra, Chris Martin of the New York Philharmonic, Tom Rolfs of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Boston Pops, Michael Sachs of the Cleveland Orchestra, Mark Gould of the NY Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, Mark Hughes of the Houston Symphony Orchestra, Kyle Sherman of the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra, Stanley Friedman of the Israel Philharmonic, the Imperial Brass and Tom Booth, Russell Campbell, Kevin Finamore, Barry Hearn and Chris Oliver of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.

It was just two years ago that North Texas got blown away by this incredible collection of musicians benefiting Baylor Health Care System Foundation and the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.

Tickets and sponsorships are still available here!

MySweet2017Goals: Niki and Ryan Anthony

Ryan and Niki Anthony (File photo)

According to Ryan Anthony Foundation Co-Founders Niki and Ryan Anthony,

“Our goal is to exceed the success of the original CancerBlows concert that debuted in 2015 event when the concert and programming returns to Dallas in May! With the help of Honorary Co-Chairs Nancy A. Nasher and David J. Haemisegger, Event Co-Chairs D’ Andra Simmons-Lock and Jeremy Lock and Anne and Steve Stodghill, we are working tirelessly to bring enhanced awareness and record funds to help eradicate multiple myeloma.”

2017 Cancer Blows Kick-Off Party Has SRO Turnout Despite Traffic Jam And Competing Events

The world of nonprofits hit head on with the political universe on Tuesday, November 1, on Lakeside. While usually only geese and ducks honk on the elegant drive, on this night it was luxury vehicles with drivers getting steamed. One gent stood on the running board of his stationery SUV shaking his fist at the god of traffic jams.

The jam resulted from two big gatherings — the kick-off party for Cancer Blows at Ashley Tatum’s and Newt Walker’s residence overlooking Turtle Creek, and a get-together a block away for U.S. Representative Pete Sessions.

Linda and Steve Ivy

Linda and Steve Ivy

Adding to the mix was the fact that the Cancer Blows event had initially been planned for under 75 guests, but as the minutes ticked away, that headcount evolved to a number just a smidge less than 200, including Robin Robinson, Linda and Steve Ivy, Martha and David Tiller, Jeff Byron, Kevin Hurst and newlyweds Emily Eisenhauer Freling and Darryl Freling, who had just returned from their wedding in California’s Napa Valley.

Darryl Freling and Emily Eisenhauer Freling

Darryl Freling and Emily Eisenhauer Freling

Inside the Tatum-Walker abode, the trophies of Newt’s past hunting ventures had been replaced by artistic Ashley’s fav artists like David Bates.

Because it was such a busy night in town with Colin Powell at the Meyerson, Adele at American Airlines Center, etc., not everyone could stay for the presentation in the living room featuring a slimmed-down Cancer Blows Co-Chair D’Andra Simmons Lock and husband/Co-Chair Jeremy Lock and The Ryan Anthony Foundation President Ryan Anthony, who just happened to have his trumpet in hand. Fellow Co-Chairs Anne and Steve Stodghill were in Nashville attending the 50th Annual Country Music Association Awards. D’Andra, Jeremy, and Ryan were engulfed by well-wishers and supporters throughout the evening. 

With the crowd spilling into the side hallways, plans were revealed that the Baylor Health Care System Foundation and Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation fundraiser event will return to the Meyerson for its headliner concert on Wednesday, May 10, featuring the world’s leading trumpeters. Serving as honorary co-chairs will be Nancy Nasher and David Haemisegger.

Leading up to the Meyerson performance, there will be two days in which a variety of activities are planned. Declared D’Andra: “We’re doing everything we can to make this the most incredible sell-out ‘Blows’ ever.”

In addition to the packed crowd, there were videographers recording the event. When event planner Hamilton Sneed was asked whether the crew was on hand for a local reality show, he looked shocked and responded that they were part of his team filming for future promotional purposes. Whew!

JUST IN: D’Andra Simmons Lock To Chair 2017 Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary Luncheon

D'Andra Simmons Lock (File photo)

D’Andra Simmons Lock (File photo)

Plans are already underway for the 2017 Salvation Army Fashion Show. Leading the charge will be beauty expert/fundraising phenom D’Andra Simmons Lock, who will chair the annual fundraiser for the Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary.

In addition to having fashionable DNA thanks to mama Dee Simmons and a love for clothes, D’Andra is a pro when it comes to heading up events and raising funds for nonprofits. Not only did she chair the Junior League of Dallas’ ball among other fundraisers, she created Cancer Blows in 2015 with musicians from around the country coming together to fight cancer.

And when it comes to underwriting, D’Andra has numbers on speed-dial that would thrill any development director.

While D’Andra is keeping her plans under wraps, she had a twinkle in her blue eyes as she reported that it’s gonna be a memory maker and a financial success for the good of the Salvation Army.

Here’s a thought: Since the winter season is in the rear view mirror, it’s time to edit that closet of yours. There are cute things that you just know you’re not gonna wear again. So, why not just put them aside in a nice stack for the Salvation Army? And then you’ll have loads more room for those new clothes that you deserve and need.

There She Blows! Full House Listens To Famous Trumpeters, Raises Money For Multiple Myeloma

Upstairs at the VIP party in the Meyerson Symphony Center, Joel Allison was saying that although he’d had a busy day, he wouldn’t have missed this concert event called Cancer Blows for anything.

“Busy” might have been an understatement. The CEO of Baylor Scott & White Health had risen that day at 3:30 a.m., worked out, then headed for the airport to catch a flight to Austin, where he was to meet with the Texas governor and lieutenant governor about health-care legislation. Allison’s flight was canceled, though, so he wound up driving to the state capital, just barely making his meetings, then just barely making it back to Dallas in time for Cancer Blows.

Billed as a “once-in-a-lifetime musical event” bringing together the world’s most famous trumpet players, the Cancer Blows fundraiser attracted 2,000 guests on March 4 to honor Dallas Symphony Orchestra principal trumpet player Ryan Anthony. Anthony was diagnosed more than two years ago with multiple myeloma, a plasma-cell cancer that’s considered incurable and terminal, but has undergone successful treatment including chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant at Baylor’s Sammons Cancer Center. Proceeds from the concert were to be directed through The Ryan Anthony Foundation to benefit the Baylor Health Care System Foundation and the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.

Following the VIP gathering—where besides Allison you could spot the likes of Robin Robinson with his daughter Kate Swail, Sheila and Jody Grant, Jinna and Jerry Lancourt, Blaine Nelson, Jennifer and Coley Clark, Kara and Randall Goss and Dee Simmons with Cary McGuire—guests filed into the symphony hall for the much-anticipated concert. After a welcome by emcee Jody Dean—“The only famous horn not here tonight is Gabriel, and we really don’t want him showing up,” Dean quipped—the full house was treated to a varied evening of classical, jazz and pop music.

The first half, which featured members of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, included performances by Lee Loughnane, a founding member of the rock group Chicago, and Anthony himself, who teamed with such trumpet all-stars as Jens Lindemann, Joe Burgstaller, and Ronald Romm. The second half, with the University of North Texas One O’clock Lab Band, starred the likes of musical legends Arturo Sandoval and Doc Severinson, the bandleader for “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson” for 30 years.

Honorary chairs for the fundraiser were Diane and Hal Brierley. D’Andra Simmons-Lock and Jeremy Lock served as event chairs. Mickey and Bill Lively were special event advisers.

SOLD OUT: Cancer Blows

While the Trinity Trust River Rats and Pack Rats may have decided to postpone their sneak peek of Texas Horse Park, the Cancer Blows organizers are charging ahead with horns aplenty at the Meyerson on Wednesday night.

Cancer Blows*

Cancer Blows*

Just got word from Niki Anthony, who’s been working harder that a meteorologist, that

“We are officially sold out which is wonderful news!

“We do plan to hold the concert no matter the weather. All of the musicians have made it in to town and are ready to go no matter what.”

Sure, the weather may not be picture perfect, but if these world-renowned trumpet players can fly in from around all part to support Dallas Symphony Orchestra principle trumpet/Niki’s husband Ryan Anthony’s effort to vanquish multiple myeloma, locals can go a block or mile to blast cancer.

Co-chairs D’Andra Simmons Lock and her husband Jeremy Lock are being joined by Honorary Co-Chairs Diane and Hal Brierley to raise funds for Baylor Health Care System Foundation and Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.

Since it’s indoors at the Meyerson, so let’s see if the musicians don’t blow the tiles off the ceiling.

* Graphic provided by Cancer Blows

Baylor Health Care System Foundation Leadership Turns Out To Learn About Alzheimer’s And The Memory Center

While some were having holiday lunches and others were shopping for perfect gifts, the members of the Baylor Health Care System Foundation board gathered at the Baylor Charles S. Sammons Cancer Center on Tuesday, December 9, for a recap of the past, a look at the future and to learn about a disease that is growing in numbers.

Jill Smith

Jill Smith

Alan Engstrom

Alan Engstrom

Sarah Losinger

Sarah Losinger

Lisa Shardon

Lisa Shardon

Marti Carlin

Marti Carlin

Joe Staley

Joe Staley

The tables in the room were so filled with folks like Alan Engstrom, Marti Carlin, Jill Smith, Annette Simmons, Barry Andrews, Lisa Sharon, Laree Hulshoff, Karen Key, Pierce Allman, Dee Simmons, Leonard Riggs Jr., Trisha Wilson, Nancy Dedman, Sara Losinger, Joe Staley, Alicia Landry, Lue Taff, Norm Lofgren, Richard Bernstein, Terry Conner and Richard Eiseman, that some folks had to be seated in single chairs at the back of the room. According to Board Chair Margo Goodwin, the attendance was 30% more than years past and she suspected it was due to the topic — Baylor’s Memory Center’s involvement with Alzheimer’s.

Margo Goodwin

Margo Goodwin

But before the discussion took place, Margo reported on some of the past fundraising events for the Foundation including the walloping $2.4M raised at the recent Celebrating Women co-chaired by Lisa Longino and Daffan Nettle. Margo announced that Nancy Carter would be chairing the 2015 luncheon and she was probably already “dreaming and scheming for next year’s lunch.”

She also pointed out that Lue Taff of The Senior Source was at the luncheon, due to Baylor’s relationship with The Senior Source and the day’s topic.

Richard Eiseman and Robin Robinson

Richard Eiseman and Robin Robinson

Following the invocation by Glenn Callison, Foundation President Robin Robinson welcomed the guests and revealed that Baylor Health Care System and Baylor Scott & White Health CEO Joel Allison had been selected as CEO of the Years by his peers.

He then introduced a new event that would be taking place on Wednesday, March 4 — “Cancer Blows.” To explain the background of the event, Robin invited to the podium Dallas Symphony Orchestra Principle Trumpet player Ryan Anthony, who told of his life-threatening experience with multiple myeloma and working with Baylor in his treatments.

D'Andra Simmons Lock

D’Andra Simmons Lock

In concluding his remarks, Ryan asked Event Co-Chair D’Andra Simmons to join him at the podium. She told the guests that when she was first approached about chairing with her husband Jeremy the Baylor Health Care System Foundation and Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation fundraiser, she said she was just so busy. But upon meeting Ryan and his wife Niki and learning of their experience, they signed up with a vengeance.

Looking throughout the room, D’Andra made no bones about the fact that she would be placing calls to the people present to support “Cancer Blows” — “You know I’m persistent, so please don’t hang up on my call.” It’s very personal with D’Andra for the additional fact that she is the only one in her family who has not had cancer.

Ryan Anthony

Ryan Anthony

As a perk, Ryan entertained the guests with a mini-concert. His fingers moved so quickly and effortlessly on the valves making the trumpet almost seem to become an exquisite singing voice. For one tune, Ryan picked up a coffee cup and used it as a mute. Accompanying Ryan was his longtime collaborator, pianist Gary Beard, who never faltered even when Ryan had to replace a valve. Now, that’s teamwork.

After the selection, Robin introduced the subject of the day — Alzheimer’s and Baylor’s Memory Center.

First he told a brief history of the donor-driven Memory Center. Thanks to a conversation with AT&T’s Randall Stephenson, whose stepfather suffered from the disease, seed money was provided to establish the center that’s located at Park Lane and Central Expressway. The purpose of the center was to “help patients by evaluating their memory and determining if they have a memory disorder” and to assist them and their families throughout the developments.

The Center is currently handling 2,000 families a year with the need growing as people are living longer and longer.

Robin then introduced Dr. Claudia Padilla, who is completing her work in California and will soon take on the position of Medical Director of Research.

Claudia admitted that there is presently no cure for Alzheimer’s and efforts are focused on slowing its progress. She added that detecting it earlier helps in the chance of curbing it.

With the help of slides, she provided a brief explanation of what the scientific community knew about Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related diseases.

Joining Claudia and Robin for a brief panel discussion were the Center’s neuropsychologist Dr. Eric Smernoff and medical director Dr. Cindy Marshall.

Eric explained the steps that a patient went through in his/her diagnosis including:

  1. A 1-2 hour interview is held gathering background information on the patient
  2. A 2-3 hour testing of thinking ability, problem solving, language, etc. is held. In some cases of more difficult cases, the testing may last 6-7 hours.
  3. A hypothesis is created on the patient’s situation
  4. An hour meeting is held with the patient and his/her family.
  5. The findings are provided for the patient and referring physician
  6. Recommendations can be provided on how to proceed.
  7. A representative of the Alzheimer’s Association is made available for additional assistance.

If treatment is needed, the patient can seek help from Cindy and Claudia in dealing with symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s that might require drug therapy and/or holistic practices.

Taking questions from the audience, they answered that

  • Referrals to the Center can be self-referrals or from primary-care physicians, etc.
  • Being brain (i.e. doing crossword puzzles, staying socially active, etc.) and heart (i.e., working out) healthy are recommended.
  • Creating a baseline study at an early age would be extremely healthy for everyone for use when any possible signs may develop.
  • Medicare allows for self-referrals.
  • The current wait time for an appointment for a test is about two months. According to Eric, they are seeing three times the number of patients “as we did when we opened. But the wait time hasn’t decreased” despite the addition of two more physicians because of the growing demands.
  • The funding for cancer and HIV research and treatments still outweigh present funding for Alzheimer’s.
  • Parkinson’s patients tent to develop a form of dementia.
  • The neuropsychological testing can help determine what type of dementia may be developing.

But it wasn’t all serious talk with these Baylor fundraisers. From the back of the room, one guest told the group that a woman friend recently told how her husband said that if she ever developed Alzheimer’s, nobody would notice.

Laughter filled the room, but it was tempered with the fact that the disease is no laughing matter and Baylor’s plans call for it to become the leading force in treating it. So, it may take a couple of months to get your loved one or yourself tested, but it won’t take but a couple of minutes to help fund the effort.

Cancer Blows! To Bring Together Top Trumpet Players To Raise Funds To Fight Cancer

One potential donor admitted that she initially felt uneasy about the title of the proposed event — “Cancer Blows!” But that was before the Wednesday, December 3rd announcement at Kathie and Randy King’s marvelous home.

Tony McClung and Kathie King

Tony McClung and Kathie King

At 7 p.m. Event Co-Chairs D’Andra Simmons Lock and Jeremy Lock announced the new event that would take place on Wednesday, March 4 at the Meyerson.

But there was a back story. Perhaps that’s why Dallas Symphony Orchestra President/CEO Jonathan Martin was on hand.

Jonathan Martin

Jonathan Martin

Robin Robinson and Ryan Anthony

Robin Robinson and Ryan Anthony

It seems that Dallas Symphony Orchestra principal trumpeter Ryan Anthony was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2012. Sure, cancer in any form is a life-altering situation, but Ryan’s form of cancer was “a terminal cancer of the bone marrow that most often appears in patients 70 and older.” Ryan was a youthful 43 years old with wife, Niki, and two munchkins.

So, he battened down the hatches and undertook the battle against the disease with the help of the Baylor staff including Dr. Alan Miller. It was during his treatments that he heard time and time again from fellow horn blowers throughout the musical world that they wanted him to know that they were there for him.

But the Anthonys wanted to do more than conquer Ryan’s cancer. They wanted to help raise funds for research and treatment and to support the professionals who had been by their side. So, he organized his army of brassy friends like Doc Severinsen, Arturo Sandoval, Lee Loughnane and others for the get-together fundraiser for Baylor Health Care System Foundation and the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.

Initially, organizers wanted to hold the event in New York City, but Ryan said, “No. It has to be down here.” As for the name “Cancer Blows!,” that was Niki’s idea.

Plans call for the trumpet players to spend Monday, March 2, visiting Booker T. Washington for a panel discussion that is open to the public followed by the musicians performing a concert/recording at Dallas City Performance Hall.

Tuesday, March 3, “select artists” will participate in master classes and clinics at SMU’s Meadows School of the Arts.

Wednesday evening the concert itself will have additional perks for key sponsors like a VIP Lounge and After-Party. There will also be a simulcast of the concert that will be open to the public.

Cary Maguire and Dee Simmons

Cary Maguire and Dee Simmons

Despite all this organization and planning, even Ryan hadn’t planned on the power of the D’s — D’Andra and her mom Dee Simmons. The power mom-daughter team can raise funds like spring flowers at the Arboretum.

Suzanne and David Palmlund and Courtney Rottman

Suzanne and David Palmlund and Courtney Rottman

On this evening, Dee took charge of auctioning off a dinner with Ryan and Niki. With her date Cary Maguire looking on, the blonde cancer survivor mounted a bidding competition among the crowd that included Honorary Co-Chairs Diane and Hal Brierley, Robin Robinson, Courtney Rottman, Suzanne and David Palmlund, Carol Seay, Laree Hulshoff, Ben Fischer, Tony McClung, Lynn McBee and Stacey and John Relton.

The results? No $500 supper. Nor even a $1,000 feast. How about $12,000!

MySweetWishList: Cancer Blows

According to The Ryan Anderson Foundation President Ryan Anthony,

Ryan Anthony*

Ryan Anthony*

The Ryan Anthony Foundation was formed in 2014 to host events called Cancer Blows™. The inaugural event will take place on March 4, 2015, at the Meyerson Symphony Center, Dallas, TX, where I am currently the principal trumpet player of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. The idea of Cancer Blows began after I, Ryan Anthony, was diagnosed with a terminal cancer called Multiple Myeloma in November of 2012. The average age of a Multiple Myeloma patient is 71…I was 43 years of age when diagnosed.

“With two kids, now age 9 & 13, and told the average life span is between 5-8 years this was a major hit to our household. I immediately began treatment and underwent a stem cell transplant in the spring of 2013 at Baylor Hospital, Charles Sammon’s Cancer Center. Now in complete remission I’m setting my attention to not just finding ways to treat this cancer but be a part of finding a cure.

“Before moving to Dallas I was an active soloist around the country and had the chance to make many friends in the business. After my diagnosis I was touched by the many who reached out and all asked… ‘What can I do to help?’ My answer was simple… ‘When I’m healthy again we can play a concert together!’ So the concept of Cancer Blows was created and this March for the first time in music history the biggest names in the trumpet world will all come to Dallas and donate their talents for a concert to bring awareness and fundraise for a cure towards blood cancers.

“All proceeds will be given to Baylor Health Care System Foundation (Dallas, TX) and Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (New York, NY).

Cancer Blows*

Cancer Blows*

My wish: That tickets be purchased for themselves and friends and family. Or if they can’t make the event place a donation towards Cancer Blows through The Ryan Anthony Foundation.”

-Ryan Anthony, The Ryan Anthony Foundation President

* Photo and graphic courtesy of The Ryan Anthony Foundation

JUST IN: “Cancer Blows” Is Announced

A brand new fundraiser was announced last night at Kathie and Randy King’s home. Unlike others in the past, this one is full of puffed-up cheeks. It’s called “Cancer Blows” and will take place on Wednesday, March 4, at the Meyerson, with D’Andra Simmons-Lock and Jeremy Lock chairing the event, and Diane and Hal Brierley doing the honorary co-chair duties.

It will feature “the most famous trumpet players in the world in a special concert and after party.” Such trumpeters will include Doc Severinsen, Arturo Sandoval and Lee Loughnane from the band Chicago.

Robin Robinson and Ryan Anthony

Robin Robinson and Ryan Anthony

Briefly here is the back story: The event is the result of Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s principal trumpet Ryan Anthony, who was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a terminal cancer of the bone marrow. It’s a disease that usually hits folks in their 70’s, not a 40-something with two kids in elementary school. But Ryan did more than just treatments to battle the disease. He and his wife, Niki, came up with the idea of his horn-blowing buddies coming together to raise funds for the Baylor Health Care System Foundation and the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.

More deets will follow, but mark this one down on the calendar and  “well git it!“, so, you don’t blow it.

BTW, here’s a little gift of beauty courtesy of Ryan. Just sit back and enjoy. Then order up your tickets.