Rolex Raffle And A Bagpipe Performance Marked Seventh Annual Sweethearts For Sweeney At DeBoulle Benefiting Camp Sweeney

More than 200 people dedicated to helping Camp Sweeney—a summer camp in Cooke County for children with Type 1 Diabetes—gathered at de Boulle Diamond And Jewelry on Thursday, February 8, for the seventh annual Sweethearts for Sweeney fundraiser. None of them were more dedicated, though, than David Genever-Watling. The London-born "G.W." is a close friend of deBoulle owner … [Read more...]

Sweethearts For Sweeney Bash Provides Funding For Diabetic Kids

The more than 100 people who crowded into De Boulle Diamond & Jewelry on Wednesday, February 11, seemed to be in a party-hearty mood. And why not: They were surrounded by an exquisite collection of fine jewelry, luxury timepieces, and other accessories and gifts. They’d shown up at the 4th Annual Sweethearts for Sweeney bash for the best of reasons: raising funds to send … [Read more...]

“4th Annual Sweethearts For Sweeney” Fundraiser Aims To Send More Than 185 Type 1 Diabetic Kiddos To Camp Sweeney

Diabetes is a stealth and ugly disease. Sure, it can be diagnosed, but there is no cure and to live with it means sacrifice by the individual and their family and friends. How about some examples? Saw a 50-ish chap over the weekend. He looked brighter eyed and more outgoing than ever. Yes, he had been going through some developments that had resulted in his weight loss and … [Read more...]

Make-Believe-Benefactor: Shelle Sills

"This is tough because I would probably split it ... but if I have to choose it would  be Camp Sweeney and the amazing passion and commitment of Dr. Ernie Fernandez. "Camp Sweeney is a summer camp for children with Type 1 Diabetes in Gainesville Texas. It was founded in 1950 and has literally  transformed the lives of thousands of children who have this disease. "In 1991, … [Read more...]