JUST IN: KidneyTexas Distributes $144,639 To Six Organizations

KidneyTexas President Andrea Alcorn looked relieved Tuesday night at Tootsies. She revealed that thanks to the KidneyTexas committee efforts especially the Runway Report Luncheon chaired by Christine Martin and Susan Russell, they had met their goal — $144,639.

Andrea Alcorn, Susan Russell, Dustin Holcomb and McKamy Tiner Looney

Then she played Santa doling out the following checks:

  • Baylor Health Care System Foundation: $30,000 for five year study of kidney transplants;
  • Camp Reynal: $19,500;
  • Children’s Medical Center Foundation: $20,500 for hemodialysis and blood pressure machines;
  • Parkland Foundation: $30,500 for kidney dialysis Unit;
  • Texas Health Resources Foundation: $14,214 for hemodialysis machine; and
  • UT Southwestern Medical Center: $29,925 for kidney related research.

KidneyTexas’s Ladies Who Luxe And Dr. Phil Evans Fashionably Raised Bidding And Funds Monday

Laurie and Phil Evans, Mary Suhm and Emilynn Wilson

After the last two weeks of kicking off the fundraising season, a little down-to-earth happening was demanded by the doctor. And the ladies were demanding to be photographed with this doctor. It was Dr. Phil. No, not Oprah’s Dr. Phil. UT Southwestern’s Dr. Phil Evans, who has been the “breast” friend to many. Woman after woman smiled and told how he had helped them through their battle with breast cancer.

Perhaps his recognized compassion and skill has only been magnified since he battled cancer himself. No, not breast cancer but rather kidney cancer. Yes, even doctors get cancer. But luckily because of advances in technology and self awareness, Dr. Phil looked as healthy and spry as Justin Bieber at the KidneyTexas‘s “Ladies Who Luxe Fashion Show & Luncheon” Monday at the Dallas Country Club. Okay, so maybe not Justin, but maybe Richard Gere.

But let’s talk about the Kidney Texas fashion show/luncheon. As guests pulled up, some spotted the Trailer Vic’s RV parked in the DCC parking lot. It was to promote the Trailer Vic’s Tiki party for 50.

Pam Perella

Once inside, the crowd swelled with ladies who love lunch with fashion. Pam Perella reported that immediately after the Crystal Charity Ball Fashion Show & Luncheon, she headed to New York City and discovered bags under her eyes. Instead of going to the ER, she went to Bergdorf’s, where the sales associate immediately realized immediate attention was required. Must have worked because the only bag Pam had Monday was her purse. . . Ashlee

April Box Chamberlain and Ashlee Kleinert

Kleinert was thrilled about the recent announcement that Geena Davis was named one of “the five most powerful women changing the world in the media” by Forbes. Why? Because Geena will be the headliner at the 27th Annual Dallas Women’s Foundation luncheon on Wednesday, November 7, at the Hilton Anatole. . . Dallas City Manager Mary Suhm joining Laurie and Dr. Phil Evans for photos. . . Nancy Gopez receiving a red gift-wrapped belated birthday gift. . . . Kidney Texas President Dyann Skelton

receiving congratulations on the turnout.

Dyann Skelton

As the numbers grew, so did the thermostat. Just as the reception area got to the bursting point, the doors opened to the ballroom. Whew!

In the ballroom were large tables along the two far walls, but 90% of the room was filled with rows of chairs and the L-shaped runway. Were the guests in the rows of chairs going to be handed box lunches? Heck, no! Luncheon Chair Emilynn Wilson would not even chuckle at that idea. After the show, they would find their lunch tables in rooms throughout the club.

The show started when KTVT’s Karen Borta introduced various patients who had dealt with kidney disease, including children wearing T-shirts from Children’s Medical Center and who had attended Camp Reynal.

Patricia Cowlishaw

As some guests arrived a few minutes into the program, Patricia Cowlishaw was johnny-on-the-spot to direct them to their chairs. When asked how she got involved with the event, she smiled, admitting that she only did it because “When Emilynn calls, you answer.”

Speaking again of Emilynn, she didn’t have time to accept accolades. As she watched the show, the live auction and the luncheon, she was as graceful as a Texas Ballet prima ballerina. Not a step was missed. Though it’s doubtful that any ballerina smiled as much as Emily did. Why, just watching fashion mistress Jan Strimple step in for Karen in auctioning off the four goodies only doubled the smile on Emilynn’s face.

Auctioneer Jan Strimple

That Jan! Walking the runway she combined elegance with charm and managed to get bids up for the Escada Smaragd green nizza handbag in calf leather with python won by Betty Jean Wilbanks, the La Posada spa weekend won by Charlotte Kimberlin and Trailer Vic’s Tiki Party for 50 won by Ola Fojtasek.

Anita Sabinske

Why, the battle between Patty Jo Turner and Sue Lightner for a one-week stay in Anita Sabinske‘s Ketchum home had the entire audience craning their necks to see who would win. Jan tossed in the use of a jeep and two tanks of gas. Not only did it work, Anita agreed to letting it sell to both women for $5,000 each. What a way to end the auction! Then it was time for the ballroom doors to open and the ladies headed to the various DCC rooms for lunch of soup (Vichyssoise), entree (chilled marinated beef tenderloin tips, roast beets, watercress, argula, haricot vert and baby tomato with blue cheese crumbles and balsamic vinaigrette) and dessert (chocolate mousse cake). While servers managed to get plates moving and wine replenished, one table seemed to have gotten an entree that had waited too long to be served. The beef seemed to have come from a cow that had died of old age, and the greens appeared more weary. But let’s face it. The ladies who fashionably lunch aren’t known for hunkering down to a  lumberjack special. A glass of white wine and a chocolate mousse are all that’s really required for a Monday at the country club and then a stop at Escada for more partying.