Blondes Vs. Brunettes 2013 Team Leaders Announced

Breaking a million (File photo)

Breaking a million (File photo)

Yup, it’s chilly outside. Sorry about that. But if you’ll concentrate real hard on the annual hotly contested Blondes vs. Brunettes, then you just might warm up. To help you focus, here is a rundown of the two teams’ leaders.

  • Blondes: Meredith Dillon, Sara McArthur and Patrick “Pino” Mancenido
  • Brunettes: Devon Alter, Lindsay Wike and Art Carrillo

Yes, this year’s Alzheimer’s fundraiser promises to be a great game. The Blondes love their clean sweep (sans one) as champs, but the Brus really miss that delicious taste of taking home the trophy 18 months ago.






Blondes Versus Brunettes Showdown Saturday Scores Dallas Win In Reaching $1M Mark In Just Five Years

Blondes vs. Brunettes 2012 fans at the Cotton Bowl

A heck of a lot of DVR’s were recording the Olympics Saturday night because the real action locally was at the Cotton Bowl. There, 2,000 Blondes vs. Brunettes fans just knew their gals were to be taken very, very seriously, both on the field and in the fundraising arena. It was just five years ago the Dallas powder-puff football game benefiting the Greater Dallas Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association held its first game, raising $65,000 in front of 450 fans at Griggs Field.

Erin Finegold and Jen Bergman

Like Dallas Symphony Orchestra maestro Jaap van Zweden, BvB mother hen Erin Finegold with headset firmly in place did a masterful job of coordinating the event all year-round.

Cash Sirois

But once the anthem was sung and the coin flipped in favor of the Brunettes, the teams, fans and commentators took over. While The Ticket’s Ty Walker did the play-by-play, Ticket brothers Mike Sirois and Cash Sirois took mics to the sidelines for color commentary. With the first quarter ending with the Blondes ahead  7-0, Cash was relentless in shoring up his Bru team, going so far as to wear a “rally parrot” on his shoulder.

In the stands, the fans showed their true colors. Wearing a hot pink wig, Jennifer Wells supported her roomie/player Kelly Rice with a poster — “50 Shades of Blonde.”  Natural brunette Tina Schlapprizzi betrayed her natural colors for Blonde player/BFF Rachael Piperby wearing the only pink Indian headdress in this ZIP code.

Daniel Jacob, Stephen Christy, Courtney Costello and Tina Schlapprizzi

The Blondes stormed the field around 7:35, breaking through a banner that read, “Go Blonde or Go Home.” Two or three coaches ran around holding up “smoke bombs” that let out pink-colored “smoke.” The Bru’s doubled their entrance with two mega banners (“We’re Coming for the Trophy & that ain’t No Maybe!” and “Hey, We’re the Bru Crew and we ain’t Crazy”).

Brunettes’ entry banner

Both sides warmed up while the song with Gun N’ Roses’s “Welcome to the Jungle” blaring over the P.A. One bleacher bum observed, “The Blondes look very sharp and aggressive during the warm-up routines. The Brunettes look slower, like they’re just going through the motions.”

Chelsea Baird, Michelle Rowden, Natalie Zimmerer, Rachel Johnson

Before the game got started, they announced the outstanding members of the team including

  • Blondes vs. Brunettes 2012 Awards — Sara McArthur (Miss Blonde) and Kelly Cushing (Miss Brunette)
  • Andrea Wooden

    Rookies of the Year — Emily Michel, Andrea Wooden and David Niven (Blondes) and Devon Alter, Melissa Robertson and David Klotz(Brunettes)

    Devon Alter

  • MVP’s — Brooke Fawcett (Blonde) and Katie Hicks (Brunette)

Then it was coin flip time and once again the Bru’s won the toss and opted to accept the ball. Hmm, was this boding a repeat of last year when they won the toss?

Mary Frances Burleson

Speaking of the coin flip, Ebby Halliday CEO/BvB vet coin flipper Mary Frances Burleson was fully prepared for the game. Wearing neutral colors (black and white), she came with DEET wipes in hand. Although official government-type State Rep. Dan Branch was a no-show for the second year in a row, he was easily forgiven for being “under the weather” thanks to sponsoring the Uptown trolley ad. His District Office Director Ryan Trimble subbed once again.

First quarter

Brunettes started on their own 10-yard line. On very first play, No. 18 (Greer Fulton) caught a pass from quarterback No. 4 (Michelle Rowden) and made it to the 25-yard line. Then a nice run for a first down followed by two incomplete passes. Blondes took over on their own 23-yard line.

Whitney Young carrying the ball

After some incomplete passes, Blonde quarterback No. 44 (Whitney Long) completed a pass to No. 11 (Rachael Piper) to get to 16-yard line, near goal. Touchdown pass is fired to No. 6 (Holly Aldredge) or No. 8 (Amanda Brown), not sure which, and the extra point is no good. (Are all blondes starting to look alike?) Score: 6-0.

Brus take over. Two good passes moved the ball down the field, including one really great catch by No. 55 (Rachel Johnson). Then several incompletes and Brus were stopped about two yards from goal and announcer applauded the Blondes’ “rock star defense.” He said: “What a stand by the Blonde defense!”

Blondes take over. Pass completed to No. 77 (Chelsey Rothe) who got to 30-yard line. QB ran it to 20 or so. First quarter ended, 6-0 Blondes.

Second Quarter

Blonde QB No. 4 (Jenn Thompson) connected to Chelsey for a good gain. No. 28 (Jill Nix) caught one for a first down on the 5 yard line. Then a pass was caught in end zone for another TD. Extra point no good. 10:50 left on clock, score is 12-0.

Brunette fans

Brus took over. Two quick catches, then a long pass was good to No. 19 (Devon Alter). Then another complete to No. 91 (Mikki Bailey) and Brus scored. Extra point was good, so score now 12-7, Blondes in lead.

Blondes’ ball. Two nice completions followed, one to Chelsey (her third catch of night). Rachael Piper also caught one and fell but held onto the ball. Announcer said, “Rachael Piper with the good hands.” Then a TD was made, extra point was good, so it was now 19-7 Blondes in lede.

Brus took over. They couldn’t get anything going, so Brus “punted” on fourth down. Blondes took over mid-field. No. 12 (Andrea Wooden) caught a long pass, another completed to No. 70 (Katie Titus), then another good pass. Couldn’t make it into end zone, though. Half ends.

James Brady and Axel Garrido

But the Brus weren’t giving up. They’d won the trophy last year and liked the taste of being #1, according to Bru Katie Hicks. Bru hunky coach James “JB” Brady admonished all, “It’s still early.”

Third Quarter

Blonde QB Whitney made a long run, then threw a long bomb to No. 19 (Ashley Young), but then there was an interception of a pass by the Brus’ No. 66 (Sophie Healy Roth) in the end zone!

Brus’ ball. Bru No. 4 (Michelle Rowden) made two completions, including a good long catch by No. 55 (Rachel Johnson), then a TD pass was caught by No. 3 (Meredith Wilson, team captain) in end zone. She was hit hard but held on. Extra point no good. Score 19-13.

Blondes took over, with 9:48 to go in quarter. Reception took it to 15 yard line, then the QB Whitney ran it, then completed a pass to 5 yard line. Then a pass for the score. Now score is 25-13; point after is good, now 26-13.

Brus took over. They have a couple of complete passes, including a bullet caught by No. 55 (Rachel Johnson). Another completion, quarter ended.

Fourth Quarter

Bru QB Michelle passed to No. 21 (Rachel Neumann) was good and they scored. Extra point good, too. Score was 26 to 20, with 12:30 to go! It wasa good close game to this point!

Blondes took over. QB Jenn completed good passes and took her team to 24-yard line. Jenn ran for some, then there was a great diving catch by No. 8 (Amanda Brown), got them to 20-yard line. They passed for another touchdown, so it was now 32 to 20. Extra point good, 33-20, as Chelsey caught another pass.

Christina Jarmolowski

Brus took over, but couldn’t do anything. Blondes took over with 4:18 or so to go in game. QB Whitney completed some more passes for another TD. She was able to “scramble” like Joe Montana! So now it was 39 to 20 with 1:50 to go. Brus took over, couldn’t do much of anything but were still trying right up to the end. Over the PA system, a commentator said: “39 seconds left. The Blonde team is contemplating putting the girl with the broken leg in.” Actually, Christina Jarmolowski, the “girl,” actually had suffered an ACL tear in an earlier workout. But she was sporting a pink cast in support of the sisterhood.

Blondes took over with 29 seconds left. Game ended.

Jenn Thompson

In a post-game interviews with the winning QB’s, Whitney claimed the secret to the Blondes’ success was, “We worked really hard all summer. I give ‘big ups’ to the coaching staff, too. We all worked hard.”

Jenn admitted that last year’s loss did have an effect on the Blondes: “It did add so much more. There was also a lot more at stake. We had a lot of rookies this year. [Last year the Brus] were thirsty for a win. It was important for us to contain the enthusiasm we had, to channel it, into our play.”

Breaking a million

Before presenting the trophy (known by some as “Dolly”), Erin announced that not only had they surpassed their original goal of $275,000 and their second goal of $325,000, they had hit $340,000. Translation: The Dallas BvB was the first in the nation to raise more than $1 million in five years.

Blondes take Dolly home


MySweetCharity Photo Gallery Alert: Blondes Vs. Brunettes

Blondes vs. Brunettes at the Cotton Bowl

The photos from Saturday’s Blondes vs. Brunettes powder-puff football game just went up on the MySweetCharity Photo Gallery.

Coverage of the event to follow as soon as Queenie recovers from walking the length of the Cotton Bowl’s field 50 times.

Blondes vs. Brunettes Just Met Their First Goal And Are Headed To The Really Big One By Saturday

2011 Brunettes’ trophy lift (File photo)

Ah, forget Olympic gold and London. You’ve never seen competition and world champs like those dazzling dolls of Blondes vs. Brunettes. Every week this summer they’ve been working out to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association.

While some folks think that money is raised solely by the powder puff football game, it’s not so. In order to go through the grueling workouts and be on the team, each player and coach has to raise money.

That work has paid off.

It was just announced that they met their first goal of hitting the $275,000 mark!

In this year’s BvB, that’s the silver medal. But these young men and women are greedy and want gold. That’s why they’re fighting to hit $325,000 by game day this Saturday at the Cotton Bowl.

Their reward? The Dallas BvB “will be the first BvB chapter in the country to hit 1 million dollars over the last five years.”

If you didn’t know, the Dallas teams have gained a national reputation for raising that bar. So make a donation and help Dallas achieve their “gold.”

2012 Blondes vs. Brunettes Are Back At Work In Brutal Summer Heat To Score $275,000 Against Alzheimer’s

Mike Spencer

It was a nice way to literally “warm up” for what was ahead. The first workout of the Blondes vs. Brunettes (BvB) took place on Sunday, June 3, at Glencoe Park with both teams in attendance along with their coaches and Mike Spencer, who heads up the Greater Dallas Chapter of the Alzheimer Association that benefits from the August 11th all-gals-touch-football game.

Mike admitted that when he started in his position a year ago, he just thought of the event as a simple powder puff football game. No big deal. Then he attended the game at Ownby Stadium and changed his attitude dramatically.  At one point he was worried that they were going to have to pull the players apart. Instead of makeup, these gals wore war paint.

Since Dallas BvB started five years ago, hundreds of thousands of dollars have gone directly to the efforts to combat Alzheimer’s. Aiming to break the million-dollar total mark this year, they’ve set a goal $275,000.

Mike told the assembled 20-ish and 30-ish players and coaches, “Because of you guys, we’re sending two Alzheimer’s researchers (from Dallas) to Vancouver, B.C., in July. We couldn’t do it without you.”  

For some like Blonde co-chairs five-year vet Brooke Fawcett and four-year coach Axel Garrido, it was old home week, knowing full well that the weekly practices leading up to the big game at the Cotton Bowl were going to be hotter than the fryers at the State Fair.

Teams in the bleachers

For first-timers, it was sorta a wide-eyed look of, “What have I gotten myself into?” Well, maybe it was wide-eyed. It was sorta hard to see any eyes hidden under sunglasses. But shoot, the sun hadn’t set and the Glencoe bleachers were facing west.

Erin Finegold

After four previous games, BvB President/Co-chair/founder/mother hen Erin Finegold, the team captains and coaches had answers to all questions. They’d seen everything over the years including the night the lights went out at Highland Stadium prematurely just before the fourth quarter was a done deal.

Katie Hicks

They, like the players and coaches, also had reasons for giving up at least one night a week throughout the summer to raise funding for research and education about Alzheimer’s. While all are years and decades away from possibly suffering from the debilitating disease, many have seen the suffering and experienced the loss resulting from a disease that is growing in numbers as the baby boomers become AARP members. For instance, BvB Co-chair Katie Hicks is in her third year of playing in the name of her grandfather, who died on May 10, 2010, and Blonde player Rachael Piper lost her Uncle Buzz recently. As Rachael put it, “I’ve devoted my time to this cause because frankly, my dear, I give a damn.”

But on this Sunday the two teams were there to experience that first workout — the only one in which both teams would be together. They broke up blending hair colors into six groups around the Glencoe Park field.

Successful pass for Savannah Cooper

One of the first things that became obvious was the coaches were not cutting the lovely ladies any slack because “they’re girls.” One gal, whose future is not in professional football, lamely tossed the ball to a teammate. The attending coach’s comment: “You’ll be on defense.”


If you’re interested in observing the workouts at Glencoe Park, the Blondes will be there on Wednesdays and the Brunettes on Sundays. Or better yet, join current sponsors Bud Light, Camp Gladiator, Ebby Halliday Companies, Sports Radio 1310 The Ticket, The Biz and WFAA-CH. 8 as a sponsor. Still, if your credit line can’t quite muster up a sponsorship, plan on saving up $25 to attend the August 11 game. It will definitely be hot stuff.

BTW, the BvB website is a favorite around MSC. Not only does it have all the usual bells and whistles like why the organization exists, the schedule, etc., it also has a brief bio on each player and coach plus a scale showing their progress in their individual fund raising goals. It also shows the overall progress as they work to meet their target of $275,000. As of today, they’ve raised $44,340.

Oh, and did we mention that this Saturday Team Blonde is having a pool party at IMT Seville, 2626 Reagan? For $10 you get to hang out with the players and enjoy beer and pizza from noon to 5 p.m.

Blondes vs. Brunettes Are Starting To Sizzle For Their August 11 Showdown At The Cotton Bowl

Summer is just starting and for most that means heading out for vacations. However for some dedicated.. . . very dedicated young women and men, it means weekly workouts in the late afternoon heat and raising $1,000 just to be in those workouts culminating in the August 11 Blondes vs. Brunettes.

2011 Blondes vs. Brunettes (File photo)

Benefiting the local Alzheimer’s Association, the all-female powder puff (it should be called “power puff”) game has grown in just five years and now has moved to the Cotton Bowl, with a goal of raising $275,000 with the additional help of returning sponsors Bud Light, Ebby Halliday Companies and Camp Gladiator.

If you’re under the impression that the players fret about chipped nails and smeared makeup, rethink that. The teams are over-the-top competitors who can hold their own in pigskin strategy and on-the-field plays. Those who have watched from the bleachers are amazed how these teammates play for keeps.

Perhaps the reason for the fierce competition is due to the fact that their coaches are par excellence. Sure, they’re cute, but they’re also tough because they, too, want to win.

Blondes (File photo)

This year in addition to the move to Fair Park, there’s revenge in the air. Last year the Blondes got a taste of defeat and they didn’t like it one little bit. There was talk that the Bru’s had recruited a “ringer.”

2011 Brunettes' trophy lift (File photo)

On the other hand, the Bru’s aren’t about to let 2011 be a one-time “WOW!” win.

Erin Finegold (File photo)

BvB Mother Hen Erin Finegold, who has tirelessly orchestrated every step of the big $$ fundraiser, is a smart leader and a volunteer at that. To safeguard the program’s future, “We restructured the organization to ensure that when I do eventually leave, that there are capable people at the top to take over when I’m not around.”

This restructuring has resulted in the following folks stepping up for this year’s matchup:

  • Rookie Chair — Jennifer Bergman
  • Events and Spirit Committee Chair — Caroline Terry
  • Game-Day Chair — Axel Garrido
  • Fundraising Co-chairs — Brooke Fawcett and Katie Hicks
  • Merchandise Chair — Chelsea Baird

Heading up the two teams will be:


  • Holly Aldredge

    Captains — Holly Aldredge and

    Rachael Piper

    Rachael Piper

  • Head Coach —

    Patrick Mancenido

    Patrick Mancenido





  • Captains —

    Lindsey Wike

    Lindsay Wike and

    Meredith Wilson

    Meredith Wilson

  • Head Coach —

    Hatch Smith

    Hatch Smith

The teams all come together for the kick-off party presented by Bud Light this Friday at Revive Uptown from 9:30 p.m. to 2 a.m. The $15 charge at the door goes to the Alzheimer’s Association, of course.

4th Annual Blondes vs. Brunettes Changes Venues But The Sizzling Competition Remains Heated

The infamous Blondes vs. Brunettes powderpuff football game on Saturday, August 6, has been moved from SMU’s Ford Stadium. No, not way over to Arlington’s Cowboys Stadium. It’s just been moved a few yards north to Westcott Field. BvB den mother Erin Finegold said she’s not certain why the change of location had to take place, but she absolutely has no problem with it. Westcott was where the BvB used to be played and it’s like returning home.

Jenn Thompson

BTW, the competition between the two groups is really heating up. Blondes quarterback Jenn Thompson has thrown three winning games for her natural and unnatural blonde teammates.

On the other hand, the Brunettes are hungry for victory this year and have supposedly brought on board a new quarterback and a professional trainer to really get them into shape.

The showdown benefits the Greater Dallas Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association.

Share-A-Date: 4th Annual Blondes vs. Brunettes Dallas

Brunettes 2010

Saturday, August 6: The NFL lockout continues, but that’s not to say that football training isn’t taking place. There are players who are grunting, running and getting bruised in preparation for the big game of the summer. No, no, no. We’re not talking about newlywed Tony and the Cowboys. It’s the v-e-r-y dedicated Blondes and Brunettes prepping for the 4th Annual Blondes vs. Brunettes powder puff football game.

Before you go thinking that the gals reapply lipstick and check their acrylics in between plays, you obviously have not seen past match ups. The females and their coaches take the game seriously. They’ve been holding workouts and studying strategy. The Brunettes are hungry for a win this year after last three years of losing to the natural and unnatural blondes.

Because of the incredible success of the past four years, BvB guru Erin Finegold has moved the game from Highlander Stadium to SMU’s Ford Stadium with a 7:30 p.m. start time. Whoa! Is Cowboys Stadium in their future?

Don’t know about that, but do know that this Saturday, the two teams are holding BvB Rockin Auction at Amanda Dunbar Studio to add to the coffers of the Alzheimer’s Association of Great Dallas. From 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. there will be silent and live auctions and lots of blondes and brunettes.

Bargain alert: If you make a $25 or more donation, you get in the game and after-party at Bryan Street Tavern.

One more thang: Don’t forget your sunscreen, hat and sunglasses for the game unless you like pain and suffering.

MySweetCharity Check List For July 4th Holiday Weekend

MySweetCharity’s Queenie has been playing “1776” over the PA system at the MSC headquarters since the doors opened this morning. Not only did she demand that the MSC elves perform a sing-along, she’s planning to continue playing the musical for the rest of the holiday weekend.

The good news is that Queenie notified the elves that if each came up with a holiday tip for the MySweetCharity community, they could escape. . . uh, leave. (WARNING: Queenie will remain in the office with her music playing just in case some generous person announces that s/he is giving a sizable donation to a nonprofit.)

Here’s the list to keep everyone a little safer, sounder and more dazzling.

First, let’s start with the “Duh Items”:

  • Make friends with a designated driver. They’re the most priceless thing in the world during a holiday weekend. Tell them that you’ll pick up their tab for dinner, if they’ll stay perfectly sober.
  • Check on elderly neighbors and relatives. They don’t handle heat well, but then who does? Still. . .
  • DO NOT leave your munchkins or pets in the car for one iota of a second. Yes, we hear that every year and it’s so “Duh!”, but already one of the police dogs died in Greenville from such a situation.
  • Speaking of pets, be prepared. There are going to be fireworks every night. You may like them, but animals (cats, dogs, horses, etc.) don’t realize it’s all

    Horses before 4th of July fireworks

    in fun. They see them as a terrorist attack. Think ahead of time and check with your vet on how to reduce the anxiety factor. Also, put your emergency vet clinic’s phone number on speed dial.

Next, consider the “Stay Healthy and Beautiful Items”:

  • Buy and slather on sunscreen. Even if you want a deep tan, you don’t want skin cancer and/or future skin that looks like hard-worn alligator boots.
  • For every glass of alcohol or soda, drink a glass or two of water.
  • Wear a hat and sunglasses. You’re just too cute to suffer from sunburned scalps and dry eyes. What’s that? Unless you’re hairless on top, don’t use sunscreen on the top of your head. It’s pretty darn messy and you’ve never been known for that.
  • Pest spray: The mosquitoes have been behaving themselves so far, but they just might be holding back for a 4th of July smorgasbord and you’re a tasty little morsel.
  • If you’re roughing it and taking an ice cooler, put a damp rag in a plastic bag. When you start getting a tad bit warm, take the rag out of the bag and put it on the back of your neck.
  • Blondes vs. Brunettes fans with fans

    Dig through your granny’s stuff and find her charming hand fan. If your grandmother was not a fan of fans, you can pick one up at places like Party City for less than $4. You would be amazed how good those old-fashion contraptions are and you don’t need a battery. At last year’s Blondes vs. Brunettes, the stands were awash with fans in action.

Finally, there are the “Giving Back Opportunities”:

  • Put a cooler filled with bottled water in your car. When you see someone working outdoors like a policeman or city worker, roll down the window and hand them a bottle.
  • Carter BloodCare would love to see your vain side. Oops, slight typo. Meant to say “veins.” Blood is so needed this time of year and it’s literally lifesaving. The Carter team will be holding “Addison 12 Hour Give” from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the 4th at Addison  (east of Surveyor on Belt Line Road). And, no, you won’t have to fight the Addison Kaboom Town! crowds. That’s taking place the day before on July 3rd.
  • On the 4th, make your tip a little more so. Workers on holidays truly appreciate the extra change.
  • Speaking of gratitude, it costs absolutely nothing. . . not one penny. . . to thank people.

Blondes Bombshell Brunettes 43-13

Highlander Stadium was a crock pot Saturday night as the third annual Blondes vs. Brunettes flag football game took place. With Blondes in girly pink and Brunettes in baby doll blue, more than 75 young women took to the artificial ground to raise funds for the Dallas Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association.  But please don’t get in your mind that it was gals just tossing a ball  for the fun of it. No, there were past scores to be settled. With the two previous games being won by the Blondes, the Brunettes were out for the sweet taste of success and the Blondes were bucking for a “three-peat.”

With the bleachers filled with 800+ friends decked out in blue or pink garb, a plethora of hand fans were working overtime to keep folks from swooning. A little pity had to be felt for the Brunettes, since their bench and supporters were in the early evening sunlight that clocked in at 100+ degrees.

Ever smart 99-year old Ebby Halliday in her “neutral beige” wore sunglasses as she was escorted by equally sunglassed State Rep. Dan Branch (pictured with Ebby) onto the field to handle the coin toss. After Ebby flipped the coin and the Brunettes called “heads,” poor Dan was given the task of finding the dang thing somewhere in the turf. Ah, but he did his job rising to announce that it was indeed “Heads!”

After the singing of the national anthem, it was time to settle back for the game with a lot of sunshine, cheering and friendly competition. Even Ho [Read more…]