North Texas Food Bank’s 9th Annual Golden Fork Awards Recognized Major Corporations As Well As Hands-On Individuals

Hunger is preventable. Unlike diseases that are researched and solved thanks to lab work, the solution to hunger is found through hands-on efforts by organizations and individuals. Leading the charge locally is the North Texas Food Bank. On Tuesday, November 1, the mega-food provider recognized some unsung heroes at the 9th Annual Golden Fork Awards presentation at its Farmers Market administrative headquarters.

With Booker T. Washington High Schoolers Kennedy Park and Damian Garcia playing a cello and harp at the pre-presentation reception, NTFB Chief Marketing Officer Brett Gray reported that while the last two months of the year are their biggest months, he would be delaying the ad campaign until after the November 8th election day.

Regarding the status of North Texas Food Bank President/CEO Jan Pruitt, who has been away for a year tending to health needs, Brett said that her cancer treatments “are having an effect. Hopefully, she’ll be back sometime soon.”

At 5:45 p.m., Interim President/CEO Simon Powell kicked off the presentation, reporting that 70M meals were provided during the NTFB’s 2016 fiscal year. But as part of its 10-year plan, 92M will be needed annually.

Right on schedule, the awards were presented including:

  • Lifetime Achievement Award — State Fair of Texas (“The annual It’s a Fair Deal campaign – whereby fairgoers can bring in canned goods in exchange for a discounted admission – is the NTFB’s largest canned food drive, with more than 267,000 lbs. of food donated in 2016 alone.”)
  • Campaign Of The Year — Dallas Theater Center (“For the past nine years, the Dallas Theater Center has raised awareness and funds for the NTFB at their showings of A Christmas Carol. Through this partnership, more than $538,000 has been donated to the NTFB which has allowed for the Food Bank to provide access to more than 1.6 million meals for hungry North Texans”) and The Dallas Morning News Charities (“They support organizations that work in the fields of sheltering, hunger relief, emergency services and rehabilitative programs, and provides non-profits – including the NTFB – with the critical funds necessary to meet their missions. Their support of the NTFB has allowed us to grow one of our core child feeding programs, Food 4 Kids. Since 2006, The Dallas Morning News Charities has donated more than $540,000 to NTFB.”)
  • Corporation Of The Year — Bank Of America (“The organization donates funds, time and talent to the Food Bank regularly. The bank is one of our top volunteer groups year over year with eager groups coming to donate their time year-round. In addition, their employees’ time, Bank of America also donates critical funds to help the Food Bank meet our mission. In 2016 Bank of America will donate $25,000, which will help provide 5,000 backpacks for our Food 4 Kids program, and another $50,000, which will help provide 150,000 meals for hungry North Texans.”)
  • Partner Agency Of The Year — Mission Oak Cliff (“The 2016 Partner Agency of the Year honoree, Mission Oak Cliff – a community ministry of Cliff Temple Baptist Church – has a long history of cooperation with the North Texas Food Bank. As one of our charter members, Mission Oak Cliff has worked with the Food Bank to combat hunger since the early 1980s. They serve an average of 700 families per month and more than 22,000 individuals per year.”)
  • Retail Partner Of The Year — Sam’s Club (“Sam’s Club, our 2016 Retail Partner of the Year, provides an invaluable amount of support to the NTFB. They donate a tremendous amount of food product annually — more than 3 million pounds to date in 2016. In addition to food donations, Sam’s Club employees also regularly volunteer at the Food Bank warehouse, sorting and boxing foods for families in need.”)
  • Anurag Jain, Joyce Goss, Joanne Teichman and Simon Powell

    Anurag Jain, Joyce Goss, Joanne Teichman and Simon Powell

    Volunteer Of The Year — Joyce Goss and Joanne Teichman (“This year NTFB’s Golden Fork Award for Volunteer of the Year is shared by two Dallas philanthropists, Joyce Goss and Joanne Teichman, for their work supporting NTFB’s Letter Writing Campaign. This endeavor helps fund NTFB’s Food 4 Kids program which operates in many local schools, proving a weekend backpack filled with kid friendly, shelf stable foods to chronically hungry children. Thanks to the efforts of these honorees, more than 721,548 weekend backpacks were provided to children in need.”)

  • Youth Leader Of The Year — Quinn Graves and Stella Wrubel (“The youngest honorees for the evening, Youth Leader of the Year awardees Quinn Graves and Stella Wrubel took a simple idea of selling mistletoe during the holidays, and transformed the endeavor into a successful business plan which includes support from retailer Highland Park Village. In the two years that the mistletoe sales have benefited the Food Bank, these 5th graders have helped provide more than 168,000 meals, or $56,000 in donations.”)

    Stuart Reeves, Quinn Graves, Lucy and Steve Wrubel, Stella Wrubel, Jennie Reeves and Katherine Reeves

    Stuart Reeves, Quinn Graves, Lucy and Steve Wrubel, Stella Wrubel, Jennie Reeves and Katherine Reeves

  • Hunger Ambassador Of The Year — Plano Mayor Harry LaRosiliere (“The Honorable Plano Mayor Harry LaRosiliere is a regular collaborator with the Food Bank. He couples big ideas with a big heart for giving. His work to expand NTFB’s Food 4 Kids program in the city of Plano is just one of the reasons he was selected as Hunger Ambassador of the Year. Thanks to his efforts, now more than 1,400 elementary aged students receive a weekend backpack filled with nutritious foods, and are also offered special holiday meal boxes for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and spring break to ensure these students and their families receive the nutrition they need over the holiday breaks.”)

Greater Dallas Chapter Of Association Of Fundraising Professionals Reveals 31st Annual National Philanthropy Day Awardees

Someone should name this week “Honor Week!” Local nonprofits are just popping their tops announcing all types of folks and organizations to honor. Yesterday it was the Dallas Historical Society’s Awards For Excellence and today it’s the Greater Dallas Chapter of Association of Fundraising Professionals.

Holly Mayer (File photo)

Holly Mayer (File photo)

For their 31st Annual National Philanthropy Day Luncheon on Friday, November 18, at the Hyatt Regency Dallas, Chair Tara Judd Longley revealed that the following honorees will be recognized:

  • Outstanding Philanthropist — Mike Myers
  • Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser — Holly Mayer
  • Outstanding Fundraising Executive — James C. Lewis, CFRE
  • Outstanding Foundation — The Theodore and Beulah Beasley Foundation
  • Outstanding Corporation — Bank of America
  • Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy — Garage Sale Girls

Tickets are $85 each until Tuesday, November 1. Then they will go for $95. So, save 10 bucks and get your tickets now.

2016 Former Crystal Charity Ball Chairmen Dinner Was Held In Area’s Most Elegant Storm-Worthy Shelter

By Tuesday, May 10, tornado warnings seemed to have become routine. Still, with clouds looking like street gangs ready to rumble, locals were still heeding the words of weather guessers that North Texas should be prepared for another round of flooding, hail, wind and locusts. Okay, so maybe not the locusts, but everything else.

John and Mary Martha Pickens, Christie Carter and Hudson Weischel

John and Mary Martha Pickens, Christie Carter and Hudson Weischel

Luckily for the annual Crystal Charity Ball Former Chairmen dinner, 2016 CCB Chair Christie Carter and her team had picked the perfect spot for the seated supper underwritten by Bank of America, U. S. Trust Private Wealth Management, Merrill Lynch: Joyce and Larry Lacerte’s estate.IMG_5859 Joyce Lacerte, Tucker Enthoven, Angie Kadesky and Caren Kline

When one guest inquired about possible tornadoes, hostess Joyce promptly replied, “We have a full basement and can just move the party downstairs.”

Karen Shuford

Karen Shuford

Randi Halsell

Randi Halsell

Jill Smith, Gloria Martindale and Vicki Chapman

Jill Smith, Gloria Martindale and Vicki Chapman

In addition to having the most palatial “storm shelter” in these surroundings, if guests like Barbara Varel (1970), Joyce Mitchell (1988), Sally Berry (1990), Sara Martineau (1993), Barbara Stuart (1994), Randi Halsell (1996), Tincy Miller (1997), Becky Bright (1999), Karen Shuford (2000), Nancy Chapman (2001), Lydia Novakov (2002), Margo Goodwin (2004), Jill Smith (2005), Debbie Snell (2006), Vicki Chapman (2007), Gloria Martindale (2008), Debbie Oates (2009), Cynthia Mitchell (2010), Aileen Pratt (2012),   Robyn Conlon (2014), Caren Kline (2013) and Michal Powell (2015) and and their husbands/dates were forced to hunker downstairs, Cassandra Fine Catering team plus Lacerte house manager Roxann Vyazmensky could easily have moved the feast from the elegant tables set up in the Lacerte’s great room on the ground level downstairs. Talk about glorious MREs — baby greens salad, pan seared beef tenderloin with lobster risotto and orange custard for dessert.

From the left: (front row) Barbara Varel, Gloria Martindale, Aileen Pratt, Nancy Chapman, Christie Carter, Cynthia Mitchell, Barbara Stuart, Karen Shuford and Tincy Miller; (back row) Margo Goodwin, Robyn Conlon, Debbie Oates, Randi Halsell, Joyce Mitchell, Lydia Novakov, Michal Powell, Debbie Snell, Jill Smith, Sally Berry, Becky Bright, Caren Kline, Vicki Chapman and Sara Martineau

From the left: (front row) Barbara Varel, Gloria Martindale, Aileen Pratt, Nancy Chapman, Cynthia Mitchell, Barbara Stuart, Karen Shuford and Tincy Miller; (back row) Margo Goodwin, Robyn Conlon, Debbie Oates, Randi Halsell, Joyce Mitchell, Lydia Novakov, Michal Powell, Debbie Snell, Jill Smith, Sally Berry, Becky Bright, Caren Kline, Vicki Chapman and Sara Martineau

2016 Former Crystal Charity Ball Dinner table setting

2016 Former Crystal Charity Ball Dinner table setting

Kathy and Richard Holt

Kathy and Richard Holt

But luckily the need to “seek shelter” didn’t take place and all went according to plan with Bank of America Dallas Market President Richard Holt and his blonde wife Kathy Holt greeting the 22 former chairs, who have helped lead the 64-year-old organization to provide more than $123M for Dallas area children’s charities.

For more photos from the dinner, please check MySweetCharity Photo Gallery.

Tory Burch Brings Ambition To The Forefront For 1,800 At The Dallas Women’s Foundation’s 29th Annual Luncheon

It was as if North Texas fundraisers were preparing to go dark for the takeover by the weekend’s Red River Rivalry. Thursday, October 9, proved to be a killer for supporters to pick where to be. The day started at 10:30 with the VIP reception for the Dallas Women’s Foundation’s 29th Annual Luncheon in the Wedgwood Room of the Hilton Anatole.

Ah, but getting to “the” room was a wee bit of a challenge in itself. Due to the fact that the main event was predicted to attract more than 1,500 people, parking was going to be a problem.

Situation: Morning and luncheon events usually have one person per car. Evening events run at 1.5 to 2 people per car. (Wonder what a half person looks like?) For that reason, the valets were set up at both the Anatole’s main entrance and at the Atrium’s entrance; then there was self-park. But one top-notch sponsor admitted that she tried to self-park and found it discouraging. And that was before the 10:30 reception! Cars ended up being parked all over the place.

Parking all over the place

Parking all over the place

The reason for this overpopulated event was the keynote speaker — Tory Burch.

Her pull was so great that Luncheon Co-Chairs Robin Bagwell and Jan Osborn didn’t even have to send out one invitation. It was sold out with no need for invites at all!

Robin Bagwell, Jan Osborn, Tory Burch and Roslyn Dawson Thompson

Robin Bagwell, Jan Osborn, Tory Burch and Roslyn Dawson Thompson

A softer, more attractive version of Carrie Bradshaw, Tory bravely faced a never-ending line of new BFF’s for the meet-and-greet. Dallas Woman’s Foundation President/CEO Roslyn Dawson Thompson looked just downright gleeful with old friends and new ones waiting in line for their turn with Tory. At one point, the room was so filled with good wishes and women, the temperature had Tory removing her jacket. Despite some wanting to chat with Tory, the line had to keep moving to accommodate all. Finally, it was time for lunch to start and for Tory to head backstage. As handlers asked if there were Diet Cokes in the green room for Tory, an Anatole staffer with headpiece took care of that little request immediately.

Rachel Michell and Tory Burch

Rachel Michell and Tory Burch

As the Chantilly Ballroom filled with the masses including retailers Kersten Rettig, Rachel Michell and Victoria Snee and the back wall lined with video cameras and people busily working at laptops, Tory Burch goodies were being seen throughout. Co-Chair Jan, who was seated with Tory at lunch, managed to get the designer’s autograph on her Tory Burch purse… Katherine LaLonde proudly revealed that she was wearing one of the “extremely early” Burch jackets.

After a couple of videos explaining the need of women to receive respect both personally and professionally, 2014 Dallas Woman’s Foundation Board of Directors Chair Ashlee Kleinert and 2015 Chair Ellenore Knight Baker thanked the guests for their support. They also announced a $150,000 match challenge.

Ashlee Kleinert and Ellenore Knight Baker

Ashlee Kleinert and Ellenore Knight Baker

Following lunch (poached pear salad with assorted fall greens, candied walnuts, gorgonzola and champagne vinaigrette; seasoned chicken paillard, natural jus squash and onion soufflé with sautéed haricot vert; and a variety of individual desserts including raspberry brûlée, maple pot au crème, macaroons, chocolate mousse and coconut cream pie), Bank of America’s/U.S. Trust’s Andrew Pleper proved charm can soothe even 1500+ strangers. He started off by admitting that he was going off script. The sound of air being sucked in by certain BofA staffers was heard throughout the room. He told how in the last year he had gone through a divorce, which is “an emotionally trying experience…My communications people are buzzing, ‘Where is he going with this? We never let him on stage without a script.’…Everyone tells you it will get better. And here I am with 1,800 women. It’s all good.” With that off-the-cuff remark, he had 1,800 new BFF’s. The sound of BofA staffers breathing again could be heard.

Tory Burch

Tory Burch

In introducing Tory, he touched on the Elizabeth Street Foundation, which helps increase the opportunity for women in business. He told of how he and Tory had been on the CBS morning news show to explain the Foundation that is supported by Tory and BofA. In trying to impress his kids with his “cool” factor being with Tory, he showed them a tape of the segment. Their response was, “Dad, you’re creeping on her.”

He went on to describe Tory’s personal commitment and passion for the foundation and how she personally attends meetings and has a very hands-on involvement in all aspects, leaving any ego at the door.

Tory Burch

Tory Burch

After a hug with Andrew, Tory addressed her fans. She started off saying she was definitely going to stay on script and that she did as she read her speech from Teleprompters. The message was about “the ambition gap” and how it was a problem facing women in the world of business. “Ambition is considered very positive for men. It’s definitely viewed less favorably for women. It’s time for a change.”

But she stressed that this issue and conversation should be held not just among women but including men, too.

She then told of her “own journey” and how “we’re helping other women make their dreams come true.” Starting off, she recalled growing up on a farm in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, as a tomboy. “I don’t think I put on a dress until my junior prom.”

Thanks to her parents’ encouragement and inspiration, she felt she could accomplish anything. At the University of Pennsylvania, she threw herself into as many experiences as possible — an internship at Christie’s, founding a sorority (Kappa Alpha Theta) and spending a summer on a fish cannery in Alaska, “which is definitely not as glamorous as it sounds…I learned a lot from that experience and not just about the unique characteristics of salmon. I learned that I could navigate uncomfortable situations and interesting things happen when you push yourself outside of your comfort zone. To be honest, I am perpetually outside my comfort zone. There are some things that I will never get used to. And speaking before 1,800 people is one of them.”

Her first job was in New York City as designer Zoran’s assistant. Jobs at Harper’s Bazaar, Ralph Lauren, Vera Wang, etc., followed. She left the corporate world to take care of her three sons under the age of four. While being a stay-at-home-mom, she started gathering fashion designs and ideas. When 9/11 took place, she put the plans on hold because they seemed “frivolous” at the time. The next six months turned into an addiction of watching CNN. But every time she turned on the channel, she would see the commercial about “’following your dream.’ After seeing it the “100th time, I decided to take the risk. It gave me the impetus to pursue my ambition.”

She had to fundraise and asked a lot of people to invest, “but only if you’re willing to lose it. I’m not sure but in retrospect I don’t think that’s something a man would ever say.”

Her confidence grew over time. As part of her pitch, she said that if the company was successful, she wanted to create a foundation. That was not welcomed. Evidently business and social responsibility were oil and water. But that only made her more determined.

As she juggled mom duties of putting the boys to bed and then taking conference calls, her dream began to take shape. A small shop was leased on a low-rent corner in Manhattan and the first order of goods was placed. Naysayers had advised her against opening a retail shop. Go the wholesale route and build the brand from there, they said. Unlike the minimalist design of stores at the time, Tory wanted her shop to look like clients were entering someone’s living room. It was also “unusual to launch both multiple categories and E-commerce on the first day…I looked back then and said I wanted to build a global, lifestyle brand. I hear that now and I have to laugh because in fact I had no idea what that meant.”

The store opened in February 2004 with the help of her stepdaughters working through the night. In fact there were no doors to open, because they hadn’t arrived. It was so jammed that women were trying on clothes in the middle of the store. By that evening they had sold nearly all the inventory.

A month later a call came from Oprah. Tory thought it was one of her brothers playing a trick on her. But it wasn’t. Tory appeared on Oprah and their website received eight million hits.

Today Tory Burch is a global brand with 137 freestanding boutiques, e-commerce in seven languages and presence in more than 3,000 specialty and department stores worldwide.

One of her greatest challenges is still balancing family and business for herself and her associates — “When you make it easier for people to have a great personal life, it breeds creativity and happiness.”

Her experiences in creating and building Tory Burch, she realized the focus of the foundation — “to support the economic empowerment of women entrepreneurs and their families in the U.S. through low-cost mentoring and networking opportunities as well as entrepreneurial education.”

The Tory Burch Foundation launched in 2009. This past January the foundation partnered up with Bank of America to launched an initiative named after the first boutique — Elizabeth Street Capital. With an initial commitment of $10M from BofA, it will provide access to funds for women to launch their own businesses.

She then pointed out that Texas has one of the highest number of women-owned businesses in the country.

Concluding her presentation, she used quotes from female leaders

  • International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde — “What holds women back is not competence, which they usually have, it’s confidence, which they usually lack.”
  • The late U.S. Rep. Barbara Jordan — “Life is too large to hang out a sign for ‘For men only.’”

JUST IN: Dallas Blooms Is Extended To Easter Sunday Thanks To Bank Of America

Mother Nature can really be a royal pain in the flower bed. The area buds have been facing spring weather one day and winter chills the next. What’s a gardener to do? Especially when you’re at the Dallas Arboretum and dealing with acres of the blossoms for the 30th annual Dallas Blooms?

Dallas Blooms*

Dallas Blooms*

The Arboretum staff and flowers have been meeting the rigors of the weather challenges, but some folks have been hesitant about wandering the grounds if sock caps and gloves are needed accessories.

Dallas Blooms*

Dallas Blooms*

Great news. Thanks to the good folks at Bank of America, Dallas Blooms has been extended an additional two weeks to Easter Sunday on April 20th.

According to Bank of America Senior VP/North Texas Market Manager Gillian Breidenbach, “The Dallas Blooms exhibit has been such a popular attraction for our community that we are excited as sponsors to see the exhibit extended through April so more families can enjoy this spring tradition and further benefit our local economy. The two additional weeks allow more families to take advantage of this delightful visual display of a half-million spring blossoms while enjoying the beautiful spring weather we’re starting to have in Dallas.”

Dallas Blooms*

Dallas Blooms*

Translation: You have additional time to see the flowers at their finest plus check out the Rory Meyers Children’s Adventure Garden.

So, make your plans now to take advantage of this extension. Hmm, Good Friday at the Arboretum, or perhaps Palm Sunday, or just any day will be blooming grand.

* Photos provided by the Dallas Arboretum

Bank Of America Provides $25,000 Grant For Legacy Senior Communities

More great news is pouring in at MySweetCharity world headquarters. The Legacy Senior Communities just received a $25,000 grant from the Bank of America Charitable Foundation. The money will “help love-income seniors with housing, food and basic necessities.”

Carol Aaron (File photo)

Carol Aaron (File photo)

Gillian Breidenbach (File photo)

Gillian Breidenbach (File photo)

The Legacy Senior Communities Chairman of the Board Carol Aaron reported, “This generous donation will truly make a difference by allowing us to fill the financial gap left at the end of every month and continue providing needed services to senior on Medicaid.”

Bank of America DFW Corporate Social Responsibility Market Manager Gillian Breidenbach said, “We’re working to meet the day-to-day needs of those who live and work in our community. When we work to identity critical needs in our neighborhoods and make the connection with nonprofits like The Legacy Senior Communities, we’re creating an economic future that is much more sable for some of our most valuable residents.”

Bank Of America Study Provides Interesting Philanthropy Insight

The folks over at Bank of America have created “The 2012 Bank of America Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy.” It’s an interesting summary of the “giving patterns, priorities and attitudes of America’s wealthiest households. . . . Results are based on a nationwide sample of 700 households with a net worth of $1 million or more (excluding the value of their home) and/or an annual household income of $200,000 or more.”

Even if your household isn’t Trump level, you just might find some factoids that apply to you or will help you better understand the thinking of philanthropists.

How about an example of the info? Have you ever wondered, “Why wealthy donors stop giving?” Here’s what BofA discovered:

“In 2011, 30% of wealthy donors stopped giving to at least one nonprofit organization they previously supported, among which 27% stopped giving to one organization and 32% stopped giving to two. The following were the top reasons cited for why these donors stopped giving to a particular charity:

  • “The donor received too frequent solicitation or the nonprofit organization asked for an inappropriate amount (38%).
  • “The nonprofit organization they supported changed leadership or activities (29%).
  • “The donor personally changed philanthropic focus or decided to support other causes (27%).
  • “The donor’s household circumstance — for example, financial, relocation, employment — changed (22%).
  • “The donor no longer was personally involved with the organization (12%).”

MySweetCharity Round Robin: Cattle Baron’s Excalibur Reception And Junior League’s Theme Announcement Party

Wednesday night is already giving Thursday a run for its money to be the night for promoting non-profit thank yous and announcements.

Cattle Baron’s Excalibur Reception

Aston Martin at Brook Hollow Golf Club

Last week it started at Brook Hollow for the Cattle Baron’s Ball ‘s Excalibur gathering hosted by Caron Texas and Aston Martin. You know it’s going to be a special evening with Aston Martins lounging along the driveway and Caron Texas’s Amara Durham in still another “white puffy blouse” and Michael Fowler front and center.

Amara Durham and Michael Fowler

It also helps that the annual event is aimed right at contributors with big hearts and pocketbooks. CBB Co-chairs Skye Brewer and Kristen Johnston were more than thrilled about their progress is selling everything from raffle tickets to sponsorships. They admitted that beating the 2007 goal was gonna be a stretch even for them. You remember those days. People were riding high on the hog back then and money was falling out of every orifice. But the challenge of the 39-year-old CBB still exists — beating cancer. Both Kristen and Sky have personal grudges in battling this disease that doesn’t play fair. The gals are determined to make a ultra-major contribution to the war chest.

Lana and Barry Andrews

Joining the fight and being celebrated in the Oak Room of BHGC were Dr. John Gill, whose weight loss is due to a plan. He’d better be prepared for a workout following the 2012 CBB. Wife Mary is co-chairing the 40th event. . .  Michael Fowler said he and mom Lee Ann White were getting ready for their talk at the September 28th Caron Cares — A Day of Discovery and Recovery. It’s the day before Cattle Baron’s, so Michael and Amara are going to be busy. . . Cara Gravely French revealed that the Equest luncheon/fashion show that she’s co-chairing with mom Prissy is sold out. There is a waiting list of 30.  The mother/daughter team is close to hitting their goal of $200,000. . Lana Andrews was surprised that husband Barry hadn’t taken her up on her offer to attend the Ranger game. Barry opted for a simple dinner with Lana at home. You just gotta love that guy. . . Speaking of the Andrews, Barry revealed that Andrews Distributing will be sponsoring this year’s CBB main stage. . . Alas, poor Kristen. In addition to working on the CBB gala, she’s also planning an October wedding with attorney Ladd Sanger in the California wine country. . . Aston Martin’s Managing Partner Kurt Fegraeus arrived after associates Zach Kent and Rachel Fox. Spotting Bill Brewer, Kurt headed on over for a chat. Seems he’s sold Astons over the last 10 years to Bill’s Bickel & Brewer’s 25 top equity partners. . . Holt Haynsworth was excited about being president of Youth for Human Rights group, and that he’s arranged to have human rights be part of the Highland Park Independent School District’s 8th grade curriculum. . .One gal who wore a nifty soft blue nail polish on her fingers and toenails admitted that she had decided that the darker-than-dark nail polish of seasons past made her nails look like she had slammed her nails in a car door or she had a severe fungal infection.

Ladd Sanger, Kristen Johnston, Skye and Bill Brewer


Junior League of Dallas Announcement Party

Versailles mansion

Next stop on the Wednesday night circuit of non-profits was the Junior League of Dallas‘s announcement party for the 2013 gala theme. Let’s face it. The theme should have been obvious. Gala chair Bunny Cotten was all in fluffy, shiny white with a “Marie Antoinette” hairdo, and the party was at a Briggs-Freeman property a la château on Versailles.

Bunny and Kevin Cotten

Yup, you guessed it. French! It seems to be the theme du jour of the upcoming season. Shoot! Why don’t we just buy the Louvre and move it to Fair Park.

Before the announcement was made, 2012 JLD Chair Elizabeth Gambrell sauntered down the walk barefooted. She just lives a few mansions down and moseyed on over. While putting on her sandals, Amanda and Lloyd Ward arrived and the threesome entered just in time for the announcement.

Bunny with chair-elect Wendy Messman at her side reported the JLD-er’s are returning to the Hilton Anatole this year after 2012’s soiree at the Omni Dallas. Why? Was the 2012 event at the Omni not so great? Nope. They were already booked and, besides, the Anatole is home-sweet-home for so many fundraisers. They’re expecting 800 to attend the 51st JLD ball on Saturday, February 23.

Wendy Messmann

That should be a snap to have 800 in attendance with Caren Prothro as the honorary chair. Wherever Caren goes, everyone follows.

Anne Stodghill and Angela Nash

Good thing CBB and JLD had their parties early. A passel of the gals were headed to Anne Stodghill‘s for her 25th anniversary friendship party with Angela Nash. The girls’ friendship started before either of the gals married their husbands. With their spouses being sent to the Rangers game, the girls partied with 125+ of their buds. Anne later sent a follow-up email offering to take any and all CBB raffle requests that were made during the party.