Blondes vs. Brunettes Are Starting To Sizzle For Their August 11 Showdown At The Cotton Bowl

Summer is just starting and for most that means heading out for vacations. However for some dedicated.. . . very dedicated young women and men, it means weekly workouts in the late afternoon heat and raising $1,000 just to be in those workouts culminating in the August 11 Blondes vs. Brunettes.

2011 Blondes vs. Brunettes (File photo)

Benefiting the local Alzheimer’s Association, the all-female powder puff (it should be called “power puff”) game has grown in just five years and now has moved to the Cotton Bowl, with a goal of raising $275,000 with the additional help of returning sponsors Bud Light, Ebby Halliday Companies and Camp Gladiator.

If you’re under the impression that the players fret about chipped nails and smeared makeup, rethink that. The teams are over-the-top competitors who can hold their own in pigskin strategy and on-the-field plays. Those who have watched from the bleachers are amazed how these teammates play for keeps.

Perhaps the reason for the fierce competition is due to the fact that their coaches are par excellence. Sure, they’re cute, but they’re also tough because they, too, want to win.

Blondes (File photo)

This year in addition to the move to Fair Park, there’s revenge in the air. Last year the Blondes got a taste of defeat and they didn’t like it one little bit. There was talk that the Bru’s had recruited a “ringer.”

2011 Brunettes' trophy lift (File photo)

On the other hand, the Bru’s aren’t about to let 2011 be a one-time “WOW!” win.

Erin Finegold (File photo)

BvB Mother Hen Erin Finegold, who has tirelessly orchestrated every step of the big $$ fundraiser, is a smart leader and a volunteer at that. To safeguard the program’s future, “We restructured the organization to ensure that when I do eventually leave, that there are capable people at the top to take over when I’m not around.”

This restructuring has resulted in the following folks stepping up for this year’s matchup:

  • Rookie Chair — Jennifer Bergman
  • Events and Spirit Committee Chair — Caroline Terry
  • Game-Day Chair — Axel Garrido
  • Fundraising Co-chairs — Brooke Fawcett and Katie Hicks
  • Merchandise Chair — Chelsea Baird

Heading up the two teams will be:


  • Holly Aldredge

    Captains — Holly Aldredge and

    Rachael Piper

    Rachael Piper

  • Head Coach —

    Patrick Mancenido

    Patrick Mancenido





  • Captains —

    Lindsey Wike

    Lindsay Wike and

    Meredith Wilson

    Meredith Wilson

  • Head Coach —

    Hatch Smith

    Hatch Smith

The teams all come together for the kick-off party presented by Bud Light this Friday at Revive Uptown from 9:30 p.m. to 2 a.m. The $15 charge at the door goes to the Alzheimer’s Association, of course.

Make-Believe-Benefactor: Sarah Novakov

Sarah Novakov and her grandmother

“I am writing you today to let you know why the Alzheimer’s Association is so deserving of a million dollars! If you would like to know the reason, it is plain and simple. Not only was my beautiful grandmother diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, but I saw her live with the horrible disease first-hand for over a decade. But whoever is reading this, just know that you could be next and there is NO CURE, did you hear that….NO CURE! I don’t want to be next, do you?”

-All my heart, Sarah Novakov

Photo provided by Sarah Novakov

MySweetCharity’s Make-Believe-Benefactor: Carmaleta Whiteley

Carmaleta Whiteley

“If I had a million dollars I would donate it to the Alzheimer’s Association, because no one needs to be alone when managing care for someone with dementia.

The National Association has a help line 1-800-271-3900 that operates 24 hour hours a day, seven days a week in 140 languages. The staff is highly trained and knowledgeable about all aspects of Alzheimer’s from memory loss to medications, treatment, care options and emotional support.  You may call as often as needed.

Our Dallas Chapter offers a variety of educational classes and support groups taught by licensed professionals

for caregivers which are designed to provide information such as warning signs, diagnosis, treatment, communication and behavior tips. Also available are dozens of brochures and fact sheets.  They also maintain updated information on home care or skilled nursing facilities. Their personalized care consultation can help a family through difficult emotional, physical and financial decisions.   All services are provided at no cost.

Although I cannot list all of the services here, I feel a very special service is the caregiver’s closet.  These are items that are available to meet special needs for caregivers such as adult bibs, special hand rails, cabinet and drawer locks, stove safety covers and many more…..too many items to list.

They offer a one call service when someone with dementia wanders or becomes lost.  This includes emergency response to local law officials and support for the family during the search and rescue efforts.

Besides being the leading health organization in support and care their mission is to eliminate Alzheimer’s through the advancement of research.”

Carmaleta Whiteley

Blondes Bombshell Brunettes 43-13

Highlander Stadium was a crock pot Saturday night as the third annual Blondes vs. Brunettes flag football game took place. With Blondes in girly pink and Brunettes in baby doll blue, more than 75 young women took to the artificial ground to raise funds for the Dallas Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association.  But please don’t get in your mind that it was gals just tossing a ball  for the fun of it. No, there were past scores to be settled. With the two previous games being won by the Blondes, the Brunettes were out for the sweet taste of success and the Blondes were bucking for a “three-peat.”

With the bleachers filled with 800+ friends decked out in blue or pink garb, a plethora of hand fans were working overtime to keep folks from swooning. A little pity had to be felt for the Brunettes, since their bench and supporters were in the early evening sunlight that clocked in at 100+ degrees.

Ever smart 99-year old Ebby Halliday in her “neutral beige” wore sunglasses as she was escorted by equally sunglassed State Rep. Dan Branch (pictured with Ebby) onto the field to handle the coin toss. After Ebby flipped the coin and the Brunettes called “heads,” poor Dan was given the task of finding the dang thing somewhere in the turf. Ah, but he did his job rising to announce that it was indeed “Heads!”

After the singing of the national anthem, it was time to settle back for the game with a lot of sunshine, cheering and friendly competition. Even Ho [Read more…]