2017 Fur Ball Team Reports At Kick-Off Party That The SPCA Of Texas Fundraiser Will Be “Reigning Cats And Dogs” Come September

The two-legged critters got together at Highland Park Village's Alice And Olivia to dine, shop and learn about plans for the black-tie 2017 Fur Ball. Needless to say, guests were purring with approval when details of the SPCA of Texas fundraiser were revealed. Here's a report from the field: Friends of Fur Ball gathered on a lovely spring evening at Alice and Olivia at … [Read more...]

Equest Women’s Auxiliary Shopped And Partied Among The Luscious Lips And Fashions Of Alice And Olivia

With season in high throttle, a cluster of guests were filling Alice and Olivia on Tuesday, September 13. The draw and beneficiary was the Equest Women’s Auxiliary, which is holding its annual Equest Fashion Show chaired by Kara Axley. While no equine ambassadors were present, the mannequins were dressed to the max and the displays were filled with luscious lips. Fashion-loving … [Read more...]

Grovel Alert: Equest Women’s Auxiliary Luncheon And Style Show

Sure, it’s damp, but the temperatures are so user friendly. That’s especially true for retailers, who are stocking fall and winter goodies like cashmere sweaters, snugly coats and high-strutting boots. Evidently that feeling of cooler times are just around the corner has inspired the horse-loving, fashionistas to get their places at the Equest Women’s Auxiliary Luncheon … [Read more...]

St. Valentine’s Day Fashion Show And Luncheon Kept The Champagne And Fashions Flowing To Battle Leukemia And Lymphoma

The weather on Tuesday, February 16, was major payback for the St. Valentine’s Day Fashion Show and Luncheon’s years of Mother Nature’s dumping ice storms and freezing temperatures on the Leukemia and Lymphoma North Texas fundraiser. Some still recall how the pashmina favors the year that Rainey Fogiel and Natalie Fogiel co-chaired the event became necessities instead of … [Read more...]