No Tie Dinner And Dessert Party Patrons Walked A Cheetah-Printed Carpet To Tricia Sims’ Mansion And A Bounty Of Wolfgang Puck Edibles

The No Tie Dinner And Dessert Party Patron Party on Saturday, March 18, proved to be a mini-version of the 12th annual AIDS Services of Dallas fundraiser on Saturday, April 8, at Frontiers of Flight Museum. There was plenty of food, libations and eye-catching guests. Even the carpeted walk up to hostess Tricia Sims‘ mansion was not your every-day welcome mat. Here’s a report from the field:

David Nelson, Nicole Barrett, Tricia Sims and Amber Griffin*

This year, rather than a traditional red carpet, Chair David Nelson requested cheetah print. Such was the introduction and welcome to the patron event for the 2017 No Tie Dinner and Dessert Party, themed “An Artful Life,” at the opulent home of Honorary Co-Chair Tricia Sims. The No Tie Dinner and Dessert Party, presented by Purple Foundation, is the largest fundraiser for AIDS Services of Dallas, a non-profit that is celebrating 30 years of helping to improve lives of economically disadvantaged individuals and families living with HIV/AIDS.   

Dennis Kershner and John Moreno-Kershner*

Brilliantly witty and entertaining, No Tie Chair David Nelson, who has served in the chair position for the last seven years, greeted guests and showered appreciation to No Tie’s numerous supporters. Although Honorary Co-Chair Dr. Alan Berg was not in attendance, he was the man of the hour by sponsoring Wolfgang Puck Catering for the evening. Hedda Layne took center stage on the grand balcony outside, delivering an explosive performance as guest mingled by the pool and Greek goddess statues. The signature cocktail, The Warhol, made with Reyka Icelandic Vodka, club soda, and angostura bitters, proved to be the refreshing drink of choice for the warm evening. Ben E. Keith provided wine and beer to complete the festive occasion.  

Don Maison and Ellen Sweets*

The patron party was attended by approximately 150 guests including ASD President and CEO Don Maison, former ASD Chairman of the Board Dennis Kershner, former Honorary Co-Chairs LeeAnne Locken and Patricia Deason, Entertainment Co-Chairs Deanna and Rob Cahill, as well as Chad Collom, Nicole Barrett, Ekaterina Kouznetsova, Donna Richardson, Ellen Sweets, Phyllis and CJ Comu, Sheri and Patrick Moneymaker, among others.

* Photo credit: Kim Grubbs

MySweetWishList: AIDS Services Of Dallas

According to AIDS Services of Dallas CEO Don Maison,

AIDS Services of Dallas*

“As the saying goes, “There’s no place like home for the holidays.” Now imagine not having a home for the holidays – or any time of the year. No place for shelter, for warmth, for safety, for a hot meal. Our holiday wish is to provide a home for the 122 economically disadvantaged individuals living with HIV/AIDS who have been on our waiting list year after year.

AIDS Services of Dallas (ASD) provides quality, affordable, service-enriched housing, food, transportation and support services for 225 men, women and children living with HIV/AIDS. The largest organization in Texas providing these kind of services and shelter, we currently have four facilities and are ready to grow in 2017. We are now raising much-needed funds to build a new housing structure to provide additional homes for residents.

“2017 will be ASD’s 30th Anniversary. Help us make it an iconic year with your donation by clicking here, or visit to learn more about our organization.

“Wishing you the happiest holiday season.”

-By Don Maison, AIDS Services of Dallas president and CEO

* Graphic courtesy of AIDS Services of Dallas

No Tie Dinner And Dessert Patron Party Set The Stage For The Aids Services Of Dallas Fundraiser At Frontiers Of Flight Museum

The No Tie Dinner And Dessert Party crowd just doesn’t do anything without beautiful people, great food, music and grown-up libations. To prepare for the AIDS Services of Dallas fundraiser at Frontiers of Flight Museum on Saturday, April 9, they gathered at Marie and Angel Reyes home on Saturday, March 12, with all types of plans being revealed. Here’s a report from the field:

The night was filled with music . . . a cabaret of song, piano, chatter, and praise. Toasts were made. Delectable food was devoured. The musical night was an appreciation to those who support the upcoming No Tie Dinner & Dessert Party, presented by the Purple Foundation. The gala is the largest fundraiser for AIDS Services of Dallas which has improved the lives of economically disadvantaged individuals and families living with HIV/AIDS for over 25 years.

David Nelson, Angel and Marie Reyes and Don Neubauer*

David Nelson, Angel and Marie Reyes and Don Neubauer*

Honorary Chairs Angel and Marie Reyes (who will soon be appearing on Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Dallas” on April 11) opened up their beautiful new Preston Hollow home to host the special event. No Tie Chair David Nelson, well-known in Dallas as a Renaissance man for his style, artistry, interior design, and witty jokes, and pianist/musician Leslie Frye took center stage in a deluxe entertainment room complete with lounge chairs, state-of-the-art audio and sound, and stage, in a duet of song and piano.

Nelson said, “I haven’t performed for 10 years but can’t think of a better reason to start than to thank our event’s wonderful dinner hosts and sponsors.”

John Moreno Kershner, Kristi Holman and Dennis Kershner*

John Moreno Kershner, Kristi Holman and Dennis Kershner*

Guests mingled, savoring the scrumptious meal of gourmet meats, sushi, and cheeses prepared by Texas de Brazil. The signature Reyka Double Bond cocktail, made with Reyka Vodka, cranberry juice and ginger ale, proved popular. Ben E. Keith provided wine and beer to complete the festive occasion.

Event Director Kristi Holman shared exciting fundraising news. “This year, those who purchase a Month of Housing before the live auction gets to enter a drawing for a chance to win their choice of a live auction package (excluding the vacation in Maison Rouge, an  800-year-old, five-bedroom vacation home in the French countryside amid vineyards, ancient bastides and medieval villages). A Month of Housing per resident is $1,218, which provides shelter and care to help individuals regain and maintain their health and lead an independent life.”

Dylan Orrell, Sara Fangmeyer and Chris Huffstutler*

Dylan Orrell, Sara Fangmeyer and Chris Huffstutler*

A few of the live auction packages include a getaway for two to Los Angeles and visit to the Magic Castle, an exotic couple’s vacation in Belize, and a book autographed by Lady Gaga (contributed by former No Tie Honorary Chair and RHOD diva LeeAnne Locken) plus a suite at American Airlines Center.

Sheri and Patrick Moneymaker and Tricia Sims*

Sheri and Patrick Moneymaker and Tricia Sims*

The patron party, attended by approximately 150 guests, included Purple Foundation’s Dylan Orrell, Sara Fangmeyer, and Chris Huffstutler; AIDS Services of Dallas Chairman of the Board Don Neubauer; Dennis Kershner, who retired as ASD Chairman of the Board and No Tie Chair this year; former Honorary Chairs Patricia Deason and Jody O’Donnell; 192nd Civil District Court Judge Craig Smith; Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez; Rob and Deanna Cahill (who appeared as Jacqueline Kennedy on Hulu’s 11/22/63 mini-series); Tricia Sims, and Sheri and Patrick Moneymaker.

The 2016 No Tie Dinner & Dessert Party will be held on Saturday, April 9, starting at 7:00 p.m., at the Frontiers of Flight Museum (6911 Lemmon Avenue, Dallas, TX, 75209). VIP tickets are $150 (includes deluxe VIP lounge with bar and exclusive auction and raffle items), and general admission tickets are $75. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit

* Photo credit: Kim Grubbs

MySweetWishList: Night Of Housing

According to AIDS Services of Dallas 2016 No Tie Dinner & Dessert party chair David Nelson and AIDS Services of Dallas Chairman of the Board Don Neubauer,

David Nelson and Don Neubauer*

David Nelson and Don Neubauer*

“Do you think HIV/AIDs is no longer a crisis?

“Tell that to all the people in Dallas who have lost their jobs, their healthcare, their homes, and almost everything but their dignity. The crisis isn’t over until there is a cure. That’s why there is AIDS Services of Dallas. ASD is a long-standing non-profit which provides housing, 24-hour home health care, medical and social management, transportation and volunteer support to low-income and formerly homeless men, women, and children living with HIV/AIDS. It provides a home when there is no place else to turn.

“Now in its 11th year, No Tie Dinner & Dessert Party has grown tremendously to make it the largest fundraiser for ASD. As our event has grown, so have our fundraising goals and ambitions.

No Tie Dinner & Dessert*

No Tie Dinner & Dessert*

“It is our holiday wish to make No Tie’s ‘Night of Housing’ campaign goal a reality. The campaign is to provide 365 days of housing for ASD residents by the end of the year. One day of care costs $40.62 per individual, or a total of $14,826.30. Please help our wish come true by donating here or for additional sponsorship and volunteer opportunities, contact Kristi Holman at [email protected].

“We hope to see you at the 2016 No Tie Dinner & Dessert Party on Saturday, April 9, 2016. Visit or to learn more.

“Happy Holidays!”

-By David Nelson, 2016 No Tie Dinner & Dessert party chair, and Don Neubauer, AIDS Services of Dallas chairman of the board

* Photo provided by AIDS Service of Dallas

How About Some Cheap Thrills That Even Your Maiden Aunt Maudie Would Approve

If your pocketbook is starting to look anorexic, here some bargain bonanzas that might pique your interest in the days ahead:

  • No Tie Dinner and Dessert Party (File photo)

    No Tie Dinner and Dessert Party (File photo)

    The 2016 No Tie Dinner & Dessert Party Kick-Off Party will be open to the public to reveal the deets for the annual AIDS Services of Dallas fundraiser. It will take place at Scott + Cooner on Thursday, September 17, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

    "The Birth Of A City" (File photo)

    “The Birth Of A City” (File photo)

  • Encore Park is the “outreach project of The Stewpot and the First Presbyterian Church of Dallas. It is partnering up with Texas Theatre to launch a free three-part film screening series of a warm-up cartoon and classic films at 508 Amphitheater. The first presentation will be the 1938 cartoon “Cinderella Meets Fella” and the 1938 feature “The Adventures of Robin Hood” on Sunday, September 6. The second screenings will take place on Sunday, September 20 with “Wise Quacking Duck” and “Casablanca.” The final screenings will be “Bunny Hugged” and “Dallas” on Sunday, October 4. While the events are free, you still need to register. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the presentations kick off at 7 p.m. While you’re there, check out the amazing sculpture wall created by Brad Oldham.
  • Overview of Rory Meyers Children's Adventure Garden (File photo)

    Overview of Rory Meyers Children’s Adventure Garden (File photo)

    The Dallas Arboretum’s $1 general admission fee continues through Monday, August 31. For $2 more you can get in to stroll the Rory Meyers Children’s Adventure Gardens. There are even special deals on food purchases. Remember to purchase your tickets at the gate to take advantage of the August Dollar Days special that is courtesy of Time Warner. Hustle! Time’s a wasting. But if your August datebook is filled to the max, then you can visit the entire Arboretum over the Labor Day weekend (Friday, September 4 through Monday, September 7) including the Children’s garden for $5. And to get a discount on parking, go online. Bargain times!

  • Dallas Zoo elephant (File photo)

    Dallas Zoo elephant (File photo)

    Before the dinosaurs scamper out of the Dallas Zoo, you still have time to check out the Giants of Jurassic Park with the other residents for half the general admission. Adults get in for $7.50 and kiddos for $6. But as the dinos will become history on Monday, August 31, so the half-price deal will end, too. BTW, take DART. It’s cheap and there’s no battling traffic to get to the zoo. Just hop on board the Red Line tram and it will take you to the Dallas Zoo Station.

Saris And Nehru Jackets Highlighted No Tie Dinner & Dessert’s “A Taste Of Bollywood”

The Frontiers of Flight definitely had an aura of India on Saturday, March 28. In addition to being filled to the rafters with 2,000 no-tie-types, there were colorful saris and Ghagra Choli sprinkled throughout the crowd thanks to the 10th Annual No Tie Dinner And Dessert’s theme, “A Taste of Bollywood.”

No Tie Co-Chair David Nelson looked simply smashing in his elegant ivory and black Nehru jacket, as did No Tie Co-Chair Dennis Kershner in his silver and white jacket. Angela Choquette, Courtney Westmoreland Rider, Andrea Varrone, Deanna Cahill and Cary Deuber sari-ed it up. Why Deanna, Courtney, Andrea and Cary even added tikkas.

While they weren’t in Indian attire, the Bravo film crew was easy to spot taping a possible segment of the “Ladies of Dallas.” They…the crew, not the ladies…were the ones in black with the really big lights and camera equipment.

With DJ Brandon Olds handling the music from a platform between two mammoth screens at the back of the main room, the big spenders were upstairs partying in the VIP Lounge and celebrating Joe Pacetti’s being presented with the Sheila Dolezal Humanitarian Award.

Presented by the Purple Foundation, the No Tie Dinner & Dessert benefits AIDS Services for Dallas providing “housing and supportive services for low-income and formerly homeless men, women, children and families living with HIV/AIDS.”

MySweetWishList: AIDS Services Of Dallas

According to AIDS Services of Dallas President/CEO Don Maison,

“Can you imagine not having a vehicle in Dallas?!?

AIDS Services of Dallas*

AIDS Services of Dallas*

“AIDS Services of Dallas (ASD) provides housing and supportive services for 170 low-income and formerly homeless men, women, and children living with HIV/AIDS. These supportive services include transportation in which we are in desperate need for a new or used handicap accessible van.

“For the holidays, several organizations have generously donated food and gifts for the residents, but we need a vehicle to pick-up their donations. We currently have five residents in wheelchairs who want to enjoy regular living routines that so many people take for granted, such as going to work, shopping at the grocery store, and even going to critical doctors’ appointments.

“We will take either — an actual vehicle donation or the financial means to buy one. A handicap accessible van has been on our wish list for two years now, and we hope that 2014 is the year our holiday wish comes true. If you have any questions or would like to discuss it further, call Alex Sanchez at 214.941.4411 ext. 510 or visit our web site at”

-Don Maison, AIDS Services of Dallas President/CEO

* Graphic provided by AIDS Services of Dallas

No Tie Dinner & Dessert Party Sponsors Discovered A Teaser For “La Dolce Vita” At Tricia Sims’ Mansion

Tricia Sims home*

Tricia Sims home*

The only thing missing Saturday at Tricia Sims’ Preston Hollow mansion was a tie. But what would one expect for the No Tie Dinner & Dessert Party’s Host and Sponsors Appreciation party?

D'Andra Simmons*

D’Andra Simmons*

But nobody seemed to mind the MIA cravats among the guests that included AIDS Services of Dallas CEO Don Maison, 2012 Honorary Chair D’Andra Simmons, Don Neubauer, Les Siter, Dr. Allen Berg, George Miller, Rebecca Taylor, Patricia Deason, Jody O’Donnell and Sterling Deason O’Donnell, Darlene Smith, Janice Freeman,  Priya Rathod, Alison Miler and Samantha Davies.

After all, interior design vet Tricia’s home was chock filled with all types of over-the-top eye catchers like a Chanel sitting room, Versace plate collection and a five-foot tall Rolls Royce Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament. So perfect to go along with this year’s No Tie Dinner theme, La Dolce Vita. If only Fellini himself could have seen Tricia’s digs.

And setting the mood were Max Winningham playing bass and hos d’oeuvres by Hattie’s and grown-up beverages like Hendrick’s Fin, Reyka Vodka and Monkey Shoulder being rolled out from Tricia’s marvelous kitchen.

Tricia Sims' kitchen

Tricia Sims’ kitchen

But in addition to partying and taking in the Sims sights, the group had some announcements to hear. Thanks to a lot efforts by key people, the Saturday, April 12th, fundraiser for AIDs Services of Dallas at Frontiers of Flight Museum is all systems “Go!’  Thanks to 200 volunteers and some mighty fine foodies (Dallas Affaires Cake Company, Frosted Art, Komali, Nothing Bundt Cakes, Hillstone, Jim Lee Events, Two Sisters Catering, Baby Cakes, etc.), an estimated 2,000 guests will party hearty with desserts, entertainment, libations and auctions at the museum.

Don Neubauer, Tricia Sims, David Nelson, LeeAnne Locken and Dennis Kershner*

Don Neubauer, Tricia Sims, David Nelson, LeeAnne Locken and Dennis Kershner*

So, naturally those folks were given pats on the back. For instance, Tricia and Honorary Chair LeeAnne Locken were presented with Tiffany engraved crystal ice buckets and Dennis and David received Tiffany crystal candlesticks.

JR Giesen, Rebecca Taylor and Leticia Jones*

JR Giesen, Rebecca Taylor and Leticia Jones*

Even Leticia Jones was rewarded for her ticket pre-registration. For her efforts, she won tickets to the Cher “Dressed to Kill” concert at the American Airlines Center.

And speaking of tickets, there are still some available for a $50 donation that will assist “the housing and aiding of hundreds of economically disadvantaged men, women , children and families living with HIV/AIDS.”

And remember, bring an appetite and a joy of life, but leave the tie at home.

Photo credit: Jonathan Zizzo

No Tie Dinner Is Going To Be High Cotton For Some

Colin Duchin and D'Andra Simmons

The 7th Annual No Tie Dinner & Dessert Party organizers are revealing plans like Angelina Jolie‘s right leg — very interesting! They’re expecting 2,000 guests for the event benefiting AIDS Services of Dallas.

Dessert time at the Frontiers of Flight Museum will start at 8 p.m. with yummies providing by Komali Restaurant, Dallas Affaires Cake Company, Nothing But Bundt Cakes and Bread Winners Cafe and Bakery.

Ah, before the sweet part of the evening takes place, delicious dinners will be held at various homes throughout the area. You can either host a dinner or attend one that a friend is hosting.

The top-sought spot to dine will no doubt be No Tie Media Ambassador D’Andra Simmons‘s new cottage. Okay, so maybe a 6,659-square-foot mansion is bigger than a bungalow, especially when it includes five bedrooms, six bathrooms, an art and music studio and the usual accessory rooms.

For this dinner catered by Jim Lee Events, they’re expecting 200-300 including D’Andra’s fiancé Colin Duchin, No Tie Chair David Nelson, Honorary Chair Dr. Gary Tigges, ASD President and CEO Don Maison.    

If you’re one of the lucky ones to make the dinner, ask D’Andra about the master bedroom headboard. Seems it’s actually a “gate from a Tibetan Buddhist Temple,” and getting it transported to Dallas in the bedroom was epic.

Remember, the No Tie is the largest fundraiser for ASD, which provides housing and supportive services for low-income and formerly homeless men, women, children and families with HIV/AIDS.

No Tie Dinner Has Toes Dancing For AIDS Services Of Dallas

Saturday’s No Tie Dinner & Dessert Party should be renamed. It should be the Do Dance Dessert Party. The sixth annual NTD&DP at the Frontiers Flight Museum was just getting into gear when most other events were closing down for the night.

Stacey Susilli and Julie Adler

While a great number of the neck-wear-less checked out the dessert around the facility as well as the silent auction items, the dance floor was getting its share of action. The emphasis was disco at one point with

Stacey Susilli and Jose Cruz

Stacey Susilli in the spotlight. First she was dancing with Julie Adler and before you could tap your toe three times she sharing the floor with Jose Cruz.

Lisa Walker and Rick Perry

It’s hard to imagine that so much fun was benefiting a still very necessary program — AIDS Services of Dallas. As one person noted, AIDS has not gone away. It’s still very much affecting all aspects of the community and funds are vital to combat the disease.

2011 hosts for pre-No Tie Dinner parties included: Brent Barns & Danny Sikora, Gail Bradley & Dorothy Fischer, Ryan & Ana Carruth, David Cooper & Allen Haskell, Ken Duvall & Carlos Castillo, Don Dolezal, Max and Stacey Dolezal Susini & Sharon Valenti, Doug Dorey & Bob Goldberg, Paige & Clint Fletcher, Larry Gibson, James Prock, Brian Giglio & Ken Rowell, Mark Goodheart, Raul Velez & Barry Bryan, Kevin Graham, Dolph Haas & Jay Oppenheimer, Rusty Hampton & Buddy Mercer, BJ & Bob Hardman, Betty Boyer, Holli Harris, Mark Hayes, Chris Henderson, Jon Papp & Bill McCain, Davis Kennedy, James McDonald, Jason Krieger, Michael Pettie, Cash Keahey, Judy & Keith Meyr, Barbara & Hank Levine, Sharon & Bill Staley, Rich Perry, Randy Wilcox, Dan Rivera, Keith Reese, D’Andra Simmons, Wayne Thomas & Sergio Delgado, Don Maison, Douglas Cheatham & Mark Hendon, Joe Adams & Jimmy Lancaster, Stuart Trotter & Cesar Fuentes, Aaron Parrish & Robert Natho, Rob Wiley, Tomas Soto & Jay Murter, Ted Mitchell, Byron Titus, Shane Stagg, Gregory Mottley, Arlen Miller & Ramon Garcia, Clinton Brown & Jessica Ramos, Victor Kralisz & Russell Windle, James DiMarino, Daniel Huerta, Sid Thom & Richard Bergstrom, Charlie Calise, Joan Buccola, Jill Juncker, Lana Pomaro, Jack Brenner, Dawn Hillesheim Negley & Sarah Bayley, Brian Truncale & Rodney Maynard, Cherie Batsel, Billy Milner, Gary Stephens, Darren DeVille & Steve Lopez, Michael Bailey & John Bellegante, Vilma Vanegas, Travis-Lee Moore CPCE, Greg Alford & Mark Stafford, Conrad Hamric, Steven Jarvis and Michelle & Bernard Nussbaumer.