Despite Initial Fiscal Confusion, Lee Jarmon Alzheimer’s Pro Am Benefits Aware And Three Other Area Non-Profits With $220,000

There’s been a tad bit of confusion about the funds netted from the Lee Jarmon Alzheimer’s Pro Am held in May at Gleneagles Country Club. Aware President Venise Stuart recently reported that the tournament had provided $20,000 for the group. But upon checking with the Jarmon’s Elisa Stephens, she said that the actual amount for Aware had been $40,000. 

Lee Jarmon Alzheimer’s Pro Am*

So, where was the MIA $20,000? No, Venise hadn’t taken a lavish trip. Rather the two groups have conflicting fiscal years. Jarmon had issued two $20,000 checks with each falling in separate fiscal years for Aware.

According to a statement provided by Aware,

“Venise Stuart, president of AWARE announced today that the AWARE organization received two grants totaling $40,000.00 from the Lee Jarmon Alzheimer’s Pro Am Golf  Tournament and Auction. The first grant of $20,000.00 received in March will be used toward the funding of the 2016-2017 AWARE grant recipients.  The second $20,000.00 grant received this August will be used in the funding of the 2017-18 grant recipients, listed below. The event will be held on April 13, 2018, at the newly renovated The Statler in downtown Dallas.  ALL grant funds received will be dedicated solely to the funding of AWARE’s grant recipients.”

Whew! If you’re confused, call your accountant and s/he’ll explain.

Regardless, the final rundown of checks distributed by the tournament was:

  • $100,000 to Baylor Memory Care Center
  • $60,000 to C.C. Young building fund for their new Memory Care Center
  • $40,000 to Aware
  • $20,000 to the Aging Mind Foundation 

In other words, $220,000 was provided to four nonprofits to fight Alzheimer’s on behalf of the Lee Jarmon Alzheimer’s Pro Am.

* Graphic courtesy of Lee Jarmon Alzheimer's Pro Am

Three One-Of-A-Kind Experiences Will Go On The Aging Mind Foundation Auction Bloc Saturday

Choices, choices, choices! Bid on one or all three. That’s the dilemma facing 2016 Aging Mind Foundation Gala guests this Saturday at The Joule. As if it weren’t enough that the event benefiting the Center for BrainHealth and honoring Shirley and Bob Miller wasn’t enough, Gala Chair Barbara Daseke has put together three OMG live auction packages to get hands waving.

Here’s a rundown of the three:

Sky-high Dining In The Sky Room

Have you eaten in the best restaurants in the world and now are looking for a new, one-of-a-kind cuisine experience? This package will delights your sensory system by tantalizing your tastebuds, amazing your eyes and provide the wittiest of conversations just for your ears.

High atop Museum Tower, Laree Hulshoff and Ben Fischer with the help of architect Bill Booziotis and interior designer Barbara Daseke have created the Sky Room with floor-to-ceilings windows and balcony overlooking Dallas. Dedicated to personal entertaining by Hulshoff and Fischer, it will be made available to the winner of this package and seven of his/her friends.

The menu will be a five-course dinner curated by The Joule’s chef with “special vintage wines” provided by Pogo’s sommelier.

As for food for thought, WFAA’s Ron Corning will be the ringmaster of chat. And, oh, the tales he has to tell!

Gotta To Go To Togo Island*

Togo Island isn’t really an island. It’s actually a peninsula in the bend of the Mississippi River neatly tucked between Mississippi and Louisiana just down the road from Vicksburg

Because of its location and the abundance of vegetation on its 7,207.7 contiguous acres, it is ideal for wildlife to flourish. In addition to the turkey, waterfowl, small game and fish, Togo Island’s White-tailed Deer have become legendary with even the most demanding world-renowned hunters like Will Primos.

Limited to by-invitation-only membership, Lane Mitchell has made available a hunting package for two people to have a three-night stay in the lodge with meals included plus two days of guided duck and deer hunting. While the dates for this outing are to be mutually agreed upon, Lane suggested that the premium hunting time is January 1-15, 2017.

Run For The Roses Weekend*

While the actual Kentucky Derby run only last two minutes, true-blue Churchill Downs partying and celebration is a four-day affair. This Kentucky Derby package is far more than just attending the track the day of the race. It’s strictly VVIP, so if you win this package, you’d better buy some pretty new things to impress the Louisville locals.

If you can make time in your schedule to arrive early on Thursday, May 5, you’ll be able to take a tour of the Slugger Museum or the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience. Take the night off and rest. You’ll need it for what’s up ahead.

Friday, May 6, you’ll have to make another Solomon’s choice between

  • A private tour of “the most famous and successful thoroughbred horses and farms in the world.” Perhaps one of the equine runners will give you a tip on which Derby entrant to bet on. And while the ponies are munching on oats, you’ll dine at Chef Ouita Michel’s Holly Hill Inn.
  • Attend Churchill Downs’ Kentucky Oaks, where you’ll have an afternoon of horse racing including the run of the two-year-old fillies.

Just think of the stories you’ll be able to share that evening at the barbecue hosted by Carolyn and Yum! CEO Greg Creed and other yummy folks.

When the big day comes on Saturday, May 7, you’ll start off with a brunch in the gardens of Whitehall, Louisville’s historic southern mansion. But don’t dawdle too long because even with your police escort you’ll need to get to Churchill Downs for the people watching and the horses breaking from the gate for the 142nd Kentucky Derby.

After collecting your winnings, head back to the hotel for a good night’s sleep because the next day it’s time to head home.

This incredible package including hotel, ground transfers to/from the airport, activities and Churchill Downs, food and beverage at all group events including Churchill Downs are provided by Yum! You’ll have to take care of the wagering and personal hotel incidentals.

But perhaps live auctions aren’t your favorite indoor sport. Thank heaven, Barbara has arranged to have a Sue Gragg ring as the galamorama raffle item with chances going for $25 per or five for $100.

* Travel to and from locations is not included in the package.

MySweet2016Goals: Laree Hulshoff

According to Aging Mind Foundation Co-Founder Laree Hulshoff,

Laree Hulshoff (File photo)

Laree Hulshoff (File photo)

“My goal for 2016 is to get bored for an hour  — I understand it is good for you!”

Sold Out Alert: Living With Bob: A Salute To Robert A. Wilson

Word just arrived that the February 21stLiving With Bob: A Salute To Robert A Wilson” is sold out! Oh, you were planning to get your reservations in next week. Darn! But perhaps if you hurry-scurry, you can put your name on a waiting line. Keep your fingers crossed. Miracles do happen.

Laree Hulshoff, Barbara Buzzell and Barbara Daseke (File photo)

Laree Hulshoff, Barbara Buzzell and Barbara Daseke (File photo)

It might help to twist the arms of the trio chairing (Barbara Buzzell, Barbara Daseke and Laree Hulshoff) the Aging Mind Foundation fundraiser dinner with Wilson son, Owen, scheduled to be in attendance.

But just in case they can’t squeeze any more folks in, you can always write a nice check to help the effort to solve the problems of the “aging mind.”

Aging Mind Foundation Trio Announce Plans For “Living With Bob: A Salute To Robert A. Wilson”

Overlooking the Dallas Arts District, the Klyde Warren Park, Perot Museum and the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, there was no more spectacular place to kick off a new fundraiser on Friday, November 21. The spot was Laree Hulshoff’s and Ben Fischer’s palatial nest at Museum Tower.

Ben Fischer

Ben Fischer

Dr. Michael "Mick" Rugg

Dr. Michael “Mick” Rugg

Steele Cooper and Kenny Goss

Steele Cooper and Kenny Goss

Talk about the ultimate in so many ways — the views, the layout and the décor! As guests (Jeff Bryon, Kevin Hurst, Claire and Dwight Emanuelson, John Clutts, Dr. Sami Arslanlar, Kenny Goss, Steele Cooper, Jennifer and Coley Clark and Center for Vital Longevity’s Dr. Michael “Mick” Rugg) departed the private elevator to the mansion-in-the-sky, it was pretty obvious who was a returnee and who was a newcomer. Those who had visited the home before immediately headed to their fav spots. The newbies just wandered throughout trying to take it all in. If they needed escorts, Laree’s two Shih Tzus were just a whisker away.

Laree and her co-chairs/conspirators “The Barbs” (Barbara Buzzell and Barbara Daseke) right-like officially revealed the creation of the Aging Mind Foundation fundraiser for the Center for Vital Longevity that will take place at The Joule on Saturday, February 21.

The evening will celebrate “Living With Bob: A Salute To Robert A. Wilson” with The Joule as the presenting sponsor.

Laree Hulshoff, Barbara Buzzell and Barbara Daseke

Laree Hulshoff, Barbara Buzzell and Barbara Daseke

Co-Chair Laree and the Barbs and Honorary Chair Bill Booziotis have also arranged for Bob’s son/actor/former S&D Company waiter, Owen Wilson, to handle the special guest duties.

According to the trio, following cocktails, a seated dinner and a presentation in the Praetorian and Mosaic ballrooms, the crowd will head to the Joule Terrace for dessert and dancing.

The evening committee includes Jo Marie Lilly, Caleen Mathura, Holly Hull Miori, Lisa Shardon, Shelle Sills and Julie Tregoning.

If The Aging Mind Foundation is new on your radar, its purpose is to “address and support critical issues unique to the aging mind including research, treatment, education and advocacy.

Bit of trivia: In addition to co-chairing the upcoming event, interior designer Barbara D. also partnered up with Laree and Ben in creating the spectacular residence.

Aging Mind Foundation’s Two Barbaras And A Laree Announce “Living With Bob: A Salute To Robert A. Wilson” With Star Power

Recently a 30-something laughed that she had recently had a “senior moment.” As the baby boomers continue their march into the 21st century and their 60’s, 70’s and future decades, “senior moments” are no laughing matter. That’s why the Aging Mind Foundation was established in 2013 — “to support organizations that are doing research on the aging mind, Alzheimer ’s disease, other dementias and overall longevity.” Its focus “is to address and support critical issues unique to the aging mind, including research, treatment, education and advocacy.”

Barbara Daseke and Laree Hulshoff (File photo)

Barbara Daseke and Laree Hulshoff (File photo)

With that in mind (sorry about that pun), Barbara Buzzell, Barbara Daseke and Laree Hulshoff have put their heads together and are chairing “Living With Bob: A Salute To Robert A. Wilson.” Yes, the man who was KERA’s first chief executive and gave newspaper man Jim Lehrer his first TV job. Yes, the man who worked with Stanley Marcus, Patsy and Raymond Nasher and other legendary Dallas greats. Yes, the man who is married to photographer Laura Wilson. And, yes, the father of Andrew, Luke and Owen.

Owen Wilson and Laura Wilson (File photo)

Owen Wilson and Laura Wilson (File photo)

Since the trio has arranged to have The Joule be the presenting sponsor, the Saturday, February 21st fundraiser will take place throughout The Joule. The cocktail reception, seated dinner and presentation will take place in the Praetorian and Mosaic ballrooms on ballroom level. Then the guests will dance and dessert the night away in the Joule Terrace on the rooftop under the stars.

Oh, but there’s more! In addition to Dallas architect Bill Booziotis serving at honorary chair, Wilson son Owen will be “special guest.”

Proceeds from the starry night will benefit the Center for Vital Longevity.