Crystal Charity Ball Committee Boards A Bus To Tour The 2018 Children’s Non-Profit Beneficiaries

Just days after announcing the 2018 Crystal Charity Ball beneficiaries, the CCB committee members boarded a bus early on Thursday, February 15, for the committee to get a firsthand look at the beneficiaries. While the initial fear was that some of the ladies would have to double up on the padded seats, it turned out not to be the case. At the last minute, some had to cancel to … [Read more...]

MySweetCharity Photo Gallery Alert: Taste Of The NFL

AT&T Cowboys Stadium had ‘em lined up waiting to get in on Sunday, May 3. No, Kenny Chesney hadn't arrived yet for his May 16th concert. There was no football game on the field. But there were plenty of former Dallas Cowboys (Troy, Preston, Charles, Chad, etc.), cheerleaders and Super Bowl memorabilia in the “Cowboys on Tour” mobile museum. It was the Taste … [Read more...]

After-School All-Stars Of North Texas “Friendraiser” Garners Funds For Camp US

It was just a year ago that Todd Wagner had an over-the-top celebration at Cowboys Stadium for hundreds of his friends. While many were attracted to an evening of being entertained by ZZ Top and palling around with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dan Rather, Troy Aikman and Nicholas Sparks, Todd had a message that he wanted to get across — "I view that we are at a crossroads in this … [Read more...]