A Night To Remember’s Meet And Greet With Jennifer Hudson At The Winspear Was A Warm Get Together For CitySquare

The Winspear green room was more like a hot house on the night of Saturday, September 9. With at least three portable mini-heaters blowing away, it would have made an orchid feel right at home. On the other hand, for guests preparing for CitySquare’s meet-and-greet with A Night To Remember concert headliner Jennifer Hudson, it was a bit toasty. The reason for the hot … [Read more...]

JUST IN: Multi-Award Winner Jennifer Hudson To Headline CitySquare’s 2017 A Night To Remember On September 9 At The Winspear

Leave it to the CitySquare fundraisers. They always manage to come up with a performer who guarantees a sell-out. Last year’s Jerry Seinfeld was nearly a done deal before the ink on the contract was dry. Others who have been filled the Winspear Opera House for CitySquare have been Gladys Knight, Vince Gill, LeAnn Rimes, Clint Black, Steve Martin, Kirk Franklin, Jay Leno, Lyle … [Read more...]

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld Wasn’t The Only Entertainment Legend In The House For CitySquare’s “A Night To Remember”

It seemed like there were a lot of last minute arrivals at the Winspear on Saturday, September 10. And unlike the usual opera lovers and Broadway aficionados, this crowd was a more comfortably dressed type in jeans, sneakers and adorable sundresses. But it was CitySquare’s “A Night To Remember” with a double dose of comedian Jerry Seinfeld on stage. Yes, the first show had been … [Read more...]

CitySquare Fundraisers Held A “Primary” Celebration For Its Sold-Out “A Night To Remember” Featuring Jerry Seinfeld

Those CitySquare folks should just be sitting back loving the fact that their "A Night to Remember" was sold out the moment it was announced that Jerry Seinfeld would be the headliner on Saturday, September 10, at the Winspear. But, oh, no! They decided to take full advantage of the election year and held a party with the theme "Seinfeld for CitySquare" on Saturday, June … [Read more...]

JUST IN: Jerry Seinfeld Will Headline CitySquare’s “A Night To Remember”

Poor old Jerry Seinfeld. He sold off 17 of his classic Porsches and Bugs back on March 11. The projected estimate for the auction was a whopping $32M, but it only brought in $22M. But don’t go feeling way too sorry for Jerry. He’s still the comedian/writer/actor that pulls ‘em in whenever he hits the road. And that’s exactly what’s gonna happen on Saturday, September 10, at … [Read more...]