For your information, we have provided some answers to questions that have been sent in over the years.

Q: We have a fundraiser to help provide water in Haiti. Can you spread the word and/or cover our event?

A: Wish we could, but due to our limited staff and the huge number of local nonprofits, we are only able to cover nonprofits and fundraisers that directly benefit the North Texas area.

Q: Last month we held an event and have photos and a release about it. Can you run it?

A: We only accept recaps, photos and photo IDs of an event that we are unable to cover due to a prior commitment. Since we weren’t invited to your event, we regret that we won’t be able to post it.

Q: What is the deadline for getting materials to you, if you were invited but weren’t able to attend?

A: 48 hours after the event.

Q: What is a “recap?”

A: It is a first-person write up that makes the reader feel as if they were there. It should include interaction by guests.

Q: We have an event tomorrow and want to invite you to cover it. If you can’t make it, can we send you a recap?

A: For a recap to be considered, an invitation must be received at least a week prior to the event.

Q: We’ve hired the most wonderful new receptionist. Will you announce it?

A: Congratulations on the new hire! Alas, due to the overwhelming number of changes in personnel, we have had to limit our coverage to only those involving board members and the CEOs, presidents and executive directors of the organizations.

Q: We’ve raised a lot of money. How do we get is published?

A: We only publish net amounts.

Q: We have a golf tournament coming up. Want to play? If not, can we submit a recap?

A: Thanks for the offer, but none of us play golf and there are just too many golf tournaments for us to cover or to accept recaps.

Q: Why hasn’t my comment been published?

For first-time commenters, we send a “comment confirmation” email to confirm. Once the commenter responds okaying the publishing of their comment, it’s posted.

Q: We’d like to buy advertising on MySweetCharity. Can you send us your pageviews, unique viewers, etc.?

A: Sorry, but our pricing is not based on hits or traffic. MySweetCharity is a specialty site, just like Tiffany is. The best way to judge our following is to check out our sponsorship relations with the area’s top charities. Please feel free to contact them for verification that MySweetCharity is the leading outlet for nonprofit and philanthropic news and activities.

Q: Are there any ads or events that you won’t cover?

A: We do not cover activities or news of a controversial nature like political campaigns, pro-choice/pro-life, etc. There are other websites and blogs that are available for such topics. As one person put it, “If there are two sides to an issue, it won’t be on MySweetCharity.”

Let us know if there is a question that hasn’t been addressed here and we’ll try to come up with the answer. Just send your question to Jeanne Prejean.