Sold-Out Alert!: 2018 Genesis Young Leaders Masquerade Ball

2018 Genesis Young Leaders Masquerade Ball Co-Chair Kirstin and Holden Godat and Sarah and Hayden Godat are celebrating Valentine’s Day with big old smiles. Their Genesis Shelter black-tie fundraiser this Saturday at Sixty Five Hundred is sold out.

Hayden and Sarah Godat and Kirstin and Holden Godat*

Looks like they’re on plan to hit the $200,000 mark to provide safety, shelter and support for women and children fleeing abuse. Congrats!

If you didn’t get your spot locked down, don’t make the same mistake about Genesis 25th Annual Luncheon featuring Hilary Swank on Friday, May 11, at the Anatole. 

* Photo courtesy of Genesis Women's Shelter

JUST IN: Dallas Women’s Foundation’s Leadership Forum And Awards Dinner Co-Chairs, Keynote Speaker And Awardees Revealed

Plans for Dallas Women’s Foundation‘s 2018 Maura Women Helping Women and Young Leadership Forum And Awards Dinner have just been announced. Co-Chairing the annual dinner on Thursday, April 19, at the Omni Dallas Hotel will be Effie Booker-Dennison and Janice Sharry with AT&T serving as presenting sponsor.

Effie Dennison*

Jan Sharry*

The evening’s keynote speaker will be Nina Tassler, who was president/chair of CBS Entertainment, as well as “the highest profile Latina in network television” and author of “What I Told My Daughter: Lessons Form Leaders On Raising The Next Generation Of Empowered Women.” 

Nina Tassler**

According to DWF President/CEO Roslyn Dawson Thompson, “We are very pleased to welcome Nina Tassler as our keynote speaker. She not only achieved the highest ranks in the entertainment industry, but worked throughout her career to balance the scales for women in corporate leadership and in programming.”

Of course, highlight of the evening will be the presentation of the awards. It’s a pretty heady and diverse group.

This year’s recipients of the Maura Awards will be Arcilia C. Acosta, Jocelyn D. Kidd, Cynthia Mickens Ross and Gail Turner.

Arcilia C. Acosta*

Jocelyn Kidd*

Cynthia Mickens Ross*

Gail Turner*

Presented by Capital One, the Young Leaders Awards will be presented to Vanessa Bouché and Brooke López.

Vanessa Bouche*

Brooke Lopez*

As Ros put it, “It is a great honor for Dallas Women’s Foundation to recognize six extraordinary leaders whose example and service to women and girls are literally awe-inspiring. Our Maura Award recipients have dedicated their lives to creating opportunities and pathways for other women to follow; and our Young Leader Award recipients are demonstrating the impact of the next generation of women leaders in their own fields and beyond.”

For an impressive description of each of the awardees, follow the jump for the low down:

* Photo provided by Dallas Women's Foundation 
** Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2014 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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2018 La Fiesta De Las Seis Banderas Duchesses Learn How To Do “The Dip” At Tootsies In Preparation For “Exploring Colores De Espana”

Usually customers are hauling off bundles of fashion goodies to their vehicles from Tootsies. But on Wednesday, December 20, the place looked like the millennial types were bringing their laundry in.

Nope. It wasn’t a laundry check in. Rather it was the La Fiesta De Seis Las Banderas 2018 crop of duchesses with bundles of white flourishing petticoats.

Natalie Dargene, Kyla Sayre, Landry Myers and Amanda Hodak

Neva Henderson, Elizabeth Armistead and Kate Gioldasis

After a brief run through and demonstration upstairs, the duchesses donned their petticoats to learn how to do the infamous dip.   

With collegiate sweatshirts and white petticoats, the duchesses tried out the bow before their mothers arrive at noon.

Elizabeth Gambrell

La Fiesta Co-Chair Elizabeth Gambrell explained that Co-Chair Anne Besser was on her way. The reason for the delay was Anne was moving a bit slower than usual due to her surgery to fix her arm.

2018 La Fiesta De Las Seis Banderas Duchesses

The bowing workout was just a part of the day’s activities. Later that night at The Belo Mansion, the formal announcement of the 2018 duchesses and escorts, as well as the year’s theme — “Exploring Colores de Espana”— was announced. This year’s duchesses will include Elizabeth Lawson Armistead, Erin Elizabeth Arthur, Madeleine Ainsley Basso, Marguerite Grace Bellman, Virginia Grace Carlile, Carly Paige Cooper, Caroline Cox Cooper, Elizabeth Lynne Copeland, Natalie Ann Dargene, Alex Ann Echols, Kara Littlefield Fronterhouse, Kate Manon Gioldasis, Victoria Elizabeth Gregory, Sharon Rebecca Hayhurst, Neva Lynne Henderson, Amanda Paige Hodak, Jennifer Elizabeth Humann, Gracelyn Marie Hunt, Claire Demontigny Johnson, Caroline Sinclair Keith, Sydney Elise Kilpatrick, Mary Sullins Lancaster, Abigail Marie Lindwall, Katherine Schutt Lorio, Mira Caroline Martin, Avery Hardin Mercurio, Landry Kathryn Myers, Margaret Anne Petty, Elizabeth Grace Reid, Flora Kate Richards, Brooke Elizabeth Rothwell, Maryellen Rebecca Salter, Margaret Claire Sarfatis, Kyla Ann Sayre, Caroline Grace Sloan, Sarah Katherine Stone, Laura Elizabeth Tedford, Madeline Walker Thomas, Paige Christine Walters and Sophie Jane Ward.

Escorts will include Blake Alexander Beckman, Ernest Tutt Beecherl, Bennett Tyler Brock, Ethan Atwood Cherry, Harlan Robert Crow, John Montgomery Doherty, John Hopps Fain III, Brennan Reece Fewin, Lowell Kuphal Giffin IV, Barrett Southcott Graham, Logan Asher Gwinn, Marshall Slaughter Hammack, Alexander Baron Holmes, Patrick Scott Kennedy, Jack Ware Kozmetsky, Bennett Hill Landen, Matthew Hays Lodwick, Cooper William Marchetto, Kyle Chester Massimilian, Cyrus Armer McCullough, Quillin Stephen McKenney, William Richard McPherson, Griffin Daniel McVeigh, Davis Brown Milton, Jon Phillip Page III, John Mansfield Parsons, Charles Parker Quinn, Carver Andrew Ramey, Nicholas Campbell Ruk, John Clay Sell, Michael Robert Stegenga, Jack Pepper Toohey, David Oakes Turner III, Jack Dunford Vandermeer, Christopher Michael Walker, Stanley Denton Walker IV, Elias Bradshaw Ware, Jonathan Max Welfelt, William James Whitlock and Hudson Smith Wood.

Benefiting Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Dallas, CARE, Connecting Point of Park Cities, Dallas Children’s Theater, The Elisa Project, Friends of the Highland Park Library, Friends of the University Park Public Library, Habitat for Humanity/HPHS Campus Chapter, Highland Park Education Foundation, Highland Park Literary Festival, HP Arts, HPHS Community Service Council, HPHS Counseling Department and Student Council, HPHS Student Emergency Fund, Moody Family YMCA in the Park Cities/HPHS Youth and Government Team and Park Cities Heritage House at Dallas Heritage Village., the black-tie gala will be co-chaired by Mary Parker and Pam Stegenga on Saturday, June 9, at the Anatole.

MySweet2018Goals: Roslyn Dawson Thompson

According to Dallas Women’s Foundation President/CEO Roslyn Dawson Thompson,

Roslyn Dawson Thompson (File photo)

“2018 is being called ‘The Year of the Woman,’ and my goal is that it’s the first of many ‘Years of the Woman’!  

“It is time to double down on the work to advance equality, equity and opportunity for all women and girls. At Dallas Women’s Foundation, we are especially focused on strengthening women’s economic security and increasing women’s leadership across North Texas and around the state. The needs of women and girls are real and acute in our community, where only 30% of all households are headed by a woman, but 53% of all poor households are women-headed – and the majority of these are women of color with children. 

“There’s so much work to be done – and so much benefit when we do this work, because the economic future of our region and our state truly depend on how we address issues of gender and racial inequity, and how we create opportunities for all.

“My wish for 2018 is that everyone, who understands the power of the ripple effect that investing in a girl or woman has on her life, her family’s life, our community and our world, will join with us in this work.”

With A Decades Old Santa Greeting At The Window, Crystal Charity Ball Chair Pam Perella Celebrated Her Committee At A Holiday Tea

While 2018 Crystal Charity Ball Chair Claire Emanuelson was settling into her office, 2017 CCB Chair Pam Perella was putting on the finishing touches of the year with a reception for her committee on Friday, December 15, at her Beverly Drive home.

Originally scheduled for Thursday, December 14, the occasion was postponed to Friday due to the funeral service for Ruth Sharp Altshuler just blocks away at Highland Park United Methodist Church.

Claire Emanuelson and Pam Perella

Pat McEvoy and Shelle Sills

While the talk at the team was highlighted by the impressive event honoring Ruth, Shelle Sills summed it up by saying that the service had been an inspiration to do more for the community.


Meslissa Macatee, Bevin Shaw and Cindy Ethel

Beth Thoele, Patti Flowers and Leslie Diers

Elizabeth Gambrell, Sara Lee Gardner and Susan McSherry

Still there were other topics filling the Perella home site. Nine-year-old Yorkie Charley was the perfect host wagging his tail as he wandered throughout the guests, who reciprocated with pats and strokes. In the library a life-size Santa stood in the window. With a flip of the switch, he waved to drivers buy. Not back for a gent, who had been part of 2017 CCB First Husband Vin Perella’s childhood…Melissa Macatee reported that the first printing of her book, “Steeples of Texas,” was such a success, a second printing was on the horizon. In the meantime, she has two weddings in her future — daughter McBride Macatee will be waltzing down the aisle to wed Madison Oden in April and son George P. Macatee V will marry Kailee Wilson in June… Robyn Conlon was receiving congrats on her birthday… Pam Busbee arrived late into the festivities due to a retirement party for a 17-year staffer at her mid-rise… Caren Kline was all smiles with her mom, Bettye Whiteman, who had arrived from New York for the holidays… 2019 CCB Chair Pat McEvoy looked great despite having surgery the day before. She maintains that husband Charles McEvoy doesn’t realize what he’s gotten into as 2019 CCB First Husband…  And then there was Vinnie Reuben, who after years of scrambling to match guests with tables and juggling all types of names behind the scenes was bidding a fond farewell at an active CCB member. She and husband/Neiman Marcus NorthPark Czar Malcolm Reuben were moving to California on Christmas day. Still, Vinnie the loyal CCB-er said the Reubens would still pop up for CCB in the years to come. Despite Vinnie’s protest for a going-away luncheon, her pal former CCB Chair Cynthia Mitchell had a book commemorating the Reuben’s years of friendship.

Pam Busbee and Christie Carter

Bettye Whiteman and Caren Kline

Kim Miller and Robyn Conlon

Vinnie Reuben and Cynthia Mitchell

As the ladies left to prepare for the holiday, Pam admitted that she hadn’t even begun to start planning for the holidays. A former CCB chair upon hearing Pam’s lament smiled and said, “Don’t worry. You have a great excuse.”

The next item on their agenda will be the selection of the 2018 beneficiaries. Stay tuned. That announcement will soon be announced.

MySweet2018Goals: Jimmy Westcott

According to Children’s Hope Dinner Founder Jimmy Westcott,

“My goal for this year is to help as many children and women as possible served by Orphan Outreach Services by supporting the 5th Annual Children’s Hope Dinner and assisting in the organization’s fund-raising efforts. Raising awareness and funds are both vitally important. The dinner will take place on Thursday, April 19, at the Hilton Anatole with keynote speaker Leigh Anne Tuohy, the inspiration behind the Academy Award-winning film ‘The Blind Side.’

“I am honored to champion this important cause that transforms lives and raises awareness for orphans, vulnerable children and women’s issues in several impoverished countries around the world.”

MySweet2018Goals: Amy Green

Amy Green (File photo)

According to 2018 Visionary Women Luncheon Chair Amy Green,

“As Chairman of the 2018 Visionary Women Luncheon benefiting Juliette Fowler Communities, my goal is very simple: I would like to make this year’s event on Friday, April 20, at the Omni Dallas Hotel the most successful event in the history of this unique non-profit organization.

“Today, Juliette Fowler Communities includes independent and assisted living, health and rehabilitation services, memory support, a foster-to-adopt program, and The Ebby House for young women who have aged out of foster care. More than 450 individuals are served. I hopeful that the Visionary Women Luncheon will make an important impact in the ability to provide such critical services.”

MySweet2018Goals: Lisa Singleton

Lisa Singleton (File photo)

According to 2018 Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary Fashion Show And Luncheon Chair Lisa Singleton

“One of my goals this year is to ask the community to join me in ‘Doing the Most Good’ for The Salvation Army by supporting this year’s Women’s Auxiliary Fashion Show And Luncheon, presented by Anne Davidson, which will be held on Wednesday, May 9, at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center. 

“One way to help is to donate your gently worn or even better, never worn! designer clothing and accessories, which could be featured in the event’s fashion show or sold in the Chic Boutique.

To coordinate collection or drop off of your items, please contact Tina Trejo at The Salvation Army DFW Metroplex Command, 214.637.8122 or [email protected]; Toni Turner at 972.904.9382; or myself, Lisa Singleton, at 214.316.2567 or [email protected]. Clothing and accessories can also be dropped off at Tootsies, located at 8300 Preston Road in the Plaza at Preston Center, now through March 31, with Tootsies thanking donors with a $25 Tootsies gift card. 

“The second way to support this incredible organization and the work they do in our community is by attending the 2018 Fashion Show And Luncheon, which will include an opening reception, silent auction, and shopping in the Chic Boutique, where gently worn or never worn designer clothing and accessories donated by some of North Texas’ best dressed and finest retailers are available for sale. Attendees will enjoy a runway fashion show styled and produced by Jan Strimple Productions, featuring donated and new couture clothing, which can be bid on following the show.  Afterwards, patrons will enjoy a seated lunch and final bidding on silent and runway auction items.

“And lastly, plan on shopping Friday, May 11, thru Saturday, May 12, at the annual Wearhouse Sale, which is open to the public and includes both new and donated items at deep discounts. The sale is held annually at The Salvation Army’s Christmas and Disaster Center located at 9216 Harry Hines in Dallas.  Hours are 10:00 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. on Friday and 10:00 a.m. until 3 p.m. on Saturday.

“Sponsorships for the Fashion Show And Luncheon begin at $5,000 and individual tickets are $300 and are available now.  Please plan to join me for what promises to be an amazing event in support of the more than 70 important services provided by 22 local Salvation Army locations.

“For ticket and sponsorship information, contact Tina Trejo, The Salvation Army DFW Metroplex Command, at 214.637.8122.”

JUST IN: Double Academy Award Winner/Clothing Designer Hilary Swank To Keynote Genesis Women’s Shelter’s 25th Annual Luncheon

DFW International Airport is going to be celebrity filled this spring thanks to the area nonprofits with a dazzling array of speakers. Genesis Women’s Shelter and Support is celebrating its 25th Annual Luncheon with double Academy Award winner/entrepreneur Hilary Swank at the Hilton Anatole on the Friday, May 11.

Hilary Swank*

According to Genesis CEO Jan Langbein, “We are beyond thrilled to announce Hilary Swank as our 2018 luncheon speaker. Her philanthropic dedication to addressing challenging social issues seamlessly aligns with the mission of Genesis Women’s Shelter – to end violence against women.”

Chairing the event that will take place on the Friday before Mother’s Day will be longtime Genesis supporters, Jane and Michael Hurst. Jan described the Hursts, “Jane and Michael are dear friends of Genesis. Through their philanthropic efforts, as well as their professions as lawyers, the Hursts are both well regarded in our community. We’d also like to extend our congratulations to Michael, who was recently inaugurated as the 109th President of the Dallas Bar Association. Jane has served as the Client Advocate Liaison on the board of the Genesis Alliance, and we are honored to have her and Michael at the helm for our 25th luncheon. Through this event, women will know that there is help and there is hope for those who suffer from abuse.”

Hilary Swank (File photo)

While many folks know Hilary from her incredible performances in 1999’s “Boys Don’t Cry,” 2005’s “Million Dollar Baby” and 2014’s “The Homesman,” they may not know of her being a clothing designer. She created Mission Statement in 2016 to “merge high-performance and high-fashion to allow the wearer to find the perfect balance of movement while they are working out, in the office, resting or playing.”

To prove her stuff when it comes to putting an ensemble together, it was back in 2011 when Hilary flew in to be guest of honor for a Super Bowl party hosted by Phil Romano. Unfortunately, her luggage got lost in transit. Not to worry. She simply stopped by an airport shop and hit just the right look for cameras.

But Hilary’s story isn’t all glittering awards, red carpet appearances and heading up companies. There was a point when at the age of 16 she and her mother arrived in Los Angeles with $75 in cash and lived out of their car. In hindsight, Hilary described it as “no big deal, really. I was embarking on a big adventure and I was very excited. My mum was scared as hell, but I loved it!”

Sponsorships for the lunch start at $1,750 and are available now by checking in with Bianca Jackson. As for the individual tickets, they won’t go on sale until April.

* Photo credit: Carlo Furgeri Gilbert for The Wall Street Journal

JUST IN: New Crystal Charity Ball Members Revealed

2018 Crystal Charity Ball Chair Claire Emanuelson has just announced the newest members of the 66-year-old fundraising organization for Dallas-area children’s charities.

Ashley Allen (File photo)

Kara Axley (File photo)

Marybeth Conlon (File photo)

Let’s cut to the chase. The frosh class of 2018 include Ashley Allen, Kara Axley, Marybeth Conlon, Lissie Donosky, Anne McPherson and Lisa Rocchio

These ladies join decades of predecessors, who have provided more than $137M for more than 140 nonprofits. Just imagine — the children who benefited from that initial fundraiser at the Baker Hotel in 1952 are now AARP types with grandchildren of their own.

Crystal Charity Ball Members Roll Up Their Ugly Christmas Sweater Sleeves To Assemble, Schlep And Make Ready For 2017 Children’s Gala

Some may think that the 100 Crystal Charity Ball committee members spend the days leading up to their annual fundraising gala at hairdressers, makeup artists and designers for final fittings. How wrong those guessers are! Instead the gals are elbow-to-elbow with vendors and others staffers preparing for the big hoop-la. Why even past CCB chairs show up to join the work.

Pam Busbee, Christie Carter and Debbie Oates

For the Saturday, December 2nd ball at the Hilton Anatole, the Thursday before was no different except, the ugly Christmas sweaters had more of a whimsical spirit.

Beth Thoele

Mascot Bernie

With 2017 CCB mascot Bernie looking on, there was assembling of programs, Tiffany box favors, putting together clear bags for magazines and newspapers and other preparation to tackle. Even the lunch provided by Mesero found CCB-ers discussing what still needed to be done.

Leslie Diers, Phil White, Pam Perella and Elizabeth Gambrell

2017 CCB Chair Pam Perella, Underwriting Chair Leslie Diers and Children’s Book Chair Elizabeth Gambrell took a break to thank Wells Fargo’s Phil White for being the first-ever CCB Children’s Book sponsor. Who would have thought that after all these decades, the sponsorship hadn’t been gobbled up? The book has truly become a collector’s item with kids of the past now being CCB committee members.

Gary Cox, Claire Emanuelson and Tom Addis

In the meantime, event producer Tom Addis was showing his flexibility. It seems that the previous group that had held its meeting in the Chantilly Ballroom had been a wee bit slow in departing. That meant that Tom and his crew had to rearrange their POA to create “An Evening In The Alps.” Would they make it happen? Does Santa know how to shimmy down a chimney? No doubt on either count.  

A Passing: Rita Crocker Bass Clements

Rita Clements (File photo)

Whenever Rita Crocker Bass Clements took on a task, she surpassed the rule of the day. Whether it was cutting cattle on a ranch, raising four children, chairing North Texas’ most successful fundraising efforts, rising through the political ranks to national recognition or serving as First Lady of Texas, her DNA had the leadership factor.

Born on October 30, 1931, during the Great Depression in Newton, Kansas, she was 11 when her family moved to Texas and she attended The Hockaday School, when school founder Miss Ela Hockaday still ruled the roost at the school located at Greenville and Belmont.

After graduation she attended Wellesley College and met and married recent Yale graduate Dick Bass. During their 22-year marriage, Rita became the mother of four (Bonnie Bass Smith, Barbara Bass Moroney, Jim Bass and Dan Bass), graduated with honors from the University of Texas and moved to Dallas, where she got involved in community activities. It was during this time that the petite brunette’s skills as a leader blossomed, serving as president of the Junior League of Dallas, founding director of the O’Donnell Foundation and, in 1968, chairing the Crystal Charity Ball that took place at the Statler Hilton, where legendary designer Jed Mace decorated the room with “ceiling high, silk trees and snowflake garlands” and the Lester Lanin Band performed for 830 guests.

She also became more than interested in politics. Having volunteered in Dwight Eisenhower’s 1952 campaign for president, her involvement grew to such a point that she became Dallas County Precinct Chairman for the Republican Party, state co-chair for the Barry Goldwater campaign in 1964 and eventually a Republican National Committee member in 1973.

In the meantime, oilman Bill Clements was entering the world of politics. Under Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, he served as Deputy Secretary of Defense. This interest in the world of politics brought Rita and Bill together, resulting in their 1975 marriage.

Four years later, when Bill was first elected governor of Texas (he served two non-contiguous terms, from 1979-1983 and 1987-1991), Rita was more than up for the job as First Lady of Texas. In addition to her political acumen, the Crystal Charity Ball Hall of Famer brought her good taste and concern for the state’s well-being to the role by becoming a driving force in the beautification of Texas and restoring the Governor’s Mansion with the help of Jed Mace. As she put it, “Even though it’s open five days a week, it’s nonetheless a home for us and for all Texans.”

For 36 years, Rita and Bill were a team, both personally and politically. But it wasn’t always easy being in the political ring and spotlight. Rita stood by her man through some very daunting times. When he ran for re-election in 1982, he lost to Mark White. But Bill rebounded and made a successful run in 1987, replacing White. It was also in that year that Bill’s role in the SMU football player pay-off that led to the university’s “Death Penalty” came to light. She also saw Bill through the tragic murder of his son, Gill Clements.  

The good times trumped the challenging ones, though. Sure, there were awards, board positions and grandchildren, but Rita and Bill always stayed firm in their giving back to the North Texas community that they called home. In 2009 they gave a whopping $100M to UT Southwestern Medical Center, where the 12-story William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital stands today.

Following Bill’s death in 2011 at the age of 94, Rita’s activities slowed down due to age and being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. But when she did make an appearance, she was treated like a rock star.

Rita Clements with JLD past presidents File photo

When the Junior League of Dallas celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2011 at a Brook Hollow luncheon, a group photo was taken of the past JLD presidents. Unfortunately, Rita arrived just seconds after the photo had been taken. There was no hesitation. The consensus was to regroup and put her front row center in the place of honor with Lyda Hill by her side. Later Lyda recalled how Rita had been “her mentor and encouraged her to take a Dale Carnegie course, resulting in Lyda’s reporting, ‘Now, if there are two or more people, I’m ready to speak.’”

Rita’s death Saturday drew to an end a life that felt right at home in a saddle, knocking on the door for votes, presiding over the Governor’s Mansion private and public activities, raising a family, journeying through the mine field of politics, or inspiring a future philanthropist with wisdom and a touch of humor.

A memorial service will be held Thursday, January 11, at St. Michael And All Angels Church at 11 a.m.

Girl Scouts Of Northeast Texas’ Cookie Power Sale-Athon Kicks Off Friday

Girl Scout Cookies*

Put the diets on hold because the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas are kicking off their annual cookie-thon. Starting Friday, January 12, the GSNETX Cookie Sale will have Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, Trefoils, Do-Si-Does, Lemonades, Savannah Smiles, Thanks-A-Lot, Toffee-tastics, Trios and Girl Scouts S’Mores available online thanks to the Digital Cookie mobile app made possible by Dell.

Girl Scout cookie sales*

But if you’re a little hesitant about going online or just want to meet a hardworking scout, you can always rely on the good old cookie booth.

Where is the nearest cookie booth going to be? Just pop in your ZIP code and the info will be there.

Funds raised by the cookies will stay in North Texas and support G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader) ™ programs that develop future leaders.

Since the cookie season ends February 25, the diets can get underway Monday, February 26.

* Photo provided by Girl Scouts Of Northeast Texas

MySweetWishList: Girl Scouts Of Northeast Texas

Gail Chandler*

According to Girl Scouts Of Northeast Texas Committee For Community Engagement Co-Chair Gail Chandler,

  1. “Every girl deserves the chance to be successful.
  2. “Everyone benefits when we help girls take an active part in charting their futures.
  3. “The future of our communities and society depends on our ability to break down gender barriers that inhibit girls’ success.

“These are the three reasons I volunteer for Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas.  As a mother and grandmother, I can wish for and support the success of my daughters and granddaughter. As a volunteer for Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas though, I can extend that support to others in our community who deserve success no matter their background, socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity or ability.

“Today, there are many opportunities for girls and women to contribute to a better future through the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields.  However, women remain vastly underrepresented in these fields.  Girl Scouts is reducing the gender gap in STEM fields by bringing millions of girls into the STEM pipeline over the next eight years. In November, Girl Scouts of the USA announced a bold pledge to get 2.5 million girls into the STEM pipeline by 2025. Locally, Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas is leading the charge through a $14M capital campaign to build a STEM Center of Excellence in southwest Dallas.

“STEM professions are the fastest growing careers in our country – with women in STEM earning 33% more than women in other careers.  Over the next decade, the U.S. will need 1 million more STEM professionals than we are projected to produce. Where will our future chemists, botanists, electrical engineers, programmers and coders come from?  With your support, they will come from Girl Scouts.

“Girl Scouts are almost twice as likely as non-Girl Scouts to participate in STEM activities (60 percent versus 35 percent), and 77 percent of girls say that because of Girl Scouts, they are considering a career in technology.

Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas*

“Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas’ STEM Center of Excellence is serving as a model for the development of regional STEM Centers across the country.  The STEM Center will afford girls the opportunity to explore these careers, connect with mentors and break down perceptions about the industry.  Programs will run year-round and the facility is expected to serve 4,000 girls in our area.

“We need your help to help girls develop their curiosity, problem-solving and leadership skills. From an all-girls astronomy club to summer camps that teach girls to build and fly drones, to field trips which get girls into nature to explore earth sciences to high school programs where girls are discovering and developing antibiotics, there is truly an opportunity for every girl to discover, explore, build, create and dream.

“My holiday wish is for more STEM opportunities and success for North Texas girls.  You can create those opportunities by giving to the Gears4Girls campaign.  Your gift will be commemorated on an acrylic gear on display on our supporters’ wall at the STEM Center. Gears make the perfect holiday gift to commemorate that special leader, mentor, role model, colleague or family member. 

Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas*

“By ‘getting in gear’ this holiday season, we help Girl Scouts help girls break down barriers , find countless opportunities to discover themselves, connect with the world around them, take action in their communities and empower themselves for life. 

“Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas serves more than 26,000 girls in our community, helping them learn computer coding, get hands-on experiences in the STEM industry, connect with female career mentors, explore nature at our STEM Center of Excellence, build confidence through leadership programs, challenge their fears through outdoor adventures and much more.

Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas*

“Please help girls throughout our community try STEM and discover skills and interests that will lead to their success and ours. You can learn more and connect as a volunteer or donor at ”

-By Gail Chandler, Girl Scouts Of Northeast Texas Committee For Community Engagement co-chair

* Photos provided by Girl Scouts Of Northeast Texas