MySweet2018Goals: Brent Christopher

According to Children’s Medical Center Foundation President Brent Christopher,

Brent Christopher (File photo)

“The second busiest pediatric emergency department in the whole U.S. is right here at Children’s Health. And, on the Dallas campus, it’s time for an overhaul.  So, one of my top professional goals in 2018 is to help more people across North Texas know about the four-year plan getting underway to create a double-decker emergency department at Children’s Medical Center Dallas. There will be lots of ways that everyone can be part of ensuring that this state-of-the-art resource is available for their kids and grandkids when they need it most for many years to come.

“Personally, I aim to be pedaling my bike more often, exploring all of the fantastic new trails that continue to connect Dallas—often across land I’ve never seen before, but right in the heart of the city. 

“Hopefully, these two goals won’t intersect, though, because I’d rather not do anything that involves having to make my own trip to the ER!”  

Children’s Medical Center Foundation Is Prepared For Weather Questions About Saturday Morning’s Red Balloon Run And Ride

Wouldn’t you just know that the weather-guessers have been as fickle as Scarlett O’Hara filling out her dance card. Some are saying that tomorrow morning is going to be wet, windy and wild. Others are swearing that it will hit tonight and Saturday morning will be as dry and crisp as a nice bottle of Pinot Blanc.

Red Balloon Run And Ride*

Luckily, the Children’s Medical Center Foundation’s Red Balloon Run And Ride organizers are on top of developments. Yes, they’re in negotiations with Mother Nature, but they’re also prepared to communicate any changes.

According to the Foundation’s Heidi Cannella, “We will provide updates (any delays, cancellations, etc.) from now through tomorrow. Our primary concern is safety.” Those updates will be available at

Red Balloon’s corporate sponsor WFAA will also be providing information about the weather conditions and how they’ll be affecting the annual fundraiser.

* Graphic courtesy of Children's Medical Center Foundation

MySweet2015Goals: Claire Emanuelson

Claire Emanuelson ( File photo)

Claire Emanuelson ( File photo)

According to mom/wife/fun(d)raiser Claire Emanuelson,

“SPIN more with the one and only John Terlingo at Terlingo Cycle!!!!

“Get over the major trauma of Tom Thumb closing in the Village (this is going to take some real effort).

“Learn what to do with these big sticks called golf clubs that my husband gave me for our anniversary.

“Spend more time with my precious friends.

“That’s all I can commit to!!!”

North Texas Giving Day Booster: Out Hunger

“Sitting in a small, wooden chair in the principal’s office on a Monday morning shortly after the opening bell, Jake sat squirming as he tried to figure out how to answer the question. Growing impatient, the principal asked again, ‘Jake, please tell me why you stole your teacher’s lunch.’

Out Hunger*

Out Hunger*

“Another few moments of silence. Then, with as much courage and gumption as an 8-year-old, 3rd grader can muster, Jake said, ‘Well, I was hungry.’

“A bit exasperated, Principal Johnson said, ‘Yes, Jake, I’m a bit hungry myself as I only had a bowl of cereal this morning but that doesn’t mean I can take someone else’s lunch and eat it.’

“Another few moments of silence. ‘Sorry.’

“More silence. ‘But I was really hungry. You see, well, I, I did eat lunch at school on Friday. I, I was just so hungry.’

Boy eating*

Boy eating*

“’You haven’t eaten since Friday?’” Principal Johnson automatically blurted out.

“Embarrassed, Jake mumbles, ‘Yes ma’am.’

“The principal didn’t know what to do next. The teacher didn’t know what to do next. The school didn’t know what to do next.

“Situations like these exist in our North Texas schools and are what Out Hunger seeks to end. Out Hunger’s purpose is to increase the awareness of, raise money for, and encourage involvement in ending the cycle of hunger in our communities. We do this through single-day and multi-day events across Texas, the nation and a few other countries.

Rand Jenkins*

Rand Jenkins*

“Out Hunger started when I was out on a ride one day thinking of all the charity events I’d been a part of and thought, why not combine my passion for helping people eat with my passion for cycling. Well, it turns out those are widely shared passions. Bike Out Hunger, the flagship event of the organization has hosted five annual six-day rides across Texas and numerous single-day rides that have raised a couple hundred thousand dollars for the cause in just a few years.

“Through the efforts of North Texas Giving Day and a local single-day ride, in 2013 we were able to feed 650 kids every weekend through the school year as the money raised allowed Out Hunger to completely fund a new weekend backpack feeding program in the DFW area.

Out Hunger Riders*

Out Hunger Riders*

“Help us actively end hunger by donating to Out Hunger at North Texas Giving Day on September 18! Thank you to Communities Foundation of Texas, donors across North Texas and the cyclists for helping us out hunger in our communities.

“For more information on Out Hunger, its events and how we all work together to end the cycle of hunger, visit”

-By Rand Jenkins, Out Hunger Founder and Executive Director

* Graphic and photos provided by Out Hunger

Family Friendly Trinity River Revel Takes Place All Day Sunday

Sunday is Father’s Day. Why not celebrate at Trinity River Revel? You’ll be part of the official opening of the Continental Avenue Pedestrian Bridge, the Trinity Skyline Trail, the West Dallas Gateway Plaza and the Sylvan Avenue Bridge. That’s a lot of openings!

Trinity River Revel door*

Trinity River Revel door*

Trinity River Revel door*

Trinity River Revel door*

But there’s so much more. From a gospel brunch to a campfire party, folks are going to start partying at 7:30 a.m. with a 5K Run. There’s even going to be an auction of doors at the eastern end of the Continental Avenue Pedestrian Bridge. The for-real wooden doors are not just any old doors. They’ve been dressed up “reflecting the theme ‘Our Past, Present and Future’” thank to such local artists as Ray Albarez, Mathews Barnes, Milan Bender, Gary Buckner, Iris Candelaria, Viola Delgado, Katrina Doran, Eliseo, Sarah Francis, Art Garcia, Elena Koulich, Brian Larney, David Lyles, Jessie Martinez, Aralyn McGregor, Vicki Meek, Cathey Miller, Mike Moffatt, Kevin Obregon, Caroline Oliver, Maria Teresa G Pedroche, Marcello Pope, Carlyn Ray, Jennifer Sereno, Richard Ross, Sophy Sam, Daniel Skelton and Ronda Van Dyk.

It’s so family-friendly. Most of the “stuff” is free. The food is going to cost you a penny or two, but there won’t be anything that will bust your credit card. Suggestion: bring cash. It always works.

The rolling ribbon cutting of the bridges, trails and plaza will take place from 2:30 to 4 p.m. How’s that going to happen? According to organizers, “Our ribbon cutting will have ‘spokes’people, but we call them that because the VIPs who will welcome the new additions to the corridor will do so on bicycles.”

BTW, Mother Nature is supposed to be a very, very good girl Sunday, so enjoy her good behavior. Dress light. Slather on the sunscreen. Wear that adorable hat. Don’t forget your sunglasses. And most of all, have fun being part of North Texas history.

Who Says Nothing Happens In June?

For those who have already flown the Dallas coop, here’s what you’ve left behind — rising temperatures, humbling humility and very little rain in sight.

Now here’s just a smattering of off-the-beaten-track events that you’ll be missing in the days to come:

  • Friday, June 6 (9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.), and Saturday, June 7 (11 a.m. to 1 p.m.) — Evidently, “Dallas residents may notice a few disasters occurring around the city this weekend. Dallas County has mobilized state organizations, law agencies and nonprofits to conduct disaster scenarios – such as hurricanes – and initiate relief support. The process is vital to prevent costly indecisions during a real crisis. The Texas State Guard is asking for volunteers from the DFW areas to participate in the mock scenarios as ‘victims’ or to join the unit as volunteer relief supporter.” It’s doubtful that North Texas will ever take a direct hit from a hurricane, but our first- and second-responders are usually the first ones to offer help to those in the bull’s eye zone. So, instead of lying around the pool, why not volunteer to be a “victim”? Contact Col. Robert T. Hastings Jr. at 817.528.2790.
  • Pets On The Hill*

    Pets On The Hill*

    Saturday, June 7 (9 a.m. to 2 p.m.) — In the past, this weekend has usually been the time when animals benefit from “Top Hat & Tails.” But since the dance-athon was held in April, “Pets on the Hill” is filling in at Walnut Hill United Methodist Church. “There will be five pet adoption agencies there along with a pet artist, vet doing ‘Ask the Dr.’ and free nail clipping, AKC chipping for $30, pet blessing by the minister and Oscar the Hot Dog Man. Bed ‘n Biscuit, which is a pet sitter, will attend along with Bow Wow Wow pet dish designs. Bring your pet or adopt one.”

  • Monday, June 9 (4:30 p.m. to 5:45 p.m.) — Before Dallas is invaded by the leading art directors, Dallas Museum of Art’s Maxwell Anderson, who seems to be in every publication except Field & Stream lately, will host a panel discussion, “Reimagining Cities: Art’s Impact On Our Economy & Beyond” at Communities Foundation of Texas. On the panel will be Dallas Theater Center’s Kevin Moriarty, Billingsley Development’s Lucilo Pena and “Arts & Education Advocate” Catherine Rose. Mayor Mike Rawlings, who is very partial to the arts thanks to his artist daughter Michelle, will provide the opening remarks. It’s a free event, but you gotta register.
  • Wine Education Dinner**

    Wine Education Dinner**

    Thursday, June 12 (6:30 p.m.) — Janet and Roland Love are hosting a “Wine Education Dinner”  with proceeds going to Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Greater Dallas. In addition to wine and cheese pairing demonstrations and tastings, Chef Justin Box will whip up a three-course winner with wine pairings, of course. Only problemo? It’s limited to 30 people and 20 folks have already signed up. Tickets will be $150 per couple; $75 for individuals. Contact Liz Grindele about locking down your place.

  • Saturday, June 14 (9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.) — The Dallas Morning News and the Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture is holding a “One Day University.” The subject will be The Civil War. The instructor will be Rutgers University Professor Louis Masur, who “will being with the issues of the revolutionary era, share an overview of the Civil War, analyze how it changed over time and lead a class discussion on the problems of reconstruction.” Since there is limited seating and a registration fee, you need to sign up here. Dallas Institute members get a discount. Ah, the advantages of membership! BTW, if you thought it was being held at SMU or the University of Dallas, think again. You’ll want to set your GPS for Scottish Rite Library and Museum.
  • Sunday, June 15 (7:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.) — Sure, it’s Father’s Day, but what about doing something instead of brunch and sticking dad with the tab? Why not take your pop or the main man in your life to Trinity River Revel, the official opening of the Trinity Skyline Trail, the Continental Avenue Pedestrian Bridge, the West Dallas Gateway Plaza and Sylvan Avenue Bridge? It’s totally free and you just might see Dallas First Father Mike Rawlings cycling along the new bike path. There will be music, a 5K run, vehicle show, food trucks and a campfire party. Check the schedule for all the activities!
  • Saturday, June 28 (7:30 a.m.) — “The Oak Cliff Boys & Girls Club Advisory Council is hosting its premier fundraiser, Race for Their Future 5K & Fun Run at the beautiful Kidd Springs Park. In partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Dallas, this event provides an interactive opportunity for community advocates to come together in support of the social and educational development of our youth. All proceeds will go towards funding collegiate scholarship funds, after-school programs and healthy lifestyle education for Oak Cliff Boys & Girls Club members.”

Of course, there are the usual venues like the Perot Museum and Arboretum which have ever-changing activities.

* Graphic provided by Pet On The Hill
** Graphic provided by Consumer Credit Counseling Service