North Texas Giving Day Booster: NorthPark Center

“To celebrate the philanthropic spirit of our city and the wonderful work of our local nonprofits, NorthPark Center is honored to partner with Communities Foundation of Texas for a special Donation Station event for North Texas Giving Day on Thursday, September 22, 2016. “North Texas Giving Day is the one day each year when donations of $25 or more are amplified by bonus … [Read more...]

North Texas Giving Day Booster: Imagination Fort Worth

“Imagination Fort Worth is proud to have served the Fort Worth and Statewide community since 1989, by filling an important need-access to quality, educational, enriching arts programs that not only enhance children's knowledge of the arts, but all the major academic subjects as well. Our programs are strengthening student's school engagement, school achievement, social … [Read more...]

North Texas Giving Day Booster: OurCalling

“Nonprofits fighting poverty in North Texas are facing an uphill battle. With one of the highest poverty rates in the country and a rapidly growing population, this recipe yields a growing mass of people struggling to survive. On top of that, nonprofits are strapped for resources to meet these growing challenges. “It's in this desert of resources that the North Texas Giving … [Read more...]

North Texas Giving Day Booster: Volunteer McKinney

“Volunteer McKinney is unique in that the ‘clients’ we serve are 120 local nonprofits who are located in and around Collin County. We host nonprofit and volunteer management trainings, networking events and large scale volunteer events all in an effort to build the capacity of local nonprofits and increase the efficiency of volunteers who serve them.  It is sometimes hard for … [Read more...]

North Texas Giving Day Booster: Friends Of The Mansfield Public Library

“When Ingrid Villar decided to stay home to raise her three children, one of her girlfriends told her, ‘You’ve got to find a library. You’ll be amazed to see how many things they offer for kids.’ So Villar did, and now she wishes everyone was aware of what a gem the Mansfield Public Library is. “’I don’t think people realize how much the library offers,’ said Ingrid, a … [Read more...]