MySweet2016Goals: Michael Flores

According to The Michael Flores Salon at Neiman Marcus owner/2016 Saint Valentine’s Day Luncheon & Fashion Show Co-Chair Michael Flores,

Michael Flores (File photo)

Michael Flores (File photo)

“My goal, especially for the early part of this year, is to have the 32nd annual Saint Valentine’s Day Luncheon to be the most successful fundraising event ever for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!

“My co-chairman, Gina Betts, and I want the luncheon to bring more awareness and more money for the cause than has ever been raised. We feel that we are on way to reaching that goal and we know it would not be possible without the dozens of volunteers, the dedicated staff and the incredibly generous donors.”

MySweet2016Goals: Norma Nelson

According to Readers 2 Leaders Executive Director Norma Nelson,

This month, I have had the tremendous blessing (and honor!) of being named Readers 2 Leaders’ first Executive Director!

“Readers 2 Leaders is a non-profit organization founded in 2010, whose mission is to develop and grow the reading skills of children in West Dallas ages 3-10 so that they succeed in school, graduate and leave school prepared to live productive lives. We offer in-school reading tutoring, a community lending library, high quality after-school programs and parent education centered on early literacy.

“In serving R2L as its first employee as well as our first Program Director, it has been amazing to see the growth of our programs and the impact we have had on West Dallas children. This year we are serving 240 children at six program sites (including five DISD schools) and our staff has grown to 14 total. Last year, the average student accelerated their reading level by 150%!

“Additionally, R2L partners with over 100 community volunteers who help out by reading with a child just one day a week for 30 minutes.

“My goals for 2016 are simple: to never lose sight of our mission, to humbly serve the West Dallas community and to get the word out in our community about the children in West Dallas who need our help! I am excited to take on this new role and continue to bring early literacy programs to West Dallas.

“For more information on Readers 2 Leaders, please visit us on the web at:”

MySweet2016Goals: Sherri Ansley

According to Housing Crisis Center Executive Director Sherri Ansley,

Sherri Ansley (File photo)

Sherri Ansley (File photo)

Housing Crisis Center has a lofty goal this year to review all our interactions with the community, including donors, clients, volunteers, board, etc. and evaluate their experience with Housing Crisis Center to improve our response to the community!”

MySweet2016Goals: Susan Jenevein

According to Cristo Rey Dallas College Prep Director of Development Susan Jenevein,

Susan Jenevein (File photo)

Susan Jenevein (File photo)

“My goal for 2016 is to provide each of our incoming students (100% of whom are at or below the federal poverty level) with a Google Chromebook – a goal of $40,000. Our students do all of their work on these Chromebooks at school, and since many do not have computers or even wireless access at home, these laptops would allow them to do their homework electronically. It is imperative that we are computer-based so we prepare our students for college and future employment.

“We are hoping to reach our goal with a GoFundMe campaign to raise $40,000 in February 2016, providing each of our 128 incoming freshmen with a Chromebook that they will use for all four years at Cristo Rey Dallas College Prep. To help us reach our goal, please visit”

MySweet2016Goals: Jan Osborn

According to community volunteer Jan Osborn,

Jan Osborn (File photo)

Jan Osborn (File photo)

“My 2014 My Sweet Charity goal was met in 2015 as Zachary’s House was completed and is home to 14 of Touch A Life Foundation’s newest and youngest girls.

“My goal for 2016 is to continue with the work I am passionate about doing in Ghana, West Africa, alongside the Touch A Life Foundation. Specifically, I’m excited to help launch the innovative vocational training programs we are working on for Touch A Life’s older girls. As the children become young adults and age out of the Care Center, our goal is to help these young ladies begin their careers in which they can become independent and self-sufficient.

“The Touch A Life Care Center in Kumasi, Ghana is home to 72 children who have been rescued from forced labor.”

MySweet2016Goals: Louise Eiseman

According to community volunteer and philanthropist Louise Eiseman,

Louise Eiseman (File photo)

Louise Eiseman (File photo)

“My goals if you want them, are to catch up/visit with dear friends I haven’t seen in a while, learn to have a positive attitude about change, to learn how to really text and stay healthy for another year so I can keep reading your ‘Posts!’”

MySweet2016Goals: Barbara Daseke

According to Art in Bloom International 2016 Event Chair Barbara Daseke,

Barbara Daseke (File photo)

Barbara Daseke (File photo)

“My goal in 2016 is for the community to join honorary chair Linda Ivy and myself at Art in Bloom International, the annual floral symposium and luncheon presented by the Dallas Museum of Art League, on Monday, March 21, 2016.

“This year’s event, which supports the DMA’s exhibition and education programs as well as the DMA League’s Floral Endowment Fund, will feature landscape architect and landscape historian Dr. Todd Longstaffe-Gowan, Gardens Advisor to Historic Royal Palaces. We are also delighted to honor Olivier Meslay, Associate Director of Curatorial Affair and Senior Curator of European and American Art at the DMA.

“Art in Bloom will include a reception and symposium with Dr. Longstaffe-Gowan, followed by a seated lunch and live auction. New this year — the inaugural table design competition, where any level of underwriter, using the theme ‘International’ as their inspiration, can choose to create a tablescape for an additional $500 entry fee. Dr. Longstaffe-Gowan will also serve as the judge of the competition with the lucky winner receiving a three-day spree for two in London, complete with exceptional accommodations, a lunch at Clarke’s Restaurant and a private tour with Dr. Longstaffe-Gowan of Kensington Palace and other historic Palace Gardens (airfare is not included).

“Sponsorships begin at $750 and individual tickets are $175 each and are on sale now. To purchase tickets call Shelby Pearlman at the DMA’s Office of Special Events at 214.922.1364, or visit the Art In Bloom webpage at

“Please join me on March 21 for what promises to be a wonderful day benefiting the Dallas Museum of Art!”

MySweet2016Goals: Lynn McBee

Lynn McBee (File photo)

Lynn McBee (File photo)

According to Young Women’s Preparatory Network CEO Lynn McBee,

I have three New Year’s goals:

  1. To become more proficient in Spanish as more than half the girls in our network (Young Women’s Preparatory Network) schools speak Spanish. (It’s almost 57%).
  2. To train for an ultra-marathon. Running is where I do my best thinking. I don’t wear headphones and I run by myself, so that’s when I can come solve problems. So 100 miles will give me plenty of time to plan and solve!
  3. If possible, I want to get more sleep.

Change Of Plans: MySweet2016Goals To Double Up

Evidently there are more goals being established for 2016 than one might suspect. Originally, the plan was to run the MySweet2016Goals twice a week. Well, more than a handful arrived, so the schedule was adjusted to daily. That didn’t work either. More goals kept coming in.

For this reason, the MySweet2016Goals will be running twice a day the rest of the week.

Be prepared, because some will make you chuckle and some will make you consider adding their goal to your list.

MySweet2016Goals: Tara Null

According to The Warren Center Development Director Tara Null,

Tara Null*

Tara Null*

“My goal for 2016 is to unite mothers and fathers of young children and encourage them to join the Friends of The Warren Center Auxiliary Group.

“As a friend, they will be invited to exclusive events benefiting The Warren Center and assist our staff by sharing The Warren Centers mission of assuring that children with developmental differences or disabilities, and their families, receive the resources and support they need to reach their full potential. To learn more”

* Photo provided by 
The Warren Center

MySweet2016Goals: Jennifer Shultz

According to Turtle Creek Association CEO/President Jennifer Shultz,

Jennifer Schultz*

Jennifer Schultz*

  • “Raise awareness that the Turtle Creek Association exists and what it does for the community.
  • “Make the 15th Annual Turtle Creek Tour of Homes on April 10th a success. It’s my first time to participate and it’s our largest fundraising event, so I am glad to have the help of some amazing volunteers!
  • “Work to balance precious family time with my one-year-old and husband along with work.
  • “Enjoy all the little moments. I love hearing my daughter’s infectious belly laughs over the smallest things and her pure joy in new discoveries.”
* Photo provided by Turtle Creek Association

MySweet2016Goals: Alexa Conomos

According to WFAA Daybreak Co-Anchor Alexa Conomos,

Alexa Conomos (File photo)

Alexa Conomos (File photo)

“To be honest, I tend to shy away from making an actual list of New Year’s Resolutions.  But with the start of a new year, I can’t help but reflect on life in general and the direction I’d like my own life to follow.

“Mostly, I re-affirm my resolve to be a compassionate child of God, a good citizen of humanity, and the best mother to my children. Admittedly, it feels like I always fall short. So I view these goals as daily resolutions, not just yearly ones. To be the kind of caring, compassionate person and citizen of the world I want my own children to be–that’s a resolution that remains unchanged with every new year I greet.”

MySweet2016Goals: Michelle Kinder

According to Momentous Institute Executive Director Michelle Kinder,

Michelle Kinder*

Michelle Kinder*

“My 2016 goals are to stay grounded in gratitude and compassion and to be awake to the present moment as often as possible.

“Oh, and social emotional health for all kids so they can achieve their full potential – that too!”

* Photo provided 
by Momentous 

UPDATE: MySweet2016Goals Being Ramped Up

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the MySweet2016Goals is going to have to ramp up its posting. Seems too many folks are tackling the new year with plans to improve their lives and their community. Each one of the goals has been true, blue food for thought. Some have provided chuckles. Others have provided a goal to add to others’ lists.

Starting tomorrow, goals will be going daily until the end of the month!

If you’ve got a goal to share with others, send ’em.