JUST IN: New Crystal Charity Ball Advisory Board Members Announced

2018 Crystal Charity Ball Chair Claire Emanuelson just announced the newest members of the CCB Advisory Board. Drum roll, please. Charlotte Jones Anderson, Richard Eiseman, Sarah Losinger and Nancy Perot will serve a three-year term on the Board.

Charlotte Jones Anderson (File photo)

Richard Eiseman (File photo)

Sarah Losinger (File photo)

Nancy Perot (File photo)

The recent death of Lifetime Advisory Board Member Ruth Altshuler leaves Annette Simmons as the only CCB Lifetime Advisory Board Member.

JUST IN: 2017 Rising Stars Luncheon Scored A Touchdown Netting $336,870 For After-School All-Stars North Texas

Ben Lange (File photo)

Nancy Rogers and Gina Betts (File photo)

If you see attorney Gina Betts and America’s Auto Auction CEO Ben Lange giggling and high-fiving each other, it’s not because they just won a lawsuit or sold a lot full of cars. Nope. The two just learned the results of their After-School All-Stars North Texas’s Rising Stars Luncheon fundraiser on Wednesday, May 17, at the Dallas Country Club.

Dak Prescott and Brad Sham

It was only the second luncheon fundraiser for the group, but ASAS Advisory Board Chair Ben managed to get fundraising queen Gina to chair the event that was such a sell-out that folks were nearly sitting in laps.

In addition to the need for the ASAS program being a big draw, Gina and Ben pulled in a couple of big guns — Nancy and Richard Rogers as presenting sponsors and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott.on stage in a chat with Brad “Voice of the Dallas Cowboys” Sham.

The event was a grandstand touchdown scoring a whopping $336,870. No, that’s not the amount raised. It’s the net.

Needless to say, ASAS Executive Director Marissa Castro is thrilled because it means that middle schoolers will have “safe and structured opportunities between 3 and 6 p.m.”

2017 Crystal Charity Ball Committee Honored Its Advisory Board And Beneficiaries With A Reception At Jennifer And Richard Dix’s Digs

Jennifer Dix, Christie Carter and Mary-Elizabeth Carrell

The wine and the conversation flowed freely on Wednesday, April 5, when Crystal Charity Ball‘s friends and supporters gathered at the magnificent, Preston Hollow home of Jennifer and Richard Dix. And, why not? The event, after all, was being held to honor to group’s advisory board and the 2017 CCB beneficiaries.

Anna Hundley, Brent Christopher and Mary Pat Higgins

Guests such as Jan and Fred Hegi, Vinnie Reuben, SuSu Meyer, Michael Teeter, Tucker Enthoven, Leslie and Bryan Diers, Beth Thoele, Anna Hundley, Mary Pat Higgins, Mary-Elizabeth Carrell, Pam Busbee and Patti Flowers and Tom Swiley swarmed happily into the home’s kitchen area, where they found the likes of Christie Carter and Lisa and Clay Cooley. Christie, who’s a big supporter of Dallas CASA, was still talking about that group’s Cherish the Children luncheon held earlier in the day, where entrepreneur Casey Gerald had given an inspiring talk. Commented Christie: “It was a powerful luncheon.”

Nickey and Debbie Oates

Tom Swiley

Sandra Helton

Michael Teeter

On the business front, luxury home builder Nickey Oates and car dealer Clay Cooley both reported that their businesses were in overdrive… For Brent Christopher, it was a switch of roles. In the past as president/CEO of Communities Foundation of Texas, he had served on the advisory board. Having just taken over Children’s Medical Center Foundation this past year and its being selected as a 2017 CCB beneficiary, he was on the other side of the CCB spectrum.

Pam Perella

Finally, it was time for 2017 CCB Chair Pam Perella to address the group, and what better place was there to do it than in the crowded kitchen, where Cassandra Tomassetti‘s crew had been creating mini-feasts much to the delight of folks like Santa Clara of Assisi Catholic Academy Stephanie Matous and Sister Sandra Helton.

Standing on the stairway, Pam said, “I might be a little biased, but I’m really thrilled with our beneficiaries this year,” referring to the Autism Treatment Center, Big Brothers Big Sisters Lone Star, the Children’s Medical Center Foundation, the Dallas Holocaust Museum, Hunger Busters, the Presbyterian Communities and Services Foundation, Rainbow Days, and the Santa Clara of Assisi Catholic Academy.

Vin Perella, Beth Thoele, Tucker Enthoven, Leslie and Bryan Diers

“Our goal this year is to raise $5.83 million,” Pam went on. “We’re almost there, so no big deal!” With that, the crowd laughed heartily as Pam gave way to longtime CCB supporter/patron Chuck Thoele of RGT Wealth Advisors. “Crystal Charity Ball is really good at three things,” Chuck said, beginning to chuckle. “Picking their beneficiaries. Raising a lot of money. And throwing a good party!”

No one at the Dix home that night would argue with that.

For more photos from the party, check out MySweetCharity Photo Gallery.

MySweetCharity Photo Gallery Alert: 2017 Crystal Charity Ball Advisory Board Reception

Jennifer Dix, Christie Carter and Mary-Elizabeth Carrell

The Crystal Charity Ball committee annually takes one night off from fundraising to bring together two groups of people — the CCB Advisory Board and the year’s beneficiaries. This year’s gathering took place on Wednesday, April 5, at Jennifer and Richard Dix’s wonderful home-sweet-home with everybody showing up.

Anna Hundley, Brent Christopher and Mary Pat Higgins

In addition to a great opportunity to learn about each other, it was also marvelous eating thanks to Cassandra Tomassetti. While the post is in its final stages, check out the faces at MySweetCharity Photo Gallery.

JUST IN: Lizzie Horchow Routman To Chair New UT Southwestern President’s Advisory Board

UT Southwestern President Dr. Daniel Podolsky has a marvelous talent for surrounding himself with very smart people. From the six Nobel Prize winners on staff to the 2,800-member faculty, Daniel has quite a team to provide for the millions of patients receiving health care at the institution.

Daniel Podolsky (File photo)

Elizabeth “Lizzie” Horchow Routman*

So, it is no surprise that he’s expanded his resources by tapping local leadership to provide “fresh perspectives to the Medical Center.” It was just announced that he has launched a President’s Advisory Board “to support its institutional mission and ambitious agenda.”

And to head up this board, Daniel has picked philanthropist Elizabeth “Lizzie” Horchow Routman, who has proven herself on such boards as The Dallas Foundation, Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas, Visiting Nurses Association and The Hockaday School, to name a few.

And when it comes to UT Southwestern, Lizzie is certainly no newbie, having been a member since 1997 of the Southwestern Medical Foundation Board of Trustees, where she has served on the executive committee and as nominating committee chair.

She and her family have been longtime supporters of UT Southwestern, providing everything from art collections to financial support including a million dollars for the William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital for decades. In fact, Lizzie’s mother, the late Carolyn Horchow, founded the Carolyn P. Horchow Women’s Health Symposium in 1999 at UT Southwestern.

According to Daniel, “Having known Lizzie for many years and witnessed her leadership skills and dedication to UT Southwestern’s mission, I have the utmost confidence in her ability to engage and inspire fellow members of the inaugural President’s Advisory Board.”

Made up of various leaders from the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the Board will meet three times a year and will “provide President Podolosky and Medical Center administration with guidance on the opportunities and challenges the Institution faces across all three parts of its mission – clinical care, education, and research. Board members will have both a voice and a platform as UT Southwestern’s advocates for population health issues, standard-bearers for clinical excellence, and proponents for scientific breakthroughs.”

* Photo provided by UT Southwestern


JUST IN: Crystal Charity Ball Names Annette Simmons As Lifetime Advisory Board Member, Rob Bowlby And Francie Moody-Dahlberg To Board

As the Crystal Charity Ball 100 are going through the final stages of selecting the 2017 beneficiaries, 2017 CCB Chair Pam Perella has just revealed that for only the second time in the 65-year-old organization’s history has a Lifetime Advisory Board Member been named — Annette Simmons.

Annette Simmons (File photo)

Ruth Altshuler (File photo)

The only other person receiving this designation is Ruth Altshuler.

Rob Bowlby (File photo)

Francie Moody-Dahlberg (File photo)

Pam also announced that BT&T North Texas President Rob Bowlby and Moody Foundation Executive Director Francie Moody-Dahlberg will be joining the CCB advisory board that presently consists of Elaine Agather, Barry Andrews, Ralph Babb, Keith Cargill, Jason Downing, James Dunn, Kent Eastman, Lauren Embrey, Linda Perryman Evans, Paul Fields, Jacqueline Fojtasek, Paul Harris, Fred Hegi, Sally Hoglund, Richard Holt, Norma Hunt, Gene Jones, Jerry Meyer, David Miller, Caren Prothro, David Rosenberg, Carl Sewell, Randall Stephenson, Lisa Troutt, Jim Turner, Courtney Wang, Alan White and Sharon Worrell.

BTW, the beneficiaries will be selected on Thursday, February 2, with fundraising efforts officially commencing on Thursday, February 23. Mark Saturday, December 2, for the annual black-tie fundraiser for local children’s charities.

Baylor Health Care System Foundation Board Is Served Up Future Plans And Causes For Growing Concern About Skin Cancers

Financial progress, personnel transitions, and skin care—specifically, “Dermatology Innovations and Skin-Care Secrets”—were on the agenda Tuesday, May 10, when the Baylor Health Care System Foundation board held its quarterly luncheon meeting at Dallas’ Baylor Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center.

Rowland Robins, Tavia Hunt, Margo Goodwin and Joel Allison*

Rowland Robins, Tavia Hunt, Margo Goodwin and Joel Allison*

After attendees like Ken Schnitzer, Shannon Skokos, Tom Dunning, Jill Smith, Barry Andrews, Aileen Pratt and Richard Holt took their seats in the center’s big meeting room, Foundation Chair Margo Goodwin got right down to business by noting that the FY 2016 Board Giving Campaign, which wraps up Thursday, June 30, had reached 85 percent of its goal. “It’s not the size of the gift,” Margo pointedly reminded the board members, “it’s the fact that 100 percent of our board will give.”

Jim Turner*

Jim Turner*

She then turned over the podium to Baylor Scott & White Holdings Board Chair Jim Turner, who gave a detailed update on the process to find a successor to Joel Allison. Joel, who’s CEO of Baylor Scott & White Health, announced previously that he would step down officially on February 1, 2017. Turner told the board about the hiring of Witt/Kieffer, an executive-recruiting firm whose Atlanta-based practice specializes in CEO searches for healthcare firms. A search committee has also been named, Turner said, and its members would be interviewing a number of hospital “stakeholders” to create the “ideal CEO profile.”

Once that profile is completed, Turner explained, Phase Two of the search would kick in. First, Witt/Kieffer will review both “internal and external” candidates through July. A select group of those candidates should be selected by the end of August, Turner said, and, ideally, finalists would be ready for official consideration by the middle of September. Turner is aiming to have a candidate to take to the board for their consideration by Saturday, October 1, with the finalist hired and “on board by October 30.”

That timetable would give the new CEO time during the transition period to learn the ropes from Allison, who will “step into his role as adviser to me by February,” Turner concluded.

Then it was time for Foundation President Rowland “Robin” Robinson to talk about another sort of transition: new members replacing “old” ones on the foundation board. “Rolling off” the board on Thursday, June 30, would be Glenn Callison, Dunning, James N. Miller, William F. Miller III, Beverly Nichols, Wade Reed, John Tolleson and Terry Worrell.

Then a third sort of transition was addressed: the replacement of Dr. Alan Menter as chairman of the Division of Dermatology at Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas with incoming chairman Dr. Clay J. Cockerell, who will assume his new duties on Friday, July 1. Cockerell and the legendary Dr. Menter were joined in a panel discussion titled “More Than Skin Deep” by Dr. Catriona Ryan, vice chair of Dermatology, Dermatology Residency Program at the Baylor University med center.

Catriona Ryan, Clay Cockerell and Alan Menter*

Catriona Ryan, Clay Cockerell and Alan Menter*

Cockerell said his goal is to “double the size” of the dermatology program over the next five years. Menter, who’s had a longtime focus on improving psoriasis treatment, said that despite stepping down as dermatology chairman, he would continue practicing after July 1. Ryan explained that Baylor has “upped what we do” for melanoma patients at the hospital. Asked by an audience member “what to do for crow’s feet,” Ryan stressed the importance of a skin-care regimen, using sunblock every morning, and applying Retin-A at night. Finally, all three doctors warned against the use of tanning beds, citing studies showing that 95% of women who developed skin cancer in their 20s and 30s had used tanning beds at some point.

The foundation’s next board meeting will be on Tuesday, September 20.

* Photos provided by Baylor Health Care System Foundation

2016 Crystal Charity Ball Advisory Board And 7 Beneficiaries Get Better Acquainted At Heather And Billy Esping’s Estate

Linda Secrest, Heather Esping and Beth Thoele

Linda Secrest, Heather Esping and Beth Thoele

While their magnificent pool house was still in the construction stage of life, Heather and Billy Esping hosted the 2016 Crystal Charity Ball Advisory Board and Beneficiary reception at their Preston Hollow home on Thursday, April 14.

Advisory Board member/Communities Foundation of Texas President/CEO Brent Christopher, who said that since his announcement of heading up Children’s Foundation he had been in overdrive, admitted, “Nobody replaces Kern Wildenthal. They just carry on.” When asked if he would stay on the CCB Advisory Board, Brent conceded that he would probably have to resign, since his new assignment would put him on the other side of the fundraising world. Instead of doling out grants, he would be seeking funds.

Kent Eastman

Kent Eastman

With 2016 CCB Chair Christie Carter standing by his side, Capital One Bank Texas State President Kent Eastman graciously told the crowd that Capital One’s underwriting of the event was to salute the CCB’s support of the 2016 beneficiaries including Captain Hope’s Kid/Hope Supply Co., Community Partners of Dallas, Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas, Notre Dame School, Parkland Foundation, Teach for America and The Family Place.

While his wife, Claire Emanuelson, twinkled in a gold blouse, Dwight Emanuelson stood by the fireplace sporting a new haircut and was fresh back from a fishing outing up north.

Jerry Meyer and Annette Simmons

Jerry Meyer and Annette Simmons

Anne Reeder and Susan McSherry

Anne Reeder and Susan McSherry

Others in the crowd of advisors and beneficiaries included newlyweds Annette Simmons and Jerry Fronterhouse, SuSu and Jerry Meyer, Cynthia and Brice Beaird, Pam and Vin Perella, Linda Secrest, Beth Thoeloe and the evening’s Co-Chairs Susan McSherry and Anne Reeder.

Lee Ann White To Continue As Laura W. Bush Institute For Women’s Health National Advisory Board Chair And Spreads The Knowledge To Fort Worth

If you’re looking for Lee Ann White at lunchtime today, she ain’t in Dallas. Nope. the PlainsCapital Bank VP is over in Cowtown. Instead of wearing a banker’s visor, she’s over thar in her role as the Laura W. Bush Institute for Women’s Health National Advisory Board Chair.

Lee Ann White (File photo)

Lee Ann White (File photo)

Lee Ann only thought she was retiring from the chairmanship this past year. But face it. After scoring a couple of major successes with two Dallas symposiums that “drew attention, created awareness and raised funds for the Institute,” they weren’t about to let her slip through their fingers.

So, the first item on her agenda was to spread the word to the gals in Fort Worth. To do that, she’s holding a symposium today on “Female Focus: Differences Matter” in collaboration with the UNT Health Science Center at Fort Worth’s River Crest Country Club.

Joining her in chairing the event are Kit Moncrief and Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price.

But don’t go thinking that Dallas will be out in the cold in regards to women’s health. Lee Ann and the Laura W. Bush Institute of Women’s Health staff have scheduled “Women And Sleep: Good Night; Great Day” for Tuesday, May 17, at the Dallas Country Club.

The National Advisory Board is an all-volunteer board comprised of individuals who are interested in women’s health. The members come from varied backgrounds and advise the Executive Director on ways to advance and enhance the Institute’s mission and programs while serving as ambassadors for the Institute.  For information about the symposiums and the Laura W. Bush Institute of Women’s Health, visit laurabushinstitute.org or call Renee Price at 214.358.9065.

Children’s Cancer Fund’s Lynn And Jim Stroud Exemplify The Ongoing Commitment In The War Against Pediatric Cancer

It was Friday, February 12, in the Founders Room at the Dallas Country Club, where the Children’s Cancer Fund Advisory Board was meeting to learn about plans for the upcoming “An Evening in Oz” on Friday, April 22, at the Hilton Anatole.

For early arrivals like Lynn and Jim Stroud, the Children’s Cancer Fund was more than meetings and fundraising. It was a passion resulting from the death of their daughter Jennifer Lynn Stroud’s death to cancer. The thought of her daughter still ignited tears in her mom even after all these years.

Brittany Bannon and Jim and Lynn Stroud

Brittany Bannon and Jim and Lynn Stroud

It was back in 1993, that Lynn and Jim and Jennifer’s big brother/7-year-old Will Stroud were slammed when 5-year-old Jennifer was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia on Christmas Eve.

Jim admitted looking back they were totally blindsided. While most kids dread their annual vaccinations, Jennifer underwent nasty but necessary treatments of chemo and radiation. Still it wasn’t enough. At that time there were only 40+ cases of that type of leukemia in the country.

Despite their ability to personally provide $1M in trying to save their daughter and the best healthcare provided by Children’s and M.D. Anderson, they lost Jennifer 26 months later.

But Lynn and Jim Stroud and even Will didn’t hesitate to continue the battle against children’s cancer. Unlike some families that falter and fall apart under such strain, the Strouds came together to carry on the battle against pediatric cancer. Lynn and Jim created the Jennifer Lynn Stroud Foundation to “promote research for a leukemia cure and offers educational, emotional and spiritual support to families impacted by pediatric cancer.”

Will Stroud

Will Stroud

They also joined the Children’s Cancer Fund. Will, who went into investments with his dad, earned his private pilot’s license and flies pediatric cancer patients between Dallas and Houston’s M.D. Anderson.

Jennifer may have been lost due to cancer, but the battle against cancer gained a trio of warriors in the Stroud clan.

It is that type of long-term commitment that makes the Strouds and the Children’ Cancer Fund forces to be reckoned in the world of pediatric cancer.

Want to meet Lynn, Jim and all-grown-up Will? Chances you’ll run into them at the Children’s Cancer Fund Gala.

New Crystal Charity Ball Advisory Board Members Announced

Linda Perryman Evans (File photo)

Linda Perryman Evans (File photo)

Richard Holt (File photo)

Richard Holt (File photo)

Crystal Charity Ball Chair Christie Carter just announced the new members of the CCB Advisory Board. The newbies include Ruth Altshuler, Keith Cargill, Jason Downing, James Dunn, Linda Perryman Evans, Paul Harris, Sally Hoglund, Richard Holt, Gene Jones, David Miller and Lisa Troutt.

Gene Jones (File photo)

Gene Jones (File photo)

Lisa Troutt (File photo)

Lisa Troutt (File photo)

They will be joining current Advisory Board members Elaine Agather, Barry Andrews, Ralph Babb, Brent Christopher, Kent Eastman, Lauren Embrey, Paul Fields, Jacqueline Fojtasek, Fred Hegi, Norma Hunt, Jerry Meyer, Ray Nixon, Caren Prothro, David Rosenberg, Carl Sewell, Annette Simmons, Audrey Spangenberg, Randall Stephenson, Debbie Taylor, Jim Turner, Courtney Wang, Alan White and Sharon Worrell.

BTW, if you see a nonprofit type with crossed fingers this week, there’s a reason. The 2016 beneficiaries will be selected this Thursday.