Start Working Out Because A Weekend Of Fundraising Gala Collisions Lies Ahead

Côtes du Coeur (File photo)

Well, yuck! North Texas is preparing to have one of those fundraising collision weekends. Drat!

On Saturday, April 22, two major, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious events are taking place. The wine-loving types will be at the Omni Dallas for the American Heart Association graze and gaze with a corral full of chefs and more wines than California could produce for Côtes du Coeur thanks to Co-Chairs Kelly and David Pfeil.

Art Ball 2016 (File photo)

Over at the Dallas Museum of Art, new kid-on-the-block (aka Eugene McDermott Director) Agustin Arteaga will be introduced to fundraising Dallas-style with the 2017 Art Ball. With Art Ball Co-Chairs Ann and Lee Hobson at the helm and the taste of romantic France via “All That Glistens,” it’s pretty darn obvious that it’s gonna be a night of killer fashions, food and fantastical auction items. The tent is already being erected next to the DMA.

Trammell S. Crow

2016 Children’s Cancer Fund (File photo)

And Friday is just as bad. Here, the EarthxGlobal Gala folks moved their big soiree from Saturday to Friday night to avoid the Art Ball/Côtes du Coeur traffic jam. Only problem: there’s still another mega fundraiser — Children’s Cancer Fund — taking place at the Hilton Anatole that night with kids and celebrities on the runway.

Oh, dear! What is one to do? Do two-a-night and then hit the after-soiree stop — Whataburger?

If either any of ‘em sounds to your liking instead of the same-old Friday and Saturday night sock-sorting and grilling steaks, there are still tickets available. Here’s the one for Côtes du Coeur and here’s the one for Art Ball. Either way you can win!

Horse racing (File photo)

BTW, if you think Sunday is gonna be any better, think again. The Retina Foundation‘s Racing for Sight at Lone Star Park is on a collision course with the Nasher Sculpture Center‘s Great Create.

The Great Create (File photo)

It just ain’t fair!

The Elisa Project’s Life Lessons Luncheon Had DWTS’s Nancy Kerrigan, Unexpected Add-Ons To The Program And Rumbling Tummies

After years of holding luncheons at hotels and last year’s breakfast at the Belo, The Elisa Project held a luncheon for its Life Lessons fundraiser at the Belo on Friday, March 3. It kicked off with a VIP reception at 11:00, but, unlike other meet-and-greet receptions with the celebrity du jour, this one had no grip-and-grin photo opp with luncheon speaker Nancy Kerrigan, or even a sponsor backdrop. Instead, guests passed the word that “She’s over there” and “She’s so sweet” and “She looks wonderful” and snapped photos with the accommodating Kerrigan.

Kim Bannister, Ariana Luterman, Nancy Kerrigan and Allana Luterman

Alas, a photo of Co-Chairs Rhonda Sargent Chambers and Melissa Rountree, Kerrigan and Honorary Chair Toni Munoz-Hunt was stalled. Word was passed that “Toni is on her way” as the doors to the ballroom opened just after 11:30. Then tall, gorgeous Toni gathered with Nancy, Rhonda and Melissa for a snap.

Rhonda Sargent Chambers, Toni Munoz Hunt, Nancy Kerrigan and Melissa Rountree

In the crowd of supporters were Kim Bannister, Holly Davis, Pamela Graham, Carlotta Lennox, mom-to-be Jenny Anchondo, Ellen Winspear, Lisa Cooley with daughter Ciara Cooley and daughter-in-law-to-be Bela Pjetrovic, Tiffany Divis, Lynn McBee and Nancy Gopez.

Nancy Gopez and Tiffany Divis

Carlotta Lennox and Pamela Graham

Lisa Cooley, Jenny Anchondo and Bela Pjetrovic

As The Elisa Project Executive Director Kim Martinez stood on the floor with mic in hand, she called the group to their seats at tables pre-set with salads, desserts, a bowl of bread, a floral arrangement, water and ice tea. More about this setup later.

The printed program set out a plan for just five speakers — Kim, The Elisa Project Board Chair Dr. Stephanie Setliff, Star of Hope Awardee Dr. Andy McGarrahan, LEAD Awardee Ariana Luterman and keynoter Kerrigan. Instead, the program was extended with multiple unscripted speakers.

Following the invocation, Stephanie had Rhonda and Melissa come to the podium to talk about their helping those with eating disorders. They, in turn, thanked Toni, whom they asked to address the group.

It was then announced that the Esteem Fashion Show fundraiser would be held once again at Tootsies in the fall.  When the announcement of the Esteem honorary chair was made, the supposed honorary chair looked stunned. She had already told them she couldn’t do it. Oops.

Stephanie presented the Star of Hope Award to Dr. Andy McGarrahan, who twinned humility with humor in accepting the award.

Stephanie Setliff

Andrew McGarrahan

After Andy’s acceptance, Stephanie announced she was going off-script. Co-Chair Rhonda looked at her timeline and looked a bit baffled. But before she could figure out what was going on, she heard Stephanie tell of Rhonda’s commitment to the organization over the years and asked her to come back to the stage to receive a token of appreciation. Despite being caught off guard, Rhonda thanked her mom and dad (“Perhaps you should have worn a tie”), her husband and family, and told how much The Elisa Project meant to her.

Kim then presented the LEAD Award to Greenhill student wunderkind Ariana for her volunteering to handle The Elisa Project’s social media. In the audience, Ariana’s mother, Allana Luterman, recorded her daughter’s acceptance on her cellphone.

As a video was shown about The Elisa Project, some guests were starting to wonder if the seasonal mixed salad with herb vinaigrette had been the entrée. After all, it was 35 minutes into the program and the salads and dressing were long gone. All that remained were the empty salad plates putting the desserts just beyond reach. At one table a guest with long arms reached for the passel of rolls and started to pass it around. As more presentations of speakers and a video continued, the floral arrangements were starting to look downright tasty.

Whitney Kutch

In making a call for money at the 45-minute mark, Elisa Board Member Whitney Kutch came to the stage and announced that she and Melissa were issuing a $4,000-challenge for guests to match. 

Finally, Kim announced there would be a break for lunch. Quickly, the staff replaced the salad plates with dishes of chicken, carrots and whipped potatoes. Luckily, Nancy’s table was one of the first to be served. She managed to take a couple of bites before being called to the podium.

Her life story has truly been challenging. There had been the Tonya Harding episode; the heart-breaking efforts for Olympic gold; her brother’s being on trial for their father’s death; her recently announced joining the “2017 Dancing With the Stars” cast.

Would she speak on all, or just one, of those subjects? Instead, she spoke extemporaneously for 30 minutes about everything from her kids to her own challenges of looking figure perfect and fitting into costumes. A couple of times during her talk she admitted that she was bouncing from subject to subject.

Nancy Kerrigan

Then she teared up and told how she had truly been touched by Leslie and Rick McCall’s motivation in creating The Elisa Project to fulfill their late daughter’s wish to help prevent others from the agony of eating disorders. That would have been the perfect place to have ended the talk. But Kerrigan continued, with some guests slipping out at this point and others sneaking peaks at their watches.

Nearing the end of her talk, Nancy admitted she had been guilty of unhealthy care-taking. She had put others’ needs before her own and had worked to overcome that practice. However, she revealed that she was helping one of her sons, who seemed to be following his mother’s care-taking role.

Instead of allowing guests to head to their cars, Kim took to the floor with mic in hand for questions from the audience. Less than a handful of hands were raised, while others headed for the door.

The Perfect Fix For St. Patrick’s Day Weekend’s Need For Green

Dallas Arboretum tulips

It’s St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Instead of flying off to Ireland to kiss the Blarney Stone or hitting the pubs for a tankard of Guinness Extra Stout, why not surround yourself in picture-perfect green?

It can be found at the Dallas Arboretum with acres of  magnificent green grounds being highlighted by 500,000 blossoms.

And if you’re set on kissing something, the Arboretum has plenty of tulips. Wink, wink.

A Passing: “The Exorcist” Author William Peter Blatty, Multiple Myeloma And A Long Ago Story About A Dallas Encounter


Today CancerBlows Co-Founders Niki and Ryan Anthony were meeting with CancerBlows Co-Chairs D’Andra Simmons Lock and Anne Stodghill and a production crew from around the country for the upcoming May 8-10th multiple myeloma fundraiser at the Meyerson. (More about that in the days to come.)

While they were finalizing plans for the event that will have the world’s greatest horn players perform to support research and treatments about the disease that struck Ryan, multiple myeloma proved just how deadly it is. Academy Award-winning screenwriter/acclaimed author of “The Exorcist” William Peter Blatty died the day before as a result of the blood cancer.

Blatty’s death recalled an incident that took place in Dallas back in 1973. A very young and green society writer at The Dallas Morning News was assigned to cover a party hosted by Polly and Dick Hitt and Jeanne and Jim Butler for a novelist named William Peter Blatty. In a Google-less world, she wandered the newsroom asking reporters if they had ever heard of Blatty. All she got were shrugs. Well, there was one writer who said he thought the guy had written about teddy bears.

So, off the society writer went to the party at a mansion on Preston Road, where she encountered all types of local celebs like KVIL’s Ron Chapman and Hugh Lampman and Bettie and Fairmont Hotel General Manager Julian Abio. Once again, she asked, “Have you heard of William Peter Blatty?” Again, the responses were shrugs and side-shaking of heads.

Wandering into a small sitting room, she found a man seated in a chair whom she didn’t know. After exchanging “Hellos,” she again asked him if he knew of William Peter Blatty. He responded, “As a matter of fact I do. He wrote a book called ‘The Exorcist.’” Innocently, she asked if he had read it. He nodded. She followed that up with, “Is it any good?” He said he thought so.

She was on a roll and asked if her new friend could point Blatty out. He then aimed his index finger at his chest.

She smiled and they both laughed.

Now, having experienced the most awkward moment that could possibly happen in their relationship, she said, “Do you know that you look yellow? Is it the lighting or are you wearing some kind of makeup?” He said he hadn’t been feeling all that great and appreciated her concern.

After a few minutes, she departed.

The next day the society writer received a call from host Jim Butler saying that after she had left the party, Blatty had been taken to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with hepatitis. “He keeps asking for you,” Butler said.

Over the next few months, the movie version was released and the phone calls between the society writer and Blatty continued. He would talk about his life and how the movie’s popularity had been both flattering and weird. After she had seen the movie, she acted like a movie expert and wondered if it would have been better done in black and white. He laughed and said that he had lobbied for that, but the director and money people were totally opposed to that idea.

While staying in Colorado, Blatty called and insisted that the writer come to Colorado to meet his mother, Mary Blatty. He had spoken of his mother often and had told her about the writer. Bill just knew the two ladies would hit it off. The writer suggested that Blatty put Mary on the phone, so they could chat.

It was then that the relationship took a definite “exorcist” turn. He couldn’t put his mother on the phone. She had died in 1967. It was the last time the reporter and Blatty would talk.

BEWARE: Mother Nature Has Cooked Up A Weekend Of Weathery Upsy and Downsies

That Mama Nature is a tricky old gal. She had the weather guessers convinced that she would just snow flurry around this afternoon. And there were all types of impressive maps to back her claim. But then the white stuff started falling. Just one flake made people smile. Then a dozen made folks think how pretty the flurry is. But then the flurry became an afternoon drive-home fury of flakes that as soon as they hit the ground, they froze together making Central Expressway a glorified parking lot and teeny-weeny hills become icy roller coasters.

Traffic in the snow (File photos)

Now, what’s in the future? Take a deep breath and read this before venturing out Saturday morning. The stuff that’s wet and on the ground this evening is going to freeze thanks to temperatures in the 20s. Roads that were slippery today are going to be treacherous Saturday until afternoon when the temps get just barely above freezing.

Are you relieved? Don’t be. Sorry to report that Saturday night the stuff that started melting Saturday afternoon will refreeze Saturday night thanks to returning temperatures in the 20s. Rethink Sunday brunches and church services.

Dallas Arboretum squirrels (File photo)

But you deserve some good news and here goes. Sunday afternoon the temperatures will start rising above freezing and will stay there the rest of the week.

So, tell those sandals and shorts to take a break. Come Tuesday they’ll be needed for walking the dogs, sipping on patios, comparing notes with the penguins at the Dallas Zoo and checking out the blossoms at the Arboretum.

In the meantime, rethink that subscribing to Netflix and reading that book that has been gathering dusty. And what about that needlepoint that you’ve been meaning to finish up?

Put On The Sunscreen And Take Advantage Of Dallas Zoo’s Penguin Days Special Deal

Dallas Zoo Penguin Days hosts (File photo)

The roller coaster of temperatures has resulted in cottons and shorts doing overtime. Just imagine — the end of December in the 60s and 70s!

But what luck! With the kids out of school, the malls jammed, the thank you notes written (well, almost) and running out of things to do, the Dallas Zoo’s Penguin Days special is just made for these balmy times.

Instead of the usual two-figure entry fee ($15 for adults and $12 for youngsters), it’s a mere $7 for both adults and kiddos over the age of two.

And why not avoid all traffic by taking DART’s Red Line to the Dallas Zoo Station. 

Night Of Stars Gala Was A Super Nova Of Awards, International Designers, Newlywed Billionaires, A Soap Opera Hunk And Local Fashion Lovers

Monique Lhuillier and Tom Bugbee

Fashion Group International of Dallas2016 Night of Stars Gala was a universe of dazzling fashion delights at FIG on Friday, November 4. One of the shining stars was none other than petite designer Monique Lhuillier and her equally adorable husband Tom Bugbee. They were there for Monique’s being presented with the Career Achievement Award.

But the evening began with a reception along FIG’s upper level hallway that was decked out with a faux garden backdrop and a lot of folks strutting their fashionable bests.

Monique Lhuillier fashions

As Event Co-Chairs Britt Harless and Rachel Roberts and Fashion Group International of Dallas Regional Chair Chuck Steelman visited with guests like Sonia Black, Tanya and Pete Foster, Lisa and Clay Cooley, Holly and Tom Mayer, John Phifer Marrs, James Campbell, Bob Gibbs, Simona Beal, Ryan Green, Rhi Lee, Keith Green, Alex Small, Fasial Halum, Amy Turner and Claire and Dwight Emanuelson in the reception area, models posed wearing Lhuillier designs with a matching standard poodle (“He matches the color of the clothes,” Chuck smiled).

Alex Small, Chuck Steelman, Monique Lhuillier and Greg Vaughan

But back in the main room, a threesome sat at a table all by their lonely. It wasn’t a front row table. In fact it was three rows back. Calling a friend over, local lifestyle entrepreneur Niven Morgan said, “Let me introduce you to Jerry Hall and Rupert Murdoch.”

Seriously! Just one of the twosome would have been a paparazzi’s delight, but America’s super-nova newlyweds — Mick Jagger’s ex-gal-pal and the billionaire media mogul — were just as down-to-earth as they could have been. Jerry looked amazing. Age has only enhanced the former Mesquite resident. And Rupert couldn’t have been more charming or cute. Why, he even accommodated Sassy Steve Kemble’s request for a joint selfie. Soon word made its way around the gathering and peeps clustered around them.

Niven Morgan, Jerry Hall and Rupert Murdoch

But back to the reception. It was getting tighter than Spanx and made for memorable sights. One gal looked like a mermaid seal-wrapped in seaweed with a death-defying neckline. Still another guest seemed wrapped up by her overly attentive escort. And then there was the arrival of a fashion vet. One guest feigned not recognizing her. A nearby puss meowed, “Some women change wardrobes each season. She just gets a new face.”

Brian Bolke and Nancy Rogers

Sue Gragg

Kathleen Hutchinson

Nasiba and Thomas Hartland-Mackie

As the reception finally moved to the main room, Fancy Nancy Rogers and her posse (Brian Bolke, Dallas Snadon, Kathleen Hutchinson, Nasiba and Thomas Hartland-Mackie, Georgina Hartland-Mackie and Sue and Jimmy Gragg) settled back at tables on the front row for the presentation of awards.

After welcoming the crowd, Chuck introduced the evening emcee, soap opera’s hunky/Dallas native son Greg Vaughan, as the best-looking guy in the room. True, Greg was a doll, but he had a devil of a time trying to read his script. Seems the podium and the stage lighting just didn’t connect.

Ken Downing

Next up was NM Taste Arbitrator Ken Downing, whose frequent flier points are probably in the seven-digit neighborhood. He presented the Career Achievement Award to Monique, as Tom taped the occasion.

Almost immediately, a parade of models in Lhuillier fashion appeared from backstage and strolled through the audience.

In addition to Monique, the following awards were presented:

  • Allan Knight — Career Achievement in Interior/Furniture Design
  • Lynn McBee — Art Patron of the Year
  • Sue Gragg — Career Achievement in Jewelry Design
  • Jerry Hall — Lifetime Achieve Award

Proceeds from the night of fashion, food and fabulous folks will benefit the Fashion Group International of Dallas’ Scholarship Foundation.

JUST IN: 2nd Annual Penguin Days Starts Three-Month Run Thursday

While some folks may not cotton to the upcoming drop in temperatures, there are Dallas Zoo residents that are thrilled. Okay, so maybe the reptiles don’t really care. They’re staying comfy in their heated digs in the Herpetarium. But Dallas Zoo’s Lydia Jennings just sent word that the African Penguins are beside themselves.

Penguins (File photo)

Dallas Zoo Penguins (File photo)

And as part of the wintry feel, the humans at the zoo have announced that starting tomorrow (aka Thursday, December 1) the second annual Penguin Days will commence.

What’s Penguin Days? No, it doesn’t mean that the staff dresses up in tuxedos and waddles around. Rather, it translates to bargains for Dallas Zoo guests. Until Tuesday, February 28, the price of admission will be dropped to $7 per person (kiddos age 2 and Dallas Zoo members will still be free).

Open daily except for Christmas Day, the 106-acre zoo’s hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

JUST IN: Methodist Health System Foundation President/CEO April Box Resigns, Jim Johnston Named Interim President

Methodist Health System’s Stacy Covitz just sent official word that Jim Johnston has been named the Interim President of the Methodist Health System Foundation. He replaces Foundation President/CEO April Box, who resigned last week.

April Box (File photo)

April Box (File photo)

The announcement comes on the heels of last month’s 2016 Annual Robert S. Folsom Leadership Award Dinner, an annual event that April launched 11 years ago.

Over her 14 years with Methodist, April’s accomplishments included presiding over “numerous capital campaigns, such as Sammons Tower at Methodist Dallas in 2014, home to the system’s Level I Trauma Center, and the Tower Two Expansion at Methodist Mansfield in 2015, home of the Amon G. Carter Foundation Heart and Vascular Center. Box also created the Robert S. Folsom Award Banquet, which was consistently among the most successful fund-raising events in Dallas, raising more than $15 million for multiple successful programs and projects at Methodist Health System since 2005.”

Jim’s resume lists countless leadership positions in business including “40 years of experience in banking, most recently as vice chairman and board member for Bank of Texas. Prior to that, Johnston was Dallas Regional Chairman of Frost Bank.”

Steve Mansfield (File photo)

Steve Mansfield (File photo)

Among his numerous North Texas nonprofit board associations are “Chairman of the Board for both the Arthritis Foundation of North Texas and Goodwill Industries of Dallas. He actively serves as Chairman of the Board for the Goodwill Foundation. He has also served on the boards of the Boy Scouts/Circle Ten Council and the Salesmanship Club of Dallas.”

Holding both bachelor’s and master’s degrees from SMU, where he played football, Jim received the Silver Anniversary Mustang Award.

According to Methodist Health System President/CEO Stephen Mansfield, ““All of us associated with Methodist and the Foundation owe April a debt of gratitude for her accomplishments and leadership. I know Jim has the experience and the vision to lead the Foundation to more successes in the future.”

Sunday Is The Time To Tick-Tock Back Your Clocks An Hour

Vacheron Constantin timepieces (File photo)

Vacheron Constantin timepieces (File photo)

Congratulations! You and practically everyone you know have won something you’ve been wanting for ages — an extra hour of sleep. Actually, it’s the hour that you lost last spring. This Sunday just after midnight, clocks in North Texas will move back one, whole hour.

It’s all a part of the game that Father Time plays twice a year. Why not use the extra hour to check the batteries in your smoke and carbon mon

oxide detectors?

Party Crashers That Need To Die

The chills are on their way with autumn leaves, woolly sweaters and all types of holiday going-ons. But that’s still to come. In the meantime, event planners are having all types of gatherings in the outdoors while the temps play in the 70s, 80s and even 90s.

Alas, there are deadly party crashers. They bypass the check in and have no need for the valet or even a nametag. They’re not even listed in any type of sponsorship group, but they are literally making a killing at the events. They are itty-bitty, nameless types that are hardly noticed and leave no calling card.

These unwanted guests are mosquitoes gladly sharing West Nile and Zika viruses. Or, as the locals have come to call them: “skeeters.”

North Texas outdoor events inviting unwanted guests

North Texas outdoor events inviting unwanted guests

Before the warm-weather events are replaced by chilly temps forcing folks indoors and skeeters seeking warmer digs, it might be nice to have hosts and party planners arrange for sprays and/or fans to let the flying disease carriers know they’re so unwanted.

A couple of guests recently swore they felt like the night’s special at Benihana’s. As one waited for her car at the valet, she was anxious to get home to “AfterBite.”

Tis The Time To Selfie Practice For The Perfecto Photo

Summer is usually dedicated to perfecting tans and stamping out cellulite. However, in preparation for the upcoming fundraising season that promises loads of photo opportunities, summer school may be required for just how to perfect the most flattering pose. So, over the 4th of July holiday weekend, why not check out some of these pretty-as-a-picture ideas?

  • Unless you’re still hoping to get your driver’s license or pledge that ultimate fraternity/sorority, you might have started worrying about the infamous “turkey neck.” You know what that is. It’s that crepey stuff that overnight appears just below your chin and above your clavicle. (Shoot, what the heck is a clavicle?) Here’s a tip on how to hide it when facing a lens. Lift your tongue behind your front teeth. It will force your neck muscles to tighten up. Once your tongue is hitting your teeth, extend your chin and tilt your head.
  • When it comes to your hands, there’s a choice. You can either be a showgirl type and put that manicured hand on your hip, or you can bravely drop your hands to your sides with just the slightest air between your arm and body like Laura Bush, Ruth Altshuler or Queen Elizabeth II. Stop and think about this one. Can you really imagine Kate Middleton doing the hand-to-hip?  But shoot! Kate’s ain’t a showgirl.
  • Unless you’ve perfected the killer-straight-on look, angle your face with a simple tilt of the head. If you’re in a group photo, you’re gonna be the one that looks so not-with-the-herd.
  • Please don’t take the upside down “V” position with your legs. Looks tacky and you’re so not into tacky. How about recalling your pre-K ballet lessons and assuming the fourth position (definitely not second) or simply crossing your legs at the calf? Hips will appear slimmer and legs longer.
  • Don’t smile too big or you’ll look like Jack Nicholson’s Joker or his sister. And please don’t smear too much red lipstick on those luscious lips. You’ll scare the youngsters looking like a vampire.
  • Stand up straight. Remember when your mom’s index finger would hit that special spot in your spine to make you change from slumping to up straight? You’re all grown up and don’t need maternal digital instructions.
  • On the other hand, don’t stand ramrod straight. By standing at a slight angle, you’ll look slimmer and less like you’re posing for a mug shot.
  • Raise your eyebrows. Why? Because when eyebrows are raised, eyes are more likely not to be shut. Closed eyes end up on the cutting room floor.
  • If you’re outside, take your sunglasses off.
  • Men should button jackets.
  • Put out your favorite sleeveless dress and stand in front of a mirror. Now, lift your arms straight out. If they seem to remind you of a bat thanks to a bit of cellulite and extra skin, then it’s time to retire your sleeveless days or start lifting weights to get the tone back in your tony arms.
  • Go ahead and take some selfies to practice the right pose for you. Then when the season hits, you’ll know just how to pose.

Here is a website with suggestions. And another one.

Hilton Anatole’s Towne Park Service Once Again Left A Yucky After-Taste For Fundraising Luncheoners Thursday

Tim Gunn’s talk for Community Partners of Dallas’ Chick Lit Luncheon on Friday, April 1, at the Hilton Anatole was a home run. Only strikeout was the valet parking. One guest waited an hour before the Anatole’s in-house valet staff admitted, “Sorry, but somebody moved it.” Luckily, the vehicle was found. But as the driver left he saw about 50 guests still waiting for their wheels.

Hey, what’s the problem? It was a big luncheon crowd of over 1,200 and “oop’s” do happen. But then it happened again yesterday at the Anatole. And this time it was on a much grander scale, resulting in an automotive tsunami and two major fundraisers having to delay their POA and having guests arrive late for the program.

It might have been excusable if the two events had been handled by two competing valet services, but the Anatole’s in-house parking service Towne Park was in charge. One would think that the in-house staff would be prepared with a game plan for such an undertaking and loads of parkers.

And what was the challenge? The New Friends New Life’s “Wings” luncheon with Amal Clooney as the featured speaker was scheduled for the Chantilly Ballroom, with a projected attendance of more than 1,500. The VNA’s “Legends and Leaders” luncheon with journalist Jim Lehrer in the Imperial Ballroom was scheduled to have more than 650.

Insider info: As anyone in the hospitality industry knows, evening events usually have two people per car, while lunches tend to have more single-driver cars.

Thus, these two groups converged upon the Anatole complex at the same time for the events starting at 11:30. Instead of having off-duty police directing traffic at the intersection of Wycliff and Stemmons frontage road, one lone uniformed man was at the hotel’s Wycliff entrance. Another policeman turned away cars approaching from Market Center Boulevard and large planters blocked other entrances. The result was hundreds and hundreds of cars trying to wedge into less than three entrances, and traffic backing up on both roads. Unfortunately, frustrated drivers trying to cross Wycliff ended up blocking the cross section with 18-wheelers and cement trucks playing “musical lanes” with Mercedeses and Priuses. At times it looked like a vehicular version of the La Brea Tar Pits of vehicles.

One guest who had left their office in the Turtle Creek area at 11 didn’t make it to the Wings luncheon until past noon due to the traffic jam.

A VNA organizer delayed the luncheon program  after hearing tales from arriving guests of 30-minute waits in traffic. That person said it wouldn’t be as bad afterwards, because the VNA had arranged to stagger their event to end after the Wings luncheon, thereby relieving the congestion.

Alas, the best laid plans of mice, men and event planners don’t always happen. One VNA guest who was one of the first to hand in their valet ticket waited 40 minutes for the car to be pulled up. Another woman in a wheelchair moved faster than the cars in the porte-cochere. While guests holding purchased centerpieces patiently searched the horizon for their cars, some Towne Park management types with bellies hanging over their belts were seen laughing at the situation. Or, perhaps they were just sharing a joke?

The luxury hotel’s in-house valet service continues to be its Achilles heel. It tends to be a recurring issue for money-conscious nonprofits. Why? It’s the money, honey. If the fundraiser uses an outside parking service, the hotel charges the organization a fee (usually $3) “per plate” for the use of its parking lot. That’s in addition to paying the outside valet service. In other words, if you’re expecting 500 cars, that’s $1,500 on top of the independent valet charges.

In capturing sponsors, many nonprofits offer valet parking sponsorships. And naturally, the cheaper the sponsorship, the more likely it’s going to be scooped up. But what sponsor wants to be known for providing frowny faces and tapping toes waiting for a car that’s “just over there”?

Suggestion to sponsors: If you’re approached about sponsoring valet parking at the Anatole, ask which service will be used. If it’s one of the independents like Jack Boles or Gold Crown, go for it. If it’s Towne Park, your name just might be taken in vain by potential customers.

JUST IN: Communities Foundation Of Texas’ Brent Christopher To Replace Retiring Kern Wildenthal At Children’s

Don’t you just love a secret? Well, there’s one that has been so stealth that when it broke today, folks thought it was a belated April Fools’ joke. Actually, it was a win-win and a twofer situation!

First, Children’s Medical Center Foundation President Dr. Kern Wildenthal is retiring come June. Well, sock-erooni. It was just three years ago that Kern took over the reins of the Foundation after being skewered by The Dallas Morning News investigative team over expense reimbursements. Alas, the end results were that Kern owed something that amounted to a heavy lunch at Abacus and the reporters and editors are no longer with the News.

When asked what his plans for retirement were, Kern pulled a Stanley Marcus. He said that he would start consulting. For those who need the translation, when Mr. Stanley “retired” to consult, he admitted that he made more money and had oodles more fun as a consultant. That’s because he was tapped by international corporations for his experience, knowledge and connections.

Kern Wildenthal (File Photo)

Kern Wildenthal (File Photo)

Christopher Durovich (File photo)

Christopher Durovich (File photo)

Brent Christopher File photo

Brent Christopher (File photo)

The second part of the news is Kern’s replacement. Smart Children’s Chris Durovich when alerted to Kern’s decision to “retire” recalled a young whipsnapper, who had worked with him when Chris replaced George Farr. It was a fella by the name of Brent Christopher. But after leaving Children’s, Brent had headed up Communities Foundation of Texas and walloped the local nonprofit fundraising with his bowtie and North Texas Giving Day. But come on. Brent had done so much more behind the scenes than the obvious.

When approached about the transitions, all types of platitudes from Kern and Brent were exchanged. It was sorta like the Miss America winner of Miss Congeniality. But the reality was that come the end of CFT’s fiscal end, Brent would no longer be officing at CFT and Kern would be a treasure trove of advice.

Would that affect the killer North Texas Giving Day? Nope. According to Brent, no one would notice his MIA. After all, the staff was so in place and face it — he was just the pretty face with bowtie.

As for his replacement, a search committee was in place to find that person. Good luck.

If you want to have a pity party, have it at CFT for the time being. If you want to have a homecoming, have it at Children’s. If you want a brainiac consultant, contact Kern.

JUST IN: Issue Of ‘Different Views’ Leads To CEO Colleen Walker’s Resignation At Perot Museum Of Nature And Science

Less than two years after being appointed CEO, Colleen Walker is stepping down as the Eugene McDermott Chief Executive Officer at Dallas’ Perot Museum of Nature and Science. The surprising development was disclosed in a March 30 letter to museum “friends and supporters” from John Jaggers, chairman of the Perot’s board of directors.

Colleen Walker (FIle photo)

Colleen Walker (FIle photo)

“I am writing to inform you that Colleen Walker—in consultation with the Executive Committee—has decided to step down from her position …” Jaggers wrote. “She has agreed to remain in her current role, however, until June 30th to help ensure a smooth and seamless transition.

“It is important to emphasize that this is not an outcome either Colleen or the Board had anticipated, but over time it has become increasingly evident Colleen and the Executive Committee held different views concerning the Museum’s strategic direction and focus,” Jaggers went on. “We agreed, accordingly, that a measured transition to new leadership is warranted.”

A former Miss Colorado who holds an MBA from Harvard University, Walker in June of 2014 succeeded Nicole Small, the Perot’s founding CEO, who retired in late 2013 after 13 years. Walker came to the nonprofit museum after serving for seven years as CEO of the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas.

In his letter, Jaggers said the museum’s board is appointing a search committee to help select Walker’s successor.  The committee will be led by Herman Saenz, the board’s incoming chair.

April Is Going To Be Gangbusters, So Fasten Your Seat Belts



Having just emerged from her wrinkle-remover chamber, Queenie arrived at MySweetCharity headquarters to find not an elf in sight. This simply couldn’t be. After all, MSC elves have no life outside MSC. Clearing her throat, nothing happened. Hmm, that usually gets results.

She announced, “The last elf to appear will have lunch with me today.” With that, all elves popped up. No one wanted to be the last one.

Beckoning Elder Elf over, Queenie raised her perfectly engineered right eyebrow and asked, “So, what’s up?”

Trembling, Elder stammered trying to speak. Queenie harrumphed, “Enough with the theatrics. Just put a subject and verb together and tell me exactly what’s the problem. Was the croissant delivery late?”

Elder straightened up and said, “It’s April.”

Queenie wasn’t getting it. She replied, “So? It usually follows March.”

Elder explained that due to the area spring breaks taking place throughout March, nonprofits had moved their usual March events to April. Thus, April had become overloaded with fundraising activities.

From the gleeful look on her face, Queenie still didn’t get it. “Oh, just think of all the fun there’ll be had in April. Lunches, cocktail parties, dinners, lectures, patron parties, announcement receptions, check presentations! Loads and loads of opportunities to raise money for nonprofits. I simply can’t wait to see Tim, Hoda, Goldie, Martin, Amal, Tommy, Brene and the rest! I wonder if I’ll have time to get away for Elizabeth’s private birthday party?”

With all that name dropping, Elder realized that a reality check was necessary at this point. “Ma’am, you really need to look at the MySweetCharity Calendar. The Calendar elves are being treated for finger bruising from posting all the events. The other elves are hyperventilating at how all these activities are going to be handled.”

With that Queenie put on her reading glasses and pulled up the April calendar. With eyes bulging out, her head started spinning like a hula hoop. She returned to her wrinkle-remover chamber.

JUST IN: 2016 Wings Luncheon Individual Ticket Sales Nearing An End With Good Reason(s)

Amal Clooney*

Amal Clooney*

Procrastination is definitely going to cause problems for those who wait much longer for tickets to the New Friends New Life2016 Wings Luncheon” on Thursday, April 14, at the Hilton Anatole.
Seems tickets and sponsorships are flying so fast that NFNL Executive Director Katie Pedigo has let it be known that individual tickets will a done deal this Friday.

The reasons for the speedway ticket sales:

  1. Support of NFNL
  2. Chair Jeanne Johnson Phillips
  3. Honorary Co-Chairs Ruth AltshulerLaura Bush, Caren Prothro and Annette Simmons
  4. Speaker Amal Clooney

Pretty darn good reasons, huh? So wait no longer to get your ticket.

* Photo courtesy of New Friends 
New Life

Nonprofit Brags About Auctioning Off Three-Pound Puppy — Twice

Back on Wednesday, February 3, MySweetCharity posted about a group that auctioned off a puppy at its annual fundraiser. The name of the organization was not included because it may have been an innocent mistake, even though it was an illegal action and it wasn’t the group’s first “rodeo.” In fact, it was the sixth time that this event has been held.

From the Carson Leslie Foundation email

From the Carson Leslie Foundation email

However, with the arrival of an email blast from the organization this morning, it appears the nonprofit didn’t get the message, so all bets are off.

The email bragged that the three-pound puppy had not just been auctioned off once but twice. True, they said they had made a follow-up to check on the puppy that is now named after the organization. And, true, the money raised will help children suffering from cancer. But they broke the law and may have led other nonprofits into believing that they, too, can break Dallas city ordinance Sec. 7-7.6, if the intentions are all right.

Won’t work. Even the best of intentions does not make it right, if it’s against the law.

Untangling The Confusion About Fashion Stars For A Cause Events

There seems to be some confusion in the air about Suicide and Crisis Center of North Texas’ Fashion Stars for a Cause gala. A media outlet reported

“Galleria Dallas will present the 10th annual Fashion Stars for a Cause runway show and cocktail party benefiting the Suicide and Crisis Center of North Texas Feb. 24 on the ice rink …. The runway show will highlight spring looks from Galleria Dallas retailers.”

Yes, the Galleria Dallas is hosting “Celebrat10n” to benefit Suicide and Crisis Center of North Texas on February 24, on its ice rink with 500 expected to attend at $50 a pop. And, yes, there will be a fashion show with clothes from Galleria Dallas merchants. And, yes, the models will be both professional models and members of the Fashion Stars For a Cause ambassadors.

But it ain’t the big-time gala—and it ain’t Fashion Stars for a Cause’s 10th anniversary.

The actual Fashion Stars for a Cause gala including cocktails, seated dinner, a presentation of Belk fashions by the Fashion Stars for a Cause ambassadors (Sherice Lynette Brown, Francis Harrison Brito, Laura Fedock, Laurie Graham, Gina Marx, Kristy J. Morgan, Shelley Herrera-O’Neal, Shayema Rahim, Whitney Roberts-Kutch, Bridget Sommerlatte, Carmen Sargent and Amanda Ward) and the drawing for the raffle will take place on Friday, March 25, (aka Good Friday) at the Dallas Country Club. Tickets to the gala start at $250.

Another point that needs clearing up is the fact that this year will not be the “10th annual Fashion Stars for a Cause.” It will be number three.

The confusion may lie in the fact that it was 10 years ago that Suicide and Crisis Center’s Yvonne Crum created an event involving young women, fashions, a raffle, a speaker and dinner. It was called Fresh Faces of Fashion and she partnered up with Modern Luxury and Stanley Korshak. Being in the print business, Modern Luxury copyrighted the name and the event moved along for seven years benefiting Suicide and Crisis and featuring some of North Texas’ sweetest sweethearts, who diligently sold raffle tickets.

Then, a little over three years ago, Modern Luxury notified Yvonne that the decision had been made to change up the concept a bit. Instead of benefiting Suicide and Crisis, it would benefit different nonprofits, like the Salvation Army’s Echelon Group  in 2014 and 2015 and the Wilkinson Center this year.

In typical Molly Brown fashion, Yvonne regrouped and started Fashion Stars for a Cause that still had all the elements of her brainchild — women, fashion, raffle, speaker and benefiting Suicide and Crisis. Joining her in her effort was the Galleria’s Belk.

Joining Belk’s support Galleria Dallas offered to hold the February 24th event the month before the biggy gala. However, their promotional materials included “10” in “Celebrat10n” and a release was issued reading,

“On February 24, Galleria Dallas will host Dallas’ fashion luminaries in a spectacular fashion show on the center’s noted ice rink benefiting the Suicide and Crisis Center of North Texas. The festive event recognizes the 10th Anniversary of Fashion Stars for a Cause, the gala event created by Dallas philanthropist Yvonne Crum to Inspire Hope and Style.”

Suicide and Crisis Center's "Celebrat10n" page

Suicide and Crisis Center’s “Celebrat10n” page

When asked about the confusion regarding the 10th anniversary of Fashion Stars for a Cause on the Suicide and Crisis Center website and in the Galleria’s promotion of “Celebrat10n,” Yvonne responded that she had been unaware of the event being called a 10th anniversary of Fashion Stars for a Cause. She had been promoting “10 years of Inspiring Hope and Style” and would advise Galleria officials of the misunderstanding and have the Suicide and Crisis Center’s website corrected. (UPDATE: The Suicide and Crisis Center’s website has been updated since this post was originally published.)

The great news is that North Texas has plenty of room for events that feature fashion, females and fundraising.

JUST IN: Project Runway’s Tim Gunn To Headline 10th Annual Chick Lit Luncheon

Those Community Partners of Dallas have been sort quiet of late. There’s a reason. Their annual Chick Lit Luncheon is hitting the 10th anniversary marker and CPD President/CEO Paige McDaniel and Development Manager Joanna Clarke have been hunkered down plotting.

They had already paraded red wagons around The Wilson Historic District and had such adorable authors as Julia Reed, Allison Winn Scotch, Jen Lancaster, Emily Giffin, Gigi Levangie and Stacey Ballis at the podium teasing, chuckling and sharing secrets with guests.

But this time it had to be a smidge over the top. So, they just announced the details.

Tim Gunn*

Tim Gunn*

Hold on to your best-dressed dresses. The speaker will be Tim Gunn and the Friday, April 1st event will take place at the Hilton Anatole. Yup, the always-at-Brook-Hollow luncheon is headed to the Anatole due to the expectation that it’s gonna be a bigger-than-huge turnout.

BTW, love Tim. He’s funny, so adorable to look at and knows/loves style right down to his brown suede monk straps. He also has the gift of gab and speaks his mind. Just ask Anna Wintour. Wait! Better not ask Anna or she might make a frowny face.

And please don’t get him started on the Kardashians. No, wait! Do, because he’ll be overly glad to accommodate you!

Seriously, Tim had his personal bouts dealing with the problems of childhood. He even attempted suicide. But Tim’s honesty and recognition of situations facing children are inspiring and amazingly on target.

Luncheon Chair Kristi Hoyl will be joined by Cindy Stager and Jill Tananabaum, who will be underwriting co-chairs. She’s also been on target with the selection of the honorary chair. You guessed it — Forty Five Ten’s Brian Bolke!

For an added hurrah, Jill C. Bee will be presented with the Partners for Children Award and there will be a special salute to longtime (like nearly forever) presenting sponsors Lara and Dr. Robert Tafel, who will be awarded the special Tenth Anniversary Champions of Hope Award “for their unwavering commitment to Community Partners of Dallas.”

Tables are on sale now and individual tickets will go on sale in March. So, gather up your chickadees and get a table pronto. This baby is gonna go fast. Ah, but you already knew that.

It’s gonna be a great lunch even if the Brook Hollow pecan-crusted chicken ain’t gonna be on the platter.

* Photo credit: Scott McDermott

Communities Foundation Of Texas Kicks Off Its Letter Of Inquiry Application Process For 2016 Giving Guide

Between the stock market and oil dropping, there are a lot of frowns making the rounds. So, how about something to make smiles? It comes from Communities Foundation of Texas officially kicking off the 2016 Letter of Inquiry (LOI) process. Applications are available online for DFW nonprofits to submit information that will be reviewed and considered for including in the foundation’s annual Giving Guide. It’s a nifty way for CFT to provide “information submitted by nonprofits with their fund holders whose interests align with their specific areas of focus.” What makes it even better is that the “Giving Guide” is available to any- and everyone in North Texas.

Communities Foundation of Texas logo*

Communities Foundation of Texas*

To be eligible, the organizations must

  • Have a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt designation from the Internal Revenue Service that has been active for two years.
  • Have a North Texas Giving Day Profile which can be created at
  • At least 50% of the population served must be residents of Dallas, Tarrant, Denton, Collin or Rockwall counties.

More than 400 nonprofits are vetted by CFT before being shared with donors.

Interested? Here is a timeline for the process:

Did you catch that last date? It seems that CFT has “discretionary funds” that will be provided for “a limited number of requests submitted through the LOI process.” The areas that are considered for these funds include

  • Financial education for widows
  • Education and training of student nurses
  • Medical research related to cancer or heart disease
  • Scholarships for students attending fundamental theology schools
  • Scholarships for blind individuals
  • STEM education for girls
  • Programs that use technology to serve people with barriers to reading due to low vision or learning differences

Just imagine. Not only can your nonprofit be included in the Giving Guide and put before the CFT fundholders, it just might get a surprise gift at the end of the 2016.

* Graphic provided by Communities Foundation of Texas

MySweetCharity Brain Trust Elf – Rusty – Rethinks MySweetWishList Strategy

Whoa, did MySweetCharity get an early Christmas surprise! When the MySweetWishList series was announced, there was talk around the brownie bar that perhaps a dozen wishes would come in. Perfect, the MSC brain trust elf Rusty thought. A wish would be posted three times a week.

Then the wishes started coming in. And they kept coming. For this reason, Rusty changed the wishes’ strategy. Starting tomorrow the MSC wishes will run three times a day.

Think of it as your own online shopping spree for good deeds.

Get Those 2016 Events Submitted For MySweetCharity Calendar



Before going totally into “holiday mode” where turkeys and Black Friday dominate brain cells, consider the longterm future. Are there any 2016 events that need to be posted on the MySweetCharity Calendar?

It’s easy. It’s even free unless you want to add bells and whistles to the listing. Just “submit” the info and let the world know that your event is scheduled. It gives fair warning to other event planners that they might want to rethink the timing of their fundraiser.

BTW, there’s already a problem on the 2016 horizon. It’s the month of March. Yipes! It seems the various school districts are taking their spring breaks at different times during the month. Here’s a brief rundown of the schedule spring breaks:

  • March 7-11: Highland Park, Jesuit, Richardson, Ursuline and SMU
  • March 14-18: Dallas Independence School District
  • March 21- 28: Hockaday and St. Mark’s School

Now if there are no munchkins in the household, it may not seem like a big deal. But for fundraisers, it could mean a major migraine, since many potential guests may be making plans to head out of town with the kiddos.

Alas, last year was so lovely when all the schools took the same week off.

This situation means that fundraising efforts will be crammed into February, April and May to make up for the March madness.

So, get those events and their dates in pronto!

Tuesday Night Live “Honoring” Carol Reed For St. Philip’s School And Community Center Resulted In Whoopees And Oopsies

The best-laid plans of mice and men and PR people … what’s that saying? Well, that was the situation at the Hyatt Regency for an event called “Tuesday Night Live” on Tuesday, October 20.

The plan called for politico strategist Carol Reed to be served up for the St. Philip’s School and Community Center fundraiser. Alas, it turned out to be a cluster of base hits and outs.

To get things started, there was a reception in the Landmark Circle. Micki and Bill Lively walked by the St. Philip’s reception and headed for Landmark Ballroom D, where a large crowd was gathering. It turned out to be a convention reception. They recognized their misdirection and turned back toward the reception in the Landmark Circle, where guests like Adlene Harrison, Charlie Pride, Pam and Jimmy Graham, Laurie and Phil Evans, Katy and Ken Menges and other high rollers had arrived for a VIP reception. But later, they discovered that they hadn’t rated the “ultra-VIP” reception upstairs with the honoree, Co-Chairs Gillian Breidenbach and Holly Reed and the other members of the “TNL” cast.

Upstairs the very special ones gathered, but the PR person—who was brought in at the last moment—said s/he was clueless about what was going on because no one at St. Philip’s had informed him/her.

Toward the tail end of the reception period, Carol was asked whether she was nervous about the upcoming roast. “Yeah, because I haven’t had any control over this thing,” she replied. ”And that is not what I do.”

Someone said it had been Carol’s idea to put together a roast called “Tuesday Night Live”—patterned as a takeoff on NBC-TV’s “Saturday Night Live” show—but, whoever made the call, the results were decidedly mixed in terms of the entertainment, the stage management, and the fundraising.

According to emcee Cappy McGarr, the blend of monologues, skits, and musical performances had a goal of raising $50,000 via text or donation card. But, by evening’s end, St. Philip’s headmaster Dr. Terry J. Flowers announced that just $25,500 had been raked in.

After a snappy opening skit by Nancy Munger as Hillary Clinton and Monique Ridge-Williams as Michelle Obama—Michelle told Hillary that if she really wanted to win the presidency she needed to hire “the fixer” Carol Reed—McGarr quipped that Carol on occasion has been called a “Mack truck.” He also noted that she had helped elect Dallas’ first black and first Jewish-female mayors (Ron Kirk and Annette Strauss).

Next came a lively performance by St. Philip’s students as the group Earth, Wind & Fire—Carol joined them dancing onstage—and then a bit by Chris Heinbaugh, taking a turn as Dana Carvey’s “Church Lady” character.

While guests dug into their dinner—lettuce wedge, sirloin, crab-meat cake, asparagus, sweet potato flan and carrot cake or a “dark chocolate bag”—Heinbaugh and Breidenbach came out next as the SNL “cheerleaders,” before giving way to the evening’s first roaster, Gloria Campos, without any fanfare at all. “So much for a grand introduction,” Campos said sarcastically, sitting at the “anchor desk.” The former WFAA anchor presented a “Reed Update,” also telling the crowd there was no truth to Dale Hansen’s report that Gloria was now living in an assisted-living center in Mesquite.

Campos was followed by a black-bewigged Holly, who tried hard to become “Roseanne Rosannadanna,” a character popularized by Gilda Radner on “SNL.” Then the evening got lively again, as WFAA sports anchor Hansen, Roaster No. 2, stormed out and snapped to Gloria, “Get your ass off the stage. … I hope like hell you people didn’t pay for this tonight,” Hansen bellowed, before turning back to Campos: “Seriously, get your ass off the stage. You’re retired now.”

“My problem is, I don’t know who the hell Carol Reed is,” Hansen continued. “I was invited to one of her famous ‘salon’ dinners. And later Craig [Holcomb, who presents the dinners along with Reed and Heinbaugh] sent out an email saying I spoke too much. Which immediately made me rethink my position on gay rights in America.” When some in the audience groaned, the broadcaster shot back: “Hey, after my Michael Sam commentary, I’m golden!”

Hansen also took a few potshots at Ron Kirk, who would be the evening’s third roaster, saying, “Ron Kirk is fat. What the hell has he been trading: minerals rights for cheeseburgers?” Before bringing Kirk on, Hansen did have a few kind words for Reed, calling her his longtime friend and one who pushed hard to get the American Airlines Center built.

Kirk, the former Dallas mayor and U.S. Trade Ambassador, said Reed is one of Dallas’ true “steel magnolias,” someone with a “fierce dedication to her clients, and an insatiable appetite for winning.” But he also joked about her cultural sensitivity (or, rather, her lack of it). When they worked together on his mayoral campaign, Kirk recalled, “Carol decided she wanted me to drive her around,” like Hoke chauffeuring Ms. Werthan in the movie, “Driving Miss Daisy.” Also, Kirk said, Reed once asked, “When the hell is Cinco de Mayo?!”

When it was finally Carol’s turn onstage, the veteran PR consultant graciously thanked everyone, but not before getting off a few shots of her own. Dale Hansen is “the Denny Crane of the news,” she said, referring to William Shatner’s character on TV’s “Boston Legal.” Of McGarr, she added, “No one can tell me what the hell he does. Does anybody know?”

Then, just as the guests were exiting the ballroom because they thought the roast was over, Dr. Flowers appeared on stage as Eddie Murphy playing in “Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood.” “It’s an interesting night in the neighborhood,” the headmaster warbled as everyone scrambled back to their seats. “St. Philip’s thanks all of you!”