Pat and Emmitt Smith Are Going To Have A Very Busy Fall

This fall is going to be a busy one for Dallas’ #1 couples Pat and Emmitt Smith. As if Emmitt’s being inducted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and being in the spotlight at the North Texas Super Bowl XLV’s final concert, Pat is due to have a baby. Whew!

Now comes word that the twosome will receive the Methodist Health System Folsom Leadership Award at the annual dinner on Thursday, Nov. 11, at the Hilton Anatole.

Past honorees have included former Dallas Mayor Robert S. Folsom (2005), Nancy Ann Hunt (2006), Troy Aikman (2007), Laura Bush (2008) and the late Norman Brinker (2009). Nice group to hang with.

BTW, each event has netted more than $1 million for Methodist Health System’s programs and services.

Destitute Kittens For Komen, or Beasts for Breasts

Their father left their mother high and dry. Luckily, the staff at Town East Galloway Animal Clinic knew how to handle the situation and knew how to hit our heartstrings:

“The kittens range in age from 6-10 weeks old. We are charging a $150 adoption fee. That includes the first set of vaccinations, deworming, Home Again Microchip, and spay or neuter when they come of age. Adoption package is worth $420. Proceeds goes to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation ($100 from every cat adopted). So anyone who is interested just have them come by Town East Galloway Animal Clinic at 2860 N. Galloway Mesquite,Tx to check them out or call at 972-613-9871.”

Sorry if the picture isn’t up to your standards, but these are kittens not fashion runway strutters.BTW, if you have experienced kitten raising, you know this is a major bargain.

Jaylyn Gramer Is Making Her Mom Proud

Caring for and watching a loved one suffer through cancer is unimaginable for most of us. But try being a son or daughter whose parent loses the battle to breast cancer.

The Susan G. Komen for the Cure that has time and time again created new programs and assistance for families of breast cancer patients has once again risen to the cause. It has created scholarships ($10,000 a year for up to four years) for four undergraduates who have lost a parent to breast cancer.

One of the recipients this year is from our neck of the woods. It is Jaylyn Gramer of Aledo. While you may not know Jaylyn, you should. She was just 14 when her mother passed away from breast cancer. Jaylyn worked two jobs while completing high school to help pay off debt from medical expenses and maintained an exemplary grade point average.

After losing her mother, Gramer began participating in breast cancer awareness activities, including the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure®. She also spent time in Mexico and Peru doing mission work and has been involved in community service projects like Habitat for Humanity. This disease is personal for Gramer, and she has dedicated her life to being an advocate for breast cancer awareness.

This fall Jaylyn will be a freshman at Texas A&M University, where she plans to study business education. Her ultimate goal in life — to make her mother proud.

Why do we suspect her mom is already very proud?

Bring On The Fans For The Hot Times – Cont'd.

Dallas County Health and Human Services has set up the Heat Hotline 214.819.6001 214.819.1909. This annual program installs about 5,000 air conditioning units for the elderly, disabled and families with small children. If you know someone in need, pass along the info.

Sorry about no link for the DCHHS, but their server is evidently having a plumbing problem.

Bring On The Fans For The Hot Times

The only ones celebrating the rising temperatures are the air conditioning repairmen. It’s their time of the year. Having just had lunch with a charming fellow who used me as an excuse to get out of his office while the A/C paramedics were resuscitating the company’s exhausted system, it’s time to face the reality of the season.

Yes, it’s miserable when you move from you air-conditioned vehicle to your air-conditioned office/home, but there are people without any cooling at all. You can help by checking on neighbors who might be in need of A/C. Yes, we all assume that everyone has it, but you’d be surprised how older folks especially are cutting back on costs. They also tend to keep their houses locked up for fear of break ins and are much more susceptible to heat stroke.

If you know of any organizations in need of donated fans to give to the poor, feel free to mention them in the comments.

Retired Staubach Is Busier Than Ever

Since joining LaSalle Lang Jones Jones Lang LaSalle as Executive Chairman of Americas and moving into his new digs in the Preston Hollow area, Roger Staubach has become the energizer bunny rabbit of community involvement. Besides spearheading such projects as the North Texas Super Bowl, he’s been a very hands-on force for the recent Children’s Cancer Fund fashion show and AWARE luncheon.

Now it’s just been announced that he’ll be serving as the 2010 Start! Heart Walk Dallas honorary chairman with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas President J. Darren Rodgers serving as the 2010 Start! Heart Walk Dallas Chairman. The walk will take place September 11 at Victory benefiting the American Heart Association.

Kidney Texas Is Already In Motion For September 8 Fashion Show

Last night Kidney Texas fashion show/luncheon triumvirate Patty Jo Turner, Carmaleta Whiteley (pictured left with Patty Jo)and Renee Winter gathered the troops to celebrate  the naming of Dr. Goran and Mrs. Tina Klintmalm as honorary chairs for the group’s tenth anniversary event.

The gals know they have their work cut out for them. Having raised over $2M since 1999, Kidney Texas has provided funding for all aspects of kidney disease.

While the Bentleys and Mercedes were parked out front of Lauryn and Tom White‘s marvelous estate in Preston Hollow, [Read more…]

Thousands of Toes Strut for American Heart Association Around NM Hood

The Stiletto Strut should have been renamed the Pedicure Parade last Thursday when thousands of toes were on display at the downtown Neiman’s. Benefiting the American Heart Association, the block-walk around NM had forced many of the ladies to their favorite manicurists to dress up their toenails (pictured). After all, when you’ve spent a small fortune on your shoes, you just can’t have unkempt toenails.

Just between us, some of the ladies admitted that they got fresh pedicures because they were wearing shoes from last season. Well, it is the recession, you know.

So, want a blow by blow of the activity? Here goes: [Read more…]

Stiletto Strut Almost Got Bussed

More will come on Thursday’s Stiletto Strut (pictured) at downtown Neiman’s, but here’s a quick almost-happened “perfect storm” of a situation that occurred during the American Heart Association benefit.

You know the downtown NM block pretty well, so envision the Main Street side. Because of the number of participants, the ladies who strut will use the street instead of the sidewalk. Only a block of Main Street has been blocked off thanks to all types of very responsible Dallas police on bikes, foot, and motorcycles and in cars. Everything is under control. In fact, it’s sorta empowering to stand in the middle of Main Street and not worry about a thing.

In the meantime, the hundreds of extremely fashionable street strutters are just getting ready to emerge from the store feeling a bit wobbly thanks to nose-bleed-high heels and generous liquid sustenance.

Just as the store doors are opening and the ladies heading for the street and block walk, a Dallas Transit bus appears from nowhere racing up Main Street and headed right in the direction of the ladies. [Read more…]

A.W.A.R.E. was Dandy-less but Still Memorable

Since it was announced that this year’s A.WA.R.E. luncheon would honor Don Meredith, anticipation was in overdrive. It had been quite a while since the lovable, legendary Dallas Cowboys quarterback/ABC sports commentator had been seen in these parts. It had even taken the very persuasive team of former teammate Lee Roy Jordan and his wife Biddy to personally fly to Santa Fe to talk Don and his wife Susan into accepting the honor.

But behind the scenes there was always the concern that 72-year old Dandy’s health might trump all the planning and hopes.

Unfortunately, it did. Susan admitted that he was just not well enough to make the trip to Dallas and stood in for him. With this in mind, this post is being written, so Don will know what happened. Like Don, it was an event that was endearing, full of fun and legendary.

It seemed that nearly all the 1,110+ crowd attending the luncheon Wednesday at the Fairmont had some sort of personal connection to the man who led the Dallas Cowboys from 1960-1968 at the Cotton Bowl for coach Tom Landry under the ownership of Clint Murchison.

Besides videos about the Don, a celebrity panel of “Dandy Don’s” friends and colleagues at times mistook the event for a roast. But what else would you expect from the likes of football legends Walt Garrison, Bob Lilly (pictured) and Roger Staubach; Frank Gifford, one of Meredith’s broadcast partners on ABC’s Monday Night Football; and emcee Phyllis George, the Denton-born former Miss America (1971)/former CBS sportscaster.

The celebrity panelists described the Mount Vernon native as a fiercely competitive leader with a rowdy, down-home sense of humor. In a video tribute, for instance, Lee Roy said he once asked Meredith why he chose to attend SMU. Don’s reply: “It was close to home, and I could spell it.” [Read more…]

Beyond the Rainbow Treasures Another Success

Question of the day: Why should this photo of Jordan Flint and Barney bother you? Answer: Later.

Last Friday two groups of heroes took to the funway, or rather runway, in the Anatole decked out in Dillard’s fashions for the 22nd annual Beyond the Rainbow Fashion Show/Luncheon. One group was made up of jocks and celebs who go beyond the call of duty in participating and chumming it up with the other group of models — children who have/had cancer.

While all the well-dressed guests were browsing at the silent auction during the pre-show reception, the corp of adult and youth models were having a grand old time in other areas. The youngsters were in the prep room chatting with Mother Goose, clowns and other kid-friendly characters (pictured). They were also getting all dolled up for their catwalk. Think Six Flags Over Texas indoors. It was so much fun that KDFW-CH. 4 anchor/show emcee Clarice Tinsley starting iPhoning photos (pictured).

Across the hallway, the adults were having grownup fun. [Read more…]

Stiletto Strut Struts on Regardless of the Weather

Just checked in with Stiletto Strut’s Co-chair Lynn McBee about Thursday night’s SS at downtown Neiman’s. After all the weather wizards are suggesting an outside chance of storms.

Lynn’s response:

“We’ll strut fast — it is only one block! Actually, I do not really know, but it is not going to rain.”

Our money is on Lynn, but just in case the Strutters could just as easily stroll around NM.

Dallas is A.W.A.R.E. and Dandy Today

Yes, the implosion of Texas Stadium was a real gang buster bringing out many Dallas Cowboys notables from the past. But there was a Dallas Cowboys era before Texas Stadium, Jerry Jones or even Roger Staubach arrived on the scene. It was the days when Bubbles Cash introduced Dallas to the mini-skirt; when kids thought everybody went to the the Cotton Bowl to watch football after they went to church; and when Dallasites watched the Boys play in the torturous “Ice Bowl.”

Those were the “Dandy Don Days” thanks to a fella from Mount Vernon named Don Meredith, who was #17 for the Dallas Cowboys. He was one of Dallas’ first sports personalities with his killer smile, country boy personality and razzle-dazzle plays both on and other the field. After he left professional football, he went on to become part of the legendary “Monday Night’s Football” trio with the late Howard Cosell and Frank Gifford.

Last night the legends of that era (Bob Lilly, Lee Roy Jordan, Walt Garrison, Pierce Allman, Billy Bob Harris, Kay Hammond, and so many others) gathered at Marianne and Roger Staubach‘s new digs in Preston Hollow on the eve of today’s A.W.A.R.E. luncheon at the Fairmont honoring Dandy Don, who just turned 72 on April 10. Not only was the place jammed with people, but the stories of the past were remarkable.

It you haven’t got tickets to today’s luncheon, it’s doubtful if even the finest groveling will work.

Jackie Cavenders' Boots are Going to be Strutting on her Birthday

Thursday’s Stiletto Strut is going to be a double-fun event for Jackie Cavenders. Not only will she strutting her stuff around downtown Neiman’s to benefit the American Heart Association, she’ll be celebrating her birthday and she won’t be doing a solo act. Seems her bud Paige Lane has arranged for some of Jackie gal pals to join the walk. So if you see Sunie Marchbanks Soloman, Olivia Kearney, Stephanie Anne Burroughs, Little Rock’s Chantel McCollum, Jill Reagan and Pat Green‘s wife Kori, give ’em a high five and wish Jackie a happy b-day.

Floyd Dakil's Death is a Reminder

Mention Floyd Dakil‘s name and old timers will recall Dance, Franny, Dance or days of Irving Harrigan (aka Ron Chapman) reigning supreme at KLIF. Unfortunately, Floyd’s name will now be associated with the word, “suicide.” It was learned that he committed suicide Saturday.

Yes, times are tough. No, make that “really tough.” For this reason, please be observant of others. Don’t just ask, “How are you?” Wait for the answer and see if something doesn’t seem quite right.

Remember the Suicide and Crisis Center (214.828.1000) is available 24/7. We have added it to our web roll on the right side of the page. If you have any questions, then you need to use it.

Also, a gentle reminder that Julie Hersh, who has dealt dramatically with the issue of suicide, will do a book signing at Stanley Korshak this Friday from 9 to 11 a.m. If you’re a little skittish about discussing the subject, you just might to drop by and hear her discuss Struck by Living from 9:15 to 11 a.m.

"Accessible Luxury" Can Overcome any Storm

The weather guessers are saying that storms are headed to Dallas tomorrow night. What would it take to get you out and about in such conditions? Yup, we just knew it. You’re the type that plays hard-to-get-out in damp weather.

Accessible Luxury” is just what will get your bumbershoot warmed up.

Benefiting Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, the event will take place at Park Place’s Rolls-Royce/Bentley/Maserati location with Clarice Tinsley emcee-ing, DJ Lucy Wrubel (pictured) playing music, and Honorary Chairs Kathy and Tony Herring and Lark and J.C. Montgomery Jr. We just knew that would get your attention. But there’s more.

Event Chairs Ellen and Charlie Johnson, Devonie and McLean Coble, and Kelly and James Middleton have also arranged for you to sip champagne while browsing around Beretta apparel and gear, Noble Boutique’s gems and local designer Geoffrey Henning‘s fashions.

To top the evening off, Barney’s New York will have a fashion show at 8 p.m. featuring the Model Citizens of Campbell-Wagner Runway, LLC.

Now, don’t you feel silly to worry about a little rain?

Sit, Heel and Set Your Recorder

KERA is airing “Through a Dog’s Eyes” tonight at 7. It’s a documentary dealing with “services dogs and the people whose lives they have changed.”

Eating Crow Really Isn't Enjoyable, but it is Necessary

Attending Paul Baker’s memorial service last December at the Rosewood Center for Family Arts, I had just come from the funeral of a dear friend’s husband, who had committed suicide. Yes, as you guessed, it was not a happy day and I was not cheery.

Upon arriving at the center, I ran into Yvonne Crum, who is always bubbly and happy. Surely, this encounter would change the bitter taste in my mouth/mind. [Read more…]