Awardee Kern Wildenthal Highlights A ‘Perfect’ Callier Cares Luncheon At The Dallas Country Club

Even before the doors opened to the Dallas Country Club ballroom, the Callier Cares Luncheon VIP reception filled the Founders Room on Thursday, April 20. Luncheon Chair Emilynn Wilson was with husband Claude Wilson and Ruth and Ken Altshuler Callier Care Awardee Dr. Kern Wildenthal and all smiles over the sold-out Callier Care Fund fundraiser.

Kern Wildenthall, Emilynn and Claude Wilson

In another part of the room, Beth Layton was sporting a new haircut and talking with Chick Lit Co-Chair Tricia George.

Beth Layton and Tricia George

Barbara and John Stuart

Dee Wyly and Jill Rowlett

Marnie Wildenthal and Cyndi Bassel

Others in the crowd were Callier Center Foundation Chair John Stuart and his wife Barbara Stuart, Callier Center for Communications Disorders Executive Director Dr. Tom Campbell, Dan Branch, Angie Kadesky, Brent Christopher, Heidi Cannella, Lindalyn Adams, Dee Wyly, Jill Rowlett, Dee Collins and Kern’s wife Marnie Wildenthal and longtime assistant Cyndi Bassel.

Callier Cares Luncheon table

When the doors did open to the ballroom, it was pretty obvious that Emilynn had definitely filled the room to capacity. It was surprising that she didn’t try to put a table on the stage.

As guests like Keith Cerny, Caren Prothro,  Dr. Hobson Wildenthal, Lynn McBee, and Dr. Lynn Markle made their way into the room for lunch—Southwest Roasted Chicken Chop Salad and Chocolate Caramel Cake were on the menu—Tom welcomed everyone and kicked off the program. The annual Callier Prize in Communication Disorders Award, it was announced right off the bat, would go to Dr. Sharon G. Kujawa, an associate professor of otology and laryngology at Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Kujawa graciously accepted the award, which came for her groundbreaking work that has instigated a paradigm shift in the way researchers and health workers think about noise-induced and age-related hearing loss and inner ear injury. She gave way to luncheon Chair Emilynn and then to Stuart Bumpas and Dr. Ken Altshuler, who presented the annual Ruth and Ken Altshuler Callier Care Award to Kern.

During his many years as president of UT Southwestern Medical Center, Kern had helped nourish a relationship between UT Southwestern and the Callier Center that resulted in the Callier Child Development Program, the Cochlear Implant Program, and a joint program to evaluate and treat children with autism.

“I couldn’t have been more pleased, knowing that Emilynn Wilson would chair this event, because I knew it would be perfect in all regards,” Kern told the guests. “Callier is an organization I heard about many years ago. It epitomizes the best of what all academic institutions try to do … and it does so in an impeccable manner, and in collaboration with other institutions.

“For four decades I’ve wanted to add Ken and Ruth Altshuler’s name to my name,” Kern concluded with a smile. “And, now I can!”

Then, following an informative video and just before keynote speaker Richard Neely was to deliver his remarks, the podium microphone went dead for some reason. That gave Richard—an emeritus trustee of the Callier foundation and a profoundly deaf person who has cochlear implants—the perfect opening to begin his talk. “When the mic went out, I thought, to the people who could hear: welcome to my world!” Richard joked.

The former CFO for a local real estate investment company and a former SMU football star, Richard recounted his struggles with hearing loss and, ultimately, how he overcame them—with no small thanks to the cochlear implants. After he got his “first one in 2008,” he laughed, he complained to his wife that “she was crinkling the newspaper!” 

According to Emilynn, the 2017 luncheon will provide a whopping $278,450 for the Callier Center for Communication Disorder’s Callier Care Fund at the University of Texas at Dallas. 2018 Luncheon Chair Beth Thoele was already making plans for her effort to help “ensure that resources are available for patients and families” in need of financial assistance for speech, language and hearing disorders..

Callier Cares Luncheon Chair Emilynn Wilson’s Smile At The Patron Party Indicated Her High Expectations For The Fundraiser Would Be Achieved

Emilynn Wilson

On the evening of Thursday, April 13, the weather couldn’t have been more perfect for about 80 guests to be chauffeured via golf carts over the bridge past the tennis court and around the fountain to Lisa and Clay Cooley’s mansion.

Inside, the Callier Cares Luncheon patron party was under way, with Luncheon Chair Emilynn Wilson looking quite happy. It seems that she had set her sights high for the Callier Care Fund, and gave all indications that she was right on target for the April 20th fundraiser at the Dallas Country Club.

Ken and Ruth Altshuler

Bob Dyer

Di Johnston

David and Sara Martineau

While Ruth and Ken Altshuler Callier Care Awardee Dr. Kern Wildenthal and wife Marnie Wildenthal were in New York and unable to attend the patron party, there were plenty of other high rollers in the crowd. They included Callier Center Foundation President John Stuart and wife Barbara Stuart, Callier Center Executive Director Dr. Tom Campbell, 2014 Callier Care Awardee Sara Martineau and her husband David Martineau, Claude Wilson, Cindy Turner, Tricia George, Kyle Edgington, Dee Wyly, Jill Rowlett, Di Johnston, Bob Dyer, and Ruth and Ken Altshuler, who had created the Callier Care Award.

Also arriving as some were leaving were Christie Carter and Claire Emanuelson, as well as Brent Christopher. Cracked Brent: “As long as the hors d’oeuvres are still out, I’m okay!”

JUST IN: 2017 Callier Cares Luncheon Nets $278,450

Emilynn Wilson (File photo)

Emilynn Wilson is a very happy camper. After chairing the sold-out Callier Cares Luncheon on Thursday, April 20, at the Dallas Country Club, she just heard from the number crunchers about the day’s results.

Whoa! The net proceeds from the event were $278,450. The funds will benefit the Callier Center for Communication Disorders‘s Callier Care Fund.

Of course, Emilynn is sharing the glory with her Honorary Chair Lisa Troutt and the honorees Dr. Kern Wildenthal and Dr. Sharon Kujawa.

Next year’s Callier Cares Chair Beth Thoele has her work cut out. Next Tuesday she’s chairing the Can Do! Luncheon at the Dallas Country Club. In September she’s chairing the Equest Women’s Auxiliary Luncheon and Style Show at Brook Hollow on Tuesday, October 3. But she’s already got Brook Hollow locked down for the Tuesday, April 17th Callier Luncheon. Looks like Beth is gonna be a busy camper.

SOLD OUT ALERT: Callier Cares Luncheon

Emilynn Wilson (File photo)

Lisa Troutt (File photo)

Kern Wildenthal (File photo)

Well, Emilynn Wilson has gone and done it. She said she would hit the “Sold Out” mark for Thursday’s Callier Cares Luncheon at the Dallas Country Club, and word just arrived that the ballroom is filled.

But then how could she lose with Lisa Troutt as her honorary chair, Dr. Kern Wildenthal receiving the Ruth and Ken Altshuler Callier Care Award, and noted audiology researcher Dr. Sharon Kujawa being presented with the 2017 Callier Prize?

Proceeds from the luncheon will benefit the patients in need through the Callier Care Fund at the University of Texas at Dallas’ Callier Center for Communication Disorders.

Grovel Alert: Callier Cares Luncheon

With the Callier Cares Luncheon still 10 days away, Event Chair Emilynn Wilson and Honorary Chair Lisa Troutt report that the tickets are nearly gone with the wind. They’ve nearly filled the entire Dallas Country Club’s ballroom thanks to having the Ruth and Ken Altshuler Callier Care Award being presented to Dr. Kern Wildenthal and the Callier Prize in Communication Disorders awarded to Dr. Sharon Kujawa.

Emilynn Wilson (File photo)

Lisa Troutt (File photo)

While Kern is well known for his leadership in healthcare administration, clinical medicine, education, biomedical research and philanthropy, Sharon may not be a familiar name. That’s because she’s not a local. She’s the director of audiology research and a senior scientist at the Eaton-Peabody Laboratories at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary in Boston. Her focus is “to clarify mechanisms and manifestations of common forms of acquired sensorineural hearing loss in humans; particularly, those due to aging and exposure to noise and ototoxic drugs.”

In addition to receiving the Prize at the Thursday, April 20th luncheon, she’ll be the keynote speaker at the Callier Prize Conference at Callier Dallas the following day.

Proceeds from the luncheon will benefit the Callier Care Fund that was created by Ruth and Ken Altshuler to “help children and adults who would otherwise be unable to afford treatment to overcome speech, language and hearing disorders.”

Suggestion: Don’t put off buying that ticket much longer, because it just not be there.

Three Days Of Letter Signing Got Underway For Callier Cares Luncheon At Beth Layton’s Dining Room Table

Beth Layton

All was not clear Tuesday, January 10, at Beth Layton’s home. While  Callier Care Luncheon Chair Emilynn Wilson arrived early to arrange stacks of letterhead and envelopes on the dining room table for a three-day-athon of letter signing, hostess Beth was already head down, hand-signing the letters.

Looking up briefly, Beth complained the windows looking out on the street weren’t pristine. Instead of grabbing a bottle of Windex, Beth just got back to signing.

Missing in action was Callier Center for Communication Disorders’ Dr. Tom Campbell, who is usually one of the first ones at the signing. Instead he was under the weather and not in the sharing mood.

Jill Edgington and Emilynn Wilson

For the next three days, peeps like Marybeth Conlon, Stacy Crouch, Marie DeCamp Dean, Jill Edgington, Louise Griffeth, Stephanie Haley, Angie Kadesky, Jean Lattimore, Vicky Lattner, Pat McEvoy, Richard Neely, Barbara Stuart, Betty Suellentrop, Beth Thoele and Kristina Whitcomb would converge on Beth’s home to personally address letters to friends and supporters about the Callier Cares luncheon honoring Dr. Kern Wildenthal with the Ruth and Ken Altshuler Callier Care Award.

The event will take place at the Dallas Country Club on Thursday, April 20, and the luncheon speaker will be announced in the days ahead. If you haven’t received your letter, go ahead and get your seat reserved.

MySweet2017Goals: John Stuart

According to Foundation for the Callier Center President John Stuart,

John Stuart*

“My personal goal for the Foundation for the Callier Center is to build on the vision of Past President Bennett Cullum and continue to improve the visibility of Callier through a strong board, strong development and strong awareness within the greater community.

“My goal as Foundation for the Callier Center President aligns with our mission to support the Callier Center for Communication Disorders by increasing recognition of the center regionally and beyond, as well as boost our fundraising efforts that benefit patients with speech, language and hearing disorders who otherwise could not afford their care. I am hopeful that our annual Callier Cares Luncheon, scheduled for Thursday, April 20, at Dallas Country Club, will be another sold-out event thanks to the leadership of Chairman Emilynn Wilson.

“I want the citizens of Dallas and the greater Metroplex to know that right in their own backyard is the Callier Center – the crown jewel of treatment, training and research in communication disorders. Not only does Callier have brilliant researchers and clinicians, the people at Callier truly care and build relationships with individuals and families that last a lifetime.”

* Photo provided by Callier Center for Communication Disorders

Callier Cares Luncheon Chair Emilynn Wilson Announces Dr. Kern Wildenthal To Receive Ruth And Ken Altshuler Callier Care Award

Before the flurry of snow Friday became a convention of snowflakes stymieing afternoon traffic in North Texas, 2017 Callier Cares Luncheon Chair Emilynn Wilson held an intimate luncheon at the Warwick Melrose’s The Landmark Room’s private dining room. The purpose was the formal announcement of plans for the Thursday, April 20, luncheon benefiting patients in need through the Callier Care Fund.

Tom Campbell, John Stuart, Emilynn Wilson and Kern Wildenthal

With Callier Center Foundation President John Stuart and Callier Center for Communications Disorder Executive Director Tom Campbell in attendance, she revealed that former president of UT Southwestern/former president of Children’s Medical Center Foundation/community leader Dr. Kern Wildenthal would be the recipient of the Ruth and Ken Altshuler Callier Care Award and that Dr. Sharon Kujawa would receive the Callier Prize in Communication Disorder.

Kern, who just recently retired from Children’s Medical Center Foundation as president, reported that the day after his retirement he was called back to duty as a consultant for the foundation.

Lisa Troutt (File photo)

Cyndi Bassel (File photo)

Joining Emilynn in orchestrating the luncheon at the Dallas Country Club will be Honorary Chair Lisa Troutt and a host committee of hundreds including Kern’s former associate/Children’s Medical Center Foundation Senior Vice President Cyndi Bassel, who retired from the foundation Thursday. When asked what her future plans were, Cyndi responded, “I plan to light my fireplace and stay near it with a good book. A wonderful way to begin my new chapter.”

While tickets aren’t available, sponsorships are.

Callier Center Kicks Off A Whole Tradition For Callier Care Chairs With Paloma Picasso Bracelets

While a major golf tournament created a crammed parking lot at the Dallas Country Club, making it look like a luxury used car lot on Wednesday, October 12, a gathering of champs was taking place inside the clubhouse.

The “gathering” was the Past Chairs Luncheon with former Callier Cares Luncheon Chairs Barbara Stuart (2013), Betsy Cullum and Sissy Cullum (2014), Tiffany Divis (2015) and Angie Kadesky (2016), 2017 Chair Emilynn Wilson, Callier Center Foundation Board President John Stuart and Callier Center for Communications Disorders Executive Director Dr. Tom Campbell and Callier staffers.

From the left: (standing) Sissy Cullum, Tiffany Divis, Emilynn Wilson and Angie Kadesky; (seated) Betsy Cullum, Tom Campbell, Barbara and John Stuart

From the left: (standing) Sissy Cullum, Tiffany Divis, Emilynn Wilson and Angie Kadesky; (seated) Betsy Cullum, Tom Campbell, Barbara and John Stuart

Tom recalled how it was back in 2011 that Pam Busbee, Tricia George, Tincy Miller and Sara Martineau decided it was time for Callier to have an event and that the first chair should be Libby Hunt. Since that first luncheon in 2012, the annual fundraiser has provided more than $725,000 “to help provide care for patients in need.”

As Tom put it, “This is all due to the leadership of each one of you around this table. There really are no words to adequately express our gratitude — not just for the dollars raised but also for helping to educate our community about the Callier Center.”

While lunch was being served, the former chairs discussed “things that worked well” for the fundraiser and possible suggestions on how to improve on it.

Just before the group finished, Tom reported, “We want to carry forward with the tradition of holding the past chairs luncheon each fall. It will give us the opportunity to keep you all in the loop of the luncheon plans and allow you to share your wonderful thoughts and ideas related to the venue, speakers, awardees and details.”

In creating this “new tradition,” Tom then notified them that the Tiffany gift bags at each of their places contained “a keepsake” for each of the past chairs to wear to all the Callier Cares Luncheon and the Past Chairs Luncheon.

Inside were boxes containing Paloma Picasso’s “Loving Heart Bracelet.”

Goes nicely with the Callier Center’s heart logo.

And only goes to prove that leadership does warrant perks.

In Addition To Chairing 2017 Callier Cares, Emilynn Wilson Will Receive KidneyTexas’ 2016 Sue Goodnight Award

Emilynn Wilson (File photo)

Emilynn Wilson (File photo)

McKamy Tiner (File photo)

McKamy Tiner (File photo)

Emilynn Wilson is going to be a busy gal in the months ahead. Not only is she chairing the 2017 Callier Cares fundraiser for Callier Center for Communications Disorders, she’s gonna be on the receiving end of accolades. On Tuesday, September 20, she’ll be presented the Sue Goodnight Award at KidneyTexas’ “The Runway Report” luncheon and fashion show at Brook Hollow that’s being chaired by McKamy Tiner.

The 2016 beneficiaries include Children’s Health/Children’s Medical Center Foundation, Camp Reynal – National Kidney Foundation, Baylor Health Care System Foundation, Parkland Foundation, Dallas Methodist Hospitals Foundation and Texas Health Resources Foundation.

Callier Cares Luncheon Honors Stuart Bumpas And Reveals Results From Research And Development For The Hearing Impaired

Brook Hollow was jammed on Tuesday, April 19, for the Callier Center’s Callier Cares. In the Oak Room, where the VIP reception was being held, a lucky few were telling tales of the Sweetheart Ball chaired by Perot sisters Nancy Perot, Suzanne McGee, Carolyn Rathjen and Katherine Reeves the previous Saturday at Brook Hollow. It was one of those nights when the younger members headed home early perhaps to relieve babysitters. But the older set like Ross Perot took the mic while Roger Horchow donned a top hat and tickled the ivories in the Oak Room. Just in case, Margot Perot had songbooks printed for the sing-a-long. There was even a rumor that a cigar was seen being lit up.

Stuart Bumpas

Stuart Bumpas

But back to the luncheon’s VIP reception. Looking around the room, it was pretty much even-steven gals vs. guys thanks to honoree Stuart Bumpas and Honorary Co-Chairs Michal and Lloyd Powell.

Eventually the crowd including Mike McCullough, Libby Hunt, Beth Thoele, Di Johnston, Kevin Kadesky, Tricia George, Kristina Whitcomb, Hobson Wildenthal, Lisa Cooley, Debbie Oates, Shelle Sills, Ann Dyer, Don Glendenning, Robyn Conlon, Jill Rowlett, Tiffany Divis, Christie Carter, Louise Griffeth, Kern Wildenthal, Lisa Longino, Barbara Stuart and Stuart’s wife Diane Bumpas and son Joe Bumpas heard the chimes and made their way to the ballroom. Now to get them in their chairs? That was a challenge. One person suggested starting a prayer and another recommended drafting Melissa Macatee do her call-to-order whistle. Luckily, neither was necessary as the guests took their seats.

Tricia George, Di Johnston and Kristina Whitcomb

Tricia George, Di Johnston and Kristina Whitcomb

With Callier Center Executive Director Tom Campbell serving as emcee and videos briefly and beautifully showcasing Callier’s services and accomplishments, the rest of the luncheon continued hitting home runs.

Kevin and Angie Kadesky

Kevin and Angie Kadesky

This luncheon was a very personal one, as was proven by Luncheon Chair/mother of six Angie Kadesky. With her daughter Erin Kadesky at her side, Angie told how Callier had been instrumental in Erin’s adapting and overcoming the challenges of hearing loss. The results have been Erin’s flourishing in school.

And then there was Mandy and Jaime Palmer, whose infant son Howard Palmer was diagnosed with hearing loss. A video proved the success of Howard’s cochlear implants showing the moment when toddler Howard heard sound for the first time.

Stuart Bumpas, Ken and Ruth Altshuler and Tom Campbell

Stuart Bumpas, Ken and Ruth Altshuler and Tom Campbell

To back up the testimonials, Ruth Altshuler took the podium to present Stuart with the Ruth and Ken Altshuler Callier Care Award. She admitted that she had risen from her sick bed to celebrate honoree Stuart Bumpas, who had once been the kid next door. Thanks to Ruth’s off-the-cuff remarks, everyone felt as if they had lived next door to Stuart and bought Cutco products from him when the Locke Lord attorney was a 13-year-old.

Stuart in accepting the award tapped the knowledge and experiences of the late actor Lon Chaney, whose parents were deaf, and Academy Award winning/hearing impaired Marlee Matlin. Ever gracious, he thanked everyone associate with Callier.

Bailey Turfitt

Bailey Turfitt

The final testimonial was presented by a Callier hero, Bailey Turfitt, who told how her loss of hearing hadn’t held her back from her love of music. The Highland Park graduate recalled how she had played the clarinet and flute, earning awards and graduating with honors and being inducted as a National Merit Scholar.

Following Bailey, Foundation of Callier Center President John Stuart proved a charming and talented closer. He applauded the Callier staff for their support, especially after he initially pointed folks in the wrong direction to pick up their cars. With humor, he corrected the error. But before dispatching guests, he revealed that Emilynn Wilson would chair the 2017 luncheon at the Dallas Country Club.

MySweetCharity Photo Gallery Alert: Callier Cares Luncheon

Callier Cares once again proved to be educational and entertaining, while honoring Callier Center’s longtime supporter Stuart Bumpas on Tuesday, April 19, at Brook Hollow Golf Club.

Stuart Bumpas, Ken and Ruth Altshuler and Tom Campbell

Stuart Bumpas, Ken and Ruth Altshuler and Tom Campbell

While the post is being prepared, pictures of the luncheon can be seen over on MySweetCharity Photo Gallery.

2015 Crystal Charity Ball Committee Distributed Record-Breaking $6.5M To 11 Dallas Children’s Non-Profits

There are hundreds of children…no, make that thousands of children…who went to sleep on Tuesday, April 12, never having heard of a gal from Andrews, Texas, by the name of Michal Powell or an organization called Crystal Charity Ball.

That’s just peachy keen for the 2015 CCB Chair Michal and her gall-gal committee of 99. For a little over a year, they made calls, hand delivered contracts and championed the cases for Dallas children to net a record-breaking $6.5M.

Some of that money would go to healthcare, ranging from sexual abuse to hearing and sight challenges. Other funds would assist homeless and hungry kids and those working through the challenges of autism.

Pat McEvoy, Tucker Enthoven, Vinnie Reuben, Gregg Ballew, Michal Powell, Leslie Diers, Susan Farris and Mary Clare Finney

Pat McEvoy, Tucker Enthoven, Vinnie Reuben, Gregg Ballew, Michal Powell, Leslie Diers, Susan Farris and Mary Clare Finney

But on this evening, it was Christmas with Michal and her team including Underwriting chair Tucker Enthoven presenting the real-thing checks to the 11 recipients thanks to host Westwood Trust Senior VP Gregg Ballew. Among the crowd of more-than-smiley recipients and guests were Dave Woodyard, Ola Fojtasek, Robyn Flatt, Cara French, Sandra Session-Robertson, Bob Sweeney, Elizabeth Gambrell, Tom Turnage, Pam Busbee, Ona Foster, Daffan Nettle, Dr. Tom Campbell, Beth Thoele, Michael Craven, Margaret Hancock, Kimberly Williams, Anne Reeder, Doug Adkins, Tricia George, Tom Black, Mary Martha Pickens, Jan McAuley, Fredye Factor, Pat McEvoy, Vinnie Reuben, Leslie Diers, Mary Clare Finney, Susan Farris, Barbara Stuart and 2016 CCB Chair Christie Carter.

Here is a breakdown of how the checks were distributed:

  • Catholic Charities of Dallas — $575,000 for the School Readiness Program
  • Dallas Children’s Theater — $564,400 for Sensory-Friendly Performances and Classes
  • Dallas Life — $546,919 for the Kids Life Program
  • Dallas Services — $646,064 for the Vision for Children Program
  • Family Compass — $600,000 for the Healthy Families Program
  • Foundation for the Callier Center for Communication Disorders — $630,000 for The Pediatric Hearing Aid Project
  • H.I.S. BridgeBuilders — $539,450 for the Crossover Athletics Program
  • Interfaith Housing Coalition — $500,000 for the Childcare and Youth Services Center
  • Mary Crowley Cancer Research Centers —$500,000 for Ewing’s Sarcoma Pediatric Cancer Research Program
  • North Texas Food Bank — $750,000 for the Food 4 Kids Backpack Program
  • Texas Health Resources Foundation — $459,124 for the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program

Wanna bet what the first thing the 11 recipients did the next morning? Deliver the checks to their banks, of course. The second thing was to put that money to work.

Callier Cares Luncheon Patrons Gather At Honorary Co-Chairs Michal And Lloyd Powell’s Home To Hear About Plans

The sky was blue without a cloud in the sky on Tuesday, March 1. While primary voting was ending, guests were gathering at Michal and Lloyd Powell’s too-comfy home. The occasion was the Callier Cares Luncheon patron party. Thanks to the perfect weather, the terrace with the outdoor bar was as inviting as the Powell dining room with a table set with sliders, stuffed tomatoes, mini-ice cream cones and a centerpiece from Garden Gate.

Caleb Powell, Stuart Bumpass, Michal and Lloyd Powell

Caleb Powell, Stuart Bumpass, Michal and Lloyd Powell

On the terrace, Powell son Caleb Powell joined his parents as they talked with Callier Cares Honoree Stuart Bumpas, who explained that wife Diane Bumpas was on her way. No sooner had he said that than Diane arrived at the doorway.

Diane Bumpas and Lynn McBee

Diane Bumpas and Lynn McBee

Ruth and Ken Altshuler

Ruth and Ken Altshuler

Other arrivals who appeared right on time were Ruth and Ken Altshuler, who found themselves merrily on the couch talking to Pat Harloe and Lynn McBee.

But eventually the crowd, including University of Texas at Dallas Provost Dr. Hobson Wildenthal, Interim President of the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences Dr. James Bartlett, Carol and Don Glendenning and Cece Smith and Ford Lacy, gathered to hear about plans for the upcoming Callier Cares Luncheon at Brook Hollow on Tuesday, April 19.

Barbara and John Stuart and Angie Kadesky

Barbara and John Stuart and Angie Kadesky

Callier Center Foundation President John Stuart did the official welcome. thanking Michal and Lloyd for hosting the party, and then introduced Luncheon Chair Angie Kadesky.

As Angie pointed out, it was “especially meaningful” to have Michael and Lloyd serve as the honorary chairs, since Michal chaired the 2015 Crystal Charity Ball and Callier was one of its beneficiaries.

On a personal note, Angie told how her personal connection with the Center was due to one of her children benefiting from its services.

She thanked her committee and reported that tickets were moving briskly before turning the program over to Callier Center Executive Director Dr. Tom Campbell, who acknowledged Ruth and Ken’s establishing the Callier Care Fund that benefits “children and adults who would otherwise be unable to afford treatment to overcome speech, language and hearing disorders.”

Tom Campbell, Hobson Wildenthal and James Bartlett

Tom Campbell, Hobson Wildenthal and James Bartlett

Seamlessly, he went on to explain how fitting it was that Stuart Bumpas would receive the Ruth and Ken Altshuler Callier Care Award, which is annually presented to “an individual or group who has contributed significantly to advancing care of patients with communication disorder.”

For the past 30 years, “Stuart has influenced and contributed to the Callier Center’s growth through his service on the board of trustees of the Foundation for the Callier Center.”

After reminding guests of Callier’s unique, three-part mission — treatment, training and research — he told of future projects that would help the mission including the the new autism center that opened in May, the Crystal Charity Ball’s providing funds to provide hearing aids and services to children of poverty, and the groundbreaking of the new 50,000-square-foot Callier Richardson Expansion with its state-of-the-art clinic and training facility scheduled to open in the fall.

With ticket sales moving along, Tom broke the news that the luncheon speaker would be Highland Park honors graduate/University of North Texas freshman Bailey Turfitt, who “will share the challenges she faced and the victories she celebrated growing up with severe hearing impairment.”

Callier Cares Letters Are Signed, Sealed And Being Delivered

The chilly temps and clouds almost seemed like a relief on Wednesday, January 6, compared to the December 26th tornado teardown.

Still, a warm household with wood floors, brick walls and fireplaces glowing through was the perfect place to be. And that spot was Callier Cares Chair Angie Kadesky’s home-sweet-home complete with “Kevin’s Pub” in the back of the house. Seems that when the Kadeskys were expanding their home, husband Kevin Kadesky talked with the builder and the two arranged to have the former kitchen transformed into a mini-pub.

Thomas Campbell and Angie Kadesky

Thomas Campbell and Angie Kadesky

While Angie and Callier Center for Communication Disorder Assistant Director of Development Jennifer Fowler were discussing deets of the upcoming lunch’s patron party, Callier Center Executive Director Dr. Thomas Campbell, Tricia George, Barbara Stuart, Page Henrion and Richard Neely were exercising their John Hancocks on letters to potential guests and sponsors.

Tricia George and Barbara Stuart

Tricia George and Barbara Stuart

Richard Neely

Richard Neely

Page Henrion

Page Henrion

When someone noted Barbara’s new car parked out front, she admitted that she had lost her “vehicular love” last July, thanks to a run-in on Beverly. Now, she was driving an Infiniti and still waiting for metal license plates.

As the humans around the dining room table did their handiwork, the Kadesky critters (Fred the Ragdoll and Chester the Cavalier) didn’t seem the least bit flustered. After all, with six munchkins in the Kadesky household, what’s a handful of adults.





The letters dropped in the mail this past Monday. Give the postal service a couple of days to get them to your mail box. If they don’t show up, let the Callier team know. After all, you don’t want to miss the patron party or the lunch on Tuesday, April 19, honoring Stuart Bumpas with the Ruth and Ken Altshuler Callier Care Award.

MySweetWishList: Callier Center For Communications Disorders

According to Callier Center for Communication Disorders Executive Director Dr. Thomas Campbell,

Thomas Campbell*

Thomas Campbell*

“I would like to share a story about Marie, who is one of our patients in the Communication Learning Program (CLP) at the Callier Center. CLP is a community-based program that provides speech and language therapy to adults who are faced with significant communication disabilities due to acquired neurological disorders such as stroke or traumatic brain injury.

“One Friday morning, Marie did not arrive at her job. Her sister asked Marie’s neighbor, who had a key, to check in on her. The neighbor found Marie on the floor and called 911.

“At age 51, Marie had suffered a hemorrhagic stroke that left her in the ICU in a medically induced coma. After 21 days in the ICU, seven days in the high dependency unit, and approximately seven weeks of rehab, Marie was released.

Kelly and Marie*

Kelly and Marie*

“Marie was still very weak. She had to learn to do everything over again: talk, walk, dress herself, eat and so much more. She could no longer live by herself, so she stayed with her sister. Before her family would let her move back home, Marie needed to be able to communicate.

“For three years, Marie has received extensive one-on-one and group speech and language therapy in CLP. CLP has helped Marie improve her communication skills, including using an iPad to help her speak. Because of CLP, Marie has moved back into her home and is living independently.

“The majority of CLP participants, like Marie, have either exhausted their insurance benefits or have no benefits at all, leaving them with no means to access continued treatment. Thanks to support from generous donors, we are able to care for these patients. Each patient is asked to pay a minimal fee of $250 per twelve-week period. For those unable to pay, the fee is reduced or waived.

“Unfortunately, we all know someone who has suffered from a stroke or a traumatic brain injury, whether it be a parent, grandparent or a friend. Please help someone’s loved one reclaim his or her life by supporting the CLP Program at the Callier Center for Communication Disorders.

“For more information, please contact Shanon Patrick at 214.905.3084 or visit

-By Dr. Thomas Campbell, Callier Center for Communication Disorders executive director

* Photos provided by Callier Center for Communication Disorders

MySweetWishList: Callier Center For Communication Disorders Foundation

According to Callier Center for Communication Disorders Foundation Board Member Tricia George,

Tricia George*

Tricia George*

“My wish is that every girl and boy has the ability to hear. This seems like a simple request, but it’s not a given for every child.

“Every day in America, one to three babies per 1,000 are born deaf or hard of hearing. Can you imagine how it must feel for a new mother, or a new father, to be told that their infant did not pass the newborn hearing screening in the hospital? These parents are discharged at a time that should be joyful, but is now fraught with fear and concern regarding whether their child will live a normal life.

“On top of the emotional stress, many working families struggle financially to provide their child with necessary hearing aids and services. Working parents do not always have the purchase power or insurance coverage to pay for their child’s treatment. In addition, with the significant changes in Medicaid funding, offering treatment to these children is impossible without philanthropic funding.

“A child should not have to grow up without hearing aids. Growing up without hearing aids not only affects a child’s ability to hear, but also affects the child’s ability to develop speech. You have the power to remove these obstacles. You can make a wish come true for a child and his or her family.



“On behalf of the Callier Center, I kindly ask you to be a ‘HEAR O’. What is a ‘HEAR O’? Simply stated, a HEAR O helps give a child the ability to hear.

“When you give $1,000, you give a child two hearing aids and three years of follow-up services. Every amount counts. Thank you in advance for giving a child the gift of hearing this holiday season.

“To find out more about how to Be a ‘HEAR O’, contact Shanon Patrick at 214.905.3084 or [email protected]. Please visit the Callier Center at”

– Tricia George, Callier Center for Communication Disorders Foundation Board Member

* Photos provided by Callier Center for Communication Disorders Foundation