JUST IN: Another School Closes Due To The Flu

As a result of the flu, Jesuit College Preparatory has joined the list of area schools temporarily closed. This notice was just posted today:

“Jesuit’s campus will be closed on Tuesday, Jan. 23 and Wednesday, Jan. 24 in the effort to support the health and safety of our community. During this time, all on-campus activities will be cancelled. Community service scheduled for Wednesday will also be cancelled, although away athletic events will continue as planned. The School will take the closure time to disinfect all campus spaces. On campus activity will resume as normal after 4 p.m. on Wednesday.”

While it may seem drastic, Jesuit and the other schools are doing the right thing to prevent the spread of the deadly virus.

Here are some reminders:

  • If you think you might have the flu or even a cold, stay at home and try to isolate yourself from other members of the household. Call your doctor. Be patient (sorry, no pun intended). There is a good chance that your doctor is probably being overwhelmed with similar calls
  • Stay put for at least 24 hours after the fever has broken.
  • Wash your hands with soap.
  • Stock up on tissues.
  • Take showers and use vaporizers to keep your surrounding steamy.

    Flu shot coupon offer (File photo)

  • Get vaccinated if you haven’t. While the recent vaccine may not be a cure all, it may reduce the killer effects. Check with your drugstores and grocery stores about special offers that “boost” your getting vaccinated there.
  • Instead of handshaking, air kissing or hugging, do the knuckle bump or just wave.
  • Since the flu virus can lead to pneumonia, baby boomers should make sure that they’ve had their pneumonia shots.

Please consider using these precautions and sharing them with your kids and grandkids.

It’s That’s Time Of Year When All Sharing Ain’t Good

Seasonal supplies

Tis the season of giving and sharing…to a point.  Unfortunately, there appears to be a couple of peeps who aren’t in the right spirit. They’re “Flu Flory” and “Cold Cory.” No, they don’t have a Facebook page and post selfies. They’re kissing kin to Typhoid Mary.

Speaking of which, they get around by doing cheek hugs, air kisses, warm handshakes, sneezes and croupy coughs with the high-and-mighty and the wishful wannabes.

If you have been a victim of one of these two, do everyone a favor — check with your doctor, stay at home and take care of yourself. You’ll be missed and then again you won’t be missed. Get the drift?

And remember — there’s nothing as unflattering as a red nose unless your name if Rudolph.  

Get Shot Up Before The Season’s Flu Gets You Down

That weekend cold front was a brisk reminder to start preparing for winter ahead. There are cashmere sweaters and thigh-high boots to bring out from hiding in the closet. Kitchens are heating up with soups, meat loaves and homemade breads. Lemonade and icy drinks are being replaced by hot chocolates and Irish coffee. Noses are detecting the scents of pinion wood burning in chimineas and fire pits.

Connie Yates and Tom Thumb

And speaking of noses, it’s definitely time to get the infamous flu shot.

To make the “ouch” a little less painful, Tom Thumb’s Connie Yates is offering a 10% off coupon on groceries up to $200, if you get your shot in one of its pharmacies. Why not get “shot up” at Tom Thumb’s and use your coupon for holiday feasting. Or, better yet, load up on canned food goods and donate them to your favorite food bank. The coupon is good through March 31!

And, no. Connie didn’t pay for this flu reminder.

Queenie Blows Back To MySweetCharity


The MySweetCharity global headquarters was shaken this morning. One of the elves scampered through the compound like Paul Revere: “She’s here! She’s here! She’s here!” There was just a way that the word “she” was shouted that there was no doubt who was indeed here.

As Queenie waddled her way to her throne room, Elder Elf pulled himself together to broach the old dowager.

Like “The Tudors’” Sam Neill, he bowed and gingerly asked, “We have missed your wonderfulness. Pray tell? Have we done something that has prevented your splendor from being with us?”

Snorting into a super-super-strength Puffs like a whale blowing through its blowhole, she looked at Elder through her kryptonite sunglasses.

“I had a fabulous winter. Visited a friend who was building a floating palace in the Mediterranean. Comforted another gal who was shedding her starter husband. Watched another lady who overdosed on plastic surgery. Had no idea that eyebrows could reach to the back of your neck.”

Despite his hunger for more delicious details about the world outside, Elder still noted how none would have warranted Queenie’s cheaters and terribly obvious sniffs.

“But, Ma’am, why do I sense your being not gloriously happy yourself?” Elder asked. He’s a smart old elf.

Queenie pulled off the shades and glowered at Elder saying, “It is a problem that faces only the very special amongst us. Some call it the flu; other say it’s a ‘nasty head cold;’ and still some swear it off as allergies due to the wanton ways of the season. Doesn’t matter. From my shoulders up, I have become the Trevi Fountain. I have been forced to replace my Cristal with NyQuil. How I shudder at that very admission! You and the elves are so fortunate to be so common that you’re not afflicted with this condition.”

With that, Queenie clutched her case of designer-made tissues and her crystal jug of NyQuil and settled into a state of sneezing, wheezing, and overall grumpiness.

Hey! There are times when it ain’t so great to be Queenie.

A Gentle Reminder: It’s Time To Get Shot Up

It’s getting pretty late to get that necessary injection if you’re going to make it through the holiday party season. No, not that Botox treatment. Rather it’s your flu shot. After all it takes a couple of weeks to settle in to fight off that nasty, sneezy, headachy stuff. And you just know that you’ll want to be prepared for all the hugging and air kissing that’s in your future.

So, toddle to you fav doctor or pharmacy and get the needle. And, no, you probably won’t get a lollipop, but then you probably won’t be getting the flu either.

Exactly What Have You Been Hosting Over Spring Break?

Spring break has been in high gear for most of March. But many folks have been sidetracked by runny noses, hacking coughs, watery eyes and sore throats. Some swear they’ve had the flu despite having their flu shot last fall. Others blame the budding of flowers and trees for their allergies hitting hard. Still others simply write the problem off to an ordinary cold.

Any of the three is pretty unpleasant and inconvenient. After all, tearing up when making a presentation can be pitiful. And is there anything as un-rosy as a red nosy?

So, to set the record sorta straight, here are the symptoms for each of the three, so you’ll know exactly what’s being ailing you and/or your pals:

Common cold

  • Symptoms: Stuffy, runny nose; sneezing; sore throat; a mild fever and cough last up to two weeks
  • Treatment: Drink lots of fluids, get plenty of rest and take over-the-counter meds to ease symptoms. For the sore throat, gargle with salt water. Antibiotics won’t have an effect on the ordinary cold.
  • Period of contagion: Most contagious one day prior to symptoms appear and for the following week.


  • Symptoms: High fever, headaches, achy muscles, sore throat, tired, nasal congestion and cough last 10-days to two weeks
  • Treatment: Drink lots of fluids, get plenty of rest, take over-the-counter meds to ease symptoms and check with your doctor for prescription anti-viral medications
  • Period of contagion: May be Typically one to four days, but could possibly last as long as two weeks

Airborne allergies

  • Symptoms: Sneezing, stuffy nose and itchy, watery eyes as long as allergens exist
  • Treatment: Over-the-counter medicines including antihistamines, decongestants. Check with an allergist for prescription and long-term treatments.
  • Contagion: Not contagious

Make sure that you don’t play pharmacist and mix medications. They can do more harm than good. So, check with a healthcare professional like your primary care doctor or pharmacist.

Also, if you think you have a cold or the flu, be selfish and don’t share. If you are living with someone who is under the weather with the contagious stuff, make sure you wash your hands, avoid close contact and stock up on broths, hot teas, over-the-counter drugs and tissues.

MySweetWishList: Paws In The City

According to Paws In The City volunteer Brooke Van Poppelen,

Paws In The City*

Paws In The City*

“More than 7,300 shelter animals are euthanized each day of the year in the U.S. because they are sick, injured or a shelter simply doesn’t have space for them. These are pets that still have a lot of life and love in them if someone would only give them a fighting chance.

“As a volunteer for Paws in the City, my wish this holiday season is that Paws in the City will be able to continue its mission to end the overpopulation, abuse and neglect of dogs and cats in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We are a no-kill organization that began in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, but continues our “rescue one until there are none” mission every day of the year.





Paws In The City*

Paws In The City*

“We don’t want to turn away pets because they have medical or behavioral issues that are threatening their lives. Because of this, our medical bills are very high. It’s a bit worse this year and we are seeking donations to cover the increase in medical expenses due to this summer’s dog flu, kennel cough and giardia outbreaks at shelters. The medical treatment needed by these dogs resulted in a 100-percent increase in veterinary bills, even after discounts from our veterinarians. Without our intervention, these dogs would have had no hope for survival.

“A $25 donation pays for heart worm prevention treatment for a dog in foster care awaiting her forever home. A $50 donation pays for an intake exam and rabies vaccination. A $100 donation pays for a spay/neuter surgery. A $250 donation pays for heart worm treatment.

Paws In The City*

Paws In The City*

“Paws in the City is a 501(c)(3) all-volunteer organization with no paid staff – 100 percent of all funds raised goes directly to the dogs and cats in need. It is my greatest pleasure to see an animal who was previously on death row given a second chance in a loving home. But Paws in the City would not be able to do this without the overwhelming generosity of our volunteers and donors who are all so passionate about our cause.”

– Brooke Van Poppelen, Paws in the City Volunteer

* Photos provided by Paws In The City 
** Photo credit: Teresa Berg

Crystal Charity Ball’s Circle Of Angels Dined Surrounded By Elegance Despite The Hostess Being MIA

Clay and Lisa Cooley

Clay and Lisa Cooley

Clay Cooley pushed off his birthday celebration for 24 hours. That was because wife Lisa Cooley in a Lela Rose cocktail dress had scheduled them to attend the extra-social Crystal Charity Ball’s Circle of Angels seated supper at Mary Clare Finney’s estate on Tuesday, October 20.

Alas, the darling hostess Mary Clare, who is known for fashion trend-setting, was again once ahead of the herd. She was upstairs with signs of coming down with the flu.

Laura and Jason Downing

Laura and Jason Downing

While Mary Clare took to her bed, a record-breaking crowd of nearly 200 partied downstairs with Deloitte’s Laura and Jason Downing greeting one and all at the front door.

Cliff Fischer's BMW

Cliff Fischer’s BMW

Even before the doors opened at 7 p.m., the driveway was jammed like NorthPark valet parking on Black Friday. In the crowd of luxury vehicles was Cliff Fischer’s hotter-than-hot, brand new BMW with paper plates. One of the valets admitted that the car was so high tech, they weren’t quite sure how to move it.

Annette Simmons and Jerry Fronterhouse

Annette Simmons and Jerry Fronterhouse

Glen Ashworth and Christie Carter

Glen Ashworth and Christie Carter

In the crowd were Annette Simmons and Jerry Fronterhouse, who had given Annette a golf bag with two clubs. He reported that she’s quite a golfer… Tricia George reported that the Fund A Cure luncheon that she’s co-chairing with husband Kenn George is heading toward a sell-out…Judge Glen Ashworth was in from Kaufman with CCB 2016 Chair Christie Carter.

Just when the mansion’s public rooms seemed to be filled to the max, the guests were invited to fabulous tables set up in the backyard for a dinner. The dining started off with Maine lobster and sous vide hen egg ravioli with house-made ricotta cheese, tarragon cream and winter truffles, followed by red chermoula-crusted Mediterranean loup de mer, cardamom-roasted heirloom beets, sun-choke scallion puree and reserved lemon butter sauce. To top off the meal and in keeping with the 2015 Crystal Charity Ball “An Evening of Celestial Radiance” theme, dessert was celestial radiance white chocolate moon with mandarin, gianduja chocolate and brownie “dirt.”

As for Clay, don’t worry about his boo-hooing about the delayed birthday. Upon hearing that Lisa was giving him a new, big belt buckle, he smiled and said he didn’t need anything because he had Lisa.

Sniff And Stay Home

It’s that time of year when hot chocolate and flutes of champagne are being replaced by shots of NyQuil™ — and Vicks rubbed on the chest is the scent du jour. Yup, people are coughing, sneezing and just plain feeling rotten. And this off-again. on-again chilly, damp  weather isn’t making things much better.

While North Texas is big on giving, there is no need to share the cold/flu. So, if you just think you’re coming down with something, stay home. You can still email and call friends and family without sharing your ills.


MySweetCharity Reminder: Do Yourself A Favor And Get Shot

While Ebola virus is getting all the news coverage, healthcare workers stress that the upcoming flu season is a great concern, too. The good news is that a flu shot can reduce your chances of catching influenza.

Bargain hunters: If you shop around, you just might find a pharmacy that will also provide an added incentive for getting your arm stuck.

And while thinking about preventative measures, consider cutting down your chances of encountering pneumonia. When combined with the flu, the twosome is the fifth leading cause of death in this country. But pneumonia is preventable. Yup, they’ve come up with a vaccine and strongly recommend it for those under two and over 65 and other vulnerable types.

Here’s an idea. If you’re going to get a flu shot in one arm, why not get a pneumonia shot in the other arm. After all, you don’t want one arm to feel left out.