It’s That’s Time Of Year When All Sharing Ain’t Good

Seasonal supplies

Tis the season of giving and sharing…to a point.  Unfortunately, there appears to be a couple of peeps who aren’t in the right spirit. They’re “Flu Flory” and “Cold Cory.” No, they don’t have a Facebook page and post selfies. They’re kissing kin to Typhoid Mary.

Speaking of which, they get around by doing cheek hugs, air kisses, warm handshakes, sneezes and croupy coughs with the high-and-mighty and the wishful wannabes.

If you have been a victim of one of these two, do everyone a favor — check with your doctor, stay at home and take care of yourself. You’ll be missed and then again you won’t be missed. Get the drift?

And remember — there’s nothing as unflattering as a red nose unless your name if Rudolph.  

Queenie Blows Back To MySweetCharity


The MySweetCharity global headquarters was shaken this morning. One of the elves scampered through the compound like Paul Revere: “She’s here! She’s here! She’s here!” There was just a way that the word “she” was shouted that there was no doubt who was indeed here.

As Queenie waddled her way to her throne room, Elder Elf pulled himself together to broach the old dowager.

Like “The Tudors’” Sam Neill, he bowed and gingerly asked, “We have missed your wonderfulness. Pray tell? Have we done something that has prevented your splendor from being with us?”

Snorting into a super-super-strength Puffs like a whale blowing through its blowhole, she looked at Elder through her kryptonite sunglasses.

“I had a fabulous winter. Visited a friend who was building a floating palace in the Mediterranean. Comforted another gal who was shedding her starter husband. Watched another lady who overdosed on plastic surgery. Had no idea that eyebrows could reach to the back of your neck.”

Despite his hunger for more delicious details about the world outside, Elder still noted how none would have warranted Queenie’s cheaters and terribly obvious sniffs.

“But, Ma’am, why do I sense your being not gloriously happy yourself?” Elder asked. He’s a smart old elf.

Queenie pulled off the shades and glowered at Elder saying, “It is a problem that faces only the very special amongst us. Some call it the flu; other say it’s a ‘nasty head cold;’ and still some swear it off as allergies due to the wanton ways of the season. Doesn’t matter. From my shoulders up, I have become the Trevi Fountain. I have been forced to replace my Cristal with NyQuil. How I shudder at that very admission! You and the elves are so fortunate to be so common that you’re not afflicted with this condition.”

With that, Queenie clutched her case of designer-made tissues and her crystal jug of NyQuil and settled into a state of sneezing, wheezing, and overall grumpiness.

Hey! There are times when it ain’t so great to be Queenie.

Exactly What Have You Been Hosting Over Spring Break?

Spring break has been in high gear for most of March. But many folks have been sidetracked by runny noses, hacking coughs, watery eyes and sore throats. Some swear they’ve had the flu despite having their flu shot last fall. Others blame the budding of flowers and trees for their allergies hitting hard. Still others simply write the problem off to an ordinary cold.

Any of the three is pretty unpleasant and inconvenient. After all, tearing up when making a presentation can be pitiful. And is there anything as un-rosy as a red nosy?

So, to set the record sorta straight, here are the symptoms for each of the three, so you’ll know exactly what’s being ailing you and/or your pals:

Common cold

  • Symptoms: Stuffy, runny nose; sneezing; sore throat; a mild fever and cough last up to two weeks
  • Treatment: Drink lots of fluids, get plenty of rest and take over-the-counter meds to ease symptoms. For the sore throat, gargle with salt water. Antibiotics won’t have an effect on the ordinary cold.
  • Period of contagion: Most contagious one day prior to symptoms appear and for the following week.


  • Symptoms: High fever, headaches, achy muscles, sore throat, tired, nasal congestion and cough last 10-days to two weeks
  • Treatment: Drink lots of fluids, get plenty of rest, take over-the-counter meds to ease symptoms and check with your doctor for prescription anti-viral medications
  • Period of contagion: May be Typically one to four days, but could possibly last as long as two weeks

Airborne allergies

  • Symptoms: Sneezing, stuffy nose and itchy, watery eyes as long as allergens exist
  • Treatment: Over-the-counter medicines including antihistamines, decongestants. Check with an allergist for prescription and long-term treatments.
  • Contagion: Not contagious

Make sure that you don’t play pharmacist and mix medications. They can do more harm than good. So, check with a healthcare professional like your primary care doctor or pharmacist.

Also, if you think you have a cold or the flu, be selfish and don’t share. If you are living with someone who is under the weather with the contagious stuff, make sure you wash your hands, avoid close contact and stock up on broths, hot teas, over-the-counter drugs and tissues.