Canine Companions For Independence Graduation At Kinkeade Campus Changed Lives For Both Humans And Their New BFF

May is filled with graduations and that applies to pooches as well as youngsters. On Friday, May 5, Canine Companions for Independence held a graduation ceremony at its Canine Companions for Independence Kinkeade Campus at the Baylor Scott and White Health facilities in Irving. It was overflowing with humans like Jan Rees-Jones with Susan McSherry, Baylor Animal Assisted … [Read more...]

MySweetCharity Photo Gallery: Canine Companions For Independence Graduation

Unlike many May graduates who have diplomas but are in need of jobs, the Canine Companions for Independence graduates left the stage for a lifelong career with their human partners on Friday, May 5. Also as part of the ceremony at the Kinkeade Campus at Baylor Scott and White Health facilities in Irving were the puppies that have been raised by volunteers for nearly two years. … [Read more...]

North Texas Giving Day Booster: Autism Treatment Center

“Founded in 1976, the Autism Treatment Center provides life-changing autism-specific services to North Texas children and adults with autism. Autism is the nation’s leading development disability and currently affects 1 in 68 children, causing a delay in effective communication and socialization. Individuals with autism also often have restrictive interests and sensory … [Read more...]

MySweetCharity Opportunity: Pegasus Ball

According to Pegasus Ball Honorary Co-Chair Sharon Folsom, On September 19, 2015, my husband Steve and I, along with our entire family – Hunter, Chase and Annabelle – will welcome guests to this year’s Gatsby-themed Pegasus Ball to benefit the Autism Treatment Center. We are excited to serve as the honorary chairmen of this exciting event. We are also excited to announce … [Read more...]

Callier Cares Saluted An Attorney And A Doctor Plus A Mom Helped By Callier Center For Communication Disorders And “Hope”

Being a parent doesn’t offer much if one looks at it as a career choice. The hours are a nightmare — 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for a lifetime. There are no raises, vacations or promotions. Working conditions are rugged. Rarely do you have time to yourself. You are likely to graduate from baby spit-ups to staying up all night waiting for your “child” to make it home safely … [Read more...]