Don’t Waffle Around Any Longer For The Fresh Faces Of Fashion Raffle

2012 Fresh Faces of Fashion Raffle

Never been to Las Vegas because gambling is a gamble, but the Fresh Faces raffle for a 2012 Mercedes Benz is better than buying Facebook last Friday. Sure, you’re taking a chance to win a luxury vehicle, but you’re also helping to fund the Suicide and Crisis Center of North Texas.

But time’s a wasting. You have until 3 p.m. Wednesday to buy a $100-raffle ticket online for the Fresh Faces Mercedes Benz. After that, the only way possible to purchase a chance is to attend the drawing Wednesday night at Park Place and buy it there.

If you want feedback on raffles, check with Lynn McBee, who won a Mercedes a few years ago thanks to a raffle, or Julia Keith, who picked up that adorable little Lexus at TACA’s Party on the Green a couple of weeks ago.

MD Anderson’s Tony Blair Came, Saw And Charmed Greta Van Susteren, Guests And Media With Reservations

Tony Blair

If pre-first impressions matter, then the “Right Honourable Tony Blair” was definitely a standout for MD Anderson Center‘s “A Conversation with a Living Legend” at the Hilton Anatole on May 9. Would there be a VIP reception with Tony with his interviewer Greta Van Susteren? No. What about a post-luncheon reception as mentioned on the Dallas Morning News blog? No, he was leaving the city immediately after the luncheon. What about electronic coverage? Audio recording allowed only during the Blair entrance. Video cameras may shoot b-roll of event and first five minutes of interview — no audio (little rough for radio reporters). Photos could only be taken during Tony’s entrance in the Chantilly Ballroom and during the first five minutes of the talk. Print media “may remain in ballroom for remainder of interview. Broadcast media will be escorted from ballroom.” One media type muttered, “Does he think he’s still prime minister?” as security types appeared around the ballroom.

All these restrictions may have explained why the man who is still actively working internationally to make a difference for good had a minimal media turnout.

What they missed!

Greta Van Susteren

Having just celebrated his 59th birthday three days before, Tony probably didn’t realize that his Texas visit was going to be more that an exchange of niceties with the 5’3″ FOX Network’s Van Susteren.  But more about that later.

For some of the 650 guests, the luncheon seemed like a déjà vu situation. Didn’t they just attend “A Conversation With A Living Legend” in January with Richard Branson and Miles O’Brien? Yup, but that date was necessitated by Branson’s schedule.

Lana Andrews

This go-around Mandi Bush was chairing the event with the help of Lana Andrews and another All-Star lineup of guests including Alicia Landry, Peggy and Jere Thompson, T. Boone Pickens, Lyda Hill, Kimberly and Shannon Wynne, Renee and David Winter, Toni Brinker, Jill and Bob Smith and Allie Beth and Pierce Allman.

Renee and David Winter

MIA were Lee Ann and Alan White, who had just made big news earlier in the day with the announcement of PlainsCapital being purchased by Gerald Ford‘s Hilltop Holdings for $520M. Lee Ann and Alan, KRLD’s David Johnson was looking high and low for you.

Following presentation off the flags, a welcome by Mandi sans husband George P. and invocation by Rev. S. M. Wright II, a fine lunch was served (baked brie tart with microgreens, candied walnuts and basil oil and champagne vinaigrette; grilled filet of beef on wilted spinach, herbed polenta, classic demi-glace grilled asparagus and baby carrots; jalapeno corn muffins and whole wheat rolls and valrhona chocolate tart with caramel sauce), it was time to get down to business.

Taylor Helland

Following the viewing of a video on world-famous MD Anderson Center, MD Anderson President Ronald DePinho introduced young living legend Taylor Helland, who in 2011 at the age of 14 was diagnosed with colon cancer. For several weeks she traveled to MD Anderson because it was “the only facility in the country that offers an aggressive cancer treatment called hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy to children. Since my cancer had spread through blood to my lymph nodes, it was highly recommended that I undergo this procedure.”

Looking at Taylor on stage presenting a gift first to Greta, Tony off-stage looked like a man who was truly in awe of the teenager. Having lost his mother to cancer, he understood the fear, anxiety and importance of a team of specialists in fighting cancer. He also might have been thinking back when he was 14 and his greatest concern was modeling himself on Mick Jagger with dreams of being a rock star.

After receiving his gift from Taylor, he took his place on stage with Greta for an interview with her opening question on the election of the new French president just 72 hours before.

Tony Blair

Looking like a man who had expected some niceties before diving in to the “heavy stuff,” he chuckled about Greta’s getting down to business. But despite the restrictions placed on the media and organizers, Tony proved to be utterly charming and articulate throughout the whole process.

Highlights of the conversation included:

  • Having just completed his 18th trip to Israel and Palestine to negotiate peace — “As my wife pointed out, it’s not actually the number of visits you make, it’s the progress that counts.” [Laughter]
  • The big issue facing Israel and Palestine  — “The Israelis have got to see the creation of the Palestinian state as a strategic necessity. . . and the Palestinians have got to understand that the only circumstances in which Israel is going to agree to establishing the Palestinian state is that if it is clear that the existence of Israel as a Jewish state is acceptable. . . but negotiating it is incredibly difficult when it is so bound up by the politics of the region. . . This is a region that will never contain its turmoil.”
  • “There’s a lot of negativity toward our countries. . . but underneath there’s a huge admiration for America. . . They (people in other countries) want us to stay strong.” [Applause]
  • “As China develops farther economically, it will open up.”
  • One of the problems facing Europe “is a big clash between, if you like, the best short term politics and the right long-term policy.”
  • George W. Bush — “He’s a good friend of mine. I’m a fan of 43. [Applause] These sentiments don’t always evoke that response.” [Laughter]i
  • Miss being prime minister? “Yes, from time to time until I remember what it’s like. I haven’t rule out going back into politics.”
  • Social media — “The immediate cause for many of these revolutions is social media. Governments can’t control it. The trouble is it’s not always a fantastic media to have a measured debate.”

    Tony Blair

  • American revolution — “Small misunderstanding. [Laughter] Incredible error in judgment.”
  • Dreams of being a rock musician — “I did want to be a Mick Jagger. (Being prime minister) is not the same.”
  • His kids’ comments about a photo of him as a youth in bell bottoms and long hair — “No matter how bad we’ve been, we’ve never looked that bad.”
  • “People want to do good. Bad politics gets in the way.”

The Family Place’s Texas Trailblazers Award Kicks Off On The Wings Of Angels And Chickens

There is no truth to the rumor that Diane and Daryl Johnston are the prototypes for Mattel’s 21st century Ken and Barbie. In addition to being knockouts, they, like Marianne and Roger Staubach and Pat and Emmitt Smith, have continued to call Dallas home and support nonprofit efforts post-Cowboys days.

This couple (the Johnstons, remember) was in overdrive adorable mode on May 8 for the Texas Trailblazers Award kick-off for The Family Place at The Owner’s Box in the Omni Dallas. Not only was Diane carrying plates of wings to Daryl, but she was wiping sauce off of his cute mug. He, on the other hand, was serving up plates of celery for her.

Diane Johnston

No, Daryl wasn’t being skimpy with the choices. That’s how Diane wanted it to keep her killer figure.

Daryl Johnston

In the meantime, Daryl was expounding on the glory of wings from his days in Buffalo, where, according to Daryl, the legendary Anchor Bar created the wings. Did you know wings are not to be sloppy in sauce? Nope.  Daryl reported that years ago the Anchor’s owner needed to whip up a late-evening snack and grabbed the leftover wings that she was preparing to toss out. Instead she deep fried them, then added some cayenne hot sauce for good measure.

But the Johnstons weren’t at The Owner’s Box for a foodie talk. They were there as the honorary chairs for the Sept. 19 luncheon that will hand out the following awards:

  • The Family Place Texas Trailblazer Award recognizes a local woman who has achieved significant success despite the obstacles she has faced along the way. She is a woman who has accomplished a “first” and opened the doors of opportunity for other women. She has made significant contributions either in her community, business or profession. No matter what her accomplishments, however, she is a woman who has blazed a trail for others to follow.
  • The Family Place Man of Influence Award recognizes a North Texan who is leading by example to make domestic violence a “community issue” rather than a “women’s issue.” Through his lifestyle, he is setting a standard of compassion, support and commitment that promotes healthy relationships.
  • The Family Place Real-Life Hero Award recognizes a man or woman who contributes to the quality of life in our community without reward or recognition. This individual embodies a positive spirit, and works tirelessly and humbly to help others. He or she demonstrates initiative and goes above and beyond the call of duty to make North Texas a better place.
  • The Family Place Youth Service Award and Scholarship recognizes students who are outstanding leaders in their high school communities. They have participated in The Family Place Students Be Project Program for a minimum of one year, acting as mentors to educate their peers about healthy relationships in an effort to prevent teen dating violence and sexual assault.
  • The Family Place Advocacy Award recognizes an organization that has played a vital role in furthering the mission of The Family Place to stop the suffering of women and children victims of family violence in North Texas. By providing generous financial and volunteer support and promoting awareness with employees, associates and peers, the Advocacy Award recipient is a strong voice speaking out for victims of family violence to improve our community’s response to their critical needs.

Deadline for the nominations is just around the corner — Tuesday, June 12. Great opportunity to tip your hat to someone who deserves a pat on the back.

Lloyd and Amanda Ward and Anh and Loc Trieu

For the event that raises money and awareness about violence against women, luncheon Co-chairs Anh and Loc Trieu and Amanda and Lloyd Ward have arranged for former Syracuse University/NFL quarterback Don McPherson as guest speaker.

Daryl explained that when he and Don played at Syracuse, the football team was undefeated in its senior year and he’s often told Tim Brown that Tim should have given up his Heisman Trophy to Don, who finished second in the voting, because Don was a real spark plug.  

Today Don is recognized for being an activist to stop violence against women.

As Daryl reminded the group, family violence “is not a women’s issue; it’s a community issue.”

The Family Place Executive Director Paige Flink reported the luncheon’s goal is have 1,000 people attend.

BTW, it’s sorta doubtful that wings will be on the menu for the September lunch. Sorry, Daryl.

Share-A-Date: Go Red For Women Luncheon

Go Red for Women

Friday, June 8: It’s only come to light in recent years that heart disease among women is indeed insidious. While much has been promoted about the typical signs of a heart attack in men, it was just assumed that women suffered the same symptoms. But thanks to research that assumption was proved to be wrong. Women are totally different once again.

The unfortunate fact is one in three women die from heart disease each year. Surely, that number can be improved with a little education and effort.

That’s what so great about the Go Red for Women luncheon at the Hilton Anatole. Luncheon Chair Lora Villarreal, Honorary Chair Nancy Leiberman and Social Chair Mary Gill have put together a great lineup. Not only will world record-setting champion Jackie Joyner-Kersee be the keynote speaker and heart-disease survivor Renee Tichnor relate her experience, there will be “breakout sessions” in which health and fitness experts will discuss how to avoid becoming a victim of this #1 killer of women.

BTW, if you’re a gent, you might want to make a reservation for your favorite gal. . . a gift from the heart for a heart.

Graphic provided by Go Red for Women

And They Were Off And Running In Dallas For The Roses, BrainHealth And Lee Park With Big Turnouts

So the ladies of the Arboretum’s Women’s Council may have cornered the market when it comes to the world of whimsical hat occasions with its Mad Hatter’s Tea. But giving the Hatters a run for its money is Derby Day. No, not like the restaurant, but like the Kentucky Derby. Sure, it’s in Kentucky and the only local connection lately has been Lisa and Kenny Troutt‘s Super Saver in 2010, but you don’t have to be in Ireland to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.


Briggs' estate grounds

This year the running of the roses fell on the same day as Cinco de Mayo (May 5), so it was definitely open to a slight tweaking of the usual horse-race celebration. But to do it just right took brains and that was no problem for the Think Ahead Group (TAG) Derby folks, since they were raising funds for BrainHealth. Co-chairs Ginna McLanahan and Molly Soper seamlessly blended the two celebrations with the theme, “Sombreros & Seersuckers.” They also man-

Faye Briggs

aged to bring the event back for a second year to Faye Briggs‘ estate, despite Faye’s having just gotten out of the hospital after a nasty lung infection. Most folks would have stayed in bed propped up with pillows watching the race on a big, old HDTV, but not Faye. No way. There’s nothing she loves more than raising funds and the fun of having young people filling the house and grounds.

Dr. Sandi Chapman

BrainHealth brain Dr. Sandi Chapman was thrilled with the turnout on the beautiful day. Last year’s event drew 200 and they doubled it this year making it TAG’s biggest fundraising event of the year. Perhaps that’s why everywhere you looked you saw all types of hats, sundresses, heels and good-looking people.

Briggs estate terrace

Despite delicious margaritas, mint juleps and other grownup beverages being served up, there

Lara Sorokolit

was more action than imbibing taking place. The entire back acreage of the Briggs estate was filled with a Taste of the South tent next to a taco

Katie Bivins

stand, a Southern Sips Bar, Derby Rafffle, Lawn Games & Lounge and  a Photo Booth with a Blue Grass Band playing away.  On the covered terrace, donuts were being made by Lil’ Bits Mini across the way from another Southern Sips Bar.

Keith Conlon and Catherine Schreiner

Perhaps that’s why getting on to the grounds became as challenging as a rocking horse winning the Ken-

Rachel Hawes and Kelly White

tucky Derby. While some guests simply gave up the wait for valets and parked their cars a block or so away, others patiently waited their turn as the non-stop car parkers raced the course. One older gent who evidently was not attending the party and found going against the lineup frustrating, saluted the waiting guests in a way that would have been scrambled out on television.

As some guests were leaving, a police car pulled up and an officer headed to the front door. Was he arresting the diminutive Faye for a too-successful party? Or was it illegal to have a horse politely standing in the front of the house to greet guests? Neither. He was just checking on “Mrs. Briggs” because everyone in the department is so fond of her. Dadgummit, here there might have been a TMZ moment of seeing Faye in handcuffs being led to the squad car.


Alden Katz, Jennifer Bock, Leslie Ford, Erin Jesberger and Abigail Baber

Across town at Arlington Hall in Lee Park, the Junior Conservancy held its 4th annual “Day at the Races” to raise funds for the “development, conservation and maintenance” of the park and hall. While it was a similar number of good-looking stylish types, the tone was much more in keeping with the Derby.

Norah Meier

Ladies’ hats were strictly Kentucky-types ranging from fascinators to big-brims. What else could be

Whitney Williamson

expected by a bit of southern comfort to go along with the look and that was supplied by Woodford Reserve’s mint juleps and fine southern cuisine? For entertainment, lawn games once

Diane Wilson, Sharla Stevanovic, Nicole Lee and Brittney Woodward

again were the civilized play with music provided by Justin Cash. There was one spot on the lawn fronting Turtle Creek where the men

Vladimir Stevanovic, Ashley and John Pope

gathered. Was it a hot babe? Hot, yes. Babe, not quite. It was a table where a craftsman was hand rolling cigars.

For the VIP guests Co-chairs Alex Baker and Lauren Lapeyre arranged access to the private terrace and “upgraded bar” complete with Herradura Tequila margaritas and Cinco de Mayo tidbits. You didn’t think they were going to actually ignore the Mexican celebration, did you?

Watching the Kentucky Derby

Ah, regardless of the ticket status, all gathered in the Great Hall to watch the race on the mega-screen when start time came. Whether you were born with a racing form in your hand or just loved the movie “Secretariat,” everyone got into the thrill of the moment as I’ll Have Another surprised all including Bodemeister.

Susan Rucks, Amanda Porter and Katherine Ritchey

Then it was back to partying both at Churchill Downs and in Dallas.

TACA’s POG Was Cooking In The Mansion Parking Lot With A Touch Of Rain, Snatched Pashminas And A MIA Lexus Winner

Partying in the auto courtyard

While the formal set was sweating in the open glow of the sun at the Dallas Arboretum for the Chihuly gala with hardly a sign of shade in sight, the young ones in the sundresses and the resort wear were partying in the auto courtyard At the Mansion for the TACA Party on the Green (POG). Only problemo — the only “green” was the money being raised for TACA via the auction items wine-cork pull and the raffle for the hotter-than-a-red-chili-pepper Lexus IS convertible.

Lexus IS Convertible

Event Co-chairs Kristi and Ron Hoyl and Bill and Lisa Ogle made the decision along with the

Kristi and Ron Hoyl

TACA team and the Mansion staff that instead of doing indoor-outdoor or strictly indoors, they would do outdoor but not on the rolling lawn fronting Turtle Creek. Instead the Mansion crew lit the limbs of the trees and had the 20 celebrity chefs do their best cooking out in the open. As one organizer put it, “We wanted it to feel more like one event.”

Brian Luscher

The chefs were cooking up a storm throughout the courtyard. The Grape’s Brian Luscher was bound and determined to win the Golden Skillet but judges culinary blogger Brad Murano, food photographer Robert Peacock, writer/stylist Denise Gee, and Dallas/Fort Worth food editor Meda Kessler decided to award the “skillet” to Matt Raso from Nobu for his whitefish with citrus salsa.

Good thing they didn’t let the 700 guests like Jodie and Billy Payton, Christine and Peter Handy, Rebecca Cedar, Teffy Jacbos, Simona Beal, Terry Shields, Johnny Pompa, Mary and John Gill, Billy Fulmer, Isabella Novakov and Carmen Miller vote. It would have been a close call, though Mansion Chef Nicolas Blouin‘s macaroons had folks returning for second’s, third’s and you know the rest. Still another fav was that ancho-cocoa rubbed grilled quail with sage polenta, spiced capsicum jus and fig syrup created by Rosewood Tucker Point’s Chef Juan Bochenski.

And the weather cooperated to a point.  At 8:30 Mother Nature started crying on the event. No, it wasn’t a downpour. It was enough of a major sprinkle that those who were allergic to rain headed indoors. Hey, indoors at the Mansion ain’t shabby.

The Lexus’s babysitter quickly moved into protective mode, putting the top and windows up. You just can’t have the auction-item-of-honor’s leather interior getting wet.

Sandy Breuss

But some stalwarts like Sandy Breuss just braved the wet stuff by simply taking a pashmina wrapped around one of the chairs and cocooning herself, saying, “This is just a mist. It’s only gonna rain when we’re sleeping. You have to think positive and create your own reality.” How deep! But she was right. Within minutes, the rain was gone.   

And speaking of the pashminas, those little stoles tend to bring the best and worst out in people. While  some like Sandy just took one and put it to use, one gal was seen picking up every wrap that she could lay her hands on. It’ll be easy to spot her in the days ahead. She’s the one with a different pashmina for every outfit.

But not to worry. The TACA staffers quickly replaced MIA pashminas with extras, so everyone would have a chance to take one home.

Holli Murray and Duncan Graham

Former Mansion GM Duncan Graham flew in from his new assignment in Bermuda just for old time’s sake and gal pal Holli Murray. Don’t think Duncan has abandoned Dallas. He’s keeping his home here and promises that eventually he’ll be living here permanently.

Shane Walker took a chance on the wine-cork pull and for his $25 ticket, he ended up with a magnum of Veuve Clicquot.

One guest admitted that it was a hard decision picking between the Chihuly gala and the TACA POG, but added that the Chihuly exhibition would be in place til November and POG was a one-night-only affair and didn’t require a tuxedo. His companion added, “He’s (Chihuly) sort of like Thomas Kinkade.” Well, yes and no.

Oh, and just who won that delicious Lexus? It was Julia Keith, who wasn’t even there. Seems she bought her ticket online after seeing the flyer in the program at Uptown Players.

Just shows those online chances can pay off.

Mary Gill And Brooke Shelby Named 2012 Cattle Baron’s Ball Co-chairs

Mary Gill (File photo)

There’s gonna be a lot of backslapping this evening at the Cattle Baron’s Ball invitation-only Trailblazer’s Party with Pat Green on Eddie Deen’s stage.

Brooke Shelby (File photo)

The reason? It was just announced that Mary Gill and Brooke Shelby, fresh off chairing the Chick Lit Luncheon and Greer Garson Gala, respectively, were named the 2013 Cattle Baron’s Ball co-chairs.

Not only will 2013 be CBB’s 40th anniversary, it will also be the 100th anniversary of the American Cancer Society. While these are memorable moments in fundraising history, think how momentous it will be when the funds raised put an end to this dreaded disease.

BTW, if you want to attend the Trailblazer’s shindig sponsored by Sewell and PlainsCapital, you just have to make a donation of $2,500 or above.

Ree “The Pioneer Woman” Drummond Announced For Celebrity Chef Luncheon Benefiting The Food Allergy Center

Alicia Wood

Back in April Pat and Charles McEvoy hosted a kick-off party to announce the creation of the Celebrity Chef Luncheon. The only problem was that all the paperwork hadn’t been completed, so Luncheon Chair Alicia Wood couldn’t reveal who would be the headliner for the November 1st event at Brook Hollow Golf Club.

Ah, but now the ink is drying on the agreement, and it’s official. The award-winning blogger, #1 New York Times bestselling author of “The Pioneer Woman,” photographer, Food Network personality Ree Drummond will be featured at the fundraiser for the Food Allergy Center at Children’s Medical Center.

Charles and Pat McEvoy and Rachael and Bob Dedman

Honorary chairs will be Nancy Dedman and Rachael and Bob Dedman. As you may recall, the Dedmans were the driving force in the creation of the Center that has made a difference in so many lives.

“The Center wouldn’t be possible without the support of the Dedman family. Rachael and Bob’s daughter is just one of the 5.9 million children in the United States who suffer from food allergies and we are thrilled to have their support and participation in the event,” said Alicia.

BTW, in addition to all her numerous accomplishments, Ree is nearly a local gal, if you consider Oklahoma in the neighborhood. She is a ranch wife with four kiddos, all living on a working ranch just north of the Red River.

For tickets and underwriting opportunities, contact Children’s Medical Center at 214.456.8373.

Despite Some Tough Years The Real Estate Council Rebounds With FightNight 24’s Food, Fun, Females And Knockouts

Rick Perdue and Michael Krywucki

After the beating that real estate has taken in the past few years, it was showing all the signs of “comeback time” at the 2012 Fight Night 24 at the Hilton Anatole on May 3. Munsch Hardt Kopf Harr/Fight Night Chair Michael Krywucki said things were a little different this year. In addition to the national anthem being played on an electric guitar, the 1,100 guests and the ring announcer being curvaceous Amy Hayes instead of good old boy type, Michael reported that The Real Estate Council had “spent 10% less on expenses” this year. And yet, the net would get a “nice bump” over the past couple of years. How did they do that? Instead of the same old/same old, they got “good cooperation” out of their partners like the production company, Fauxcades. And you just know if there’s anyone who can negotiate a deal, real estate pros are the ones who can.

Dancer in ball

Looking at the sea of tuxedoes at the reception. . . wait, who looked at the guys? Instead the object of visual attention was the two-tier stage with two sparkly clad gals who danced, danced and danced to the tunes of Lucy Wrubel. The top one looked like an exotic fairy from “Lord of the Rings” in a crystal ball. It was actually fun to chat with the fellas and watch their eyes wander to the dancing lasses while trying to maintain the conversation. Bless their hearts.

Randy Rogers

But then another eye catcher was Tri-Tex Construction’s Randy Rogers, who shunned the black tie look for baby blue formal dress.

Herb Weitzman

And then there was newlywed Herb Weitzman. Folks were lined up like customers at a Baskins Robbins on a July night. Take a number and wait your turn. One fellow came up to the retail real estate wizard and feigned “kissing Herb’s ring.” Earlier in the day Herb had attended a meeting at MD Anderson in Houston, caught a plane back to Dallas to attend the big hoop-la for the new Krogers (formerly Elliott’s Hardware) and stopped by FightNight 24. But it was only a momentary stopover. He was meeting his bride, Donna Arp, at the Mavericks game.

Mike Rawlings and Bill Hutchinson

Dunhill Properties’ Bill Hutchinson in a white Canali double-breasted jacket reported that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was returning to Dallas on June 5. Bill ought to know, since he’s Romney’s finance bigwig in Texas.

Veronica Kirksey

As for the gals in the crowd, they were divided into two camps — guests in long gowns and 65 “service models” in short, tight black cocktail dresses with tattoos visible. So why not? Afterall who was “casting director” Veronica Kirksey to frown on tattoos. Her leggy tattoo stopped pedestrian traffic almost as quickly as the dancing girls.

Once the doors to the Chantilly Room opened, the evening’s main event of gambling, dining and boxing were apparent. Emcee Mark Elfenbein of 105.3 The Fan recognized the city officials present including Mayor Mike Rawlings, City Councilpersons Dwaine Caraway, Tennell Atkins and Pauline Medrano, County Judge Clay Jenkins, Rep. Dan Branch and Sen. Royce West.

Then it was dinner time and what a dinner it was. Let it never be said that the real estate types don’t know good cuisine. Highlight was the dessert. Word was passed that a new pastry chef was showing brilliance in the Anatole kitchen. One person claimed, “This is the best dessert I’ve had in three years.” No one else commented. They were too busy snarfing down their desserts.

Amy Hayes

Ringside Amy in her blue sequin gown with major back cutout was helped into the ring. Someone in the audience muttered, “I think she needs to get her hair up a little higher.” Overhead video screens showed the Mavs losing to the Thunder. The action in the ring wasn’t looking all that stellar for Luther Miller of Carthage either. He was knocked out in little more than a minute by Luis Ambriz.

Luther Miller

On the other hand, TREC Foundation netted more than a half-million dollars for its 24th Fight Night. It’s nice to see the real estate world rebounding from the past years’ slug fest and raising funds for TREC Foundation.

Share-A-Date: 19th Annual Motherhood Luncheon

Tuesday, June 5: Here you just thought moms were honored only on Mother’s Day. Oh, so wrong. Dallas Can Academies is holding its 19th annual Dallas Motherhood: Lifetime Achievement Awards Luncheon at the Renaissance Dallas Hotel. This year’s honoree is the better half of Texas Rangers’ Nolan RyanRuth Ryan. In addition to serving on the Board of Trustees at Alvin Community College, serving on the Alvin Community College Foundation, the Nolan Ryan Foundation and the Texas Rangers Foundation, she kept the home fires burning while her high school sweetheart/husband became a legend both on the field and in the boardroom.

BTW, if you want to look like you’re in the know, congratulate Ruth on her upcoming 45 wedding anniversary. It’s June 26. Nolan was just barely 20 and Ruth was just 18 when they got hitched back in 1967. Oh, and the Alvin connection? That’s where they went to high school.

Emmitt Smith Is Speed-Supporting Area Nonprofits

Emmitt Smith

You just thought Emmitt Smith had put away his running shoes. Nope, the Dallas Cowboys Hall of Famer/”Dancing With The Stars” champ has been busier than “The Avengers” the past few days. Here’s a brief rundown on his presence for the nonprofits world:

  • THURSDAY NIGHT — Celebrity guest for posing for photos with Troy Aikman and guests at the Todd Wagner Foundation Gala at Cowboys Stadium.
  • FRIDAY NIGHT — Co-hosted with wife Pat the reunion of the 1992 Dallas Cowboys at the Stonebriar Westin benefiting the Pat and Emmitt Smith Foundation
  • MONDAY LUNCH — He was the celebrity guest for the TACA auction item won by RBC Wealth Management’s for a behind-the-scenes tour of Cowboys Stadium (aka “the house that Jerry built”) with RBC Chairman John Taft, RBC Director/TACA Chairman Andy Teller and a bus load of RBC friends and associates.
  • MONDAY NIGHT — He and Pat co-hosted First Lady Michelle Obama at a very private party at their home.
  • TUESDAY — Let’s hope he’s gonna take the day off because it’s his birthday. Happy b-day, Mr. Smith.

Children’s Cancer Fund Fashion Show & Luncheon Was A Four-Ringed Circus With An Extended Break


An everyday, normal circus would have three rings, animals, clowns, lots of food, kids, top performers and live action. Well, the Children’s Cancer Fund‘s 24th Annual Luncheon and Fashion Show on May 2 had all of that except the first two. There were absolutely no animals in sight unless you counted Chuck E. Cheese. Instead of three rings, there were four rings of activities spread throughout the Hilton Anatole’s Trinity Ballroom and surrounding rooms.

Chuck E. Cheese

First, let’s explain that in the past, the event has been held in the Chantilly Ballroom, but The Real Estate Council already had dibs on the ballroom to set up for its Fight Night on the following evening. But Luncheon Co-chairs Lori Buschel and Keyea Webster took this as an opportunity to create the big top in a really big way.

Now on to the circus.

RING #1 — The warm-up act was held in the Wedgwood Foyer, where Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman posed for pictures with the big sponsors and VIP’s. Troy even brought along his camera and his daughters saying the girls were really excited about attending the event. When asked about his camera, Troy admitted that he was using a Canon because his Nikon proved to be a little too advanced for his needs.


RING #2— After passing through the Rotunda, guests partied at the pre-lunch reception in the Trinity Pre-Function Area with champagne corks popping along with Dr Peppers being served up to kids of all ages. While some checked out the huge silent auction items, others made the mistake of stepping outside for a smoke or a cellphone call. Seems that it was a tad bit difficult for some to get a signal inside. but that wasn’t the problem. The problem was getting back inside. Once you were out, you were out. Luckily, understanding guests on the inside opened the one-way doors to allow the out-of-touch guests to return to the circus.

Behind the scenes

RING #3 — Some will swear that the real action of the day was taking place in the Trinity I Exhibit Hall, where the soon-to-be-onstage types were getting to know each other, as well as prepare for their catwalks. Throughout this magical prep room, clowns and magicians entertained, food was on tables everywhere, makeup including nail polish was being applied to the youngsters.

Averi Moya and Clarice Tinsley

A word about these behind the scenes folks — these creative types are using far more than brushes, magic tricks and balloons. They have personalities that are simply amazing as they talk and work with the kids, some of whom are vets of past CCF shows and others who are debuting. But don’t for one second think any of these kids are wimps. Like war veterans they have each faced emotional and physical challenges that would send adults running.

The sound of champagne corks may have been heard in Ring #2, but here it was purely giggles and major laughter. Celeb escorts got to know the young cancer patients, who were the day’s headliners. Averi Moya kept Clarice Tinsley, LeeAnne Locken and Rich Emberlin laughing.  Boys will be boys and AJ Wells and Jozef  Vega

Katie Mao and Pat Smith

scampered around with balloon swords besting the likes of Errol Flynn and Antonio Banderas.  Pat Smith learned that Katie Mao shared the same date as her daughter’s birthday in November. Ballerina Allisyn Hsieh was amazing  the little models with her tippy toe poise. Lauren Shackleford and Brooke Archer were creating paper plate critters.

Lauren Shackleford and Brooke Archer

RING #4 — In the Trinity II Multi-Use Room, preparations were just finishing up before the doors opened. An aerial acrobat was testing the equipment, while organizers decided to install stanchions to prevent guest from walking under the set-up. In addition to the aerial act, huge colorful cubes and spheres chandeliers along with upside down umbrellas were suspended from the big top. On stage were a red-and-white backdrop with huge gold square frames on either side of a gold circular entry just perfect for introducing the stars.

Nathan Johnson

Just as planned the doors opened and the stanchions did their job as guests avoided being dropped upon by the non-stop acrobat. They, of course, saluted him with their cellphones.  Almost immediately ringmaster Nathan Johnson called attention to the center ring for Lori, Keyea, Roger and Troy to get things going.

Melinda Shapiro and Fred Shapiro

Then KDFW’s Steve Eagar along with Clarice introduced Melinda Shapiro along with her father Fred. It was 24 years ago that Melinda’s mom, Debby, co-chaired the first luncheon along with Hedda Schmidt.

Carter Townes and Rudy Gatlin

Following the Shapiros, the presentation of the Rainbow artists in their Dillard’s finery along with their celeb escorts. All went perfectly. Even those two rambunctious chaps AJ and Jozef had set aside their balloons and acted like well-behaved five- and six-year-olds. Each group got extended applause as Steve read out a brief bio on each of the child models.

AJ Wells and Roger Staubach

It was after AJ and Roger finished up their runway stint that an extended break took place. First there was the live auction that led off with family portraits valued at $1,018 for $150. Actually it wasn’t an auction item. Anyone who wanted the package could put their hand up and get it. At one point photographer David Irvin took over the microphone and talking up the package to grow the hands. As if that wasn’t enough, he went out in the audience to point out folks who wanted the offer.

Dr. Kasey Leger and Candace Darden

This segment was followed by the live auction of six other items. And then there was the “Call for Cash,” in which celebs like Daryl Johnston, Drew Pearson, Jason Witten, Mike Modano, Dat Nguyen and Rudy Gatlin went out in the audience to collect donations. To get the audience revved up for this, Dr. Kasey Leger and cancer survivor Candace Darden were introduced to the audience with a compelling story of Candace’s battle with cancer. While Ray Johnston played in the background, the boys hit the audience with women shouting for specific celebs to pose with them for pictures before getting their booty.

Early departures

While traditional and raising money, these break activities either led some to believe that the show was over or it was getting late. Whatever. By the time the money collecting was done and the Part II of the fashion show had started, five tables along the runway were pretty much people-less.

Jason Witten, Reece Hokit and Tony Romo

Too bad because the second part of the fashion show was just as great as Part I with the grand finale being Tony Romo joining Witten and Reece Hokit.

Dallas Opera’s Women’s Board Celebrates 20th Anniversary Of Founders Award With An Extra Hand For Past Recipient

James Valenti

May 1 a full house gathered at the Dallas Country Club for the Dallas Opera‘s celebration luncheon of the 20th Annual Juanita and Henry S. Miller Jr. Founders Day Award. Co-chairs Lillie Young and Lori Bush not only arranged to have hunky tenor James Valenti to provide the “entertainment,” they also used the occasion to salute the past recipients of the award.

Ah, but what they hadn’t planned was a special, unplanned response by the audience, but more about that later. Gee, don’t you hate that tease?

Mina Chang and Lillie Young

About James, his voice was magnificent and his smile drop-dead gorgeous. Even those who didn’t know the difference between “Bye Bye Birdie” and “La Boheme” were on board with the hottie tenor. Then James went and did it. His fait de complet was dedicating one selection to his girlfriend Dallas gal Mina Chang sitting at a nearby table. Let’s face it. James and Mina are scary gorgeous. As he sang his heart out, she pulled out her iPhone and recorded the memory. Others smiled, teared up and enjoyed the beauty of the moment. Nice!

Behind the scenes, Nancy Torell had known that the twosome had been dating and used this hook to get James to extend his Dallas stay after his recent performance in “The Magic Flute.” It worked! James was happy. Mina was happy. The audience was happy.

Another especially happy person was DO Executive Director Keith Cerny. Not only is it nice to have James Valenti types drawing crowds to the opera, but Keith’s simulcast experiment at Cowboys Stadium the previous weekend had attracted 15,000. What was especially gratifying for Keith was many of those in the stadium were opera first timers.

Kersten Rettig

In turn Kersten Rettig added that The Women’s Board of the Opera was growing in membership thanks to the synergy surrounding the opera’s efforts. Why you can even join online. Brava!

Still another very happy person at the luncheon was Therese Rourk, who had just the day before co-chaired the Salvation Army Fashion Show & Luncheon. Not only was she thrilled about the feedback from the SA luncheon, she could hardly believe her good fortune when her raffle ticket was pulled for a two-night stay at the Encantado Resort in Santa Fe. Don’t you know all chairs would like to recover at the resort following a fundraiser?

Patsy Donosky and Tricia Donosky

Ah, but you want to know about that “special, unplanned response.” It came when Honorary Co-Chair Patsy Donosky (newcomers’ alert: Patsy is the daughter of the late Juanita and Henry) recognized the past awardees including Elsa von Seggern, Sis and Plack Carr, Martha and Frank Pitts, Bessylee Penland, Margot and Bill Winspear, Sally von Behren, Arlene and John Dayton, Betty Upton Hudson, Dorothy and Plato Karayanis, Joyce and Harvey Mitchell, Patty and Marty Weiland, Joyce and C.H. Moore, Linda and Bill Custard, Diane and Hal Brierley, Nancy Hamon, Patti and John Cody, Ruben Esquivel, Marnie and Kern Wildenthal and Sara and David Martineau.

The applause was unanimously resounding for all, but when the Wildenthals were named the clapping went on and on. No explanation was made. No explanation was needed. The reason was clearly understood by all in the room.

Salvation Army Fashion Show & Luncheon Was A True Moving Feast In Fundraising

For Dallas shopaholics, the Salvation Army Fashion Show & Luncheon is a four-ringed circus. Everything from shopping to chomping takes place with thanks to the couture closets of some of Dallas’ stellar fashionistas (Pam Busbee, Virginia Dykes, Patti Flowers, Mary Gill, Vicki Howland, Ramona Jones, Sara Martineau, Sharon McCullough, Billie Leigh Rippey, Lillie Romano and Tucean Webb to name a few) and generous retailers like Elements, Stanley Korshak and Betty Reiter.

Therese Rourk

After last year’s tented event in a thunderstorm, the 2012 Co-chairs/mother/daughter team of Mary Lee Cox and Therese Rourk decided to head to the Fairmont for their Salvation Army fundraising effort. It was a big understanding to take up the Venetian Room, Regency Ballroom, International Ballroom and everything in between, but it worked. . . except for one itty-bitty oops. But more about that later.

Chic Boutique

In the first ring was the Chic Boutique in the Venetian Room, where it looked like Filene’s basement with loads of rolling rods brimming with all types of clothes. Across the back of the room was a mega-changing area where shoppers could try on their potential buys. As for the clothes, they were almost as amazing as the prices. Some customers had to put on their glasses to actually believe the prices on the clothes.

Adding to the “WOW!” factor were the 10 racks of clothes that were donated by the late Nancy Hamon estate. One friend of the late legendary philanthropist sounded a bit wistful as a woman walked by — “She’s got Nancy Hamon’s black boa.”

Upon hearing that the Hamon estate had made a major contribution, the petite Nancy Dedman‘s eyes and mouth formed perfect “O’s.” She and Pat McEvoy dove into the racks like true retailing vets.

Betty Reiter

Chic Boutique manager Betty Reiter had been setting up the temporary shop for two days. When one customer asked Betty’s advice about a nifty suit, Betty responded, “It was great 20 years ago when I wore it.”

But don’t go thinking it was richly done rags only. No, sireeee. To the immediate right of the entry on the upper level were shoes. Yvonne Crum birddogged an amazing gold field of Ferragamos. Seems that during her days of “skywalking,” Ferragamos were a godsend for her feet. Toward the back of the upper tier were hats and belts.

Handbags sign

Alas, the tables of purses were pretty much picked clean within the first half hour of the Chic’s opening. Don’t you know that Dallas lasses love their handbags. . . even if the sign may be missing a letter.

Linda Faulkner

While some proudly carried off their booty, others like a certain very, very, very wealthy wife asked not to be photographed shopping the racks.

B.J. Ward

One of the favorite traditions among some of the guests is to wear past purchases like B.J. Ward, who wore a Bill Blass that she bought at the luncheon 20 years ago.

As purchases were processed, the ladies started moving upstairs via the escalator for the fashion show in the Regency Ballroom on the next floor. No problem because the ladies didn’t hit the lone up escalator all at once

Event producer Jan Strimple admitted that some alterations had been made to some of the outfits. Alterations? removing a large puffed 80’s sleeve (like the Louis Feraud in scene #2), or shortening the dress to a current cocktail length (like the Mary McFadden in scene #1), or showing the Geoffrey Beene as a dress, when it came to us as an 80’s tunic and long skirt  (scene #1).

The seating took a little doing since there was no chart and guests tried to figure out where their place was, but these gals are pros and eventually found their places, so the show was underway.

Pat and Emmitt Smith

Emcee Pat Smith surprised the group with the appearance of her husband Emmitt, who told the group how the Salvation Army had played an important part in his childhood and for his family.

Jennifer Dix and Lori Jones

After recognizing many past chairs, Honorary Chairs/sisters-in-law Karen Jones and Lori Jones and others, the show was underway based on the theme, “Remembering the Past. . . Looking to the Future.”

Modern Miss fashion

It was a home run. Jan later admitted, “The scenes I’ve had so many comments on were scene 4 and 5. Scene 4, The Modern Ms. was all about the new mash-up.  The message was that as women, we put pieces together differently today than we did ten years ago. And certainly different than our mothers did in the 80’s. Our goal with that was to encourage women to be brave and have some fun when they dress. Had at least a dozen comments on how bold the combinations were and how much the audience enjoyed that styling!  We savor that kind of response to our work on this show.

Poetic Dressing

“Scene 5, Poetic Dressing was obviously purposefully dramatic and supported by emotionally rich music.  Obtaining so many pieces from Nancy Hamon’s estate inspired that scene, as Nancy had a flair for the dramatic and her closet reflected that preference.”

Jan was understating the close of the show with Poetic Dressing. It started with models walking the runway in an assortment of black Prada, Bonavitacola, Studio 6, Victor Costa, Oscar de la Renta and Bill Blass. When the last model had completed her walk, the group lined up on either side of the catwalk and a bride in an exquisite custom-made ivory wedding gown slowly made her way the full length of the runway.

Yes, Nancy would have loved it.  As the show closed, the ladies took on the challenge of moving from the second floor’s Regency Ballroom to the International Ballroom on the ground level via a escalator that required one-person-at-a-time, no doubling up. Some eyebrows were raised at the thought of moving that number of women in such a manner. Might it take all afternoon? Nope. These ladies with nary a muss or fuss got downstairs perfectly to settle down for lunch and to compare their purchases.

And that’s where the itty-bitty oops took place. The salad (farmers market baby lettuce, vine ripened tomatoes, goat cheese and candied walnuts with lemon-thyme vinaigrette) was followed by what one guest described as “kitty cat food.” Well, yes, it was filet of salmon with lemon beurre and wildflower honey-glazed chicken breast, but the lunch bunch has dined on that combination many times at various fundraising events. However, this time the grumbling resulted from the chicken be so challenging to cut that one woman threatened to ask for a steak knife.

On the other hand, another guest, who simply skipped the entree, smiled and said, “This is my idea of a great meal — just a salad and dessert.”

Don’t You Just Love A Little Boots And A Lot Of Bling In The Spirit Of Jerry Jeff Walker-Style Fundraising

Boots and Bling

In addition to being a reality personality, Matt Nordgren is leading the charge for The Leadership Foundation in Dallas. The game plan is to provide grants for 12 non-profits and three students. It’s gonna happen thanks to the Boots and Bling activities Thursday and Friday. Event Co-chairs Anne and Steve Stodghill, Lynn and Allan McBee, Cecily and Scott Gooch, Alex and Tommy Hicks and Bryan Reeder along with Honorary Chairs Earl Campbell and Mack and Sally Brown have arranged a “Golf with A Longhorn or Football Hero” at Dallas National Golf Club Thursday. Oops, you might have missed that tee time.

Then don’t miss Friday’s Boots and Bling: A Texas Fling at Eddie Deen’s Ranch in downtown Dallas. As if the barbecue, blue jeans and babes/boys weren’t enough, then how about a concert by Jerry Jeff Walker? Why, shoot! That’s enough to get any Texan or wannabe in the door.

If you’re starting to get the idea that there are a lot of University of Texas types involved, you’re right. Longhorns attending the events include Earl, Vince Young (his foundation also benefits from the fundraising), Matt, Bo Scaife, Cedric Benson, Jamaal Charles, Ahmard Hall, Terrell Brown, Selvin Young, Kasey Studdard, Derrick Johnson, Aaron Ross, Rodrique Wright, Michael Huff, Jonathan Scott, Marcus Griffin, Brian Orakpo and many others. And if you didn’t wear burnt orange in college, don’t worry. Your green will be more than welcome.

Help 2012 Mercedes-Benz Find A Home And Raise Money For Suicide And Crisis Center of North Texas

2012 Fresh Faces of Fashion Raffle

There’s a Mercedes that’s looking for a home. But before you go opening your electric-gated driveway to welcome the luxury vehicle, there’s a slight catch. You just knew there would be one, but it’s a good one.

The Mercedes is the prize for the 2012 Fresh Faces of Fashion raffle. The drawing is May 23 at Park Place.

And it even gets better. The winner gets to pick between

a C250 Sedan (MSRP $37,500) with high performance, efficiency and a bold design that is brilliantly executed and engages your every sense with sporty style and advanced luxury or

a C250 Coupe  (MSRP $38,500) with four sport seats and passion for the road in sleek style. Aggressive in presence, athletic in shape, and confident in its stance, the C-Class Coupe exudes performance from every angle.

2012 Fresh Face Kaylyn Montgomery

The $100 raffle tickets are a snap to be gotten. They can be purchased from any of the 2012 Class of FFF (Bailey Coon, Caroline Cooper, Samantha Davies, Grace Davis, Amy Wells Havins, Allison Wiley Lent, Katy Messersmith, Carla Miller, Kaylyn Montgomery, Lauren Parsons, Lynsey Wiley Provost and Krystal Schlegel) or online.

If 1,000 tickets are sold, they’ll achieve a year of funding the Suicide and Crisis Center‘s programs.  

Don’t Get Your Hopes Up For Cocktails With Tony Blair

Love Bruce Tomaso. He’s a great journalist and a dedicated onliner at The Dallas Morning News. This morning he posted news about today’s “A Conversation With A Living Legend” with legendary Tony Blair benefiting MD Anderson. In the story Bruce said that the big-spending VIP’s were getting

“a prime table for 10, but also invitations to a cocktail reception tonight,  special parking passes, and eight invitations to a ‘up close and personal tour’ of the renowned Houston cancer hospital.”

Just in case you’re one of those $50,000 VIP’s, you should know that Tony won’t be at the cocktail party. He’s leaving “immediately after the luncheon for another city” according to organizers.

So, he won’t be hanging out for cocktails and chats.

Grovel Alert: Callier Care Fund Luncheon

There’s good news and not-so-good-news today. Let’s enjoy the good news. The Callier Center for Communication Disorders has created the Callier Cares Luncheon to present the Ruth and Dr. Kenneth Altshuler Callier Care Award.  It’s taking place at the Dallas Country Club this Thursday.

Libby Hunt

Even better yet, Luncheon Chair Libby Hunt is having the first award presented to none other than Ruth and Ken Altshuler.

Of course, there are countless reasons why the Altshulers should receive the award, but according to Libby it’s because of “the Altshulers’ benevolence [that] the Callier Care Fund was created to benefit patients of all ages who would otherwise be unable to afford clinical care, promising young students who require financial support, and rising young faculty researchers in search of start-up funding for important projects.”

On the committee for the luncheon are Pam Busbee, Sara Martineau, Tincy Miller, Tricia George and many others (See how many after the jump).

Oh, the bad news? The lunch is at the sell-out point, but Libby has managed to get a spacemaker that will allow for maybe another table or two. That’s a big maybe, but Libby will make it happen if it puts more money into the Callier Cares Fund.

So let’s end this on a high note. Let’s be grateful that this newest event on the calendar is a sellout. A child’s life is profoundly affected by the ability to hear and speak. Just as older folks get downright cranky when they can’t hear quite as well, imagine how difficult it is for a child. Funds raised from this luncheon will help many children who need help but cannot afford it.

So, let’s just say that in this case the bad news turns out to be good news.

Photo provided by Callier Care Fund.

[Read more…]

Grovel Alert: Equest Triple Crown Gala

Fabio and Jocelyn White

Jocelyn White has been a busy girl. In addition to chairing Saturday’s Equest‘s Triple Crown Gala at the Park Lane Ranch & Equestrian Center, she got hitched Monday to Kim Seale in the French Room at the Adolphus. Ah, but juggling events is a snap for Joce.

(BTW, that’s Jocelyn’s adopted Equest horse, Fabio, and not Kim.)

And speaking of juggling, one of the activities planned for the untypical gala (so what else would you expect from Joce and Equest?) is an egg-on-a-spoon event. Seems Equest riders and their horses are teamed with Equest volunteers to make their way through an obstacle course while balancing an egg in a spoon. Among the volunteers will be Chris “The Long Suffering Mrs. Dale” Hansen, Prestonwood Polo Club’s Dena Miller, Equest Founder Susan Schwartz and Equest Board Member Emily Hargrove.

In addition to the obstacle team, also toiling will be Honorary Co-chairs Louise Griffeth and Linda Perryman Evans, emcee Dale Hansen, auctioneer Jody Dean and Auction Co-chairs Jenna Alexander and Maggie Cooke Kipp.

Besides music provided by Shoot Low Sheriff and Bad Horse) and food stations provided by Lombardi’s Catering, there will be equestrian demonstrations featuring the horses, riders, staff and patrons of Equest.

If you haven’t got your tickets, get your groveling gear on.

Photo provided by Equest

Family’s Place’s Stiletto Strut Game Allows You To Guess Which Designers Hit the Pavement Around Neiman Marcus

2012 Stiletto Strutters

OK, we’re going to try something a little different. As you know the Stiletto Strut is a grand event for heels to hit the street around Neiman Marcus Downtown. Somewhere Stanley Marcus is loving the idea of all those gorgeous women strutting and strolling around the flagship that he once watched go up in flames right before Christmas.

Ah, but you’re wondering what is going to be different this time for the Stiletto Strut that took place on April 26 benefiting The Family Place under the co-chairmanship of beauties Suzanne Droese and Piper Wyatt. Instead of talking about the champagne and the gals gabbing about stuff, we’re going to run photos of the shoes. Let’s see how good you are in guessing who the designers are. No, there are no prizes, just a lot of pride that you know your footwear.

The answers will follow the jump. And if you want to check out the happy shoe owners, head to the MySweetCharity Photo Gallery! Happy guessing.

Lorene Smith and Gwyneith Black

Nancy Rogers and Julie Hawes

Holly Moore and Ceron

Muffin Lemak, Shelle Sills, Claire Emanuelson and Paige Flink

Suzanne Droese and Piper Wyatt


Lynn McBee

Marshmallows And Keyboards Don’t Get Along

As some of the MySweetCharity community might have noticed, this morning got off to a slow start. Seems that the elf in charge of making the morning hot chocolate spilled it all over the place. Immediately mops were pulled out and cleanup began. Unfortunately, the entire team learned that melted marshmallows smeared over keyboards are not so easy to fix.

Ah, but with a little elbow grease (elves need very little, don’t you know), MySweetCharity world headquarters is spic-and-span clean. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.

We’re headed to a safe place for a hot chocolate break.

Reminder About Tonight’s Chihuly “Suggested” Attire With MySweetCharity Input

Dale Chihuly's Niijima Floats (File photo)

Remember when you were preparing for summer camp and you got a note that was somewhere between a recommendation and a threat of what to bring (white sock, tennis shoes, T-shirts, etc.)? Well, consider this post to be like that note about tonight’s Chihuly Gala at the Dallas Arboretum. Organizers have suggested. . . never threatened . . . that the multitude of guests

  • wear black, white or black-and-white clothing.
  • leave the stilettos at home. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself either breaking those lovely heels or find walking the grounds a bit challenging.

MSC suggestions:

  • Word has it that there will be no tent, so since the festivities start before the sun goes down, sunscreen might be nifty under the makeup.
  • On the black/white issue: There is nothing said in the missive about hair color, so one can only assume that you can continue to be blonde, platinum, brunette, gray or red-haired. Also, lipstick was not mentioned, so black and white lipstick is not required.
  • Parking may be a bit of a challenge, so pack some patience.
  • The noon weather report hints that Mother Nature is a bit put out about not being invited, so don’t be surprised if she threatens to crash. Seriously doubt she will, but still you just never know with the old girl.

Oh, and if you’re very, very smart, don’t bring up the word “Winfrey.” Not Oprah. Get the “point“? Touchy subject.

TACA’s Party On The Green’s Media Sponsors Don’t Want To Be Left Out

You might have read in Bob Miller‘s column (sub. req.) in The Dallas Morning News this morning about tomorrow night’s TACA’s Party on the Green at The Mansion on Turtle Creek. It was great write up. In it he told all the deets including the sponsors.

Well, not all the sponsors. Seems the adorable columnist, who has more knowledge in his brain than the Dallas Public Library, opted not to include the media sponsors because you just can’t put a price tag on media.

Skip Hollandsworth

So because MySweetCharity has plenty of room for pats on the back, we shall list the media sponsors. OK, so you figured it out. MySweetCharity is a sponsor and proud of it just like Texas Monthly (aka Skip Hollandsworth‘s home base) and PaperCity (Editor-at-Large Brooke Hortenstine won’t be attending since she just gave birth to Hayes Hollis Hortenstine last week).

Brooke Hortenstine and Hayes Hortenstine

Quickie Reminders

Just in case your social secretary is home battling allergies (so, who isn’t?), we just wanted to remind you of a few of things:

  1. For shoppers: The Salvation Army Wearhouse Sale (9216 Harry Hines) ends today at 3 p.m.
  2. For FightNight guests: Don’t worry about missing the Mavericks game. Monitors will be available for viewing.
  3. For Friday night’s TACA’s Party on the Green and Chihuly Gala guests: Tomorrow is going to toasty (92 degrees being predicted) and no rain in sight. So leave the pashminas at home and think sheer. . . but not too.
  4. For all: Today is National Day of Prayer.