Share-The-Date: Opening Of Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge

October 14-16: After decades of planning, fund raising and construction (pictured) , the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge with its 400-foot white arch will officially connect downtown Dallas with West Dallas with a weekend of festivities.

Gail Thomas, president of The Trinity Trust, said, “The art, the architecture and the engineering required in building the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge is itself an image of grace under pressure.  This bridge will redefine the Dallas skyline, making it a new icon for the city.”

Under the watchful eyes of Lynn McBee, The Trinity Trust and Trinity Commons Foundation, the events will include the following:

  • Friday, October 14 — Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge Preview Party chaired by Toni Brinker
  • Friday, October 14 — Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge Party
  • Saturday, October 15 — Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge Inauguration and Ribbon Cutting (Free)
  • Saturday, October 15 — Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge Street Fair (Free)
  • Sunday, October 16 — Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge Community Day (Free)

Honorary chairs for the weekend will be the three Dallas mayors who were involved in its creation (Ron Kirk, Laura Miller and Tom Leppert).

Lynn said, “We are planning a celebration of monumental nature to commemorate the magnificence of this Santiago Calatrava-designed bridge, the first of his signature bridges in Dallas.  The Friday events will generously underwrite the free Saturday and Sunday days for our entire community to be the first to walk on and enjoy the beautiful bridge.”

Start making plans. This is going to be really big weekend in Dallas for one and all.

Share-A-Date: 19th Annual Juanita And Henry S. Miller Jr. Founders Award Luncheon

Tuesday, February 22: The 19th annual Women’s Board of the Dallas Opera Juanita and Henry S. Miller Jr. Founders Award Luncheon will honor Sara and David Martineau. Luncheon Chair Kim Miller has a Romeo & Juliet theme with a romantic performance by Dallas Opera singers at the Brook Hollow Golf Club event.

All Aboard For The Trains At NorthPark

It’s the last weekend for The Trains at NorthPark benefiting the Ronald McDonald House of Dallas. With 1,600 feet of track, the miniature locomotives choo choo through the country with Dallas landmarks like downtown Dallas, the Cotton Bowl and the State Fair.

It’s truly amazing for kids of all ages. Speaking of which, admission is $6 for adults and $3 for children ages 2 to 12 and senior citizens (65 and older). Munchkins under the age of 2 get in free.

Final weekend hours are Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday from noon to 6 p.m. And don’t forget it’s upstairs between Neimans and Nordstrom’s near Barney’s.

Share-The-Date: 2011 Destiny Awards

Thursday, March 3: Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr. will be the featured speaker at the 2011 Destiny Awards luncheon at Belo Mansion benefiting St. Philip’s School and Community Center. If Dr. Gates’ name is familiar but doesn’t click immediate recognition, he just happens to be an American literary critic, educator, scholar, writer, editor, and public intellectual. In addition to his incredible academic credentials, he’s also known for having a beer with President Obama.

For luncheon information, call 214.421.5221 Ext. 238.


A.W.A.R.E. Luncheon Speaker Announced At Holiday Tea Honoring Pat Burford

As you drove through the gate with the mammoth wreaths (pictured) Wednesday, you just knew you weren’t attending an every day tea with the gals.

Nope, neither A.W.A.R.E. nor hostess Karen Seanor does anything on a ordinary basis.

The festive mansion was full of food, news and a touching relationship that was revealed to the 100 guests in attendance including Santa Claus.

If anyone thinks a tea at Karen’s is sparrow food, rethink that. The dining room table (pictured) had a spread on it that defied the finest hotels. And the guests knew it and took full advantage of it.

Midway through the event, AWARE President Carmaleta Whiteley addressed the ladies briefly about the March 31st luncheon at Hilton Anatole.

Since the theme of the luncheon will be “A Dallas Love Story — A Tribute to Juanita and Henry S. Miller Jr.,” the featured speaker will be actress Shelley Fabares accompanied by her husband of 26 years Mike “M*A*S*H” Farrell.

Some might wonder why the angel of the 1950’s “The Donna Reed Show” and later Craig T. Nelson’s girlfriend in the 1990’s “Coach” would be a champion in the battle against Alzheimer’s. It seems that Shelley’s mother died from the dreaded disease and Shelley is no sweetheart when it comes to the topic.

An especially touching moment followed the speaker announcement when Carmaleta revealed the reason that Karen had opened up her lavish home for the tea. Karen requested that the tea honor her friend Pat Burford (pictured center with, from the left, Karen Seanor and Carmaleta Whiteley), a longtime AWARE member, a supporter of the luncheon and an Alzheimer patient.

Without a nano-second of hesitation, all agreed that the request was a great idea. Pat’s work for Alzheimer’s is known throughout the organization.

On hand for the tea were Ramona Jones looking right in style with her peppermint-styled walking cane, Carol Seay back with tales of her trip to Israel, Kay Hammond sporting a new short haircut and comparing notes with Faye Briggs and Leigh Lombardi trading dossiers with Katy Menges (pictured right with Leigh Lombardi).

Christine Cook’s Sleep Experts Donate 100 Beds To The S.M. Wright Foundation’s Christmas In The Park

Photo credit: Glenn Hunter

Sleep Experts President Christine Cook (pictured) is a busy gal. You would think that co-chairing the Trains at NorthPark on behalf of the Ronald McDonald House would keep her busy during the holidays.

But, no!

She and the Sleep Experts elves are donating 100 beds to support Rev. S.M. Wright’s “Bed for Needy Kids” program. You probably didn’t know that 1,000 children in Dallas have to sleep on the floor because they don’t have beds.

The donation of the beds is all a part of the S.M. Wright Foundation‘s 12th Annual Christmas in the Park at Fair Park. Thousands of South Dallas families will attend the event hoping to receive basic necessities or perhaps a toy. Organizers are predicting 30,000 residents will participate in this year’s program.

BTW, last year more than 3,000 people lined up the night before to be the first to enter the event in the Automobile Building.

The Wright Foundation has come a long way since that first year when they served less than 200 underprivileged kids.

MD Anderson Cancer Center’s Legend Bob Schieffer Chats With Buddy Tom Brokaw And Serenades Luncheon Crowd

Monday’s “A Conversation with a Living Legend” benefiting MD Anderson Cancer Center should have been titled, “A Friendly Interrogation of a Living Legend.” Interviewer and former NBC anchor Tom Brokaw had decades of research and was not going to let his friend, honoree  Bob Schieffer, off the hook on stage at the Hilton Anatole.

But before getting to that “stage” of the day’s event, there was a press conference for the two with Dr. John Mendelsohn (pictured right with, from the left, Tom Brokaw and Bob Schieffer), president of the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. At the media session, the subject matter focused on cancer.

After revealing that “my mother died of breast cancer because she was afraid to go to the doctor,” Bob (pictured) added that his bout with bladder cancer taught him that people don’t like to talk about “below-the-belt diseases.”

On the subject of smoking, Brokaw didn’t hold back when asked about the new tougher warning labels on cigarette packages: “Whatever it takes,” said Tom, “I’d put a big skull and crossbones on the package.”

Dr. Mendelsohn admitted that he saw a future where one day cancer would be considered like pneumonia was to his parents’ generation.

Following the press conference, Tom told how there were eight doctors in his family including one of his daughters, who went to Stanford with Charlotte (Jones) Anderson.

Speaking of the Jones family, Tom (pictured) went on to say that he had attended the Cowboys/Eagles game the night before. NBC sportscaster Bob Costas had told him for a long time that he just had to see the Jones’ stadium in Arlington. Brokaw’s review? “It’s done with so much elegance. Everybody was having a great time.”

Someone noticed that 70-year-old Tom was walking rather gingerly. It seems that he had broken his ankle a couple of weeks before while on an ATV. Then he said, “I hunted on it the next day, which probably wasn’t the smartest thing.”

While Tom was chatting, 73-year-old Bob was looking healthy, spry and happy posing for pictures with the TCU Air Force ROTC (“The Flying Frogs”). He told them how he had been a member of the ROTC at TCU, which made the smiles in the photo all the bigger.

He also autographed an “Uncle Schieffer Wants You” recruitment poster (pictured)  for Washington internships for the Schieffer School of Journalism at TCU.

Ah, but all of this was just a warm-up for the main event.

As 795 guests ambled into the ballroom, some legends were spotted in the group like Madeleine and T. Boone Pickens, Margaret Crow, honorary chairs Margot and Ross Perot and writer/TCU alumnus Sandra Brown, who had brought husband Michael and daughter Rachel and her husband Pete to the lunch.

After the main aisle was finally cleared, Bob was escorted into the ballroom by Event Chair Gale Sliger (pictured), a 28-year cancer survivor. Late arrivals like Jan Pickens scurried to their seats just in time for the “Flying Frogs” to present the colors.

Just a couple of minutes before noon, the group learned that the event had raised $953,360, lunch would be served and the program would start in 20 minutes.

Right on schedule, Dr. Mendelsohn followed a video about MD Anderson with the introduction of 12-year-old, cancer survivor Madison Glover, who presented Tom with a gift. In turn, Tom kissed the youngster and took his seat at a table on a stage that easily resembled Schieffer’s “Face the Nation” set.

Brokaw was a great warm-up man. He told the crowd that he had been hunting with Dr. Mendelsohn in South Texas recently: “As a quail hunter,” Tom said of the doctor, “he’s a great oncologist.”

Introducing Schieffer, Brokaw said, “He’s the single most popular figure in Washington journalism. . . a man of grace and integrity.”

As Schieffer took his chair on stage and crossed his legs, it was noted by many that the TCU alumnus was wearing black boots emblazoned with TCU in white (pictured).

One of the first topics was the late President Gerald Ford. It was during his administration that the two journalists met. Brokaw asked what Schieffer’s most embarrassing moment was.

According to Bob it was during a press conference, when out of nowhere Ford asked Bob if he had a question. Bob went totally blank. Realizing that his bosses were probably watching, he pulled a question out of the air, “What’s the deal with the Russians?” It was just the right question, because Ford launched into an answer that turned out to be the lead story the next day.

Brokaw wasn’t going to let his friend get off the hook so easily. “I thought you were going to tell about the time you asked a question that had already been asked.”

Schieffer: “I don’t recollect that time.”

When Brokaw pushed, Schieffer lobbed back with, “I don’t think we have time for that one.”

Another subject was the late grandmaster of journalism Walter Cronkite and his relationship with Bob. While Bob’s anecdotes were great, his impression of Cronkite was amazing. He sounded just like the late CBS anchor.

“Walter was the most curious person I ever knew,” Bob said.

Brokaw added that Walter’s late wife, Betsy, once regretted moving from their NYC townhome to a high rise. When asked why, Betsy reportedly said she loved the little patch of yard there. Did she like to garden? No, she replied, it was a great place to bury those awards that Walter had collected.

But all was not jovial chatting. Schieffer got down to serious concern about today’s media due to the lack of editors for bloggers and Internet communicators. Earlier in the day Brokaw had reiterated his disapproval of Twitter to a handful of folks.

Other concerns that Schieffer addressed were:

  • Washington politics: Because of partisanship, bitterness in Washington is the worst he could recall. He observed that Democrats and Republicans have to spend so much time raising money back home to get re-elected, they don’t get to know each other in D.C.
  • Politicians: They have to kowtow to so many special interest groups. Also, their campaign gurus and consultants no longer live in the local communities, unlike the old days where there was more accountability. “We have taken an amateur sport and turned it into a professional sport. . . . That’s 90 percent of what’s wrong.” Congress is “basically dysfunctional.”
  • Wikileaks: “Totally outrageous, totally irresponsible. . . I don’t know if they’re terrorists, or silly people making mischief.”
  • Journalism: “There’s something to be said for gatekeepers. That’s what editor are.  . . Our main responsibility now is knocking down false rumors on the Internet.”
  • Newspapers: “I think newspapers will basically wind up being on the iPad.” But we need newspapers to keep an eye on things. Without newspapers, “Corruption (will be) on an epic scale.”

Response from the audience — applause!

Following the talk, Bob and two members of the Washington, D.C., band Honky Tonk Confidential performed “(I Wanna Be A) TV Anchorman.”

Photo credit: Pete Baatz

After the tune ended and the applause died down, an auction was held for four to attend a broadcast of “Face the Nation” and brunch with Bob and his wife Pat with hotel and first-class airfare included. The winning bid of $35,000 was made by Lenise Stephenson, who just happens to be an associate member of The University Cancer Foundation Board of Visitors — and the wife of AT&T Chairman/CEO/President of the Board Randall L. Stephenson (pictured left with, from the left, Lenise Stephenson and Madeleine and T. Boone Pickens).

Share-A-Date: The Great Adventure Hunt

Saturday, March 5: The Great Adventure Hunt is heading to NorthPark to benefit ChildCareGroup. Simply put — it’s a scavenger hunt with the focus on excellent fun. No, you don’t have to drive all over kingdom come. The whole hunt takes place in NorthPark. Want an idea of what the evening includes? Here goes —

Best described as an intellectual scavenger hunt, the Great Adventure Hunt is the most unique fundraising event in all of Dallas and will benefit ChildCareGroup. Teams of six players each will gather for a buffet dinner and strategy session at 6:00pm in the banquet room upstairs at Maggiano’s NorthPark. At 7:30 p.m., participants will get their first clue and be off and running through the mall to solve all 10 puzzles for the evening. All players will return at 9:30 p.m. to Maggiano’s for dessert and to hear the solutions to the puzzles.

Strong suggestion: Gather five of your buds and register your team. You’ll never look at NorthPark or your friends the same way again.

Cattle Barons Annual Holiday Celebration Had Something Old And Something New

About 150 Cattle Barons committee members and “friends” got together Friday at Mersina and Phin Stubbs place to celebrate the holidays and the fact that they raised $3 million this past year. As 2011 CBB Chair Jennifer Dix and Daffan Nettle (pictured right with Jennifer Dix) greeted guests at the door, the crowd grew and grew.

While the weather was perfect for the Stubbs to put their outdoor entertainment area to full use, they didn’t want to take any chances. So three outdoor heaters were in place and lit up. Well, afterall when you’re wearing bare-shouldered and silky cocktail dresses, the slightest chill just isn’t fashionable.

Laurie Harrison sparkled having just returned from spending Thanksgiving with her kids in Argentina. (That was the trip she won at the KidneyTexas fashion show/luncheon.). . . Jennifer’s husband Richard Dix (pictured) was looking forward to his year as CBB First Husband. . . J.B. Hayes in black opaque stockings and silver/black heels was talking Super Bowl XLV. . . Tanya Foster was reporting on the Dallas Film Society’s private screening of The Tourist the night before. Advice: With the twist at the end of the movie, it may require a second viewing.

In addition to wall-to-wall CBB types, the Mediterranean-style home was a marvelous blending of very current with very special collectibles from the past. For example, on one wall in the den was a David Bates art (pictured). While in the dining room was an exquisite silver Lazy Susan that is one of Mersina’s favorites. It had belonged to her aunt, the late  Virginia Nick. Despite all the food on the table, the Lazy Susan (pictured) was a showstopper.

Just in case you were born ten minutes ago, Virginia Nick was one of the foundation builders of today’s Dallas Opera. Before there was ever a Cattle Barons Ball, there was Virginia Nick fundraising for the arts.

History lesson over.

BARGAIN UPDATE: Ebby’s 100th Birthday Celebration

That Melissa Stewart is a pretty sharp cookie. Not only is she a partner at Winstead and married to Dallas Symphony Orchestra President Paul Stewart, she knows the importance of a bargain.

Remember how you went into a bit of sticker shock when you saw the tickets for Ebby’s 100th birthday party on March 9th at the Meyerson starting at $1,500? Melissa reports that if you skip the cocktail hour and dinner and just settle for the concert and after-concert dessert reception, you might find tickets starting at $150.

Don’t you want to go with Melissa to Sam Moon some time?

Share-A-Date: No Tie Dinner & Dessert Party

Saturday, March 26: The biggest fundraiser for the AIDS Services of Dallas, No Tie Dinner & Dessert will have its collective dessert at the Frontiers of Flight Museum. But first guests will attend one of approximately 50 dinners in private homes throughout Dallas.

How does it work? Just knew you would ask. Here goes:

“Each spring, generous, fun people will host social gatherings – from backyard barbecues for 10 to formal dinners for 30+. The dinners will be casual or formal, large or small, gourmet to potluck. In return for their host’s hospitality, guests are asked to make a minimum donation of $50 to ASD. All dinner proceeds will go toward housing and supportive services for ASD clients. After dinner, all dinner hosts and guests are invited to a dessert celebration with entertainment, dancing, coffee and delightful desserts donated by some of Dallas’s finest caterers and restaurants.”

Hosts will be honored at an appreciation party.

Honor chairs for this year’s event will be D’Andra Simmons, Michelle and Bernard Nussbaumer and Paige and Clint Fletcher.

Go Red For Women, Wine And Stewards

Twice a year an evite is sent to around 300 women inviting them to a “Women and Wine Party.” The event promoting Go Red for Women is hosted by Susan Arledge (pictured) and Lea Yaest. All the ladies are asked to bring a bottle of wine and perhaps an appetizer.

Last Thursday the body count of more than 125 had plenty of room to “wine” at Brenda Sandoz‘s home. However, parking was the challenge since a neighbor a block away was holding a party, too. Brenda realizing that her neighbor’s valets might encroach on her festivities visited with the valets and lines were drawn to everyone’s liking.

Inside sommelier David Snyder (pictured right with Joe Gampper) was having a jolly good time advising the ladies on their selections and making recommendations like ’08 Prisoner by Orin Swift and ’07 Raymond Reserve Cabernet, both from Napa.

But David in his formal attire and red bow tie was not the only gent on the premises. He was assisted by fellow (volunteer) wine stewards like Joe Gampper, Sean Goff and Calvin Hull. If these names sound familiar, it because most of the fellows are commercial real estate pros who know the reputation of Susan’s and Lea’s wine party.

Of course, wine steward Chris Ryan had to be different. Instead of the typical tuxedo, he wore his kilts and was already when asked, “What are you wearing under your kilts?”

Among the sipping guests were’s Lisbeth McNabb (formerly CFO of, Martha Jansen of Razor and People Newspapers Publisher Karen Mordecai (pictured left with Chris Ryan).

Share-A-Date: Ebby Halliday 100th Birthday Celebration

Wednesday, March 9, 2011: While many parties are planned in 2011 for Dallas’ sweetheart Ebby Halliday for her 100th year on terra firma, the biggie will be held on her natal date benefiting The Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans, Inc.

The cocktail reception, dinner and world-class entertainment will take place at the Meyerson. While formal invitations are just in the design and print stage, tickets are already up for purchase starting at $1,500 for individuals. OK, so that’s a little steep, but how many times does Ebby turn 100.

Event chairs are Barbara and Steve Durham with Honorary Chair Laura and George W. Bush. Co-chairs are Horatio Alger recipients Rogers Staubach, T. Boone Pickens and Ross Perot.

Committee members include Kay E. Baker, Carl W. Bell, Toni Brinker,
Virginia Clements, Joe Colonnetta, Barbara Daseke, Nancy Dedman,
Mark Denesuk, Tara and Bill Durham, Ronald Gafford, Terrence J. Giroux,
Carol and Don Glendenning, Dusty Gotcher, Randall D. Graham, Sheila and Jody Grant, Kathryn and Craig Hall, Margo and James W. Keyes, Janet and Joel McCarty, Mark Melson, Harriet Miers, Dawn Moore, Scott Murray
, John O’Dell, Suzanne Palmlund, Julie and Stephen A. Rado, Jan and Jeff Rich, Myrna and Robert J. Schlegel, Melissa and Paul Stewart, Rachel and Christopher Trowbridge and Rosemary Wilkie.

Carolyne Roehm Had Them Lined Up For The Salvation Army Luncheon

There are public speakers with tightly prepared scripts and teleprompters. Then there people who chat and just make the audience feel like they’re catching up with an old friend. Carolyne Roehm is the latter and perhaps that is what endeared her to the 500+ ladies who lunched Tuesday at Brook Hollow.  Benefiting The Salvation Army of Dallas, the event had been put together within three months. Even fundraising veteran Ruth Altshuler was amazed at this speed — “Something like this normally takes at least six months to organize.”

But back to Carolyne.

Even before heading to the dining room, Carolyne was nestled in the Grill with a line of fans holding her latest book, A Passion for Interiors, for an autograph by the lifestyle empress. But that line ended up being longer than the lines waiting for Santa. Two reasons for the long lines were

  1. Everyone wanted her to sign their copy of A Passion for Interiors.
  2. Carolyne (pictured right with guest) just didn’t sign and wave bye-bye. She had a one-on-one chat with each guest.

When it became apparent that it would take most of the day for Carolyne to autograph each book at that rate, it was decided that the show had to go on. Those in need of autographs were advised to head to Neiman’s Downtown Wednesday, when Carolyne would be making a PA.

But still things hit a hitch in the road. And that was the hitch. Luncheon Chair Heather Furniss (pictured right with daughter Ashley Furniss) was facing the age-old problem — stall the  lunch for the late arrivals stuck on the traffic jam outside or proceed with the schedule. Proceed it was, with Distinguished Woman Jan Strimple calling the ladies to order and introducing Salvation Army Captain Michelle Matthews, who was subbing in for her husband for the invocation. It was the first time since the ladies started assembling that silence ruled the room, but it didn’t last. Once Michelle said, “Amen,” the gals started gabbing non-stop.  Too bad, because they missed Jan’s telling them about the numerous accomplishments of The Salvation Army in Dallas.  One woman, who obviously was not attending her “first rodeo,” not only chatted throughout Jan’s talk, she also distracted others from hearing. After the talkative guest had worn out the ears at the table, she start texting friends. Perhaps  Carolyne’s next book should be “A Passion for Good Manners.”

Finally a few folks started shushing the others. They were just in time because it was announced that the beautiful white overflowing floral arrangements in blue and white (Carolyne’s fav colors) vases were going for practically nothing. Lucky were those who heard the announcement as evidenced by the parade of the centerpieces leaving after the luncheon.

Then lunch was served at 12:30 p.m. By 12:50 Jan was back at the podium introducing Carolyne.

As she tried to get up from her chair, Carolyne found that the tight seating was going to be a challenge. Making it up to the stage, she admitted that she was not graceful and that her life had not been as seamless as Jan had described in her intro.

Then she launched into a synopsis of her life —

  • starting of as a designer of “Mrs. Polyester Stretch Pants” for Sears + Roebuck,
  • being a protege of Oscar de la Renta,
  • launching her own business,
  • deciding to get out of NYC when her 1993 divorce from Henry  Kravis made the New York Times,
  • studying Shakespearean tragedy in England because her life was a tragedy at that point,
  • working for free in a French floral shop,
  • taking cooking lessons where her assignment was gutting fish,
  • her beloved 1765 Weatherstone home burning down in 1999 and,
  • her rebuilding Weatherstone with fewer but bigger rooms and 76 windows.

Taking a deep breath, she then admitted that in preparing for her trip to Texas, where all the woman are beautiful, she’d had some Botox injected. Unfortunately, it had backfired on her with the injections leaving bruising. That comment brought laughter and many nodding heads that appeared to commiserate with Carolyne’s efforts.

Then she launched into what the interior decorating types were longing to hear — her insights on home furnishings. Since not everyone could stay for her tips, here are a few:

  • Harmony and comfort are essential.
  • Always have a “wood room.” It provides a sense of warmth.
  • The bedroom is the woman’s domain.
  • Doesn’t have (or need) a dining room. “When you get a divorce, your social schedule drops.”
  • Weatherstone’s 11 fireplaces are all wood burning. “I’ve schlepped more wood than all of you put together!”
  • Nature is the big influence.
  • Dark (wood) rooms are great for those days when you have a hangover.

As the last slide appeared saying “Thank you” 40 minutes later, Carolyne was finished with her program. But she continued adding to her collection of friends in Dallas.

“Confessions Of A Mormon Boy” Isn’t Donny Osmond’s Life Story

Where did anyone get the impression that all the art action is smack in the center of Dallas? Heck, no! The burbs, as Dallas folks like to call ’em, are bustling with all types and they’re not just “The Sound of Music” and an origami exhibition by the local ladies’ club.

Photo provided by Youth First Texas

For instance, tonight (and only tonight) “Confessions of a Mormon Boy” will be on the Eisemann Center stage. It’s a one-man act with actor Steven Fales (pictured) in a “compelling, humorous and inspiring true story about how he went from being a Mormon boy in Utah to a high-priced call boy in NYC.”

Told you it wasn’t “The Sound of Music.”

The play received the 2008 Oscar Wilde Award Nomination for Outstanding New Writing in the Theater at the Dublin International Gay Theatre Festival, a New York Outer Critics Circle Award nomination for Outstanding Solo Performance and an Overall Excellence Award at the 2004 New York International Fringe Festival.

Proceeds from the benefit go to the Youth First Texas. Tickets range from $40 to $150. The more expensive seats also include a dessert reception with Steven immediately following the performance.

Crystal Charity Ball Brings “A (Breathtaking) Evening In Imperial Kyoto” To Dallas

Perhaps Saturday night’s Crystal Charity Ball was a sign that the recession was finally calming down. Or perhaps “An Evening in Imperial Kyoto” just inspired an evening of glamour and world-class couture. Whatever the reason, 1,400 guests briefly experienced a dream world of Japanese elegance and beauty that had even society veterans in awe.

It all started with Ball Chair Cynthia Mitchell‘s (pictured left with, from the left Cynthia’s mother Peggy Miller and Tom Mitchell) trip to Kyoto a while back. She felt the setting, people and culture would be a perfect inspiration for event wunderkind Tom Addis and floral genius Junior Villanueva.

When she announced her plan of action in April, some wondered if the night would be bowls of rice and Bruce Lee-type antics. Cynthia and her CCB committee showed them a thing or two or three.

Upon entering through Torti-style gates at the Anatole, the guests immediately picked up the scent of dozens and dozens of peonies and cherry blossoms in vases along the entrance. They then came upon a Zen garden with a Japanese workman raking the sand as a geisha stood nearby on a small wooden bridge (pictured).

Just behind this pastoral setting was a two-story tea house, where Five Sixty Chef Fuji (pictured) was on stage slicing and dicing sushi. It’s amazing how many true-blue Texans really love raw fish. The crowd lined up like State Fair folks hankering for corny dogs. Fuji barely made it through the reception before he ran out of supply due to the demand.

On either side of the tea house were mini-pagodas housing faux cranes with bars and cocktail trays nearby.

For those who wanted a little spending action, there was the silent auction on one side of the lobby and the casino on the other. But these weren’t just any old auctions and casinos!

The silent auction with its unique items (how about lunch with Laura Bush  for starters?) was set in front of a panoramic landscape (pictured) with Mount Fuji in the distance taking up the entire wall. Across the way was the BBVA Compass Kentou Casino behind bamboo and Japanese lanterns. Even if you couldn’t see it due to the crowds, you could hear the winners’ shouting over their wins.

For the more sedate and curious, there was a demonstration on the proper way to assemble a formal kimono. Many of those observing admitted that American dress up is pretty darn easy compared to putting on an obi.  It was just this thinking that caused Barbara Daseke (pictured left and Don Daseke) to opt out of wearing her kimono and just carry her obi as a shawl. Her jade necklace also fit in with the evening’s theme.

And horticulturists weren’t forgotten. After all, Kyoto is world-famous for its marvelous gardens. So Cynthia and the team arranged to have a bonsai garden with landscaping experts on hand to explain the unique miniature trees.

Against the wall were two-story-tall bamboo frames displaying elegant Japanese robes.

Before we head into the ballroom, let’s talk about the ensemble of guests. It was a spectacular looking crowd. There are retailers who no doubt made their year’s quota thanks to the clothes and jewelry on display Saturday night.

Ball Chair Cynthia had gotten her dress decision done ages ago when she purchased her Escada Couture. Because a ball chair would nevah embarrass another guest by having a duplicate gown, Cynthia’s was the only one on American soil. . . Underwriter Chair Robyn Conlon led the charge for red giving black a run for its money as color of the night in her Oscar de la Renta. Let’s face it. Robyn just has a thing for Oscar and vice versa. . .  Joining the red-is-always-hot team was Yvonne Crum, who looked good as new in her 1974 Hanae Mori design. Because she just couldn’t find shoes that matched the form-fitting gown, she attached some complementary lace to a pair of shoes (pictured) and solved that little problem. . . Last year’s scene-stealing Tina Loyd, who whip-lashed guests with her backless Terry Costa black gown and beyond the waist pearls, went the other extreme. This year she wore a drop-dead-red Giovanni Fashion with another one-of-a-kind necklace designed by Lorren Bell. When someone asked her how the dress she wore last year did, she said, “I’m still single.” . .  Deciding that red was not for them were Alison Farrow looking like a snow angel in Oscar de la Renta, Heather Washburne creating quite a stir in her navy and white Carolina Herrera and Houston’s Diane Farb (pictured) looking like a fairy princess in Oscar and winning the most incredible jewelry award of the night courtesy of Chopard. . . In the form fitting department, the attention went to Rachael Dedman (husband Bob claiming that he had personally stitched the appliqués on her Carolina Herrera), Dallas Snadon in Marchesa and Stacy Blank in Vicki Tiel, who admitted that she was holding her tummy in.

As a further sign that money was being spent among retailers, furs and feathers were back on the scene. Both Doris Jacobs (pictured left) and Nancy Dedman (pictured right) topped off their Carolina Herreras with newly-purchased chinchilla stoles. . . . Margaret Kelleher‘s fur jacket was nothing new. That is, it belonged to her mother. . . Erin Mathews went the glamourama route with a marabou jacket to go with her icy blue Donna Karan.

But even the best events have their “Why the heck did they wear that” looks. You’ll just have to check MySweetCharity’s Photo Gallery and guess which ones they were because it would be too tacky for MSC to point a manicured finger.

Now on to the ball room.

When the doors opened at 9 p.m., the guests entered what appeared to be a garden of towering cherry blossoms thanks to gargantuan centerpieces. The fragrance of peonies and roses filled the air. Thanks to carefully executed artificial lighting blended with candlelight, everyone looked like they had the finest plastic surgeon as their best friend.

The walls were draped with two-story Japanese tapestries and pieces of art (pictured). At the corner of the dance floor were two elevated pagodas — one with a Japanese water bearer and the other with a parasol-carrying geisha.

But before the guests could get settled at their tables, Taiko drummers on stage sounded a call to attention. On the dance floor, Japanese dancers with fans (pictured), parasols and swords (pictured) performed for 20 minutes with some of Dallas’ boldest boldfaces standing on the sidelines. As choreographer Denzil Adams smiled on, the display of Japanese grace and power was flawless. Pity the poor guests whose view was blocked by all the standing guests.

Then it was on for a dinner of miso glazed sea bass, filet beef tenderloin and chocolate truffle cake designed like Torii Gate. What did you expect — rice and egg rolls?

The only misstep of the evening was the staging of the raised dining areas in the back of the room. For some the location of the first step down was a little hard to see. One blonde guest almost fell victim to the mysterious step, when she lost her footing and nearly toppled down the flight of stairs. Thanks to a Johnny-on-the-Spot, who caught her in the nick of time, she was saved from a fracture.

So what were folks talking about besides the ball? Well, how about:

  • Lynn McBee in Carmen Marc Calvo had had a  smelly problem. Seems that she caught the last flight back from Boston Thursday night. Upon picking up her luggage at D/FW she noticed that the bag seemed wet, but thought it was due to rain. Then she thought, it hadn’t rain. By the time she and husband Allan had dragged the wet now foul smelling suitcase in their house, it was almost unbearable. Putting on her Jessica Fletcher cap, she realized that the cargo hold must have also been transporting fish to Dallas for local restaurants.
  • Randi Halsell was sporting a jacket that she’d had made in Hong Kong.
  • Robyn Conlon specifically picked her Oscar de la Renta red gown to match her Judith Lieber purse, which her dad had given her as a Christmas gift. It was the last thing he gave her before he died in March.
  • Hair CEO Céron (pictured) barely made it to the ball due to his work. Seems he had started hair doing folks for the ball literally at the crack of dawn with Shelle Sills at 7 a.m.  Céron’s talents lie far beyond the comb and scissors world. He was not only the one who nixed Gina Betts‘ original gown, he located the Carolina Herrera that she ended up wearing. Forget diamonds. Céron is a girl’s best friend.
  • Claudia and Jeff Jacobs arrived with David “Diamond Doctor” and Stacy Blank. You may recall Jeff from his days with Billy Joel and Foreigner.
  • MIA was Dee Wyly, who had been hit by the flu bug.
  • Caroline Rose Hunt (pictured) was nursing a right hand/wrist with a supportive wrap. No, she hadn’t been arm wrestling. She was simply on her way to her yoga lesson seven weeks ago. In trying to avoid stepping over a women whose mat had been put down in front of some double doors, she tripped and fell. Broke two “insignificant” bones in her forearm.  The doctors were impressed with Carolyn’s bones recovering so well.
  • Morton General Manager Jim Huntley revealed the opening of the new Morton’s location on February 26 would also be the scene of Cattle Barons’ announcement of the 2011 entertainers.

As the dance floor filled with guests, Ball Chair Cynthia sat at her table momentarily alone gazing at the scene of her two-year project. When asked how she felt about the evening, Cynthia smiled, “I think we hit a home run.” Wrong, Cynthia. You just won the Super Bowl.


On The Eve Of The Salvation Army Auxiliary Luncheon, Carolyne Roehm is Ms. Best Friend

Have you ever bumped into someone at a party and immediately hit it off? No frills. No “I’m important and what are you?” Instantaneously NBFEW (New Best Friend in the Entire World) type? That’s what happened Monday night at Betsy (pictured) and Jim Sowells‘ OMG picture-perfect home when the patrons party for The Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary whooped it up with designer/author/genuine personality New Yawker Carolyne Roehm.

Thank heaven, the Big Apple hasn’t gotten to the Missouri-born Carolyne, who could talk the talk with everyone from Luncheon Chair Heather Furniss and her dotter Ashley (pictured left with, from the left, Heather Furniss, Carolyne Roehm and Lisa Kopeky) to Luncheon Honorary Chair Margot Perot.

BTW, if you bump into Carolyne at Tuesday’s Salvation Army luncheon at Brook Hollow or her book signing at DT Neiman’s on Wednesday, here are some subjects to chat with Carolyne about:

  • Understand you like dogs. Oops, wrong! Understand you love dogs! How many do you have? Eight girls and one boy? Tell me about that cute boy dog. . . you know the Westie with the soulful eyes.
  • How is your cold doing?
  • What does the word “Pinniger” mean to you?

Got it. Now, you’re all prepared for a session with a great gal and to join the Carolyne Roehm fan club.

Back to the party. Once you enter the house. . . that is if former HP Police Chief/Scovell doorman Darrell  Fant permits you. . . you won’t want to  leave. Well, at least until the holidays are over. The floors alone would make the most demanding interior decorator crater into apoplexy. The most magical point of sitting is the room fronting the street with its let-me-see-it-and-die Christmas tree (pictured). Martha Stewart, eat your heart out!

Those making it past Darrell included Linda Ivy (pictured) in a red fur coat, Libby “Oh-So-Svelte” Hunt with cutie pie husband David and Jill Smith and Sue Justice who immediately headed to the Christmas tree room and were passing extreme approval on George’s catering. . .  Majors Michelle and Ward Matthews arrived early to help the Sowells in setting up for the evening. They admitted that the kettle campaign is moving right along and that the chilly weather helps remind folks that there are others in need of their donations.

Doing Time At The Ritz-Carlton For Friends Of Wednesday’s Child

When New York City’s Robert A.M. Stern Architects designed Dallas’ Ritz-Carlton, they must have had the idea that mass transit and SmartCars were the only modes of transportation in Texas. What does this thought have to do with Wednesday’s Child‘s “Belonging Luncheon” Friday at the Ritz? More later, but first let’s get to the luncheon.

VIP types were told that their reception for the luncheon started at 10:30. With expectations that they would meet featured speaker Leigh Anne Tuohy of The Blind Side fame, they arrived to find sponsor backdrop in place, photographer ready to shoot and notables like Event Chairs Janelle (pictured) and Larry Friedman, emcee Gloria Campos, award recipients Myrna Schlegel and Julie and Lance Brennan. But, alas, no Leigh Anne.

As the minutes ticked away, the VIP reception melted into the pre-luncheon reception with 402 getting very cozy. Any long-haired blonde was given a second look. Say, wait! Was that Leigh Anne? Yes, but not the Leigh Anne you suspected. It was Junior League of Dallas President Leigh Anne Haugh, who had brought a copy of a magazine with a story about Leigh Anne Tuohy’s daughter Collins when she spoke to the Junior League. “I just thought she might like to have a copy,” Leigh Anne H. said. Eventually, she would seek help getting the publication to Leigh Anne T. via awardee Myrna.

But that was not to say the VIPs weren’t a part of the crowd. Media types like WFAA’s Debbie Denmon and media personality Jocelyn White were mixing with guests. Plus the Schlegel clan of beauties including patriarch Bob Schlegel and sisters Kari Schlegel and Kimberly Whitman (pictured left with Bob Schlegel) were there to cheer on Myrna.

To help while away the time, Ritz staff made sure everyone had something to drink, and adorable male models encouraged guests to sign up for the raffle — more tickets to the Super Bowl and a nice piece of jewelry by Naomi. Over to the side was a collection of art by local celebs for sale.

As the doors to the ballroom opened at noon, still no Leigh Anne T was in sight. Someone said she was on property but was in a private room just waiting to speak.

Immediately upon entering the ballroom, guests were welcomed to songs performed by the Children’s Chorus of Greater Dallas on risers at the back of the room. Looking quite magnificent, the room was filled with round tables easily seating 10 people, except for the table directly in front of the podium. This table was an extended long head table with Janelle and Larry seated at the head along with friends like Craig Watkins (pictured left with Larry Friedman).

Promptly at 12:05 p.m. a video was presented with Wednesday’s Child President/CEO Pat Lockerd and others telling the organization’s story and asking guests to “Step Up” with donations.

Following the video at 12:10 p.m., one of the young people from the video named Mickey was introduced to the crowd by Pat. Mickey addressed the crowd like a seasoned veteran–until she asked everyone in the room to hold up the pledge cards at their tables. With that a forest of white cards grew. Then Mickey said, “Now, who is going to be the first to pledge $5,000?” The forest was toppled. Then she asked for a $1,000 pledge. Not a card went up. She continued not giving up and finished her talk at 12:17 p.m. with “Dig deep.”

By this time, a parade of servers with salad plates had made its way to the tables and Gloria was at the podium again encouraging people to pledge.

Just as the Children’s Chorus was exiting the ballroom at 12:18 p.m., four Grinches arrived on the scene asking for pledge cards.

In typical Ritz serving style, the servers like precision Rockettes removed the salad plates as guests chatter. But instead of immediately being replaced by entres, the tables remained empty. No problem. It allowed folks to table hop, while the male models wandered the room promoting raffle ticket sales.

Someone in the know claimed that the event was scheduled with the Ritz to be over by 1. But a guest reading the program said, “No, the lunch ends at 1:30.” Who says people don’t read programs?

One guest admitted that she was starting to feel uncomfortable with all the pressure to pledge and buy raffle tickets. “Do you think they’re going to have a toll booth when we leave?”

At 12:38 p.m., the parade of servers reappeared with entre plates. A female voice was heard over the PA system. Some eyes looked to the podium, but no one was there. Expressions of confusion were exchanged. “Did you hear what she said?” No, but it must not have been important because no one was rushing for the doors.

At 1 p.m., the voice was heard again but still not understood. Someone pointed out the source of the voice was a woman at the production table in the back of the room. She didn’t seem upset, so again it wasn’t that big a deal.

The male models continued to wander the room with signs held high.

At 1:02 Gloria was back at the podium but people were hardly listening. They had settled into a pleasant chat session. Putting on her glasses, Gloria carried on and finally got the groups’ attention as she introduced Janelle and Larry, who were a nice combination of sincerity and chuckles.

One of their first duties was to present Julie and Lance Brennan (pictured left with Julie Brennan) with “The Gloria” named after guess who? The owners of The Turtle Creek News were brief and grateful.

Then Myrna Schlegel (pictured) received the “Belonging Award” and was even briefer in her acceptance.

While all these announcements and acceptances were going on, the Ritz staff started removing the floral centerpieces. Maybe they were rentals and had to get to the next event? But wait. The staff returned to the tables with big, square white platters with white mounds. From a distance they looked like Japanese hot hand towels. Strange. On closer inspection the mound wasn’t a clump of towels at all, but a cloud of “white stuff.”

Before guests could trade ideas on what to do with the new centerpiece, a slick video announced that Leigh Anne Tuohy was going to speak. For those who had been holding their breath since 10:30, the 1:20 appearance was long anticipated.

Leigh Anne (pictured) didn’t fail. Spunky, take no prisoners and fearless, she talked to the remaining guests. Some like Florence Shapiro just couldn’t stay.

Leigh Anne talked about

  • attending the Academy Awards and being seated with Sandi (Bullock) and Jesse (James)
  • Daughter Collins standing up in the moon roof of the limo on the way to Academy
  • Adopted son Michael’s scaring a beggar by chasing after him to give him some money
  • How their family shot into the national spotlight and
  • The need for people to make a difference in the lives of others by getting involved.

By the time she finished her talk at 1:48 p.m. with “I’m gonna be checking on you,” even the most frustrated guest was a member of the Tuohy fan club and rewarded her with a standing ovation. However, that standing ovation quickly became a rush to the valet. Poor Janelle and Larry tried to get the guests to stay for the raffle drawing, but the herd was headed to their cars. Or at least that’s what they had planned.

Little did they know that they were rushing to wait. As more than 300 people turned in their blue valet tickets and cooled their heels, they made observations about the Ritz’s itty bitty porte-cochere that was strangling the delivery of cars. On the other hand, the Ritz staff must have been used to the “it’s nothing new” situation. With cups of coffee on trays, they were gracious hosts trying to soothe the frustrated guests.

Soon it became a bunker mentality with veterans advising newcomers to settle back and just wait. This cooling of heels resulted in all types of activities. Some cell phoned to explain their delayed arrival at appointments. Others started texting their inner feelings about the Ritz’s parking nightmare ala social media. But some made discoveries. For instance, one woman, who had her hands full, dropped her program. Without hesitation the gentleman next to her moved quickly to retrieve the program for her. In handing the program to the woman, she noted his hand, “That’s a huge ring! What does it stand for?” To which 6’1″, former Dallas Cowboy defensive tackle Russell Maryland (pictured) humbly said, “The Super Bowl.”

The Building Of Kyoto Is Under Way At The Hilton Anatole

Just dropped by the Anatole to check on Saturday night’s Crystal Charity Ball activity. Does anyone really think those committee members actually are there spreading table clothes and doing manual labor?

Well, they are. In jeans and sans makeup in many cases with hair pulled back in ponytails, even the best dressed members like Pat McEvoy and Robyn Conlon are working side by side with Tom Addis‘ and Junior Villanueva‘s crew of professionals.

Here the ball is just 25 hours away and the oh-so familiar Chantilly Ballroom is already taking on the look and feel of a Japanese wonderland. Mammoth wall coverings, towering pagodas and cherry blossoms are just a smidgen of what will be “An Evening in Kyoto.” The entrance (pictured) to the Anatole is like stepping into a Japanese garden.

When one committee member was told, “It looks amazing,” she quickly responded, “It’s Cynthia*!”

* As in CCB Chair Cynthia Mitchell.

Tutu Chic Fashion Show Scored “Wow!” Despite Winspear Sniff Factor

While Dallas audiences have been accused by some of being too generous with their standing ovations, the word “Wow!” is another situation entirely. Rarely is the word heard rising from audiences at a fashion show. Usually, the predominantly female audiences smile and nod with approval, as if at a tennis tournament.

Thursday “Wow!” was popping up all over the Winspear stage as Stanley Korshak presented designer Naeem Khan and his collection at the Tutu Chic Fashion Show and Luncheon benefiting the Texas Ballet Theater. Instead of the everyday, lean professional models, the runway was strutted and danced with dancers (pictured) from the TBT.

Before the show started, Naeem was asked about the presentation of his Spring 2011 collection at New York’s Fashion Week, when he received a standing ovation from the audience of fashion experts. The former Halston assistant admitted that Fashion Week is a killer and none of the audiences go overboard with praise. If you check out the video, you’ll see Naeem take a bow looking like the proudest peacock on the walk. What you don’t see is the crowd giving him a standing ovation.

But back to Dallas and Tutu. The event started off on a bit of a rocky footing. There was a definite “scent” in the lobby of the Winspear that reminded one how important it is to have a good plumber available 24/7. When asked if the problem was a result of the Virgin America party with Sir Richard Branson and Willie “Six Ounces” Nelson, one organizer said that the odorous situation had been in the air for a couple of days.

Luckily, the crowd gathered at the foot of the stairs and the ladies wearing the scents of Oscar, Armani, Gucci and Michael Kors overcame the Winspear Downwind. Also, adding to the fashion excitement was the arrival of Honorary Chair Nancy Rogers and her entourage (pictured from the left, Nancy Gopez, Tanya Foster, Paige Lane, Nancy Rogers, Donna Baker, Sonia Black, Leisa Street, Sunie Solomon, Kris Johnson and Mary Gill) quickly followed by the Amy Turner posse (pictured from the left, Lori Jones, Raina Snell, Dallas Snadon, Amy Turner and Kathleen Hutchinson).

After a glass or two of champagne, the ladies headed to the stage of the Winspear with its Nutcracker scenery and the fashion show. Co-chair Elaine Agather took to the stage. Korshak’s Crawford Brock‘s smile got bigger and bigger each time Elaine hyped the fabulous clothes available at Korshak. The gal needs to leave the banking world and start being the Korshak spokesperson!

As Naeem’s backstage-man Tim Quinn looked on from the sidelines, the show went on flawlessly with the clothes being displayed beautifully as the ballerinas (pictured) put them through their paces. For evidence, check out MySweetCharity’s “Photo Gallery.”

Then Elaine was back on stage to auction off two tickets to Naeem’s fashion show during Fashion Week and a $3,000 gift certificate toward an outfit. She started at $1,500 and eventually got it up to $4,500 thanks to Dwight Emanuelson, who was on the front row. Elaine admitted that she really wanted to get it up to $5,000. With that teamwork got into play. Naeem kicked in $500 to make it happen, then Dwight  added a bit more change with Nancy Rogers and Crawford kicking in, too, until the number hit $11,000+.  Co-chair Gina Betts, Tanya Foster and Olivia Kearney (pictured right with, from the left, Gina Betts, Nancy Rogers, Tanya Foster, Naeem Khan and Elaine Agather) were dazzled by Elaine’s auctioneering talents as well as the “kick in” attitude of the bidders.

With a nice bit of change going to the TBT and the ladies button holing Naeem’s folks as well as Crawford’s about pieces that they were interested in, the group headed to lunch in the lobby of the Winspear. . . the part of the lobby that was way far away from odorous side.

Congratulations to the two-year old event that earned a “Wow!” from fashion lovers and some nice financial support for Dallas dancers.

Nasher Salon Update And 2011 Schedule Announced

The Stephen Sondheim talk for the Nasher Salon has been rescheduled for Wednesday, December 15. But don’t rush out and try to make a reservation. It’s sold out.

Don’t despair. They’ve just announced the 2011 schedule! Oh, be still my heart!

  • January 13 — Maya Angelou (Author poet, director, producer)
  • February 15 — Spike Lee (Director, producer, writer and actor)
  • September 8 — Kevin Baron (Actor, singer)
  • October 13 — Bernadette Peters (Actress, singer, author)

There is literally something for everyone and in a very intimate surrounding.

The tickets for Maya Angelou go on sale Sunday, December 5.

Wednesday’s Child Luncheon Is Going To Impress With The Tuohy Touch

She impressed Sandra Bullock and now she’s going to make a definite impression on a passel of folks Friday at the Ritz-Carlton. She is Leigh Anne Touhy of The Blind Side and will featured speaker for the annual Wednesday’s ChildBelonging” Luncheon.

Chairs Janelle and Larry Friedman have arranged for a “Heart of the Art” silent auction, book signing by Leigh Anne, a Super Bowl and Naomi jewelry raffle and a holiday performance by the Children’s Chorus of Greater Dallas. Scratch your head and you’ll remember the children performed at Barbara Bush‘s “A Celebration Reading” and were incredible.

If you’re wondering what the heck is the “Heart of the Art,” you just knew we’d have the answer. It’s various pieces of art created by the likes of Phil Romano, Emmitt Smith, Lynn Dealey, Lisa Boyd, Roz Campisi and Molly DeVoss. The trick is that each pieces has a heart in it.

And, as if all of that isn’t enough, Myrna Schlegel will be presented the “Gloria Award” for her long-time support for foster children, and Julie and Lance Brennan will receive the “Belonging” Award because of their “embodying the spirit of belonging to assure change in the lives of North Texas foster children.”

If you act now, you just might be able to get one of the last remaining tickets by calling 469.718.5616.

Rhinestones And Tom Addis Are A Cattle Barons Best Friends Come October 15

Wednesday night the theme for the 2011 Cattle Barons Ball was announced by Chair Jennifer Dix at Bachendorfs. Better start collecting as much glitter as possible because it’s gonna be “Rhinestone Cowboy.”

It’ll be Saturday, October 15, at Southfork. But don’t be lulled into thinking, “Same place as last year.” Rather it’s may be the same canvas, but Tom “Party Producer to the Rich and Famous” Addis will be the artist handling this year’s masterpiece.

Just imagine all the clever ways rhinestones will be worn come the fall. Designers are already at their sketch boards coming up with boots, hats and chaps. Just to get guests in the mood. Bachendorf’s Lawrence Bock had guests photographed with a male and female model in overly sequined cowboy garb.

Do you think Glen Campbell will be able to make it?

Share-The-Date: Teaming Up For Healthy Kids

Photo provided by The Cooper Institute

Tuesday, March 22, 2011: It should be the healthiest lunch held. The Cooper Institute’s “Teaming Up For Healthy Kids” will take place at the Hyatt Regency with NFL’s main man,  Archie Manning (pictured). Not only was Archie a legendary quarterback in his own right, he is the father of Super Bowl quarterbacks Peyton and Eli.

In keeping with First Lady Michelle Obama‘s effort to reduce obesity in children, Dr. Ken Cooper and Archie will talk about “healthy families, the rise in childhood obesity and what The Cooper Institute is doing to reverse the obesity epidemic.

Stephanie Oakes Graham and Edi Lycke are co-chairing the event with tickets starting at $150 for individuals.