Saddle Up For Tuesday’s Equest Fashion Show/Luncheon and H.E.R.D.

Equest Fashion Show/Luncheon Chair (and one of this year’s Ten Best Dressed) Nancy Carter has literally just three or four seats left for Tuesday’s event at Brook Hollow Golf Club. With an array of fashions from Highland Park Village, the show is one of the most popular ones of the season. because of the clothes and the beneficiary.

One of the topics of tomorrow’s luncheon will be Equest‘s Heroes Empowered Reunited and Determined (H.E.R.D.) Pilot Program that will pair veterans and active duty military personnel (or family of the soldier) with a licensed therapist to offer counseling for individuals affected by depression, post traumatic stress disorder and other challenges of re-integration following deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan.

According to Nancy, “In the spring of 2011, we hope to expand our H.E.R.D. programming to offer wounded veterans the opportunity to participate in sports riding sessions where they will learn to groom and tack their horse, ride for a one hour session and then help care for their horse after their lesson.   Horseback riding offers physical benefits of increased balance and core strength as well as emotional benefits of empowerment and team work.”

The creation of H.E.R.D. falls directly under Equest’s mission statement:

“Equest is an internationally recognized nonprofit that provides equine therapy for children and adults with all types of disabilities and learning differences. Equest’s mission is to empower, enrich and educate through horses.”

The sponsors who have helped the Equest fashion show move at a full gallop are:

  • Prancing Presenter ($50,000) – Nancy C. Rogers
  • Full Gallop ($25,000) — A.L. Chilton Foundation, Nancy and Gene Carter and the Al G. Hill Jr. Family
  • Canter ($10,000) — The Waters Family/Park Cities News
  • Trot ($5,000) — Diane Brierley, Louise Griffeth, Highland Park Village, Beth Layton, T.C. Lupton Jr. Family Foundation-Dr. and Mrs. Bill P. Huckin
  • Jumper ($2,500) — Bridget Black, Robyn Conlon/Cynthia Mitchell/Elsa Norwood, Ann Dyer, Tricia M. George, Charlotte Kimberlin, Vicky Lattner, Peggy Sewell and Emilynn Wilson
  • Walk ($1,500) — Kerry Fagelman, Garnett Holmes, Leggiadro of Dallas, Sarah Losinger, Mary Blake Meadows/Cathy Zollars, Gloria Martindale/Lorry Wallace, Suzanne McGee, Janet Nylund, Susan Schwartz, Linda Secrest/Lydia Novakov, Bettye Slaven and Kern Wildenthal/Southwestern Medical Foundation

Share-A-Date: National Philanthropy Day Luncheon

Friday, November 12 @ Hyatt Regency Dallas: The 25th Annual National Philanthropy Day Awards Luncheon will honor the following:

  • Outstanding Philanthropists — The Hallam Family
  • Outstanding Foundation — The Sammons Dallas Foundation
  • Outstanding Corporation — AT&T, Inc.
  • Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser — Cecile Bonte
  • Outstanding Fundraising Executive — David Krause
  • Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy — Leah Prager

Share-The-Date: St. Valentine’s Day Luncheon and Fashion Show

Wednesday, February 9, 2011 @ the Hilton Anatole: The “Save the Date” cards are in the mail for the St. Valentine’s Day Luncheon and Fashion Show benefiting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This year should be a killer with Holly Pellham Davis as a Co-Chair and clothes by Stanley Korshak.

Let’s just hope that it’s another mega-success for LLS without the follow-up snowstorm.

Honoree T. Boone Makes A Request At the “Each Moment Matters” Luncheon

It was a sell-out crowd of 850 at the Hilton Anatole Thursday for the Each Moment Matters luncheon honoring T. Boone Pickens (pictured center with, from the left, Godwin Dixon and Mayor Tom Leppert) for his philanthropic work. Thanks to the announcement of his $18.4+ million gift for a new $48.5 million hospice facility just the day before, the accolades were flowing.

Following lunch and a video presentation, Presbyterian Communities and Services President/CEO Godwin Dixon tried to add his praise to the great feelings as Boone stood on the stage with hands in his pockets.

Perhaps he was reaching in his pocket to find some more money to give away. But Boone told the crowd in accepting the award that his philanthropy was going to have to slow down a bit since money was a bit tight nowadays. But he added that things would get better and he would be back in the giving business.

Since Boone was a man who wastes little time, he asked the crowd for a favor. Told them it wouldn’t cost anything.   He asked them to support his energy-independence efforts by visiting and, hopefully, signing up on his web site.

Following Boone, the closer for the lunch was historian/author/ teacher Rosemary Rumbley, who managed to entertain while pointing out the importance that hospice care provides to the patient as well as the family. Leave it to Rosemary to take a sensitive subject and magically weave it with both humor, love and compassion.

As part of the Presbyterian Communities and Services Foundation the T. Boone Pickens Hospice and Palliative Care Center will be located at 12379 Merit Dr.

KidneyTexas Kicks Off The Fundraising Season With Fab Fashions, Paper Dressing And Pooches

Having a fashion show/luncheon just two days before the mother of all fashion extravaganzas (Crystal Charity’s Ten Best Dressed) is a bit daunting. Add in the downpour of the decade just hours before the event and you know organizers are on edge.

But KidneyTexas President Suzette Derrick (pictured) had an all-star team in place for Wednesday’s fundraiser for Camp Reynal and Children’s Medical Center of Dallas.

For starters, she had the event co-chaired by the triumvirate of Patty Jo Turner, Carmaleta Whiteley and Reneé Winter. There was no way that one penny was going to be squandered with these three in charge. You want an example? Okay, instead of the usual big screens to promote the sponsors, the idea came up to create magnificent fashions of paper for each of the sponsors. But who would design the fashions? Area design students! Where would the paper come from? Every printer in town had been hit for leftovers and had come through, Carmaleta smiled with her delicious cat-like eyes. As she put it, “There isn’t a scrap of paper left in this city.”

Paper never looked so good (pictured).

While the mannequins stood frozen in beauty, the 750 guests acted like sorority sisters returning from summer vacation with squeals of delight at seeing each other and telling about their vacations. Barbara Daseke, who will be heading up next year’s Dallas Symphony Orchestra gala, had just returned from hiking and biking in Quebec. . . Fort Worthy Olivia Kearney, just back from hiking in Aspen, admitted that she had suddenly realized that she needed to update her wardrobe for the week’s fashion lunches and bought a fabulous new gray outfit complete with lacy matching stockings. Bon vivant/eloquent literary Rawlins Gilliland (pictured with Olivia), upon looking at Olivia’s silk blouse highlighted with small mirror jeweling, cut to the chase and asked how one would go about having such a blouse cleaned. Olivia with her bigger-than-Texas smile admitted that she hadn’t thought of that problem. To which Rawlins in his charming southern accent suggested, “DD French.” Jennie Reeves returned to Dallas from summer in Santa Fe via Austin, where she and husband Stuart checked out their newest project, Tiny Texas Houses. According to Jennie, it’s the wave of the future — downsizing. Speaking of houses, Jennie reported that she had been invited to return to Dallas earlier in the summer for a dinner at her neighbor’s house for a VIP, but she opted out. It was going to be a simple dinner. You know, the usual that you have when President Obama drops into town. Jennie giggled that had she been thinking ahead, she would have sold seats on her front lawn to observe all the activity at Dorothy and Russell Budd‘s house just across the street. . . . Brittany Winter, daughter of co-chair Reneé and Dr. David (BTW, he looked quite at home on the runway at the fashion show.) was the center of attention during the silent auction as she squired around Tessa, a 10-week-old Mi-Ki. What’s a Mi-Ki? A very adorable combination Maltese and Japanese Chin that was up for bid during the live auction. Renee reported that Mi-Ki’s don’t bark. . . much because of the Japanese Chin factor. Actually, the Mi-Ki is so small that its bark probably amounts to nothing more than an itty-bitty woof. Spoiler alert: Tessa ended up going for $2,200. And surprise! They pulled out one of her litter mates for another round of bidding, resulting in $2,500 more. Wonder if their new owners Carla McKinley and Melanie Rogers will have family reunions for the pooches.

In addition to the holiday updates, the main topics of the day were [Read more…]

T. Boone Pickens Knows How To Get Things Going When It Comes To “Each Moment Matters”

That T. Boone Pickens really knows how to add sizzle to a celebration. On the eve of the Each Moment Matters luncheon Thursday at the Anatole honoring the 82-year old Pickens, he announced his gift of $18.4 million for a new $48.5 million hospice. The 116,000-square foot facility will be located in North Dallas and will be able to provide care for 36 patients.

Photo provided by Each Moment Matters

But back to the luncheon benefiting Faith Presbyterian Hospice, Grace Presbyterian Village and Presbyterian Village North. Event Chair Elizabeth Gambrell (pictured) and Kay Lynn Brumbaugh are just a couple of seats away from the “We’re sold out” stage with more than 850 guests with reservation. Helping them accomplish this feat are: [Read more…]

Expanding Worlds Is Moving Over To The Fairmont With A Simply Remarkable Trio

What a year it has been for Cathy Packard (pictured)! Not only did she handhold Special Care & Career Services through the transition to its new name of LaunchAbility, she also oversaw the Pointer Sisters concert at the Meyerson and last year’s Expanding Worlds luncheon/conversation with Linda Custard, Tincy Miller and Elaine Agather plus the late, great Paul Bass.

Talk about a great conversation that was over way too soon!

But she hasn’t let any grass grow under her feet. It was just announced that Expanding Worlds 2010 will take place Wednesday, Oct. 26, at the Fairmont with a conversation with three boldest of bold face names.

Photo provided by LaunchAbility

Like who? Follow the jump, kids, to see whom Luncheon Co-Chairs Geoffrey Miller and George Kelly (pictured right with Geoffrey) have arranged to have on stage! . . .

[Read more…]

90th Anniversary of Women’s Equality Day Kicks Off Early At The Women’s Museum

Thursday has been designated at the official date to commemorate the 1920 passage of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, granting women the right to vote. The passage of the amendment took place 90 years ago. That means that when 99-year old Ebby Halliday was born, her mother could not have any official say-so regarding the laws of the day.

To kick things off, The Women’s Museum is starting the celebration Wednesday with Liz Abzug as their luncheon speaker. If the name Abzug sounds familiar, you’ll recall that Liz’s mom Bella was the powerhouse New York congresswoman who championed women’s causes back in the 70’s. She was also known for her hats.


Share-The-Date: Attitudes & Attire Luncheon and Fashion Show

Wednesday, February 2 at 11:30 a.m. — Annual Attitudes & Attire Luncheon and Fashion Show at the Dallas Trade Mart with a special tribute to the late Kim Dawson and Sylvan Landau.

Crystal Charity Fashion Show/Luncheon is Gearing up with Paris and Pampering Prizes

It seemed like just yesterday that the ultimate ladies-who-lunch gathered for the Crystal Charity Ball Fashion Show and Luncheon with designer Michael Kors and his collection (pictured) at DT Neimans.

But it’s nearly time again to dress to the nines for the 2010 CCB event (September 10) with designer Albert Kriemler of Akris showing his finest. You haven’t gotten your tickets? Oops! You know it’s nearly sold out. As if that was a surprise.

But the NM folks have arranged for more than fashion and food. They’ve gathered up some delicious raffle prizes that range from Paris to the ultimate in pampering.

Interested? We just knew you would be, so here goes: [Read more…]

Share-A-Date: 2010 KidneyTexas

Whoa! No sooner had we launched Share-A-Date, then the MySweetCharity hive started buzzing with activity.

Wednesday, September 8 — KidneyTexas Luncheon and Fashion Show presented by Stanley Korshak. Benefiting Children’s Medical Center of Dallas and Camp Reynal, the luncheon/fashion show is co-chaired by Patty Jo Turner, Carmaleta Whiteley and Reneé Winter. Dr. and Mrs. Goran Klintmalm are honorary chairs.

Think Blind Side When It Comes To Wednesday’s Child Alliance Lunch

More plans for the upcoming fall fundraising season were announced Thursday night at Eddie V’s. Wednesday’s Child Alliance President Suzanne Bock Grishman (pictured) rallied her WCA troops to reveal two very special women will be part of their plans for the annual luncheon on Friday, Dec. 3, at the Ritz Carlton.

First, Suzanne announced that the luncheon speaker is none other than Leigh Anne Tuohy. What’s that? That name sounds familiar, but can’t recall it as being a local? Right! Think The Blindside gal herself. Yup, the Wednesday team managed to land the #1 champion of foster parents to address the luncheon. If you’ve heard Leigh Anne in an interview or in person, you know that she won’t mince words.

As if that wasn’t enough, Suzanne went on to reveal Janelle (pictured) and Larry Friedman will serve as the 2010 luncheon chair.

The steering committee for this one includes Carol Aaron, Andrea Alcorn, Mary Black, Sally Blanton, Yvonne Crum, Lynn Townsend Dealey, Carmen and Don Godwin, Sue Goodnight, Suzanne Bock Grishman, Lynn McBee, Elaine Pearlman, Sandy and Tommy Rouse, Carol Seay, Joanne Tiechman, Debbie Vaughn and Carmaleta Whiteley.


Chick Lit Luncheon Brings In A $144,259 Nest Egg

It’s a Friday on a short work week. How great! Let’s make it even better with some pretty fab news from Community Partners of Dallas. It seems the accounting elves have finished tallying up the results from April’s Chick Lit Luncheon with Chicago author Jen Lancaster. Thanks to the event, $144,259 was raised to provide necessities for children in the care of Dallas County Child Protective Services.

“We are extremely thankful to our presenting sponsor, Dr. Robert and Lara Tafel (pictured), as well as all of the other generous donors and volunteers who helped to make this year’s luncheon such a success,” said Paige McDaniel, Community Partners of Dallas President and CEO. “The Chick Lit Luncheon provides necessities for our community’s youngest victims of abuse. With the support from our favorite ‘chicks,’ Dallas children now have the critical resources they need to experience hope and healing.”

In addition to the generous Tafels, the following sponsors also deserve a “well done”: [Read more…]

Steel Magnolias Celebrate With Chuckles And Macaroni

Last Friday before Dallas was abandoned for the summer, the second annual Steel Magnolia Luncheon was held at The Aldredge House to announce the 2010 Women That Soar.  The honorees were Diane Brierley (arts patron), Ana Cristina Reymundo (media) Gail Warrior Lawrence (business), Janelle Friedman (civic), Bobbi Topfer (philanthropy), Lori White (education), Khanh Nguyen (fashion) and Rhonda Hunter (legacy).

With the crowd literally spilling into all parts of the Aldredge House, the honorees had front row seats along with yellow rose corsages. How very southern belle! When was the last time you worn a corsage? Yup, that’s what we thought.

But after all it was an event with ladies in drop-dead hats, southern blues n’ jazz and speakers with the best southern accents this side of the Mississippi. Even emcee Rawlins Gilliland (pictured) warranted a corsage and it was well deserved. With his wit, wisdom and way of weaving a tale about the great ladies in his life, he had the packed crowd nearly falling out of their white, wooden folding chairs.

Then featured speaker/author Ronda Rich (pictured) took the podium and almost walked away with the audience. In a perkier than perky turquoise suit (“I got it from Neiman ‘Mawcus'”), she commended the honorees for their efforts and then told marvelous anecdotes about southern women and their ways. One of her stories involved a delicious recipe for macaroni.

After Ronda finished her talk, the group was told that it was time for lunch in the tree-shaded back lawn of Aldredge House. . . with the infamous macaroni on the menu. And as a bonus, guests were given the macaroni recipe to take home with them. (If we get a copy, we’ll see if we can post it.)

Benefiting the Women Called Moses and The Memnosyne Foundation’s Joppa Women’s Entrepreneur Program, the event was hosted by Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk (pictured left with Ronda), Joshua Raymond Frenk and Gina Grant.

Genesis Women's Shelter's Mother's Day Luncheon Surprise!

The Genesis Women’s Shelter‘s annual Mother’s Day Luncheon is always a big deal, but to celebrate their 25 years in operation they redefined “big.” To accomplish this goal, they brought in the big guns from start to finish. First they got former First Lady Laura Bush as honorary chair. (You probably know that Laura was one of the founders of the Genesis Alliance.) In turn Laura got former Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice as the feature speaker for the event. (You do know that Condi used to work for Laura’s husband, former President George W. Bush.)

As soon as the news of the honorary chair and speaker hit email boxes, tables started selling and sponsors were lining up.

Then an uh-oh happened.

[Read more…]

Dean, Kent And Bruno Will Be Cooking At The Rosewood Mansion

Did you know that the Rosewood Mansion is turning 30 this year? Yup, and as part of the celebration, three of its fav chefs are going to hold a cooking demonstration for the TACA Culinary Master Class. Just imagine alumni Dean Fearing and Kent Rathbun returning to their Mansion roots and joining current Exec Chef Bruno Davaillon for a show and serve on Saturday, May 22. That’s the day after TACA/Lexus’s Party on the Green at the Mansion.

Yes, we know. You want to know what’s on the agenda. . . or, rather menu. Here goes and loosen your belts a notch:

[Read more…]

Grovel Alert: Genesis Luncheon Is Officially Sold Out

If you were still trying to make up your mind about buying tickets for Friday’s Genesis Luncheon with Dr. Condoleezza Rice, you’re way too late. It’s a major sell out.

What else can you expect when your honorary chair is Laura Bush!

Congratulations to the Genesis Women’s Shelter on celebrating their 25th anniversary and another successful event.

Jen Lancaster Gets Dallas Chicks Laughing While Lunching

Thursday was a killer day for certain ladies around town. First on their agenda was the fourth annual Chick Lit Luncheon at Brook Hollow. Then it would be a quick trip home to watch Rielle Hunter tell-almost-all on Oprah, change shoes and head for the Stiletto Strut at downtown Neiman’s.

Thank heaven the first thing on the list was Chick Lit! Paige McDaniel‘s Community Partners of Dallas had Chicago humor author Jen Lancaster as the featured speaker for 450 gals to get them up and going.

But before Jen could even get started chatting, the ladies were already stressing [Read more…]

A.W.A.R.E. was Dandy-less but Still Memorable

Since it was announced that this year’s A.WA.R.E. luncheon would honor Don Meredith, anticipation was in overdrive. It had been quite a while since the lovable, legendary Dallas Cowboys quarterback/ABC sports commentator had been seen in these parts. It had even taken the very persuasive team of former teammate Lee Roy Jordan and his wife Biddy to personally fly to Santa Fe to talk Don and his wife Susan into accepting the honor.

But behind the scenes there was always the concern that 72-year old Dandy’s health might trump all the planning and hopes.

Unfortunately, it did. Susan admitted that he was just not well enough to make the trip to Dallas and stood in for him. With this in mind, this post is being written, so Don will know what happened. Like Don, it was an event that was endearing, full of fun and legendary.

It seemed that nearly all the 1,110+ crowd attending the luncheon Wednesday at the Fairmont had some sort of personal connection to the man who led the Dallas Cowboys from 1960-1968 at the Cotton Bowl for coach Tom Landry under the ownership of Clint Murchison.

Besides videos about the Don, a celebrity panel of “Dandy Don’s” friends and colleagues at times mistook the event for a roast. But what else would you expect from the likes of football legends Walt Garrison, Bob Lilly (pictured) and Roger Staubach; Frank Gifford, one of Meredith’s broadcast partners on ABC’s Monday Night Football; and emcee Phyllis George, the Denton-born former Miss America (1971)/former CBS sportscaster.

The celebrity panelists described the Mount Vernon native as a fiercely competitive leader with a rowdy, down-home sense of humor. In a video tribute, for instance, Lee Roy said he once asked Meredith why he chose to attend SMU. Don’s reply: “It was close to home, and I could spell it.” [Read more…]

Beyond the Rainbow Treasures Another Success

Question of the day: Why should this photo of Jordan Flint and Barney bother you? Answer: Later.

Last Friday two groups of heroes took to the funway, or rather runway, in the Anatole decked out in Dillard’s fashions for the 22nd annual Beyond the Rainbow Fashion Show/Luncheon. One group was made up of jocks and celebs who go beyond the call of duty in participating and chumming it up with the other group of models — children who have/had cancer.

While all the well-dressed guests were browsing at the silent auction during the pre-show reception, the corp of adult and youth models were having a grand old time in other areas. The youngsters were in the prep room chatting with Mother Goose, clowns and other kid-friendly characters (pictured). They were also getting all dolled up for their catwalk. Think Six Flags Over Texas indoors. It was so much fun that KDFW-CH. 4 anchor/show emcee Clarice Tinsley starting iPhoning photos (pictured).

Across the hallway, the adults were having grownup fun. [Read more…]

Dallas is A.W.A.R.E. and Dandy Today

Yes, the implosion of Texas Stadium was a real gang buster bringing out many Dallas Cowboys notables from the past. But there was a Dallas Cowboys era before Texas Stadium, Jerry Jones or even Roger Staubach arrived on the scene. It was the days when Bubbles Cash introduced Dallas to the mini-skirt; when kids thought everybody went to the the Cotton Bowl to watch football after they went to church; and when Dallasites watched the Boys play in the torturous “Ice Bowl.”

Those were the “Dandy Don Days” thanks to a fella from Mount Vernon named Don Meredith, who was #17 for the Dallas Cowboys. He was one of Dallas’ first sports personalities with his killer smile, country boy personality and razzle-dazzle plays both on and other the field. After he left professional football, he went on to become part of the legendary “Monday Night’s Football” trio with the late Howard Cosell and Frank Gifford.

Last night the legends of that era (Bob Lilly, Lee Roy Jordan, Walt Garrison, Pierce Allman, Billy Bob Harris, Kay Hammond, and so many others) gathered at Marianne and Roger Staubach‘s new digs in Preston Hollow on the eve of today’s A.W.A.R.E. luncheon at the Fairmont honoring Dandy Don, who just turned 72 on April 10. Not only was the place jammed with people, but the stories of the past were remarkable.

It you haven’t got tickets to today’s luncheon, it’s doubtful if even the finest groveling will work.

Genesis Luncheon to be a Record Breaker

Still 11 days away (May 7) and Genesis Women’s Shelter‘s annual Mother’s Day Luncheon with Dr. Condoleezza Rice at the Anatole is set to break records for the organization’s 25th anniversary. But what else would you expect with such a featured speaker plus an honorary chair like Former First Lady Laura Bush?

You did know that Laura was a founding member of the Genesis Alliance, didn’t you?

Sorry for all the questions. Now, how about some information that you can use? [Read more…]

Is Jen Lancaster the Erma Bombeck of the 21st Century?

This Thursday authoress Jen Lancaster will be the featured speaker at the  Chick Lit Luncheon benefiting Community Partners of Dallas.

How would you describe Jen? Hmm. Have been working on that one. Let’s just say that she’s today’s version of Erma Bombeck.

Because we suspect you like to test drive anything before committing, check this one.

See you Thursday at Brook Hollow.

Dallas' Mad Hatters Bloomed Wildly at the Arboretum

Forget Johnny Depp. The real Mad Hatter was Shane Walker (pictured) Thursday at the Dallas Arboretum’s annual Mad Hatters Tea Party. While he topped himself in a gray top hat, it really should have been a gold, since Dee Simmons and Ana Pettus took home prizes for wearing his creations. Talk about a wide range.

All in white, Dee’s chapeau (pictured) was bigger than ostrich and just perfect for the royal enclosure at Ascot. Cecil Beaton, eat your heart out! But pity the poor folks who sat behind her at the fashion show.

On the other hand, Ana (pictured) wanted something a little more “edgy” and she got her wish. Look at it this way — she’s all set for Halloween.

But don’t go thinking that Shane was free and clear of competition. No, siree. [Read more…]