Children’s Cancer Fund Fashion Show/Luncheon Was A Royal Delight

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The Children’s Cancer Fund Beyond the Rainbow fashion show/luncheon is always a wonderland of heroic children, celebrities from all walks of life and adulating adults. Before the official event even starts, the pre-event goings-on are worth the price of admission. Friday at the Hilton Anatole was no different except. .  . but more about that later.

In one room VIP’s lined up for visits and autographs with honorary chairs Roger Staubach and Daryl Johnston, who was subbing in for Troy Aikman. It seemed Troy, who has been in attendance for the past 12 years, had a commitment that precluded his being on hand. On the sidelines stood Marianne Staubach, who flawlessly handles her role at Mrs. Roger to a T.

Daryl Johnston, Fred Shapiro, Roger Staubach

Another person whom guests might not have recognized was Fred Shapiro, whose daughter Melinda is a veteran CCF survivor. Having organized the SBB Annual Golf Classic two year ago to benefit CCF, Fred was checking with Roger about his participation in the September 19th tournament.

Summer Simons having makeup applied

In the another room it was a totally different scene. Instead of adults being rather proper, a multitude of children, clowns, stylists and good sports were having a grand times. While the boys preferred to play with balloons and run around, the girls enjoyed the pampering of makeup artists and hair stylists. They had no idea that all these preparations would lead up to an event that would add to the $7 million CCF has raised since 1982 for cancer research in Dallas. But who would blame them with the Tooth Fairy, Chuck E. Cheez and Dallas Cowboys Rowdy hanging with them.

Kaitlin Cooper

But these weren’t just ordinary kiddos. Nope, these children were cancer survivors, who were the heroes of the day. As the time wound down for their walks on the catwalk, 7-year-old Kaitlin Cooper sat at the steps leading up to the runway in the Chantilly Ballroom. Having been diagnosed with cancer at the age of three, she was a real trooper in the world of healthcare. But modeling was another thing. This would be her first time for CCF’s event and she was trying to remember to throw a kiss to the audience — always a crowd pleaser according to reports.

Renee Cooper

Kaitlin’s mother, Rénee Cooper with her long brown hair had learned so much from her daughter’s journey through treatments. It was that experience that inspired Rénee to become part of 46 Momma’s in September. What is 46 Mommas? It’s 46 women across the country, who will shave their heads in an effort to create greater awareness and raise funds for children’s cancer research. How did they get the name? 46 children are diagnosed daily with leukemia cancer.

But then it was nearing show time as the houselights came up, the Anatole staff stood at attention and the Kings and Queen’s backdrop of a castle glowed in lights of green, blue, yellow and red. Within minutes the place was filled and Troy sent his apologies via a video.

Amy Maurer

After Roger and Daryl escorted luncheon co-chairs Amy Maurer and Summer Olmstead to the podium to

Summer Olmstead

thank the audience, Scott Murray took over with auctioneer Matt Blevins in from Fort Worth with his entourage. Stomping his ostrich boots on the runway, Matt was in overdrive as if he were heading up the Fat Stock Show auction for the prized bull.

Anthony Johnson Jr.

In closing the lively cash raising, Dr. Raven Cooksey and Anthony Johnson Jr. put a shout out for contributions from the guests. To help gather the envelopes Daryl, Drew Pearson and Tony Dorsett were on hand from an eager crowd.

Then it was on with the show of youngsters modeling clothes from Dillard’s. No, stylists selected the clothes. The children picked out their own outfits and got to keep them as a gift from Dillard’s. One insider confided that the guys generally went for the surfer duds, while the little ladies headed straight to the dressy outfits.

Miracle Francis and Garry Seith

With KDFW-FOX’s Clarice Tinsley and Steve Eager doing the commentary, the 38 child models included the CCF artists (Kelsey Oudshoorn, Jose Olalde Garcia, Sinoury Lindsey, Lisa Adams, Alianna Gavalya, Reece Hokit, Natalie Burraston, Jack Barker, Maykela Burchfield, Kaitlin Cooper, Anthony Johnson Jr., Jorge Palomo, Shae Henderson, Summer Simons, Madison Sikes, Abraheem Khan, Michael Malone, Da’Coren Littleton, Miracle Francis and Mary Margaret Deering) and the Rainbow models (Destiny Camacho, Bevanna Cardona, Emma Cruz, Roberto Cruz Espinosa, Jordan Flint, Kyle Freeland, Callie Horne, Ian Loven, Jocelyn Lozano, Jannett Maldonado, Brenda Solis, Carolina Suarez, Ivana Vachha, Nivea Verver, Allison Wright, Jameka Woodberry, Carmen Woolard and Shah Zohair).

Averi Moya and Steve Eager

At the close of the show, 11-year old CCF fav Averi Moya helped Clarice and Steve pull the winning raffle tickets from baskets.

Then it was former Dallas Mavericks player/cancer survivor Ray Johnston, who played the closing song as the parade of children made their finale walk.

Remember about how this year’s CCF event was a tad bit different? When asked why the music seemed more classical and slow moving than years in the past, CFF fashion show producer Rhonda Sargent Chambers said it was because the more elegant music seemed to fit with the castle and royalty theme.

Then, hesitating, Rhonda continued that this year’s event was an especially poignant one for the organizers. Longtime CCF volunteer Shelley Shwiff, who had battled breast cancer for nine years, died in January. Through her years with CCF, Shelley had served on the board of directors, advisory board, chaired the luncheon and “was still giving herself to the cause until the very end.” Despite her death, Shelley was represented by the numerous friends who bought tables in her name. As one friend put, “I just know Shelley was there in spirit today.” In the years to come, one couldn’t help but suspect that she’ll still be there for the children.

Share-A-Date: Kidney Texas Fashion Show And Luncheon

Thursday, September 15: Kidney Texas is going to have a whole new look this year. Event Chairs Pat McDonough and daughter Marianne Wilshusen have arranged to have Tootsies and KidBiz/The Biz provide the fashions for “Stepping Out In Style.” And the event has been relocated to Brook Hollow Golf Club.

Beneficiaries will be Children’s Medical Center, Camp Reynal and PKD Foundation.

It Ain’t The Same Old Bag When It Comes To Marin Hopper And Hayward Luxury

Genealogists would have a heyday with Colin Duchin‘s family tree. In addition to his father being cafe society musician/author Peter Duchin and his mother New York socialite Cheray Zauderer Duchin Hodges, he’s got Social Register-type cuzzins by the dozens and step-siblings. For this reason, Colin’s planting roots in Dallas has resulted in a coming-and-going of very chic and fashionable types. Luckily, their involvement in the area has also benefited area nonprofits amazingly.

Jenna Alexander

The most recent occurrence took place Tuesday at Jenna Alexander‘s home, when Colin’s step-sis Marin Hopper had a private showing of her couture handbags. Colin and Marin have known each other since they were pre-teens when Marin’s mother Brooke Hayward was married to Dennis Hopper. Brooke went on to marry Colin’s dad, Peter.

D'Andra Simmons

If you’re confused, try drawing all the family connections on a piece of paper. Suggestion: Use a pencil because you’ll probably be erasing a lot. Or, check with D’Andra Simmons, who has become an expert on the Duchin family.

 Back to the bags.

Colin Duchin and Marin Hopper

The line of purses were the result of Marin’s decade with Elle as fashion director. She turned to consulting fashion houses and eventually realized she ought to follow her own advice and put her expertise to work. First move was the name — Hayward Luxury. She got the Hayward from her grandfather Leland Hayward because she liked his last name and it sounded like a “classic American name.”

With her husband/film producer John Goldstone 

John Goldstone

by her side, she worked with jewelry designer Philip Crangi to launch the line of handbags two years ago.

In the collection that she had to help benefit Cattle Barons and the Junior League of Dallas was the “Hopper Blue.” The glorious blue shoulder bag was created with her father’s blue eyes in mind . . . “He (Dennis) was a great guy. He was very supportive of my work with the magazine. . . He was an actor, a photographer,” said Marin.

Photos by Glenn Hunter

2011 Fresh Faces Of Fashion Highlighted Beauty And A Greater Need For Awareness

Standing: Casey Lee Robinson, Amanda Sisk, Piper Young, Claire Lee Pruitt, Teffy Jacobs, Charlotte Rollins Reynolds; Seated: Lainie Kritser, Amanda Sterett, Shirin Askari and Lisa Petty

Last Friday the 2011 Fresh Faces of Fashion were celebrated at Korshak and the Crescent Hotel with oodles of friends, fans and families on hand. Yes, these dazzling dozen darlings look like they have nary a problem in the world except for an occasional zit or split end. But look a little deeper into the FFF and there’s a lot more there than flawless faces and figures. Each of these gals is raising funds and awareness for the Suicide and Crisis Center. According to early estimates, this year’s efforts are going to hit the $300,000 mark bring a grand total of $1 million since Fresh Faces began five years ago.

Now let’s talk about the evening that somehow managed to use beauty to tackle a beastly problem touching way too many lives.

STAGE ONE — It started off with a jamfest on the first level of Korshak where FFF godmothers Yvonne Crum and Jill Rowlett welcomed all. With no hesitation, they recognized everyone of the

Maleiah Rogers and Yvonne Crum

guests on sight. Needless to say 2011 FFF (Amanda Sisk, Amanda Sterett, Casey Lee Robinson, Catherine Laine Sowell, Charlotte Rollin Reynolds, Claire Lee Pruitt, Ellie Lemak, Lainie Kritser, Lisa Petty, Piper Young, Shirin Askari and Teffy Jacobs) were nowhere to be seen. Ellie and Laine were MIA. Ellie had an unavoidable situation develop and Laine had classes. Their sister FFF were upstairs getting ready for their moments in the spotlight.

Doris Jacobs and Lee Bailey

But their parents, friends and relatives were well on hand. 2011 FFF mom Doris Jacobs was all smiles arriving with 2010 FFF mom Lee Bailey. They should have been. On Thursday Lee not only closed on the Braden Powers house on Turtle Creek with Doris handling the details, LB even got the furniture in the house, too.

Dee Dee Lee and Mary Gill

2011 FFF mom Dee Dee Lee and Mary Gill were updating each other on the condition of Janie Condon, who had been the victim of a car accident the week before. Along with Dee Dee was 2011 FFF grandmother/Dee Dee’s mother Sue Peege in from Kentucky for her granddaughter Casey’s runway appearance.

Sue Peege.

Chris Hite and Niven Morgan

Niven Morgan entered squiring Dee Wyly

Dee Wyly

on his arm. Dee was nursing a sore finger after being bitten earlier in the day by her Maltese Bella, who had not wanted her scarf removed. Just like a diva dog!

Raffle Co-chair Chris Blackwell broke the news that he and former FFF/Raffle Co-chair Jennifer Lott were no longer engaged. Nope! They got married on March 10. Not to worry. Their “big wedding in Hawaii” on September 10 is still on. According to the newlyweds, they had just closed on their dream home — a Tudor in the Lakewood area — and decided to go ahead and do it within 48 hours.

All too soon the crowd started moving upstairs at Korshak for the fashion show featuring the FFF’s and Brunello Cucinelli fashions.

STAGE TWO — With blazing lights focused on the runway, the seats filled quickly. While the front row VIP’s had the very best view, they also probably suffered from the heat generated from the overhead spots. Ah, but not to worry. This crowd has never been known to perspire.

Dr. Carrie Carter Watson

As blonde Dr. Carrie Carter Watson walked by in a bare-shoulder silk dress, Carolyn Lupton pointed out to Mayo Crum that Carrie was her doctor. Without missing a beat Mayo laughed that there were definite benefits to ill health.

Piper Young and Claire Lee Pruitt

Backstage the gals couldn’t help but peek to see how the action was shaping up.

Then it was time for the show to start with photographers and videographers ready to record the show.

Crawford Brock

Korshak head honcho Crawford Brock welcomed the crowd and thanked Yvonne, who quickly reminded him that she had a

Jill Rowlett

co-chair — Jill Rowlett. Quick addition was made by Sir Crawford. Then he introduced Modern Luxury of Dallas Associate Publisher Christian Poppert, who got the 2011 FFF strutting their stuff in the Cucinelli clothes to the cheers of the crowd.

Following their walk, they took their seats and watched the rest of the show. Intermingled with the Cucinelli fashions were other Korshak designers providing a full range of looks.

After the final model left the catwalk, each of the 2011 FFF lovelies were congratulated on their runway walk — not one tripped and in those heels that was a major accomplishment.

Before anyone knew it, the couture level of Korshak was empty as guests headed across the way to the Crescent Court Hotel for dinner and a talk by Patricia Massey Sivori.

STAGE THREE — As if according to plan, the evening’s weather for the walk from Korshak to the Crescent Court Hotel was perfect.  After everyone had taken their place, Yvonne and Jill thanked the guests for coming and introduced Suicide and Crisis Center Executive Director Margie Wright. It was at this point that the whole purpose of the evening was brought home when Terry Bentley Hill addressed the group to introduce the keynote speaker. Before doing that, she revealed how suicide had claimed her husband in 1995 and her daughter at the age of 14. In describing her daughter’s death, she forcefully told the group, “She died of depression. That’s what killed her, depression.” To help her work through her own grief, she started making a gratitude list.

Then it was time for keynote speaker Patricia, who talked about the suicide of her son, Cal, in 2001. It was a brief but effective talk about a mother’s loss of a son. Describing her last conversation with Cal, she noted that he wasn’t himself. He was depressed. Since that day she had become a major advocate to getting a discussion going about suicide. “Was I naive to think that suicide was not occurring at that time, in  my city, in my neighborhood, in my grandchildren’s home? The door of the Suicide and Crisis Center of North Texas opened to rooms filled with stories!”

Margie Wright and Dr. Cliff Jones

Listening all of this at a table was a gentleman who may not have had the freshest face in the place or had ever even walked a catwalk. But in many ways he was responsible for the gorgeous women and the saving of lives. It was 91-year-old Dr. Cliff Jones.

Standing: Bill McGowan, Bridget Boggess. Heather McGowan and Trip Jones. Seated: Robin McGowan, Mardi Jones and Summer McGowan

Surrounded by two generations of his too-good-to-be-true family including her adorable wife Mardi, he was the one who established the Suicide and Crisis Center in 1966. What caused this former Marine/psychologist to create such a program? Was it a personal involvement in a suicide? Nope. The gentle-faced man with youthful eyes just felt that there was a need back in the 60’s to address the issue that had been in the shadows. Looking around the room at all the lively young people and his family, he recognized that the 2011 Fresh Faces had been another step in getting “the issue”  out in the open.

Crystal Charity Ball’s New Members Receive Their Wands And Check Out Escada Fashions

It’s traditional that sorority pledges go through a program that both unites them and challenges their sense of humor before final initiation. From flying kites to being interrogated by upper classmen, they suffer through all types of experiences.

Debbie Oates

Evidently this routine is not part of the plan for the new members of the Crystal Charity Ball. For their official get together with the sisterhood, they didn’t have a Monday night dinner at the sorority house. Nope. They attended an Escada fashion show at Debbie Oates’s place in Preston Hollow. This was not the normal drill. Usually the annual show is held in the Escada shop in Highland Park Village, but due to renovations, there just wasn’t enough space.

Alas, even Debbie’s generously sizable place was challenged to accommodate all the women, both Crystal Charity Ball members and Escada models and personnel. So the Oates garage was transformed into a changing area complete with carpeting. Just imagine couture clothes, stylists and picture-perfect models dressing up in your garage.

Cordelia Boone, Connie O’Neill and Susan Farris

CCB Chair Connie O’Neill got things started by welcoming one and all with the adorable new pledges Janie Condon, Margaret Hancock, Paige Slates, Peggy Meyer, Kristina Whitcomb and Suzanne Droese seated in a row sans Kristi Hoyl, who couldn’t make it. She’ll probably have to write a review of this month’s Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar to make up for it.

When Connie put a shout-out thank you to Debbie for hosting the event, there was no Debbie. A few minutes later, the hostess snuck in and admitted that she had been sampling the food provided by Lisa Garza.

Janie Condon, Peggy Meyer, Suzanne Droese, Nancy Carter, Emilynn Wilson, Margaret Hancock, Kristina Whitcomb and Paige Slates

Before the fashion show began, New Member Liasons Nancy Carter and Emilynn Wilson came forward with top hats and a multitude of wands. They called each of the pledges up to receive their wand to magically raise funds for CCB. Wouldn’t you just love to have one of those wands?

Escada model

Then it was time for the show. With Dallas Escada boutique manager Melinda Rathke watching from the

Peggy Meyer

sidelines, the show was underway with Escada’s Hector “the Latin from Manhattan” Carrasquillo describing details of each piece. The colors, fabrics and designs received high marks from the gals, especially newbie Peggy Meyers. She was wearing a jacket that was shown in the show.

Share-A-Date: Children’s Cancer Fund’s Beyond The Rainbow Fashion Show And Luncheon

Friday, April 15: It’s hard to believe that it’s been 23 years since the Children’s Cancer Fund began having its Beyond the Rainbow fashion show/luncheon with jocks and kiddos. This year’s Luncheon Co-chairs Summer Olmstead and Amy Maurer have selected the theme “Kings and Queens — Full of Hopes & Dreams” for the event at the Hilton Anatole.

Once again former Dallas Cowboys stars Roger Staubach, Troy Aikman and Daryl Johnston will serve as honorary co-chairs.

If you haven’t been able to attend the event, correct that situation. It’s a never-can-tell-what’s-going-to-happen show. Also, there’s something so heartening to see the cooler-than-cool jocks and celebrities walking the runway with the children,who have all been touched by the disease.

And speaking of cool, KDFW-FOX’s cool anchors Clarice Tinsley and Steve Eagar will serve as emcees.


Fresh Faces of Fashion 2011

Boy, you really missed this one if you haven’t already bought tickets to the Fresh Faces of Fashion 2011 on Friday, March 25. It’s another done deal.

There is a rumor floating that FFF mother hen Yvonne Crum “is trying to get them to enlarge the ballroom. . . they are resisting . . . but bets are on Yvonne!”

Suggestion: Groveling sometimes works.

Remember it benefits the Suicide and Crisis Center and, unfortunately, the need for SCC’s services are not letting up.

Valentino Team Will Headline Ten Best Dressed Fashion Show With Annette Simmons As Honorary Chair

Aileen Pratt

Leave it to the Crystal Charity Ball gals to pull in the big-gun names for their Ten Best Dressed Luncheon. Luncheon Chair Aileen Pratt must have had some pretty impressive private numbers to get such a lineup.

First of all, think Valentino. No, Rudolph, silly. You still must be coming off of a late night of watching the Academy Award. Think elegance beyond the imagination with fabrics, colors and designs that are simply breathtaking. Just to look at the collections bearing the Valentino name is memorable. While the grandmaster Valentino Garavani has retired probably to work on his tan, his uber talented replacements Creative Directors Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli will be on hand for the luncheon and the show.

Next Aileen and CCB Chair Connie O’Neill managed to get Annette Simmons to serve as Honorary Chair. Besides the fact that Annette rarely takes on such roles, it is only the third time in the luncheon’s history that there has been an honorary chair.

“We are thrilled to have this incredibly talented duo joining us for this year’s fashion show and luncheon,” said Connie. “Their attendance and Annette’s legacy will make the day a memorable one for the honorees as well as the guests.”

Now, of course, you’re trying to get the time line in place for the Ten Best Dressed activities, so here you go:

  • Sunday, May 1 — Tickets for the luncheon and fashion show go on sale.
  • Tuesday, May 3 — 2011 Ten Best Dressed Women of Dallas are announced at Neiman Marcus Downtown.
  • Thursday, September 3 8 — 2011 Ten Best Dressed Fashion Show and Luncheon at NM Downtown.

NM Downtown VP/GM Shelle Sills said, “This will be a very special year for everyone involved, with Annette  serving  as honorary chairman and having Valentino creative directors join us.”

Just in case you hear someone question the importance of fashion, luncheons and such things, you just might want to remind them that since its start, CCB has raised more than $100 million for children’s charities in Dallas. The 2011 Crystal Charity Ball will benefit eight beneficiaries with a collective need of $4,265,030: Communities in Schools, Contact Crisis Line, Dallas Mission for Life, Los Barrios Unidos Community Clinic, Methodist Health System Foundation, Nexus Recovery Center, Trinity River Mission and Vickery Meadow Learning Center.

Oh, and you might want to jot down Saturday, December 3, for the Crystal Charity Ball at the Hilton Anatole. Betcha there’ll be a heck of a lot of Valentino’s at the gala.

Share-A-Date: Fresh Faces Of Fashion 2011

Fresh Faces of Fashion 2011

Friday, March 25: Benefiting the Suicide and Crisis Center of North Texas, the fifth annual Fresh Faces of Fashion will be an evening of fashion showing at Stanley Korshak followed by a “gala dinner” at the Rosewood Crescent Hotel.

Presented by Modern Luxury Dallas, Korshak and Park Place Motorcars Dallas, the evening of beautifully gorgeous gals in incredible clothes is being co-chaired by gal-pals Yvonne Crum and Jill Rowlett.

Oh, by the way, if you get a chance, wish Yvonne a happy birthday tomorrow.

Hundreds Brave Snow And Ice To Attend St. Valentine’s Day Luncheon And Fashion Show

Photo Gallery Alert: Additional photos are available for viewing.

After suffering through the super snowball week of Super Bowl XLV, no one thought the area would be hit with a repeat performance. But it was. With weather predictors claiming a nasty encore, event organizers were scampering to the hills to postpone and/or cancel events last week. Ah, but not the ladies of Wednesday’s Saint Valentine’s Day Luncheon and Fashion Show. Up to the morning of the event, they were staying true to course and weren’t wavering except to delay the event from 10:30 to noon.

Holly Davis

Chair Holly Davis emailed ,

“It is a very difficult situation but we are going forward with a delayed start at noon. Some people are confident about making the trek while others are opting to stay home. I hope everyone does what is safest and best for them.

We have models backstage getting ready right now to put on a fabulous show. Now… I better get ready too!”

It was a tough call, but Holly couldn’t back down. Too many pieces were in place that couldn’t be postponed. The Chantilly Room at the Hilton Anatole was decked out, the models and valets were ready to go on with the show, etc. It was every event chair’s idea of a root canal without anesthesia — a total loss or chance that some stalwarts would safely make their way to the event. As frivolous as a fashion show may seem under such conditions, fund raisers recognized that every cent is so necessary for the research in curing leukemia and lymphoma.

Evidently there were 500 stalwarts who braved the snow, ice and slush to make it to the show. [Read more…]

JUST IN: Saint Valentine’s Day Luncheon And Fashion Show Delayed Until Noon

Just got word from Saint Valentine’s Day Luncheon and Fashion Show co-chair Holly Davis that the annual benefit for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society at the Hilton Anatole has been delayed until noon due to the weather conditions.

Check back with MySweetCharity before you leave for the luncheon, just in case there are any changes in plans.

And you just know you don’t need to be told to drive safely, take your cell phone (duh!), bring a blanket and water and be very careful.

UPDATE: Just received this note from Holly,

“It is a very difficult situation but we are going forward with a delayed start at Noon. Some people are confident about making the trek while others are opting to stay home. I hope everyone does what is safest and best for them.

We have models backstage getting ready right now to put on a fabulous show. Now… I better get ready too!”

For those of who attend the luncheon, be very safe both going and returning from the event.

JUST IN: Saint Valentine’s Day Luncheon And Fashion Is Happening Tomorrow “No Matter The Weather”

St. Valentine's Day Luncheon 2010

Remember last year’s Saint Valentine’s Day Luncheon and Fashion Show? Sure, you do. It was the one that ended with the ladies heading to their cars as Dallas got hit by a wintry blast. Ah, but the ladies had Lady Luck on their committee and managed to pull the whole thing off before things got grim.

Once again the gals are being threatened with snowfall, but they’re absolutely fearless. They just sent word that tomorrow’s event at the Hilton Anatole is a definite “GO!” At the recent patrons party, they announced that they had a back-up plan — slumber party at the Anatole the night before. Wonder if they’ll be telling ghost stories tonight?

Crawford Brock

Or, they just might be writing thank you notes to Stanley Korshak’s Crawford Brock. You ask why? Well, this info from the committee is pretty self-explanatory:

“For more than 10 years, Crawford Brock of the renowned retail outlet, Stanley Korshak has been an integral part of the Saint Valentine’s Day Luncheon and Fashion Show. Not only has Stanley Korshak been a major cash sponsor of this event, donating over $600,000 in cash alone since 2002, Crawford and his store have provided in kind donations as well that have significantly decreased the expenses associated with this magnificent production. In addition, as the Fashion Presenting Sponsor, Crawford Brock and the team at Stanley Korshak, have been dedicated to supporting the mission of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Whether it be through underwriting production costs, providing stylists and models, securing and flying in designers such as this year’s designer, Carolina Herrera or through hosting kickoffs and events to promote the Luncheon and Fashion Show, their support has helped create a one of kind event that every Dallasite wants to be a part of while raising vital funds for cancer research. We would like to nominate Crawford Brock and Stanley Korshak for the Partners Against Leukemia & Lymphoma Award as they truly are a partner in the fight against blood cancers.”

LOOK at Mi Cocina With Richie Sambora, Nikki Lund Is A Go

Despite the snow, the Jones family is just like the postman. Nothing’s gonna stop them from their plan of action. So, LOOK at Mi Cocina in HP Village is still taking place this afternoon. It’s a private gathering to showcase the fashions of Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora and White Trash Beautiful co-designer Nikki Lund.

Also on hand will be the Dallas Cowboys First Kids and spouses (Charlotte and Shy Anderson, Lori and Jerry Jone Jr. and Karen and Stephen Jones).

Starts at 2 p.m., so you have plenty of time to hitch up the huskies to your luxury sled.

If you didn’t get an invite, check back here. MySweetCharity just might get the poop for you.

Off The Field Awards Banquet and Fashion Show Is Still On

Yup, you woke up, looked outside and saw more snow. But you’re also suffering a bit of cabin fever. If you have tickets to the Off The Field Banquet and Fashion Show with Abi Ferrin (pictured left with event co-chair Sherice Brown) at the Fairmont, you’re in luck. It’s still on!

Ballroom doors open and silent auction commences at 10:30 benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

So put on your warmest coat (you won’t need it once you’re inside) and head over to the Fairmont.

Tutu Chic Fashion Show Scored “Wow!” Despite Winspear Sniff Factor

While Dallas audiences have been accused by some of being too generous with their standing ovations, the word “Wow!” is another situation entirely. Rarely is the word heard rising from audiences at a fashion show. Usually, the predominantly female audiences smile and nod with approval, as if at a tennis tournament.

Thursday “Wow!” was popping up all over the Winspear stage as Stanley Korshak presented designer Naeem Khan and his collection at the Tutu Chic Fashion Show and Luncheon benefiting the Texas Ballet Theater. Instead of the everyday, lean professional models, the runway was strutted and danced with dancers (pictured) from the TBT.

Before the show started, Naeem was asked about the presentation of his Spring 2011 collection at New York’s Fashion Week, when he received a standing ovation from the audience of fashion experts. The former Halston assistant admitted that Fashion Week is a killer and none of the audiences go overboard with praise. If you check out the video, you’ll see Naeem take a bow looking like the proudest peacock on the walk. What you don’t see is the crowd giving him a standing ovation.

But back to Dallas and Tutu. The event started off on a bit of a rocky footing. There was a definite “scent” in the lobby of the Winspear that reminded one how important it is to have a good plumber available 24/7. When asked if the problem was a result of the Virgin America party with Sir Richard Branson and Willie “Six Ounces” Nelson, one organizer said that the odorous situation had been in the air for a couple of days.

Luckily, the crowd gathered at the foot of the stairs and the ladies wearing the scents of Oscar, Armani, Gucci and Michael Kors overcame the Winspear Downwind. Also, adding to the fashion excitement was the arrival of Honorary Chair Nancy Rogers and her entourage (pictured from the left, Nancy Gopez, Tanya Foster, Paige Lane, Nancy Rogers, Donna Baker, Sonia Black, Leisa Street, Sunie Solomon, Kris Johnson and Mary Gill) quickly followed by the Amy Turner posse (pictured from the left, Lori Jones, Raina Snell, Dallas Snadon, Amy Turner and Kathleen Hutchinson).

After a glass or two of champagne, the ladies headed to the stage of the Winspear with its Nutcracker scenery and the fashion show. Co-chair Elaine Agather took to the stage. Korshak’s Crawford Brock‘s smile got bigger and bigger each time Elaine hyped the fabulous clothes available at Korshak. The gal needs to leave the banking world and start being the Korshak spokesperson!

As Naeem’s backstage-man Tim Quinn looked on from the sidelines, the show went on flawlessly with the clothes being displayed beautifully as the ballerinas (pictured) put them through their paces. For evidence, check out MySweetCharity’s “Photo Gallery.”

Then Elaine was back on stage to auction off two tickets to Naeem’s fashion show during Fashion Week and a $3,000 gift certificate toward an outfit. She started at $1,500 and eventually got it up to $4,500 thanks to Dwight Emanuelson, who was on the front row. Elaine admitted that she really wanted to get it up to $5,000. With that teamwork got into play. Naeem kicked in $500 to make it happen, then Dwight  added a bit more change with Nancy Rogers and Crawford kicking in, too, until the number hit $11,000+.  Co-chair Gina Betts, Tanya Foster and Olivia Kearney (pictured right with, from the left, Gina Betts, Nancy Rogers, Tanya Foster, Naeem Khan and Elaine Agather) were dazzled by Elaine’s auctioneering talents as well as the “kick in” attitude of the bidders.

With a nice bit of change going to the TBT and the ladies button holing Naeem’s folks as well as Crawford’s about pieces that they were interested in, the group headed to lunch in the lobby of the Winspear. . . the part of the lobby that was way far away from odorous side.

Congratulations to the two-year old event that earned a “Wow!” from fashion lovers and some nice financial support for Dallas dancers.

Tutu Chic Luncheon Will Be A Too-Too-Must Attend

Last year‘s Tutu Chic Luncheon may have been one of the most fun fund raising secrets of the season. For its first time on the society calendar, it had the guests on the Winspear stage sipping champagne, eyeballing Korshak fashion and enjoying  dancers Texas Ballet Theater (pictured).

The Tutu Foursome chair-gals (Elaine Agather, Gina Betts, Tanya Foster and Olivia Kearney) who pulled it off last year decided to do an encore on Thursday, December 2, same place, same agenda.

With Nancy C. Rogers as the honorary chair, you just knew they were going to up the ante and they did with flair. Designer Naeem Khan will make a guest appearance for the event.

Champagne reception starts at 11:30 a.m. followed by the on-stage fashion presentation and the seated luncheon in the lobby of the opera house.

Tickets were going quickly, so move your tutu by calling Jeanne Cassidy at 877.828.9200, Ext. 110.

BTW, the underwriters include the following ballet lovers:

$25,000 — Nancy C. Rogers

$5,000 —  Jacqueline Barrett, Nancy Carlson, Jolie Humphrey, Holly Lydick /Shannon Hart, PaperCity and Priscilla Martin

$2,500Cassandra Fine Catering, Jeanne Marie Clossey, Barbara Daseke, Claire and Dwight Emanuelson and Wells Fargo

$1,500Elaine Agather, Terry Dallas, Lisa Barfield Kopecky, Courtney Marcus/Diane Byrd, Cynthia Miller, Jennifer Staubach and Kelly Van Den Handel

Share-A-Date: Attitudes and Attire

Wednesday, February 2, 2011 @ the Grand Pavilion of the Dallas Trade Mart: Attitudes & Attire Luncheon and Fashion Show’s “Big Hearts — Soaring Dreams” will pay tribute to the late Kim Dawson and Sylvan Landau. As an added highlight, Ebby Halliday will be recognized as she starts her countdown for turning 100 on March 9, 2011.

The Galleria Was Strictly “Outrageous!” Thursday For A Good Reason

Thursday night’s “Outrageous!” at the Galleria made Johnny Depp’s Alice in Wonderland look as proper as a Charlotte Bronte novel.  But what else could be expected when you have the likes of Yvonne Crum, Megan Phillips, Steve Kemble and Jan Strimple at the helm. The only marching orders was the mantra “Outrageous!” and they took it to the max to benefit the Suicide and Crisis Center.

First, they converted the Galleria’s ice rink into a one-night-stand party factory complete with elevated DJ booth for the unconventional Lady Bunny (pictured) and staging for drummers and fashions on a couple of “unconventional catwalks” that stopped traffic. It wasn’t just the clothes, but also the rhinestone and glitter makeup (pictured) and feathered, full-headgear. Even the food stations were eye-catchers with a couple have models in the center of the table holding everything from candelabras to utensils.

And speaking of food, it was everywhere and outrageously delicious thanks to Grand Lux Cafe, The Grill on the Alley, Mi Cocina, The Oceanaire, The Second Floor and West Galleria.

It was just what the 500+ guests wanted and perhaps more than they expected.

Steve knew he had to wear something special for the occasion to go with his new California hair weave, so he naturally went shopping at Neiman’s and found just the perfect thing in the women’s department — leopard pants. When he asked a sales associate about it, she directed him to the dressing room to try them on. A perfect fit! In fact so perfect that it wasn’t until just hours before the party that he learned that he wasn’t going to be the only one in tomato red shirt with leopard pants. Seems all on her own, Yvonne (pictured right with, from the left, Piper Young and Steve Kemble) had made the same combination of colors and prints for the night.

While Carolyn Lupton, Mayo Crum and Jill Rowlett held court on the banquette near the entry, Carmaleta Whiteley and Doris Jacobs were across the way taking in the sights and sounds. DJ Jen Miller took the night off from music coordination to party for a change.

Perhaps the most amazed expressions were those on the Galleria shoppers who leaned over the railing to see this “outrageous” scene.

Hi-Ho, Equest Was Quite A Show!

Rusty the horse and Crunchie the pony (pictured) were  grouchy Tuesday morning. After all, having to get all dressed up and hauled over to Brook Hollow Golf Club to welcome guests for the Equest Fashion Show/Luncheon is not their usual routine. But like true Equest pros they stood their ground despite the high-density traffic pulling up to the porte-cochere at 10:30. Luckily, the weather was in a great mood with the sun shining and the temperature just barely hitting 70 degrees. Just the right time to pull out those knits, wools, leathers and boots.

To accommodate the more than 300 guests, Brook Hollow management had cranked up the air conditioning to keep things comfortable. Why turn up the AC when it’s cool outside? As one staffer said, “When you have that many people in a room, the temperature can get warm quickly.” Tip of the hat to Brook Hollow management because the place was packed and soon the slight chill was just right!

Another point of excellence was the seat identification. With rows of padded chairs, it could have been a mess trying to locate assigned seats, but organizers had once again solved that little problem. Each seat number was tied on the chair with a ribbon. And we’re not talking about movie ticket-size signs. These numbers were the size of a Tory Burch satchel.

By 10:55, the noise level was growing with the arrival of “Prancing Presenting Sponsor” Nancy Rogers, who was greeted with hugs, smiles and air kisses from blonde gal pals. Despite her top-tier looks and her “Ten Best Dressed” standing, Nancy is a horse lover from way back. Favoring thoroughbreds, she admitted that her schedule just didn’t allow much riding nowadays.

Speaking of “Ten Best Dressed,” Nancy’s sister TBD-ers (Robyn Conlon and Claire Emanuelson) were all front and center to support TBD-er/Equest Luncheon Chair Nancy Carter, (pictured) who was masterminding the luncheon with elegance, poise and true style. From her thank you speech to her checking each table at the luncheon, Nancy exuded graciousness. As Equest Executive Director Ariane Mele Einecker said, “Nancy has been an inspiration and a joy.”

Nancy’s daughter Merry Carter seconded that thought saying, “She’s just like that all the time.”

Not feeling comfortable with accolades, Nancy suggested that things were moving smoothly thanks to all the people helping her and to the structure and self-discipline connected with her day job of handling the interior design for the family business.

In the inspiration department, Nancy scored another home run by getting the Rev. Dr. Sheron Patterson (pictured) to provide the invocation. If you’ve ever heard Dr. Patterson, you know the tempo was set for the show from her “Good morning” to her “Amen.”

Following a touching presentation of the 2010 Equest Award for Community Service to  Mar Nell Bell and her daughters Patti Brown and Bonnie Harding (pictured right with from the left, Mar Bell and Patti), it was on with the fashion show from Highland Park Village merchants.

As the fashions were paraded on the runway, Leggiadro’s Nicki Mehew and Jimmy Choo’s Christi Houser (pictured right with Nicki) were iPhone shooting the action to share with their headquarters.

It should be noted that there was a different feel to this show. The models all seemed to be having a good time. From the male models on the sidelines in their dressage outfits to the gals on the catwalk in clothes from Escada, Leggiadro, Jimmy Choo, Anne Fontaine, Tory Burch and Carolina Herrera, everyone was smiling.

And then there was one dazzling model, Ruthie, (pictured) who was relatively new to the veteran fashion viewers. According to fashion producer Jan Strimple, Ruthie is not only a SMU student and part of the Campbell-Wagner Runway group, she also made an immediate “WOW!” impression with a “great walk and plenty of smarts — loved her the minute I met her!” Ruthie is also a remarkable young woman for another reason that only a few in the audience knew. [Read more…]

Saddle Up For Tuesday’s Equest Fashion Show/Luncheon and H.E.R.D.

Equest Fashion Show/Luncheon Chair (and one of this year’s Ten Best Dressed) Nancy Carter has literally just three or four seats left for Tuesday’s event at Brook Hollow Golf Club. With an array of fashions from Highland Park Village, the show is one of the most popular ones of the season. because of the clothes and the beneficiary.

One of the topics of tomorrow’s luncheon will be Equest‘s Heroes Empowered Reunited and Determined (H.E.R.D.) Pilot Program that will pair veterans and active duty military personnel (or family of the soldier) with a licensed therapist to offer counseling for individuals affected by depression, post traumatic stress disorder and other challenges of re-integration following deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan.

According to Nancy, “In the spring of 2011, we hope to expand our H.E.R.D. programming to offer wounded veterans the opportunity to participate in sports riding sessions where they will learn to groom and tack their horse, ride for a one hour session and then help care for their horse after their lesson.   Horseback riding offers physical benefits of increased balance and core strength as well as emotional benefits of empowerment and team work.”

The creation of H.E.R.D. falls directly under Equest’s mission statement:

“Equest is an internationally recognized nonprofit that provides equine therapy for children and adults with all types of disabilities and learning differences. Equest’s mission is to empower, enrich and educate through horses.”

The sponsors who have helped the Equest fashion show move at a full gallop are:

  • Prancing Presenter ($50,000) – Nancy C. Rogers
  • Full Gallop ($25,000) — A.L. Chilton Foundation, Nancy and Gene Carter and the Al G. Hill Jr. Family
  • Canter ($10,000) — The Waters Family/Park Cities News
  • Trot ($5,000) — Diane Brierley, Louise Griffeth, Highland Park Village, Beth Layton, T.C. Lupton Jr. Family Foundation-Dr. and Mrs. Bill P. Huckin
  • Jumper ($2,500) — Bridget Black, Robyn Conlon/Cynthia Mitchell/Elsa Norwood, Ann Dyer, Tricia M. George, Charlotte Kimberlin, Vicky Lattner, Peggy Sewell and Emilynn Wilson
  • Walk ($1,500) — Kerry Fagelman, Garnett Holmes, Leggiadro of Dallas, Sarah Losinger, Mary Blake Meadows/Cathy Zollars, Gloria Martindale/Lorry Wallace, Suzanne McGee, Janet Nylund, Susan Schwartz, Linda Secrest/Lydia Novakov, Bettye Slaven and Kern Wildenthal/Southwestern Medical Foundation

Tiny Sparrow Foundation Is Not For The Birds

Don’t be fooled by the name — Tiny Sparrow Foundation. It  does not benefit our feathered friends. It was founded to connect volunteer photographers with families of children with life-threatening illnesses. Each family is photographed and presented a “Tiny Sparrow Album” at no cost. The foundation was the brainchild of breast cancer survivor Lidia Boicu, who took up photography during her treatments. Through her experiences, Lidia learned how a “collection of photographs that captured the life and spirit inside” the little patients brought joy to their families through difficult times.

To help support the project, “Pictures of Hope” will take place at 7 p.m. Thursday at True Rumors Boutique with cocktails, food from Fresh Point, It’s a Cooking Party, Silk Road, Cafe Malaga, Ronnie Ruth’s, Texas Star Bakery and Oh, Brownie! There will be a fashion show with models and Tiny Sparrow children showing off the latest fashions.

The event is open and free with proceeds from the silent auction including trips to Mexico, Florida and Northern California going to the foundation.

Preston Style 10 Has Beauties Both On Stage And In The Crowd

MySweetCharity has a shadow. No, not that kind of shadow. Rather, Paige Briggs, who is a public relations major in the University of North Texas school of journalism, has drawn the assignment to “shadowing” MSC on our escapades. To let her experience the challenges of covering the lively world of Dallas nonprofits, she was given the task of writing up Thursday night’s dazzling Preston Style 10. Here is her report —

As cars pulled into The Plaza at Preston Center, valets were running around frantically trying to keep up with the line of cars carrying the expected 500 guests into the already overcrowded parking lot.

Backstage, Rhonda Sargent Chambers (pictured left with Mel Crews model), a gorgeous blonde woman in the standard backstage uniform – black dress and heels – was un-phased by the chaos happening around her. The clipboard-wielding, fashion producer-extraordinaire greeted guests with a hug and called for the next model to head out onto the runway in the same breath.

The air in the main tent was abuzz with “fabulocity.” Mostly made up of twenty-somethings trying to out-fabulous one another, this crowd was one well-dressed bunch. At the center of the tent, the main stage, host to a  handful of models at a time, was meant to be the focus of the evening; however, guests spent more time looking at themselves and keeping an eye out to make sure no one looked better than them, that the actual models seemed to simply be background decoration.

Servers dressed in all black wove throughout the crowd carrying trays of tiny delicacies, bartenders shook hot pink cocktail shakers and poured out countless Belevedere cocktails and flute after flute of champagne courtesy of Moet. Models (pictured) strutted through the crowd carrying a card announcing whom they were wearing and looking beautiful, yet unaffected. But the guests looked anything but unaffected. Giant thick-rimmed glasses (no prescription necessary), thigh-high boots, feathered hair pieces, Mohawks, scarves (both men and women), skinny jeans or leather pants (both men and women), and designer handbags were the staples of guest fashion. Oh, and lest we forget, the “I-know-I-look-amazing” facial expression, achieved by looking slightly bored, while at the same time slightly sucking in your cheeks and pouting your lips just the tiniest bit.

With its white tent, red carpet, pink cocktail shakers and shoes in every shade of the rainbow, Plaza Style 2010 had all the makings of a colorful evening out on the town.  But, it was a woman dressed in black (Halston Heritage to be exact) who stole the show.

The Fashionistas were the beneficiaries of the third annual Plaza Style event, so it was no surprise that founder and CEO, Heidi Dillon (pictured left with Selena Hernandez) made an appearance. Dillon, who secured her place in the Dallas socialite history books, with the now infamous article that ran in the September issue of with F!D Luxe, stood tall and proud with her perfectly coiffed blonde hair and a forced smile framed by her vibrant pink lipstick.  Being fabulous is tough…but someone’s gotta do it.

It appears that Paige has a future in covering the beautiful people.

Share-The-Date: St. Valentine’s Day Luncheon and Fashion Show

Wednesday, February 9, 2011 @ the Hilton Anatole: The “Save the Date” cards are in the mail for the St. Valentine’s Day Luncheon and Fashion Show benefiting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This year should be a killer with Holly Pellham Davis as a Co-Chair and clothes by Stanley Korshak.

Let’s just hope that it’s another mega-success for LLS without the follow-up snowstorm.

Crystal Charity Ball Fashion Show Keeps Its Fashionable Crown In Place

Crystal Charity Ball Fashion Show organizers are smart. Very smart. While other fashion shows may have more guests and over-the-top extras, the CCB ladies have been wise enough to keep their’s elegantly simple and limited to about 500 guests. Perhaps that’s why, regardless of the financial times, it’s a sellout way before plans are finalized. This may also explain why the group’s take has risen from its initial $10,000 in 1974 to more than $500,000 at last Friday’s event.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have such elements as the queen of retailing institutions (Neiman Marcus), internationally renowned designers, and presentation of the Ten Best Dressed (pictured, the class of 2010).

That last one has become a double-edged sword over the years. To be one of the ten is highly coveted. Every woman who has been named to the list has style and exquisite taste. However, each year there are rumblings about who didn’t make the list. The selection is made by a CCB committee, each member of which knows that they can’t make everyone happy. But to quote a well-known socialite, “In order to be successful, one must be controversial.” That’s what makes Crystal Charity’s fashion show maintain its position:  it takes a stand in the ever-controversial world of fashion.

But don’t worry. There were no picketers or protesters at Friday’s lunch. Not even PETA. Instead it was a celebration of fashion and a brief respite from the chores of the day.

The day started early. With the honorees arriving hours before the show for hair and makeup, NM staffers were ready to rock and roll. As NM couture department manager David Koca put it, “Let the games begin.”

While Akris designer Albert Kriemler (picture right with Jan Strimple) was on the second floor being interviewed by the media before the ladies arrived, the NM staff was scurrying around putting the finishing touches on the set. Not only would they have the first floor filled with 500 well-heeled guests, NM was streaming the fashion extravaganza online and on mega-screens throughout. NM President/CEO Karen Katz told folks that she had tried to get Jerry Jones to lend the Jumbo Tron, but it was already scheduled for the Tim McGraw concert that night at Cowboys Stadium.

While the aisle in front of the elevators looked like a fashionable black hole of Calcutta packed with ladies (pictured)  who could have easily made the 10 BD list themselves, a private gathering was taking place around the corner in the shoe salon for sponsors. As CCB greeters Libby Allred and Gigi Potter welcomed VIP guests via the Main Street entrance, some of the invited couldn’t resist kicking off their own shoes to try on some of those on display.

Lunch Chair Alison Farrow, her arm in an Albert-autographed black sling, was surrounded by her family. While husband Bob took it all in stride, the kids (Elizabeth, Robert and Joseph) in their school uniforms bravely put up with all the adults.

Then Albert arrived and was immediately surrounded by the women who couture. The Swiss designer charmed everyone from NM associate to longtime client. Who would have guessed he was just minutes away from back staging his fall and resort lines?

2002 Hall of Famer Nancy Dedman arrived to be greeted by the newest member of the Hall of Fame, Marilyn Augur (pictured right  with Nancy Dedman).  When asked about the construction of her new home, Nancy admitted that she wouldn’t be moving into it anytime soon, but “that’s all anyone asks me about.”

As the start time for the show nearly, NM ramrod Sandy Marple and her crew started herding guests to their seats.  Veterans of past CCB fashion shows like Alan White and Don Conlon (wives Lee Ann White and Robyn Conlon were on their second year of being BD-ed) knew exactly where their places were and how to handle the predominantly female event. Why Don even brought his camera to record the show! Alan, on the other hand, looked a little preoccupied since he, Lee Ann and her son Michael needed to catch a flight immediately after the show.

CCB Chair Cynthia Mitchell‘s husband Tom admitted that this was his first rodeo, but he pulled his role off flawlessly. He agreed that many people don’t realize the responsibilities that a fundraising chairman faces in running the “business” of charity. It’s like coordinating a major corporation for two years, where failure is not allowed. Tom’s a very smart fella. Instead of waiting til after the CCB’s December gala, he presented Cynthia with a gold necklace recently. Guess he was providing a little pat on the back to help her through the final months of her tenure. Like we said, Tom’s a smart fella.

Just as the show was about to begin, poor Denise Wofford was still searching for her seat. Rules of CCB  stress that no one is to be seated after the show starts.

Karen Katz welcomed the group and took care of some housekeeping, like saluting her former boss Burt “Mr. Luxury” Tansky (pictured), who is moving back to NYC with wife Rita, and welcoming reps from Harper’s Bazaar, that is now the CCB national magazine of record. Seems that with the departure of editor Pamela Fiori from Town & Country, the longtime relationship with T&C had to be adjusted.

Then Cynthia took over the podium to announce some VERY good news — Annette and Harold Simmons were gifting $1 million to CCB to help them meet their 2010 goal of $4,112,273. Thank heaven, HoF-er Annette’s good friend and sister HoF-er Gene Jones (pictured right with Annette Simmons) was seated next to her to support her as the announcement resulted in a standing O. Quite frankly, Annette looked a little overwhelmed by all the hoopla. After being presented with a magnificent bouquet of flowers and a banner extolling the moment, Annette looked relieved that attention was being returned to the fashion of the day.

Sidenote: Charlotte Jones Anderson (pictured) was seated across the aisle from Gene and Annette and looked darn fabulous in beige boots past the knee that missed the hem of her skirt by half a foot. The rest of the outfit defies description.

Then the show started with the presentation of the BD ladies (Nancy Carter, Claire Emanuelson, Pat McEvoy, Kim Miller, Robyn Conlon, Aileen Pratt, Nancy Rogers, Amy Turner, Lee Ann White and Ellen Winspear) and HoF-er Marilyn Augur. You would have thought it was a high-fashion pep rally with the multi-leveled seating and the cheers going up as each lady was presented in Akris ensembles. The only thing missing was pom poms.

On the sidelines, two generations of Turners including Amy’s mom Julie and dad Jim along with Amy’s son Turner Carreker (pictured with Amy) were cheering BD Amy Turner as she was presented.

As soon as the honorees took their place on the 50-yard line of the layout, the show got underway with painfully:  thin models registering expressions of zombie-ism. But that’s what they’re supposed to do, don’t you know? Models are simply breathing mannequins whose sole purpose is to showcase the clothing, not their personalities. And these gals did a great job. The clothes looked elegant, tailored and perfect for any well-heeled closet.

The good news for the hosiery industry is that stockings and leggings are back (pictured) with a vengeance.

Editorial comment: Yes, the excruciatingly high heels make legs look longer and more attractive (pictured), but those stilts also force even the most accomplished walker to look like they’ve had one too many Cosmopolitans.  Even if you are convinced that these nose-bleed-creating shoes are comfortable to wear, they’re painful to watch in action.

Ah, but what price beauty and fashion?