Tonight Get “Up” ’til Midnight At The Nasher

'til Midnight at the Nasher

Despite the fact we didn’t set a new record of 100-plus-degree days, some folks are actually getting used to this scorcher of a summer. Outdoor activities, especially during the evening hours, are becoming quite acceptable. One of those is ’til Midnight at the Nasher on the third Friday of the month.

What do you know? Today is the third Friday!

So, what’s on hand at the Nasher tonight? At 7 p.m. The Roof Raisers will perform a concert and at 9 p.m. the movie “Up” will be shown.

If you want to write a thank you note, don’t forget to mention the cooling misters courtesy of Reliant Energy. It’s amazing how much a difference those misters make.

Could-We-Use-The-Help-And-How: Groundwork Dallas

Groundwork Dallas

Groundwork Dallas was originally founded in 2005 as a nonprofit organization and is one of 18 approved Local Trusts in the Groundwork USA network. We are dedicated to improving access to the Great Trinity Forest in Dallas by planning, constructing and maintaining nature trails, multi-use recreational trails and trail amenities in the Great Trinity Forest. We also sponsor and coordinate clean-ups and beautification projects in and around South Dallas’ neighborhoods, parks, waterways, and Brownfields areas. Consisting of 7,000 acres, the Great Trinity Forest is one of the largest urban, bottomland, hardwood forests in the country and is less than four miles from downtown. It is one of Dallas’ true natural treasures.

“Volunteers are vital to the work we do in and around the Trinity River Corridor. In 2010 we cleaned up over 5,000 tires from the Great Trinity Forest alone. Along with our numerous debris cleanups, we have only made a dent in the constant need to keep this area clean.

“We are in need of volunteers in the Fall of 2011, to help with various clean up and maintenance projects throughout the Great Trinity Forest. Schools, churches, corporations and other organizations are needed to help maintain this amazing area in the City of Dallas. Please call 214-269-5692 or e-mail us at [email protected] for more information.”

Kelley Perlstein, Director of Operations and Peter Payton, Executive Director

Shakespeare Dallas Puts A Whole New Spin On “As You Like It”

Was it really, truly 40 years ago that Bob Glenn started The Shakespeare Festival of Dallas with a free presentation of a one-man version of “Hamlet”?  Yes, it was outdoors and hot, but it was just three years after Franco Zeffirelli made “Romeo & Juliet” so cool with Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussey. Dallasites learned that even in the summer heat, Shakespeare was cool.

Like Shakespeare’s plays, the festival went through transformations but still remained loyal to the bard’s words. For instance, it expanded its productions and created programs like Shakespeare on the Go! and Shakespeare Unplugged.

Now that you’re in the Shakespearean mindset and you’re looking at a three-day (or, in some cases, four-day) weekend, you might want to check out Shakespeare Dallas’ latest effort — “As You Like It.” No, it’s not what you think. Executive and artistic director Raphael Parry has come up with a different spin to it.

“Our version of this 16th century play is set in 1930’s Spain, aptly mirroring the country’s strife during the Spanish Civil War. Recreating a time when fascist government ideals ruled over more republican principles, Spain the 1930’s is an ideal setting for our banished heroes, who must find refuge in the forest. Where flamenco meets French aristocracy — that’s where you’ll find this wonderfully unique production.”

If you already have plans this weekend, not to worry. It will continue through Saturday, July 23, at the Samuell-Grand Amphitheatre. It’s easy to get reservations. They’re available online. Why you can even become a member (ranging from $40 to $1,000) of Shakespeare Dallas online, too.


Crawford Brock and Linda Owen

Thursday, August 25: The Park at Woodall Rodgers may be under construction, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t rocking with its neighbors. One of those neighbors is, of course, Stanley Korshak. And like a good neighbor they’re tossing a party. No, wait! It’s not just a party. It’s “an inaugural event.” What that means is that they just might make this an annual do-dah.

“ROCKANDRUNWAY will be like  nothing we’ve ever seen as far as multi media entertainment,” said Korshak’s main man Crawford Brock. “The combination of live music and a fashion runway show will certainly prove to be a night like no other.”

This year’s launch party also just happens to be a part of “A Quarter Century of Style,” Korshak’s 25th anniversary celebration.

’til Midnight at the Nasher Kicks Off With “The Wiz” Friday

’til Midnight at the Nasher starts up again this Friday with Emerald City performing at 7 and the showing of The Wiz at 9. The Nasher Sculpture Center doors open at 6 p.m.

Oh, and you’re wondering about the weather? Not a problem. The staff already has that little problem under control. If it’s rainy, they’ll move the concert and movie indoors at the Nasher. You win either way.

BTW, you probably are now wondering about the price of admission. Here goes:

  • Nasher members get in free (love that word),
  • Adults are $10,
  • Seniors are $7,
  • Students are $5
  • Children 12 and under are free (there’s that word again!)

Since you’re not allowed to bring food, beverages, furniture and such into the Nasher, why not pre-order one of the Nasher picnic baskets for two. Like “Yum!”

New Date Set For Opening Of The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge

Despite the wind, the 58 cables for the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge are being strung. As you probably recall, the October opening festivities were postponed to a later date because of wicked weather and organizers didn’t want to take a chance of not meeting the promised date.

The Trinity Trust folks just announced the new date. It’s an important one for Texans, though mostly ignored annually — Friday, March 2, Texas Independence Day. That will be the date for the pay-for-play events. The next day the ribbon cutting and street fair will take place. Then Sunday, March 4, will be Community Day. Both Saturday and Sunday are free and open to the public.

A Tip Of The Hat And A Wink Of Mischief To The Maddest Hatters Of The Dallas Arboretum

Photo Gallery Alert: Additional photos are available for viewing MySweetCharity’s “Photo Gallery”

It’s a well-known fact that the late Frank Olive was literally “head man” when it came to women’s fashions. The designer of hats for stars and fashion houses was the mainstay of the millinery artform. According to Frank, who died in 1995, “I think that hats are an essential part of being a woman,” he told an interviewer in 1968. “I design hats for a woman who feels this. I want to help her discover herself.”

Steve Kemble, Dean Faulkner, Billy Fulmer, Shane Walker

Last Thursday hundreds of women discovered themselves as well as others in the sisterhood at the Dallas Arboretum’s Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Interestingly enough, this discovery was once again helped along courtesy of some designing men like Shane Walker, Todd Fiscus and Steve Kemble. More about that later.

Umbrellas and limousines

But before getting started, let’s set the stage. It was a gray, threatening day with dampness in the air. Oh, great! That translated into “Teflon-strength hairspray” for the hats’ hairdo foundations. And then what about the delicate hats surviving the potential drizzle. Not to worry. Valets with umbrellas allowed nary a drop to drip on the heads of those arriving.

Some guests had limousines and mega-SUV’s transport their entourage. Emerging from their vehicles, it was obvious the reason for the special carriage. Some of the hats were as big as a Smart Car.

Yvonne Crum and Jill Rowlett

Once within the walls of the Arboretum, the wet stuff seemed to disappear. But who would have noticed when being greeted by Jill “Tweedle Dee” Rowlett and honorary chair Yvonne “Tweedle” Crum, whose burlap look of last year was replaced with colorful “tweedle” outfits. The gals admitted the hardest part of their outfits was locating white tights.

Mad Hatter's table

Just beyond the greeting Tweedles was a fantasy table set up for the Mad Hatter, the white rabbit and the entire mad crew. Unlike the luncheon tables under the mammoth tent, the Mad Hatter’s table was out in the open and none the worse for it.

Photographing hats

Favorite game of the day was  guests checking each other out. After all this event requires more than dropping by MJDesigns and gluing a flower on a bonnet or digging out that ages-old hat from the attic. Nope. The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party has become a fierce but friendly undertaking creatively and financially.

Daniel Lewis, David Wren, Valerie Elizabeth, LeeAnne Locken and Lisa Garza

Pity the poor judges (Valerie Elizabeth, Lisa Garza, Daniel Lewis, LeeAnne Locken and David Wren), who scampered around trying to figure the winners of the day.

Susan Scully

Susan Scully, who won last year for best hat, once again took top honors as “Best of Show” by working with Atlanta designer Nicholas Kniel. Despite having never met, the two have got their program down perfectly. During the year, they exchange ideas and voila, the hat arrives. This year’s delivery was similar in color to her 2010 version, only scaled down dramatically. Instead of a 180-degree fan of deep-pink peacock feathers, it was an carefully designed anorexic gathering of feathers surrounding a red-hot cushioned heart. Susan admitted that last year’s was easier to wear, but , shoot, sometimes fashion demands a little pain, suffering and balancing.

Virginia Chandler Dykes

Speaking of feathers, Virginia Chandler Dykes, whose dazzling nest of white feathers, flowers and butterflies (no, not real ones!), was perhaps more subtle than others, but its beauty won her “Most Whimsical Hat.”

Faye Briggs and Carmaleta Whiteley

Some like Carmaleta “Most Botanical Hat” Whiteley and Barbara Daseke turned to local creative brain trust Todd Fiscus for their floral artworks. In Barbara’s case, it

Barbara Daseke

was too much of a good thing. There were so many flowers that the brim sometimes waylaid her view of the surroundings. On the other hand, Carmaleta  decided to make some last minute adjustments to her citrus-colored chapeau resulting in her winning one of the day’s awards.

Steve Kemble

But the ladies weren’t the only ones in the race for the roses. This year the gents decided to join in the fun and had a jolly romp. Steve “Most Outlandish Hat” Kemble had been a judge last year causing whiplash-damaged necks thanks to his hat — a Super Duper Bowl complex. This year he was back to compete with a “Kate in Wonderland” on his head complete with Kate Middleton, Prince William and Queen Elizabeth waving.

But giving Steve a run for his money was Shane Walker. Not only did Shane create some of the best looking hats at the event, he had a top topper, too. Among his clientele were —

  • Petite Faye Brigg‘s gray cocktail hat with inlaid rhinestone and topped off with white feathers and netting surprised no one when it was announced “Most Elegant Hat.”
  • D’Andra Simmons‘ gargantuan royal blue, purple and black hat with silk flowers and

    D'Andra Simmons

    bigger-than-life- feathers challenged many from closed encounters with her. She even managed to find a dress and pink shoes to fit the dramatic look.

  • Tanya Roberts‘s  “My Fair Lady” white showstopper thanks to feathers, flowers and gold

    Tanya Roberts

    highlights was positioned just right on her head, but pity the person who sat behind her at the fashion show.Earlier in the year, Tanya had won a Shane Walker creation for the Mad Hatter’s at an auction.

Shane Walker and Billy Fulmer

But that Shane was a smarty. He saved the very best for himself and his partner Billy Fulmer. After completing all this

Billy Fulmer hat details

commitment, he had burned the midnight oil to come up with two hats that set cell phone saluting from friends and wannabe’s. Their hats were mind-boggling in beauty and detail. While Billy’s featured a smiling green-and-yellow caterpillar encrusted with rhinestones happily settled among leafy greens, Shane’s had a white rabbit covered in

Shane Walker's hat details

rhinestones with his eyes focused on a clock just below a floral teapot. Shane and Billy tied for “Most True to Theme.”

When asked how much such a masterpiece would run retail, Shane replied a negotiable $3,000 depending on if you use rhinestones or the real things. That must be the going rate for over-the-top toppers because that was the same price that Steve Kemble quoted on his head-strong complex.

Barbara Bigham

But not everyone was out for awards and bankrolling a one-of-a-kind topper. Some of the girls just wanted to have fun. Barbara Bigham had the smallest fun with her itty-bitty Barbie top hat that was barely visible. . .  Chief judge Dee Wyly wore an invisible hat that was quite fetching according to those who saw it. . . Leigh Lombardi managed to wear an adorable rose

Leigh Lombardi

sundress that blended nicely with her pink sunhat topped with green flowers. . . . Jocelyn White and Dale Robinowitz decided red and wide brims were just right for the occasion.

Tootsies Mad Hatter

Then it was inside for the fashion show including everything from formal linen shorts to evening gowns from Tory Burch, Karen Millen, Betty Reiter, Anne Fontaine and Tootsies. Closing the show was a very formal Mad Hatter with the fuzziest ears, pocket watch at the neck and  mischievous look.


River Rats Assemble To Hear About Trinity Trust Developments

Lyda Hunt Hill

Last week Trinity Trust hierarchy types like Dr. Gail Thomas, Lynn McBee and Lyda Hunt Hill not only found themselves surrounded by rats, they were delighted with the critters.

No, the rats weren’t the rodent types. They were the Trinity Trust River Rats, the very don’t-you-wish-you-were-one-of-them young Dallasites who are making the Trinity project the hottie of the 21st century.

You just know they are something when Lyda dons mouse ears!

But the gathering was more than a mousy fashion show. It also provided a great opportunity to announce that October 14-16 will be the official launch of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. With everything from seated dinners to citywide festivals, it will be an OMG weekend.

And since the rats were gathered, Lynn took the opportunity to introduce Melanie Ferguson, The Trinity Trust’s new director of outreach and development.

“We’ve stolen her from the Getty in L.A.” said Lynn.

And Melanie didn’t waste time taking advantage of the momentum and moment. “This project is dynamic. We are reviving the river, and we want your help,” said Melanie. “We want all of you here to take ownership of the Trinity and to get other fellow citizens involved. We will soon kick off ‘It’s My Trinity,’ a campaign to get people closer to Trinity-related events like the bridge openings and the natural amenities of the forest and river. For example, we may pull abandoned tires out of the Great Trinity Forest, which is the largest urban hardwood forest in the country, and Dallas’ natural heritage. Stay tuned for more details.”

Can’t wait to hear more from Melanie and the other mice.

Oh, and by the way, if you’re interested in being a rat, River Rat memberships are available and you’ll kick yourself at the opening festivities get closer. And if you think you’re past the age of being described as a “young enthusiast,” they also have the Rat Pack.

Photo credit: Dana Driensky

Park It Tonight At Saint Ann’s With Mike Rawlings And Friends

Mike Rawlings is a pretty fascinating person. Besides having a mega-successful corporate reputation, he earned the title, “Homeless Czar” and got The Bridge up and running. After that accomplishment, most folks would have retired to a nice beach in the Carribbean, but not Mike.

He took on the challenge of heading up Dallas’ Park and Recreation Board. One of the hot items on his “Must Do List” is the “The Park.” Yes, there are many parks in Dallas, but The park is the over-the-top of Woodall Rodgers park that is under construction.

Those very cool and active Friends of The Park are having a happy hour for current and potential members this evening at Saint Ann Restaurant. Co-chairs Missy Wyszynski and Glenn Singleton have arranged for guess who to be the featured keynote speaker. You guessed it. Why do you think we mentioned Mike in the first two graphs?

Mike will “share stories from his experience of private citizens making a real difference in Dallas. He will also discuss the specific goals he has set to run the Dallas park system.” Hey, Mike, is this going to be an all-nighter?

BTW, if you want to attend, you’ve got to RSVP to [email protected]

MySweetCharity’s Make-Believe-Benefactor: Jan Strimple

Jan Strimple

“I would endorse my check to Mayor Tom Leppert, and ask him to distribute it in the following way:

  • $ 250,000 to plant more trees in our city.  We need their beauty!
  • $ 500,000 to Girls, Inc. Their programs alter the thought processes and therefore the futures of thousands of young women in our area.  Raising the horizons of possibility of under-privileged youth directly impacts the heart of our city.
  • $ 250,000 to Promising Youth Alliance because encouraging personal responsibility and leadership development results in more citizens who contribute to our community and fewer that take.”

Jan Strimple

21st Century City Conference Is Advanced Thinking For Urban Lifestyles Of Tomorrow

What should the 21st century offer besides jobs and housings in the successful urban area like Dallas? According to the 21st Century City Conference this Friday at Dallas City Hall, there is a

“shift taking place in the way we build out our cities. We seek a more humane city, one that allows for the complexities of diverse lifestyles while offering serene and quiet places that feed the soul. We want a city that is vibrant and alive and we want, once again, to learn from nature.”

To discuss this futuristic hope for city dwellers, the conference (8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.) will have the following speakers and panel:

  • “A More Humane City” — Rutherford H. Platt, Ph.D.
  • “A Rebirth of the City Park” — Peter Harnik
  • “American Cities in 2050” — Joel Kotkin
  • “Experiencing the Soul of the City — Larry Beasley
  • “Nature and Our Public Health” — Ignacio Bunster-Ossa

Panel discussion: “The Role of Art and Culture” with Margie Johnson Reese, Veletta Forsythe Lill, Zenetta S. Drew and Clara Borja Hinojosa

You can still register and there’s even a “beers, bites and conversation” reception afterwards at The Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture.

BTW, River Rats and Rat Pack members get a discount at registration. Don’t you just love members with privileges?

Yes, and as you probably guessed, the folks at The Trinity Trust are behind this learning opportunity.

Chefs Will Cook In The Wilds Of Africa Plaza At The Dallas Zoo This Saturday

Honorary Chef Jim “Sevy” Severson has just released the list of chefs participating in the Zoo To Do’s “Under the Seregeti Sky” this Saturday at the Dallas Zoo. It includes:

  • Abacus – Executive Chef/Partner Kent Rathbun
  • Bolsa – Chef Graham Dodds
  • Chamberlain’s Steak & Chop House/Chamberlain’s Fish Market – Chef Richard Chamberlain
  • Dakotas Restaurant- Chef Martin Sarabia
  • Dallas Affaires Cake Company – Operator Margaret Grag
  • Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House – Chef David Holben
  • Empire Baking Company – Owner Meadors Ozarow
  • Fearing’s Restaurant – Chef/Partner Dean Fearing
  • Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck – Chef Sara Johannes
  • Green Room – Chef Joel Harloff
  • Gregorio’s Catering – Chef Greg Draxler
  • Maguire’s Restaurant & Catering – Chef Alberto Solis
  • Margaux’s restaurant by design – Owner Kay Agnew
  • Mozzarella Company – Owner Paula Lambert
  • Nana – Chef Anthony Bombaci
  • Nick & Sam’s Steakhouse – Chef Samir Dhurandhar
  • Ocean Prime – Chef Sonny Pache
  • Opio Restaurant at the Hilton Park Cities Hotel – Chef Billy Webb
  • The Place at Perry’s – Chef Jaime Corona
  • Sevy’s Grill – Chef Jim “Sevy” Severson
  • Sullivan’s Steakhouse – Chef Rick Goshom
  • Suze – Chef Gilbert Garza
  • TASTE of the WILD Catering at the Dallas Zoo
  • Tillman’s Roadhouse – Chef Dan Landsberg
  • Woodlands American Grill – Chef Carlos Marin

In case of rain, word has it that the party will move over to the Hilton Anatole. No, not the animals but the chefs, food and guests, silly. But cross your fingers that the skies are clear and the World Series is finally over, so the party can commence at the Dallas Zoo and without big-screen TV’s everywhere.

JUST IN: Meadows Foundation To Provide Grant for Dallas Park Foundation

Our friend Bruce Tomaso at The Dallas Morning News is reporting that the Meadows Foundation is preparing to announce a grant of $73,000 for the Dallas Park Foundation. According to the announcement,

“The grant will allow the Dallas Park Foundation to bring in a director of development this fall to pursue grants and donations for the City of Dallas Park and Recreation needs including playgrounds, trails and park upgrades in all city neighborhoods.”

That’s great news and greater thinking on the part of the Meadows Foundation. Instead of just giving money to keep pools open for a brief time, they’re helping the city have someone on board who can get more longterm funding.

Times may be tough, but the creative organizations are rising to the cause with results. Keep up the creativity!


Dallas CityDesign Studio Receives $100,000 Award From The National Endowment For The Arts

As part of the National Endowment for the Arts’ new Mayors’ Institute on City Design 25th Anniversary (MICD25), the Dallas CityDesign Studio was awarded $100,000.

A total of $3 million was given through the MICD25 to cities that focus on supporting creative spaces that contribute toward the livability of communities and help transform sites into lively, beautiful and sustainable places with arts at their core.

Created through a donation by Deedie and Rusty Rose in 2009, Dallas CityDesign has focused on connecting the the city of Dallas back to the Trinity River through various programs.

“The format of the Dallas CityDesign Studio, the programs it is implementing and the award of the $100,000 grant from this preeminent organization are an affirmation of the important work the studio is planning that will affect design in all areas of the City,” said Deedie.

Not to brag or anything, but it appears that Dallas was the only Texas city to receive this first-time award created by NEA Chairman Rocco Landesman.Want proof? Check the list of recipients: [Read more…]

Friends of The Park Group May Well Be In Your Future

It’s always great to be on the cutting edge. There are people and organizations that do nothing but search for that newest, hottest trend, organization or cause. On the horizon of hot stuff is Friends of The Park Group. It hasn’t even started and the consensus of the MySweetCharity staff is that this will be one of the hotties, like DMA’s Junior Associates and the Lee Park Junior Associates Conservancy. Translation: new way to have fun helping the community. Yahoo!

Okay, we know you’re probably thinking that The Park is nothing but a major traffic hassle right now. Get over it. The Park will eventually be a marvelous addition to Dallas’ much-needed green scene.

The membership campaign starts in September, so put it on your calendars and we’ll follow up with the how’s, when’s and how much.

The Steering Committee is headed up by Glenn Singleton and Missy Wyszynski (let’s applaud the first person who can say that one correctly) and includes Josh Ellis, Melinda Jones, Gianni R. LaBarba, Katherine Mathes, Robert Mead, David Owen and Steve White.

River Rats Get An Update On The Trinity

There’s something downright lovable about being called a River Rat in Dallas. Why? Because it’s associated with the Trinity project. Last Wednesday about 100 of ’em including Follette May (pictured right with future River Rat Monica Lake) gathered at Plaza II at Turtle Creek. Not shabby for rats, huh?

The purpose of the evening was to hear about the Trinity Strand Trail and Groundwork Dallas. Ugh! That sounds pretty highfalutin. But never fear. We have a simple translation. Groundwork is a nonprofit group that works to maintain and improve the Great Trinity Forest and surrounding areas. Boiling it down to language that even MySweetCharity can understand, the event was held to acquaint folks with all the Trinity Trail activity.

Thank heaven, Gail “Mother of the Trinity” Thomas (pictured) was on hand and said they’re getting ready to launch a corporate campaign for the trails, focusing on all the trails in the Trinity project. One 12-mile trail, for example, is planned to go from White Rock Lake south to the Trinity River Audubon Center. This trail is called the Trinity “spine trail.” Gail said that when she and her husband started sailing at White Rock Lake 40 years ago, they couldn’t imagine that anyone would run there around the lake. “Now look at it!” she said. It’s the same with these Trinity trails. “Thousands [of people] will be on them,” she said, once they’re built out.

Also present were Mike Kunter (pictured), past chairman and current board member of the Trinity Strand Trail, and Shelly White (pictured), executive director of the Trinity Strand Trail. Standing by a big map, they talked about the Strand, explaining that the 7.8-mile hike-and-bike commuter trail along the original Trinity River watercourse would eventually be a “connecting trail” from the Katy Trail to the Trinity River Project. It is slated to wind through the commercial areas just northwest of downtown Dallas and provide access to points of interest like the Southwestern Medical District, DART stops and the Design District.

Hello? Can someone provide a timeline? Yup, they shore can! While some limited work has been done, they hope to start construction on the Strand’s $5 million first phase sometime this year.

The evening of spreading the good word about the Trinity Trail was sponsored by Colliers International.

Super Bowl Activities Continue With Highway Renaming And Tree Plantings

Yesterday Alicia Landry and the boys (Roger Staubach, Bill Lively and Michael Morris) unveiled the “Tom Landry Super Bowl Highway.”  Now calm down. It’s not permanent, mind you. But until Feb. 6, Interstate-30 from Dallas to Fort Worth will have that designation. Did you know that in October 2001, it was named “Tom Landry Highway”? Interesting since the Cowboys Stadium was just a gleam in Jerry Jones‘ eye back then.

And the Super Bowl crowd will continue tomorrow checking off another item off their “must do” list. The first of 13 tree-planting projects will take place at 1601 E. Randol Mill Road in Arlington. You can expect to see the likes of Jack Groh (Director of NFL Environmental Program), Leslie Nixon (Miami Dolphins/Super Bowl XLIV Host Committee), Tony Fay (North Texas Super Bowl XLV Host Committee), Preston Pearson (former Dallas Cowboy), Mel LeBlanc (City of Arlington Council Member), Patrick Little and Betsy Orton (Texas Trees Foundation) and dozens of Pop Warner Football players. And, yes, there will be cheerleaders.

Those nice folks from the last Super Bowl in Miami are providing a gold shovel that was used in planting their final tree. South Florida is also supplying a Live Oak that is user friendly in Florida and Texas.

While you may think tree hugging and Super Bowls are a strange coupling, it’s been part of the NFL Environmental Program for the past six years resulting in more than 20,000 trees being planted in cities hosting Super Bowls.

Discover Water At Museum Of Nature & Science Saturday

Despite all the threatening clouds and the surrounding areas being drenched by rain lately, the immediate area has been pretty dry and that could be a real problem as the summer progresses.

The Museum of Nature and Science is ahead of the game. As part of its Discovery Days program, they’ll be holding “Discover Water” presented by Dr Pepper and Snapple tomorrow. Now, before you go off thinking it’s gonna boring lectures on the evils of letting the faucet drip, forget that line of thinking. The Museum staff knows how to make learning fun and intriguing. From having aquatic turtles to making clouds in a bottle, a whole day of activities are on hand from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Museum.

Suggestion: Single dads should take full advantage of this opportunity.

Bring On The Fans For The Hot Times – Cont'd.

Dallas County Health and Human Services has set up the Heat Hotline 214.819.6001 214.819.1909. This annual program installs about 5,000 air conditioning units for the elderly, disabled and families with small children. If you know someone in need, pass along the info.

Sorry about no link for the DCHHS, but their server is evidently having a plumbing problem.

Bring On The Fans For The Hot Times

The only ones celebrating the rising temperatures are the air conditioning repairmen. It’s their time of the year. Having just had lunch with a charming fellow who used me as an excuse to get out of his office while the A/C paramedics were resuscitating the company’s exhausted system, it’s time to face the reality of the season.

Yes, it’s miserable when you move from you air-conditioned vehicle to your air-conditioned office/home, but there are people without any cooling at all. You can help by checking on neighbors who might be in need of A/C. Yes, we all assume that everyone has it, but you’d be surprised how older folks especially are cutting back on costs. They also tend to keep their houses locked up for fear of break ins and are much more susceptible to heat stroke.

If you know of any organizations in need of donated fans to give to the poor, feel free to mention them in the comments.

Big Blue Beam Is Trinity Strand Trail Highlight

Photo provided by Trinity Strand Trail

While our cuzzins over at FrontBurner are trying to figure out what the big blue beam (pictured) is, we’re here to tell you that it was unveiled this morning as part of the completion of the first plaza of the Trinity Strand Trail.

The beam is 14-feet tall and represents the height of the Trinity River back in 1908 when Dallas experienced a Noah-like flood. In addition to the commemorative beam, the plaza has two free-standing kiosks with a map of the trail and history, as well as commemorative engraved bricks purchased by Friends of the Trinity Strand Trail.

Want To Get Down And Dirty?

If you want to get dirty. . .  well, not too dirty. . . then put Tree the Town on your must-do list. At 9 a.m. on this Saturday, Texas Trees Foundation and the City of Richardson will set about planting 100 trees at Duck Creek Trail in Richardson.

No, the trees aren’t as big as the one pictured, but one day they might be.

It won’t cost you a cent to participate and if you have munchkins, it’s a great way to spend a Saturday morning. This event is part of a decade-long plan by TTF and Richardson to plant 50,000 new trees.

Suggestion: Park at Dartmouth Elementary at Yale and Apollo.

Eltek Valere is sponsoring the event.

Tip of the Hat to Lee Park Conservancy's Day at the Races

Saturday afternoon Lee Park Conservancy head honcho John Williams looked around Arlington Hall and outside at the various patios and lawns leading down to Turtle Creek. Everywhere he spied gorgeous young people being utterly charming, carefree and chumming around. Lovely young women in fabulous hats and Jay Gatsby look-alikes in bow ties and natty attire were crowding the place to attend the Junior Conservancy‘s “Day at the Races” and watch a very soggy Kentucky Derby.

While the race itself didn’t take place until 5:30-ish, the party started at 2:30. Who needs a race when you have fun just watching people and the clothes. Each one had a tale.

For instance, blond relative-newlywed Natalie Metzger Lesikar (pictured) was in a hotter-than-legal pink sundress. It wasn’t hers. Nope, it belonged her “grandmother.” Well, not really her real grandmother, [Read more…]

Day at the Races is Much More Preferable to Louisville Today

The poor folks in Louisville are having to dig out their umbrellas to attend today’s Kentucky Derby. The track is a mess and the stands are going to be wet.

Ah, but you were smart enough to stay here in Dallas and watch all the festivities from the Day at the Races at Lee Park’s Arlington Hall. Sure, it’s a tad bit chilly, but just pull out that pashmina that matches your derby chapeau and you’ll be set.

While the race is scheduled to start late-ish, get to Lee Park around 3 to get a head start on the fun.