Juanita and Henry S. Miller Jr. Founders Award Luncheon and Turtle Creek Karaoke Lounge Tickets Still Available

Every type of singing is on the agenda this week. The Women’s Board of the Dallas Opera is holding its annual Juanita and Henry S. Miller Jr. Founders Award luncheon on Tuesday at Brook Hollow Golf Club with a performance from Romeo & Juliet.This year’s honorees are Sara and David Martineau.

Starting at 7 p.m. on Friday the Turtle Creek Karaoke Lounge will take place at Edison’s benefiting the Turtle Creek Recovery Center. Joining Katherine Perot Reeves and Eric Reeves as the honorary chairs are event chairs Maggie Kipp and Nancy Gopez.

A few tickets are still available for both events. Mitch Miller sing your heart out!

Former Dallas Symphony Orchestra President Doug Adams Named Exec Director Of National Repertory Orchestra

Doug Adams

Dallasites have a new bud to look up in Breckenridge, Colorado — Doug Adams. The former president of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra has been named Executive Director of the National Repertory Orchestra in Breckenridge.

But don’t think Doug won’t pop into Dallas every now and then. He still has ties to Big D thanks to his kiddos, Tyler and Taylor.

It’s Official: Bill Lively Is DSO’s New President/CEO

As reported on MySweetCharity hours ago, Bill Lively (pictured) has just been introduced to the media at the Meyerson as the new president/CEO of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.

The 67-year old Lively will  take over the reins on a part-time basis from interim president Paul Stewart in April and will officially assume full-time responsibilities in June.

Stewart will return to his role as COO of the DSO.

Dallas Symphony Orchestra Is Going To Get Lively This Morning

At 10 a.m. the Dallas Symphony Orchestra is holding a press conference at the Meyerson with DSO Chair Ron Gafford, Mayor Tom Leppert and Super Bowl XLV Host Committee Chair Roger Staubach on the agenda. The news? “A major announcement impacting the future of the Dallas Symphony and the City of Dallas.”

Word has it that Bill Lively (pictured with wife Mickey Lively), who led the charge for the AT&T Performing Arts Center and the North Texas Super Bowl XLV, will be joining the DSO. Seriously doubt he’ll be replacing Jaap.

BTW, the DSO has been missing a permanent CEO since Doug Adams‘ departure in August. One of the reasons for Doug’s leaving was higher-ups felt that more dynamic fundraising was needed for the DSO.

Stay tuned. Confirmation of Lively becoming the “music man” pending.

Casting Call For All Non-Singing Operatic Types

If you’ve ever aspired to be in an opera but have problems even humming “Happy Birthday, has The Dallas Opera got a deal for you! The Opera is holding tryouts for “men, women and children of all ages to perform non-singing, walk-on roles” for the spring season. Who knows? Perhaps you’ll land a spot as a member of nobility, a peasant, soldiers or who knows.

The casting opportunity will take place from 7 to 9 p.m. Tuesday.

Where? NOT at the Winspear. You’ll need to email Production Assistant Tai Renfrow ([email protected]) to learn the location and any additional info.

Just think how impressive it will be on your resume. . . “performed in The Dallas Opera.”

Former DSO Director Of Communications Stacie Wheelock Adams Is Now A DSO Consultant

Just as the dust had settled on the departure and going-away-parties for Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s Director of Communications Stacie Wheelock Adams from the DSO, an update arrived.

Ms. Stacie will continue “to work as a consultant in the New Year” for the DSO. Hmm, sounds like someone checked with AT&T Performing Arts Center when Maria May waved bye-bye and evolved into a  consultant.

Share-A-Date: 19th Annual Juanita And Henry S. Miller Jr. Founders Award Luncheon

Tuesday, February 22: The 19th annual Women’s Board of the Dallas Opera Juanita and Henry S. Miller Jr. Founders Award Luncheon will honor Sara and David Martineau. Luncheon Chair Kim Miller has a Romeo & Juliet theme with a romantic performance by Dallas Opera singers at the Brook Hollow Golf Club event.

‘nother Going Away Party At Dallas Symphony Orchestra

It seemed like Dallas Symphony Orchestra  VP of Development Rosemary Wilkie just cleaned out her desk at the DSO. Now comes word that Director of Communications Stacie Wheelock Adams (pictured) will be leaving on December 31st to work with The Cooking Group.

Dallas Symphony Orchestra League’s Elan Circle Announces 2011 Savor The Symphony Details

The young music lovers were found at 2011 Savor the Symphony Prelude Event for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra League‘s Elan Circle at the Rosewood Crescent last Tuesday night. The occasion was to announced the April 16, black-tie event including a five-course dinner, silent and live auctions and live entertainment at the Adolphus Hotel. Cindy and Howard Rachofsky will be honorary chairs, with Carlen Long and Natasha Hallam (pictured second from right with, from the left, Derek and Carlen Long and Andrew Hallam) serving as the event chairs.

Seating will be limited to a lucky 250.

Share-A-Date: 2011 Savor The Symphony

Saturday, April 16, 2011: The Élan Circle of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra League will present “Savor the Symphony” at the Adolphus Hotel with Co-chairs Cindy and Howard Rachofsky. Chaired by Carlen Long and Natasha Hallam, the black-tie event  will feature a five-course wine dinner, silent and live auctions and live entertainment.

Funds raised from the event contribute to the education programs offered by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra Association.

Event sponsors included

  • Presenting sponsor — Ben E. Keith Co.
  • Title sponsor — Adolphus Hotel
  • Prelude event sponsor — Rosewood Crescent
  • Media sponsor — Modern Luxury and Pink Memo

Deja Vu Evening At The Real Estate Council’s “Giving Gala”

Déjà vu moments happen. But when it’s an entire evening, then you know you’ve entered a Groundhog Day situation. That’s what happened last Thursday for The Real Estate Council‘s “Giving Gala” at the Anatole. The theme was western much to the liking of cowboys like Carl Ewert (pictured) , the sky was clear and the adorable Pint-Size Playhouses looked outstanding in the Anatole Sculpture Park amid all the rows of tables and festive decor. Why as you entered the park the first thing that caught your eye was a ferris wheel. Hmm, that must be the hot item of event planners this season. Wasn’t there a ferris wheel at Cattle Baron’s the week before? It even had that star design on it like this one. What a coincidence!

Then over there was . . . no, it couldn’t be . . . but, yup, it was a huge popcorn box with four mega-cotton candy cones just like the one at Cattle Baron’s.

Ring! There was a familiar sound. Over to the side was the ring-the-bell, just like. . . well, you know.

Strolled over to the ferris wheel (pictured) that had been so popular at Cattle Baron’s and only one couple was riding it. Asked the operator if he and his ferris wheel had been at Cattle Baron’s. His affirmative answer confirmed suspicions and reported that he had transported the big wheel down from Chicago for the Dallas events.

After a little investigation, it was learned that CBB Chair Kristi Sherrill Hoyl and TREC Gala Chair Debby Hansen are good friends and compared notes and smartly shared some of the decor. In these days when fundraising is really being challenged, creative relationships pay off.

Ah, but don’t think this cozy relationship is new to the two groups. It seems that last year a similar POA was in place until the poor Cattle Baron’s Ball was a “wash out.”

For the 900 at the TREC event, it couldn’t have been better. Well, perhaps it could have used a little lighting along the buffets. One gent in line picked up a description card beneath a steam pan to see what it contained. Alas, he couldn’t read it and chuckled that next time he was going to bring along a flashlight.

The good news was regardless of what you put on your plate, it was mighty tasty. Many guests were seen going back for seconds of the unknown dishes.

Just as folks were returning to their tables with dessert, it was time to auction off the playhouses that sold for more than the original asking price but less than Champ d’Or. Thanks to the playhouse auction and the efforts of TREC, a half million dollars was raised for its various projects.

To close down the perfect evening for the real estate professionals who have really taken a beating of late, they had Robert Earl Keen perform “under the Texas stars.”

Ruth Buzzi And Kent Perkins Have Fun Playing At The Crescent

So often patron parties can be rather proper affairs. You know. The kind that your mother would totally approve of. But then there are the occasions that without warning go off in their own direction. That’s what happened Wednesday night at the party honoring, sponsors, donors and the committee of the Dallas Children’s Theater‘s Cabaret Gala 2010.

It had all the elements of being a normal party in the Crescent’s Garden Room with Gala Chairs Marisa Huckin and Claire Pruitt (pictured right with Marisa) looking quite stylish. Marisa’s nearly backless L’agence dress (pictured on Photo Gallery) went perfectly with her Ski Teal We Drop toe polish

At one table Tracy Rowlett was hunkered down with Mayo Crum and at another there was Caroline Rose Hunt with friends. Tomas de la Mata recalled the 70’s at the Fairmont working with Pedro Prado and the late Julian Abio.when the Venetian Room was filled with the likes of Richard Harris, Marlene Dietrich, Pearl Bailey, the Smothers Brothers and many others.

The majority of the folks were at the far end of the room where the beverages were located. Why that’s just like any part in your home when people gather in the kitchen.

Then Gala Honorary Chair Ruth Buzzi and hubby Kent Perkins hijacked the crew to the other end of the rectangular-shaped room. With Kent playing the piano, Ruth with co-horts Yvonne Crum and Jill Rowlett (pictured right with, from the left, Ruth Buzzi, Yvonne Crum and Kent Perkins) started singing everything from “Memories” to “All the Gold in California.” Before you knew it, the piano was surrounded by the guests like Carmaleta Whiteley and Lee Bailey singing or trying to sing along with Ruth.

In between sing songs, Ruthie admitted that she was considering a movie in early 2011 but was still in the thinking it over stage. Right now, she’s happily living on the ranch, thought she says she’s “not a good cowgirl.” She admits that in years past she was able to stay on a horse, but “It’s better to quit while I’m ahead.”

It will be interesting to see if Ruth joins headliner Jason Graae, who will star at the October 2 gala in the Venetian Room.

JUST IN: Stephen Sondheim’s Appearance Is Off For Today Due To Illness

Stephen Sondheim has canceled his appearance today at the two Nasher Salon Series events at Booker T. Washington and at the Nasher Sculpter Center due to illness.

Nasher spokesperson Kristen Gibbins reports,

“Ticket holders may choose to hold on to their tickets for guaranteed seating at a future Salon date with Mr. Sondheim yet to be determined or have the option to receive an immediate refund by calling Click N’ Print tickets at 888.695.0888.  We are sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.”

Will keep you posted on the rescheduled date.

Bravo! Vail Valley Music Festival Brings Anne-Marie McDermott To Dallas

As long as Dallas summers have been hot, locals have sought refuge in Colorado. It had everything that Texans wanted but couldn’t find in this neck of the woods — mountains, tall timber and cool temperatures.

However, in recent summers another item appeared on the Colorado radar — the Bravo! Vail Valley Music Festival. Not only is this world-famous festival located near one of Dallasites’ favorite Colorado towns (Vail), it  also features  the Dallas Symphony Orchestra as one of its three orchestras in residence (the other two are the New York Philharmonic and The Philadelphia Orchestra).

Needless to say, the relationship between the DSO and Bravo! is cozy. Monday night it became downright adorable as a perfect storm of Vailies and Dallasites came together at Shirley and Bill McIntyre‘s incredible 10,700-square-foot home designed by San Antonio architect Tim Blonkvist. The occasion was a very small gathering of DSO patrons for a private recital by renowned pianist Anne-Marie McDermott (pictured), who will be part of the DSO’s “Beethoven’s Triumph” (Thursday, September 23 – Sunday, September 26).

Before the recital began, it was an opportunity for locals to chat with the blue ribbon ambassadors of the Bravo! including VVF Executive Director John Giovando, who seemed right at home.

Who wouldn’t?

The McIntyres not only have a magnificently built home to complement the surrounding trees and lush grounds with its charming creeks, they are also tops when it comes to hospitality. (Reminder: When Armani was in town for the Crystal Charity Ball Fashion Show a couple of years ago, it was the McIntyre home that was the scene of the patron party. How very appropriate that Shirley wore Armani Monday night.)

Then Anne-Marie was introduced by a coterie of men including John, Jaap, Bill and Alan. The very eloquent VVF Chairman of the Board of Trustees Alan Kosloff (pictured right with Judy Kosloff) told the group, “You should be very proud, because the Dallas Symphony today is a world-class orchestra.”

In flawless white, Anne-Marie’s performance of Bach’s English Suite No. 2 in A Minor, BMV 807 was equally flawless. Her fingers flew on the ivories in the McIntyres’ living room. Then she performed selections from Chopin, Schumann/Liszt and Gruenfeld. The audience of 50 was mesmerized.

But the night was not limited to the fluid skills of Ms. McDermott. There was much catching up among the musical set including Gary Cogill‘s (pictured with Shirley McIntyre) looking forward to his new career with his newly-formed company, LasCaux Films LLC, after he signs off as arts editor for WFAA on Friday, October 8.  After reviewing 10,000 films and at age 57, “I’m interested in being great and taking risks,” he said. In addition to LasCaux, he’s taking on his own personal project. It will be a documentary called “Dinners” featuring a bunch of locals doing good food and wine and conversation and music. Filmed over multiple nights, it features the likes of Dean Fearing, Nick Badovinus, actress/songbird Betty Buckley, SMU coach Junes Jones and former Dallas Cowboy Daryl Johnston.  Gary admitted that after covering the DSO’s performances at VVF, “I’ve fallen in love again with classical music. (Jaap and the orchestra) energized me.” Gary was just nominated for two regional Emmys for his WFAA special on Jaap, “The Man and The Music,” and for another interview done separately on Jaap. He also indicated that WFAA was searching for his replacement and that the focus would be on the fine arts as opposed to movies . . .Peggy Thompson came solo since husband Jere was out of town playing golf. She told Vailie Judy Kosloff that she managed to get Jere to attend a classical performance at the VVF. Then she added it was Gershwin, but she was easing her husband into the classical mode. . . Marilyn Augur looked relieved to have the Crystal Charity Ball Fashion Show behind her. While she was thrilled to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, it was all the makeup that the honorees had to wear for their presentation that was a strain. . . Jaap introduced his son Benjamin to new DSO President/CEO Paul Stewart and his sweetheart/wife/Winstead  McGuire PC attorney Melissa (pictured left with Marilyn Augur and Paul Stewart).

After Monday night, the relationship between Dallas and Vail just progressed from going steady to being downright engaging.