WAIT LIST ALERT!: August 19th Media Panel For Nonprofits



Oops! That post about groveling got a response. Within minutes of the post going up, the August 19th Media Panel was filled to capacity. But…and you just knew there would be a “but”… a waiting list has been put into place. So, if someone can’t make it due to a conflict (example: your boss wants to meet with you about that raise), they’ll be replaced by folks on the waiting list.

And if you think waiting lists never work, rethink that. Thankfully, the past waiting lists have been very successful. Why? Because signed-up guests actually notify of their being unable to attend.

PlainsCapital's Mo the Buffalo

PlainsCapital’s Mo the Buffalo

So, if you’ve signed up, congrats! Remember to get there early (preferably before 8:45 a.m.). There will be friendly people in the PlainsCapital Bank headquarters lobby to direct you to the site of the panel. It’s a very cool room that overlooks Victory. Remember to bring along your questions, whether they’re in your mind to ask or on a piece of paper for the bowl. You’re gonna be in mighty fine company. Yes, the panelists (Kristina Bowman, Ron Corning, Jane Rozelle and Jeanne Prejean) are interesting, but your fellow guests come from all walks of nonprofiting. Please consider making time before and after the panel to meet others in your industry. The collection of professionals is a wealth of experience and knowledge.

And if for any reason you can’t make it, send your regrets here. And while we’ll miss you a ton, we won’t ask for a written excuse from your boss or doctor.

On the other hand, if you haven’t signed up, don’t give up. Register for the wait list and keep those manicured fingers crossed.

BTW, we tried to get PlainsCapital’s Mo the Buffalo to make a personal appearance at the panel, but he has this thing about elevators and thought it best to take a pass.

Sold-Out Alert!: Dallas Women’s Foundation’s Leadership Forum And Award Dinner

The only thing that can compete with the smiley faces at a check presentation is news that an event has sold out! And that’s exactly what happened this morning when word arrived that the Dallas Women’s Foundation’s Leadership Forum and Awards Dinner presented by AT&T on Thursday, April 21, is sold out. Goodness, that’s more than two weeks away!

Anne-Marie Slaughter*

Anne-Marie Slaughter*

That means 900 will be on hand in the Omni’s Trinity Ballroom when the Maura Women Helping Women Awards are bestowed on Diana C. Dutton, Rabbi Nancy Kasten, Vicki Meek, Katie Pedigo and Billie Bryant Schultz. Another highlight of the evening will be Brittany K. Byrd and Lacy L. Durham Esq. receiving the Young Leader Award presented by Capital One.

In addition to celebrating the deserved accolades, guests will hear President/CEO of New America Dr. Anne-Marie Slaughter, who wrote the provocative “Why Women Still Can’t Have it All.”

But in this case you just might have it all even if you didn’t get your ticket. Event Co-Chairs Margaret Jordan and Debbie Taylor have created a wait list, so why not sign up and keep your flawless fingers crossed.

* Photo courtesy of the Dallas Women's Foundation

Wait-List Alert!: First Cause-Minded Conversation Featuring Equal Justice Advocate Bryan Stevenson

The first 2016 Cause-Minded Conversation series was barely announced before the registration line was jammed. The series is the result of Communities Foundation of Texas partnering up with the Rainwater Charitable Foundation.

Bryan Stevenson*

Bryan Stevenson*

Now, word arrives that the Thursday, February 18th “conversation featuring New York Times best-selling author Bryan Stevenson is filled to the max. But don’t make a frowny face. Luckily, Amelia Barber is taking names for the wait list.

No wonder. Bryan’s book “Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption” focuses on “both challenges in the American criminal justice system and his defense of some of the country’s most marginalized people.”

And Bryan is an authority thanks to his education (Harvard Law School and Harvard School of Government) and his founding the Equal Justice Initiative. All of that has earned awards galore and 16 honorary doctorate degrees.

But whether you were lucky enough to get a seat or not, you can still check out Bryan’s book.

* Photo courtesy of Communities Foundation of Texas

WAIT LIST ALERT!: Media Panel For Nonprofits

Oh, dear! The Dallas Women’s Foundation reports that the media panel conversation is filled to capacity. Luckily that’s why “wait lists” were created. And because the Foundation is so tip-top, they’ll be sending out RSVP confirmations on Monday. If there are cancellations, then the wait list will be waiting no more come Wednesday. On Thursday they’ll provide parking instructions. How organized they are!

Dallas Women's Foundation*

Dallas Women’s Foundation*

In the meantime, photographer Kristina Bowman is doing jumping jacks, WFAA Daybreak co-anchor Ron Corning got a new haircut, PaperCity‘s Jane Rozelle is increasing her sparkle factor and MySweetCharity’s Jeanne Prejean is watching reruns of “Designing Women.”

So, if you haven’t signed up, don’t be discouraged. The waiting list waits for you!

* Graphic provided by the Dallas Women's Foundation