If You Don’t Believe In Santa, NORAD Does

If you have munchkins, grand munchkins or still wonder if Santa really exists, then there are bona fide experts who have all the information to back old Kris Kringle. It’s the North American Aerospace Defense Command (aka NORAD) located in Colorado Springs. Starting at midnight NORAD will be monitoring Santa and his team’s travels through the world. But the NORAD Tracks Santa website is up now!

NORAD Tracks Santa*

Thanks to corporate sponsors, NORAD’s website is a holiday delight and as slick as a North Pole breeze. There are games, music, reading materials, movies and all types of activities and items.

They’ve come a long way since 1955 when a Sears Roebuck ad accidentally posted the wrong phone number for children to call Santa. Instead of Sears, the number directed the callers to (Continental Air Defense Command (CONAD) Commander-in-Chief hotline, where the late Col. Harry Shoup started the tradition of monitoring Santa’ annual trek around the world.

So, if you’re a Doubting Thomas or a Skeptical Suzy, check out NORAD Tracks Santa just for the fun of it.

* Graphic courtesy of NORAD Tracks Santa

JUST IN: 2017 Rising Stars Luncheon Scored A Touchdown Netting $336,870 For After-School All-Stars North Texas

Ben Lange (File photo)

Nancy Rogers and Gina Betts (File photo)

If you see attorney Gina Betts and America’s Auto Auction CEO Ben Lange giggling and high-fiving each other, it’s not because they just won a lawsuit or sold a lot full of cars. Nope. The two just learned the results of their After-School All-Stars North Texas’s Rising Stars Luncheon fundraiser on Wednesday, May 17, at the Dallas Country Club.

Dak Prescott and Brad Sham

It was only the second luncheon fundraiser for the group, but ASAS Advisory Board Chair Ben managed to get fundraising queen Gina to chair the event that was such a sell-out that folks were nearly sitting in laps.

In addition to the need for the ASAS program being a big draw, Gina and Ben pulled in a couple of big guns — Nancy and Richard Rogers as presenting sponsors and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott.on stage in a chat with Brad “Voice of the Dallas Cowboys” Sham.

The event was a grandstand touchdown scoring a whopping $336,870. No, that’s not the amount raised. It’s the net.

Needless to say, ASAS Executive Director Marissa Castro is thrilled because it means that middle schoolers will have “safe and structured opportunities between 3 and 6 p.m.”

STATUS REPORT: North Texas Food Bank’s Friday Empty Bowls

Sick and tired of this cold stuff? Please! It’s okay to head to Aspen and Lake Louise for snow cozying or tanning in Cabo, but that’s so ho-hum. Thank heaven, the North Texas Food Bank is holding its 16th Annual Empty Bowls at the Meyerson Friday.

It supposedly, “all-systems-Go!”

Hmm, did NTFB goddess Jan Pruitt cut some kind of deal with Mother Nature? Giggle. Jan ain’t fessing up and we ain’t gonna press her because she’s too busy cooking up loads of soup for the Empty Bowls fundraiser.

In the meantime, Jan’s had her Go-To-Talk-Fella Brett Gray report,

  • “The soup is on tomorrow! Everything is the same with one exception: because it will be chilly (mid- to high-30s according to the weather forecast),  we are moving all restaurant stations indoors.  (We originally had planned several stations outdoors at Betty Marcus Park, as we did in 2014.)
  • “Bowls will be under a big tent outdoors – for guests to take a bowl as they depart.
  • “We are really looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow – and tickets also will be available at the door.  Here is the link:  https://web.ntfb.org/emptybowls

Love the positive attitude, but let’s see what Mom Nature dumps on us overnight. Let’s hope she doesn’t do a repeat performance of today’s cold shoulder.

Thank heaven for folks like morning-TV types like Ron Corning, who must have set new records for today’s frosty coverage and helping area non-profits struggling through the snowy headaches of the day.

The really great news is that spring break is next week and everyone is headed to ski the Rocky Mountains or to tan on the beaches of St. Bart’s.

Not to worry. The MSC staff will keep you posted on the good, the bad and the OMG of the days to come.