Round Robin December 3: Crystal Charity Ball Prep Lunch, St. Michael’s Woman’s Exchange Party And KidneyTexas Check Presentation

Despite the tradition of fundraising powering down in December, that theory was hard to prove on Thursday, December 5. Crystal Charity Ball Prep Lunch With pony tails, jeans and boots, the Crystal Charity Ball leaders were prepping the Anatole for the annual mega-fundraiser for kids’ charities just two days away. Whether it was organizing the goodies for the silent auction, … [Read more...]

Round Robin November 19: Mad Hatter’s Reveal, Art Of Film Patron Party And Vine And Dine

With Thanksgiving just one week away, the evening of Thursday, November 19, seemed like a Republican debate with all types of fundraising activities vying for attention. And, boy, did they get it! The Lee Park Junior Conservancy was doing a very happy hour for the young professional crowd at Texas Ale Project on N. Riverfront. A percentage of sales was going to the group’s … [Read more...]

Round Robin November 12: Crystal Charity Underwriters And AWARE Announcement Parties, A Night Of Light And Urban Revival

Thursday, November 12 was a gangbuster of a night for Dallas fundraising. Following an earlier of day of nonprofit loving, it was hard to imagine anyone had recovered long enough to make the evening rounds, but they did just that. Crystal Charity Ball Underwriters Party The Crystal Charity Ball underwriters gathering at Sharon and Terry Worrell was such a big hit thanks … [Read more...]

Round Robin November 3: Christmas In The Park At Fair Park And Dallas Museum Of Art’s Silver Supper Announcement Parties

With Halloween hardly a sugary memory, Christmas lights were already brightening up yards on Tuesday, November 3. At Highland Park Village the boo-hoo memories of the late Tom Thumb had been put to bed and the welcome wagon was out for Royal Blue Grocery as people checked out the foodie boutique. Thank heaven! It happened just in time. Because the HPV’s Starbucks was all … [Read more...]

Round Robin October 29: 16th Annual Mission Ole And Stars And Stripes Film Festival Sponsors Party

Thursday, October 29, proved to once again return Thursday to its status as the busiest day of the week. Earlier in the day there were The Dallas Opera’s First Sight luncheon and fashion show at the Winspear and Mosaic’s 5th Annual Partners and Possibilities Luncheon at the Addison Conference and Theatre Center north of town. That was just the warm up for the evening’s … [Read more...]