Aetna Provided $338,000 To Area Groups In 2009

Did you know Aetna and the Aetna Foundation in 2009 awarded 27 community grants and sponsorships in North Texas totaling $338,000? While their primary focus was on disease prevention, obesity and health screening, they didn’t leave other needy groups out.

Out of the $24M awarded nationally by the Aetna Foundation, the following North Texas groups received grants from Aetna and its employees:

  • $75,000 to the American Heart Association;
  • $25,000 to the American Diabetes Association Inc.,
  • $25,000 to the Dallas Concilio of Hispanic Service Organizations,
  • $15,000 to the Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS (DIFFA),
  • $10,000 to the Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and
  • $5,000 to the Back to School Round-Up.

Also, receiving Aetna grants or sponsorships were [Read more…]

JUST IN: Tim McGraw Announced For XLV Countdown Live from Cowboys Stadium

Tim McGraw (pictured) announced today at that he will perform at the XLV Countdown Live From Cowboys Stadium.

It’s been a secret for months. Such hints as the performer had sold 40 million units and was a multi-Grammy winner were shared, but serious money questioned whether the committee would want another country western performer.

(Tim’s wife, C/W singer Faith Hill, opened the three-part concert series this spring at Bass Hall.)

Also on the program will be Fort Worth’s Van Cliburn and a historic tribute to the Dallas Cowboys’ 50th anniversary and a celebration of the career of newly-minted Pro Football Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith.

Unlike the two previous concerts, the Sept. 10th event will have v-e-r-y “family-friendly” seating with most seats selling for $25. Tickets go on sale June 26.

The evening is being presented by Frito-Lay. Pass the chips, please!

Chick Lit Luncheon Brings In A $144,259 Nest Egg

It’s a Friday on a short work week. How great! Let’s make it even better with some pretty fab news from Community Partners of Dallas. It seems the accounting elves have finished tallying up the results from April’s Chick Lit Luncheon with Chicago author Jen Lancaster. Thanks to the event, $144,259 was raised to provide necessities for children in the care of Dallas County Child Protective Services.

“We are extremely thankful to our presenting sponsor, Dr. Robert and Lara Tafel (pictured), as well as all of the other generous donors and volunteers who helped to make this year’s luncheon such a success,” said Paige McDaniel, Community Partners of Dallas President and CEO. “The Chick Lit Luncheon provides necessities for our community’s youngest victims of abuse. With the support from our favorite ‘chicks,’ Dallas children now have the critical resources they need to experience hope and healing.”

In addition to the generous Tafels, the following sponsors also deserve a “well done”: [Read more…]

TREC's FightNight 22 Adds $725,000 To Multi-Million $$ Efforts

The Real Estate Council evidently had a knockout of a FightNight 22 (pictured) on May 6 at the Anatole. They brought in a whopping $725,000 thanks to the 1,000 guests. This night’s take translates into TREC’s having raised more than $19 million since it started FightNight back in 1989.

No, the money does not go to buying foreclosed highrises. It will benefit “distressed neighborhoods by enhancing the quality of life and stimulating economic development in the region.”

Sponsors who helped TREC achieve their

  • Super Heavyweight Sponsors — Archon Group, Goldman Sachs and Republic Title
  • Casino Sponsor — Matthews Southwest
  • Prize Fight Sponsors — Architel, Behringer Harvard, Deloitte., Granite, KPMG, Regions and Thackeray Partners
  • Platinum Sponsors were Crow Holdings, Metlife, NorthMarq Capital, LLC and Rosewood Property Company
  • Media Sponsors included Bisnow and The Dallas Morning News.

We're So Proud Of You

Congratulations, Dallas. In the most recent ranking of charitable cities by Charity Navigator, Dallas is #3. Yes, we know, we know. Houston is #2. But when you consider the recessionary environment, you have to be so proud that you’re part of a community that has dug a little deeper than the rest to help others.

Did you know the last time the survey was conducted we weren’t even in the top five a year ago? Go ahead. No one’s looking. Go ahead and smile. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Now let’s see if we can’t nudge Houston out of that #2 spot next year.

Retired Staubach Is Busier Than Ever

Since joining LaSalle Lang Jones Jones Lang LaSalle as Executive Chairman of Americas and moving into his new digs in the Preston Hollow area, Roger Staubach has become the energizer bunny rabbit of community involvement. Besides spearheading such projects as the North Texas Super Bowl, he’s been a very hands-on force for the recent Children’s Cancer Fund fashion show and AWARE luncheon.

Now it’s just been announced that he’ll be serving as the 2010 Start! Heart Walk Dallas honorary chairman with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas President J. Darren Rodgers serving as the 2010 Start! Heart Walk Dallas Chairman. The walk will take place September 11 at Victory benefiting the American Heart Association.

Attention, Nonprofits: Opportunity For $$$ And Services

Let’s all be calm. Yes, The Real Estate Council Foundation (TRECF) has money and services that it wants to give away to nonprofits. It’s all a part of its 2011 Community Initiatives program.

TREC President Michelle Corson said, “Throughout our 20-year history, we have provided numerous philanthropic causes in excess of $75 million dollars of pro bono professional services supported by more than $8 million dollars.  We are seeking projects from agencies that complement our mission and can utilize our members’ professional expertise to increase our positive impact on the community.”

It’s all the more amazing when you realize how tough things have been for those in real estate.

But, as you suspect there is a catch. No, you don’t have to enroll in their Facebook Fan Page nor pick up cans on the side of the road. So, what do you have to do? Follow the jump, read the criteria and please apply, if you can fit the requirements. The deadline for pre-applications is Tuesday, June 1, so hop to it.

[Read more…]

Don't You Think It's About Time To Show A Little Appreciation?

This post is simply to say “Thank you.”

If you haven’t suspected, the MySweetCharity community is limited to only you and a few others. At this point, we are not available to search engines and all those grown-up techie programs. We’re just learning how to crawl on our own before we face the Googles of the world. While we apologize for our simple graphics and slow postings, we are also trying to keep our day job while nurturing MySweetCharity.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on how we can improve MySweetCharity. Since this blog belongs to all who are trying to make a difference for good in our community, please share its existence with others who might want to join our chat.

Thank you for your patience and support. Both are truly appreciated.

White Rock Marathon Moves Start/Finish to Fair Park

If you participate in the annual MetroPCS White Rock Marathon, start thinking Fair Park. According to running diva Debbie Fetterman at the Dallas Morning News, one of the area’s biggest run (est. 20,000 runners) will move its start/finish from Victory Park to Fair Park on Dec. 5.

By doing this change, organizers will have more time to set up and participants will have more parking and easier access to starting areas.

The course will have to be adjusted, but we doubt the Dolly Partons will be MIA.

Benefiting Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, the marathon’s registration opens June 1.

UPDATE: Theo Is Being Rescued

Let’s start the week off on an upbeat note — you can check Theo (pictured) off today’s kill list at the Dallas Animal Shelter!

Jonnie England just notified MySweetCharity that Theo, the last of 55 animals on today’s kill list, is being rescued today by Heart2Heart.

Thanks to individuals and rescue groups, not only were these animals saved from destruction, but the Dallas Animal Shelter staff didn’t have to take on a task that they dread — killing animals.

But you know that there will be a new list posted with a new bunch of critters, so don’t rest on your laurels too long.

Just In: Vogel Alcove's Barbara Landix Is Stepping Down

It was just announced that after 12 years as executive director for Vogel Alcove, Barbara Landix is leaving the position on May 14. An interim executive director will be selected and serve, while the board of directors conducts a national search.

Dallas White Rock Marathon Adds To Its Number of Directors

The White Rock Marathon is just eight months away and to help the huge event kept up with its growth, the board of directors has expanded its number. Looks like former Mayor Laura Miller will be working with former Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle again.

The new members, who will serve two-year terms are: [Read more…]

Dallas Opera new General Director has a Household of Musicians

It appears that the Dallas Opera’s new general director, Keith Cerny, is going to be calling the Park Cities home. Following yesterday’s press conference at the Winspear, eldest son Mathew was asked where he was going to go to school. He answered, “A high school in University Park.”

In addition to Mathew, Keith is bringing college sweetheart/wife Jennifer and their three other sons (pictured from the left, William, Nicholas, Michael, and Mathew with Jennifer).

HP band/orchestra be forewarned. These guys play more instruments than the Dallas Symphony.