A Sale To Howl About This Saturday and Sunday

Sweet Cherry T

The cute pooch to the left is the MySweetCharity mascot. Her name is Sweet Cherry T.

Pretty darn cute. Looks like one of those designer breeds that cost as much as a couture blouse and has better pedigree that the British royals.


Cherry was found at the Dallas Animal Shelter when she was six months old.

Oh, but you’ve heard tales about “those pound dogs.” They have problems.

Wrong again! Gee, that’s not like you.

Despite being picked up on the streets of Dallas, Cherry was perfectly housebroken, elected Miss Congeniality her first day at MSC and has never had a sick day in her life.

There are lots of “Sweet Cherries” at the DAS just waiting for adoption and, quite honestly, the DAS would like to move them on to their forever homes. For this reason, the DAS is having a Howl-O-Ween special. This Saturday and Sunday all pet adoptions will be $30. No, you read that right. Not $300. . . $30.

And it gets better. Not only is this an amazing bargain, it includes vaccinations, spay/neuter, microchipping and more! 

Tonight’s Event Planners Are Breathing A Sigh Of Relieft

Game 6 of the World Series has been canceled due to inclement weather in St. Louis. So, no need for flatscreens at events tonight. 

Alas, tomorrow night is possibly going to be another story. TV’s may be in high demand.

St. Valentine’s Day Luncheon Plans Announced Despite Co-Chair Checkout

Angela Nash

St. Valentine’s Day Luncheon Co-chair Angela Nash was not feeling great Wednesday night, so she begged to leave the announcement party at Korshak before the evening’s news broke. That’s why there are co-chairs, don’t you know?

But before Co-chairs Bunny Cotten and Kristina Whitcomb handed out the good news, the group of loyal Valentine lovers had more to do than sip wine. Ellen Terry  checked in

Kristina Whitcomb

with Korshak makeup wunder- kind Audrey Elliott. Sorry, no photos of the artist at work.

Ellen also looked positively giddy about some upcoming news. Holly Davis was celebrating her 28th birthday for the second, third or fourth time.

Bunny Cotten

But the evening was going to be a short one with the World Series getting ready to start, so Bunny and Kristina revealed

• The luncheon will indeed be on Tuesday, February 14, at the Hilton Anatole.

• Former Dallas Maverick Ray Johnston, who is a leukemia survivor and has gone on to a second career as a musician, will receive The Heart of Gold Award at the luncheon.

• The Spirit of Tom Landry Award will go to two youngsters this year: Dalton Douglas, 12, and Kenedy Kundysek, 12, both students at Trinity Christian Academy.

You may be wondering why two kiddos were selected this year. Wait til you learn about their amazing accomplishments. What, you can’t wait til February? OK, here goes:

Dalton and Kristen Douglas

Dalton Douglas has shown courage in helping his younger brother (Austin) fight leukemia. He shows courage and dignity in being strong when Austin needs support. He is selfless in doing whatever is needed when his brother is in the hospital.

Integrity in Dalton is shown by his ever consistent ability to stay up to date on Austin’s meds, treatment, school needs, and safety needs. His values are strong in his school performance, gifted classes, sports, friendships, and family. Dalton wants to help other siblings feel more supported and special – as they are heroes too. So Dalton has started his own support group and fundraising group called: Dalton’s Sib Support ! He has designed wristbands to sell to raise money in order to do special things for the sib heroes of the cancer fight! He wants the sibs to have a website to talk with each other- someone in your area whom understands monthly get-togethers, fun events, etc…!! All are in the beginning stages- but he is determined to help.

Kenedy Kundysek has shown strength and compassion well beyond her age. She is committed to beating her cancer and also committed to helping others beat theirs. Kenedy is a fighter and through her charitable acts has willed others to fight also. The following are some of the generous acts of compassion Kenedy has accomplished/participated in:

• Cooked several times at the Ronald McDonald house through National Charity League (Kenedy loves to cook!)

• Unselfishly for her birthday she requested movies for Children’s hospital and collected over 200 movies for the oncology floor.

• She encourages several kids via caring bridge that have cancer.

• She has collected books for the oncology floor

• Has taken food to the oncology floor several times for the nurses.

• On Christmas afternoon, she asked to take gifts to the nurses of the 5th floor…

• Had a “liquid sunshine team” for the Red Balloon race and is currently working on a “Mission 2 Remission” team for the current Red Balloon Race.

• Currently has done 30 plus hours of community service through National Charity League since finishing chemotherapy in November 2010

Last Call For November’s MySweetCharity Ad Spots


The auction ends Tuesday at 6 p.m. (CST), so get your offers in for MySweetCharity spaces in November.

If you’re new to the game, just check out our “Advertising” page.

Don’t be shy. Just send your bid to [email protected]

2012 Virginia Chandler Dykes Leadership Award To Be Presented To Myrna Schlegel And Kimberly Schlegel Whitman

Miller-Rich living room

Jan Miller’s and Jeff Rich‘s palace was the location Wednesday for the announcement by Texas Woman’s University of its Thursday, February 16th Virginia Chandler Dykes Leadership Award. It was hard to guess who was going to be named with all the heavy-hitters gathered.

Virginia Chandler Dykes and Tincy Miller

Tincy Miller, who was honored with the award in 2004, had to slip out before the official announcement. Seems husband Vance was having his birthday party with his company at Prestonwood Country Club. It was also a Halloween party. What was Vance’s costume? The Pilgrim’s Pride apron that the late Bo Pilgrim once gave him.

Hostess Jan and sub-host Schumacher mentioned the Third Biannual Best Buddies Dallas Gala that she and Jeff were hosting at the Fairmont’s Venetian Room on Friday, November 4.


Plans call for Babyface to entertain and special guests including Bebe Winans and Anthony Shriver.

Caroline Whitman, Kimberly Schlegel Whitman, Myrna Schlegel, Jan Miller

Ah, but you want to know who will be receiving the Dykes Award. None other than that mother-daughter team of Myrna Schlegel and her daughter Kimberly Schlegel Whitman! On hand for the announcement was Kimberly’s French mom-in-law Caroline Whitman.

Dr. Ann Stuart

“Texas Woman’s University is so pleased to honor two such dynamic individuals, businesswomen and community leaders,” said TWU Chancellor and President Dr. Ann Stuart. “This outstanding duo is known for their numerous leadership roles and ongoing support of nonprofit organizations and charitable causes, ensuring their continued excellence for years to come.”

If you would like to see just a smidgen of Myrna’s and Kimberly’s numerous accomplishments, following the jump! [Read more…]

Share-A-Date: KERA’s 50th Anniversary Celebration

Big Bird and the late Ralph Rogers

Tuesday, November 29, 2011: Was it really 50 years ago that KERA went on air pioneering the type of programming that’s the mainstay of today’s Discovery Channel, History Channel and so many others?

It was indeed a time when black-and-white TV was being replaced by its colorful cousin with the help of such shows as  “Bonanza.” It was a time when Eddie Barker at KRLD-CH. 4 was at the main face in local television news. It was a time before Dallas would be in the world spotlight for the death of a president.

But the late Ralph Rogers, who was the PBS Board of Governors’ first chairman, and a young Bob Wilson, who became KERA’s first chief exec, felt television could be more than a source of entertainment. It could provide intelligent programming for all ages.

To celebrate its 50 years of bringing that vision into reality, Event Chair Melissa Fetter and Honorary Chair Ruth Altshuler have arranged for an evening of cocktails, a seated dinner and “an exciting multimedia presentation showcasing the station’s history with appearances by Jim Lehrer, Cokie Roberts and Scott Simon.” It will take place at the Dee and Charles Wyly Theatre with Bob Ray Sanders and Krys Boyd serving as co-hosts.

Only regret? Wish Ralph were still here to enjoy his 50-year-old baby.

Uh, Oh — Change Of Plans For Attitudes & Attire

Remember back in September, MySweetCharity “Shared-A-Date” for the 15th annual Attitudes & Attire fashions how and luncheon with Elements on the catwalk and Sarah Losinger receiving the Kim Dawson Award on Friday, February 24?

Get the White-Out out and wipe out that event on that date. The organizers just sent word that the new date is Friday, March 2, 2012, (aka Texas Independence Day).


A Question Of Dirty Ethics

Just wanted to go down on the record about MySweetCharity’s policy regarding embargoes. If we agree to honor such a request, we will live by that agreement. However, if another groups breaks the embargo, all bets are off.

Want  an example? Well, let’s just pretend your company was holding a company meeting on Monday at 9 a.m. to announce a major consolidation of two of its divisions. A couple of media types found out through sources that it was going to happen. Both were told that there was an embargo on the release of the news until the employees had been fully briefed. After that, it was an open field.

Ah, but one desperate Internet type decided that s/he was not bound by such rules or ethics and broke the story Sunday. When reached about the situation, a spokesperson for the company was dumbfounded that s/he had betrayed the embargo.

With the embargo broken, other entities proceeded to release the information on much more powerful and far-reaching websites giving the errant “s/he” no credit.

S/he will boast of breaking the story, but instead s/he damaged the company’s efforts to notify the employees first, in private, for no other reason than her/his own glory.

MySweetCharity Photo Gallery Alert: Cattle Baron’s Ball

The photos from last Saturday’s Cattle Baron’s Ball just got posted on MySweetCharity’s Photo Gallery. Bet you’ve never seen a photo of Kent Rathbun like the one with Jim and Amy Severson.

Joanne Herring Will Be Taking Lunches With Kappa Alpha Thetas And Women That Soar

Back in the 1980’s Houston was brimming with headline-making blondes — Lynn Sakowitz Wyatt, Carolyn Farb, Joan Schnitzer and Joanne Herring. They lived over-the-top lives raising mega-funds, while being above the fold of Women’s Wear. The only one of the four who would have her own talk show, be a major player in the outcome of a military conflict and be portrayed by Julia Roberts in “Charlie Wilson’s War” was Joanne.

Next week the 82-year-old will be vying with Clint Black* for the “Out-of-Town Celebrity in Residence” in Dallas for October when she makes two speaking engagements to promote her just-released book, Diplomacy and Diamonds: My Wars from the Ballroom to the Battlefield and to help local groups raise money.

  • Wednesday, October 26, at Brook Hollow Golf Club: The alumae of Kappa Alpha Thetas’ second “Heart to Heart Luncheon” benefiting CASA and the Theta scholarships will be chaired by Susan Russell and Susie Barnett. Please, oh, please do not think that the event is Theta sisterhood only. Heavens, no! Yes, Joanne is a Theta, but the luncheon is open to Kappa’s, Pi Phi’s, GDI’s and even men!
  • Friday, October 28, at the Aldredge House (5500 Swiss Avenue): The Fourth Annual Steel Magnolias will not only have Joanne on the bill as the keynote speaker, it will announce the 2011 “Women That Soar Award” nominees including Carol Channing* (“Life Time

    Yvonne Crum

    Achievement”), Yvonne Crum (“Community Civic Award”), Joanne Herring (“Humanitarian Award”) and Diane E. Watson (“International Leadership Award.”

Funds raised from the luncheon will benefit Joanne’s Marshall Plan Charities for Afghanistan Inc., and the Joppa Women’s Entrepreneur Project.

BTW, if you hope to see Carol Channing at the luncheon, rethink it. She won’t be able to attend.

Tickets are available by calling 214.363.9366.

 *  In October Clint will have appeared at The Real Estate Council’s Giving Gala, Cattle Baron’s Ball and the St. Paul Foundation’s Legends 2011 to name a few.

Share-A-Date: Real Girls Real Women Awards Luncheon

Friday, November 18: The seventh annual Real Girls Real Women Luncheon will officially kick off the Girls Scouts’ 100th anniversary in a very big way. Luncheon Chair Gina Betts and Honorary Chairs Sara Sands and Laurie Sands Harrison have organized a really big occasion to start the anniversary rolling.

First of all, tennis great/fashion designer Venus Williams will be the keynote speaker.

Caroline Rose Hunt

In addition, the luncheon will honor some of Dallas’s great women and girls including

  • Caroline Rose Hunt — Lifetime Achievement
  • Lynn McBee — Real Woman
  • Regina Montoya — Real Woman
  • Andrea Noelle Emery — Real Girl
  • Marisa Salatino — Real Girl

Add up the ingredients: 100th anniversary kick off + Venus Williams + Really Great Local Women and Girls = Sell Out Event!

Share-A-Date: Dallas Public Library Dinner

Friday, November 4, 2011: It must be the hope for a chill in the air and the possibility of pinon wood burning that has folks thinking about settling back for the evening with a good book. For many the loss of Borders was unthinkable and rather devastating. But there are other bookstores and you can even seek refuge online.

That’s you. However, there are people who cannot afford a computer or even a book because of living on tight incomes. You scoff? It’s painfully true. Where do they turn? Where do researchers turn for hands-on documents? The Dallas Public Library system. Too often it’s taken for granted and, like many other city-operated departments, has take a major hit in the budget.

That’s why the Friends of the Dallas Public Library’s annual dinner at the Ritz-Carlton is more important than ever.

Oh, you’re thinking it’s going to be stuffy types that like nothing more than the Dewey Decimal system. Wrong! Oh, so wrong!

Now you want proof. All right. This year’s headliner is a local fellow who went to Hillcrest High School, scored 1600 on his SATs, moved on to Yale and then Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar.

You’re still thinking blue-haired type. The guest-of-honor will be Greg Pak, the son of Jane and Charlie Pak, who has become a film director and comic book writer of the “Incredible Hulk” stories. You can place money on the fact that his talk is not going to be about the finer points of English literature of the 17 century.

Oh, did we mention that he’ll be interviewed by Dallas Observer‘s Big Bob Wilonsky?

The Friends could also use the support. One of them reported, “This has been a dreadful year with the City.  Two years ago we had $4M for materials and this year we are at $2.2M .  In the meantime, nothing got cheaper!  The Friends’ sole existence is to support the Library so we need an extra boost.”

For more information, call Kate at 214.671.8317.

The 10th Anniversary Of “A Celebration Of Reading” Is Upon Us

Cooler weather is on our doorstep. Tomorrow at this time Dallas will be in the 60’s! Along with the lower temperatures comes one of the favorite traditions of the season — Barbara Bush‘s “A Celebration of Reading.”

Amanda and George P. Bush

The November 7th event at the Meyerson will be the tenth anniversary of the event that benefits area literacy efforts through The Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy. While it may have started in Houston, where Barbara and George H.W. Bush live, the Dallas/Fort Worth event has become the program’s “second home” with another Bush First Family in residence and cuties Amanda and George P. Bush personally taking charge locally.

It’s a wonderful evening in which the authors give insight behind their work and then the entire group of authors and guests adjourn for a light supper in the Meyerson lobby. No, a light supper doesn’t mean tofu and bean sprouts, but it’s not a lumberjack special. It’s just right, so you don’t go home feeling stuffed to the gills.

Another highpoint is the presentation by someone within the North Texas community who has benefited from a local literacy program. Each year it amazes the audience to learn how precious the ability to read is and how it is truly a life-changing experience.

Confirmed authors for this year’s evening of reading and eating are David Feherty (“Power of Positive Idiocy”), Gayle Tzemach Lemmon (“The Dressmaker of Khair Khana”), Ben Mezrich (“Sex on the Moon”),  Wes Moore (“The Other West Moore”) and Helen Simonson (“Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand”).

If you haven’t gotten your tickets, get going.

Just In: Larry “J.R.” Hagman Probable No Show For Cattle Baron’s Ball Due To Cancer Diagnosis

Larry Hagman (File photo)

TV Guide just reported that”Dallas” legend Larry “J.R.” Hagman has been diagnosed with cancer.

Ironically, Larry was to attend Saturday night’s Cattle Baron’s Ball, one of the country’s biggest fundraising events for the American Cancer Society. A well-placed-source tells MySweetCharity that due to the recent developments, Larry will not be at the CBB.

Now, let’s end this post with some good news:

  1. Larry’s doctors report that the cancer is “highly treatable” and he’s already starting treatments.
  2. Larry will indeed be part of the production starting next week on the new “Dallas” series.
  3. Other members of the “Dallas” cast will be at CBB.
  4. More reason to raise a heck of a lot of money Saturday night.

Just In: Dallas Film Society President/CEO Tanya Foster Is Resigning

Tanya Foster

It’s been learned that Dallas Film Society President/CEO Tanya Foster is resigning.

The official announcement will be made next week that the DFS is immediately undertaking a search for Tanya’s replacement. Hmm, qualifications — be brilliant, beautiful and beyond charming?

Before Tanya cleans out her desk, she’ll be part of that search team including Dallas Film Society Chairman of the Board Lynn McBee.

During her two-year tenure, Tanya supervised the DFS’s having Robert Duvall at Art of the Film in 2010, and served as executive director for a memorable Dallas International Film Festival hosting Dennis Quaid, Jerry Jeff Walker, Peter Fonda, Ann-Margret and other dazzling stars this past spring.

Oh, yes. Of course, you want to know why she’s resigning. How about one husband and four kiddos? If you’ve ever raised munchkins, you know that it’s imperative to be available at their beck and call once they hit the teenage years. Looks like Ms. Tanya has her priorities nicely in place.


Dallas Women’s Foundation To Honor Dr. Catalina Garcia And Dodee Frost Crockett With First Lady As Honorary Chair

The Dallas Women’s Foundation has just announced the women of note for its annual luncheon “Global Women’s Voices” on Monday, October 24, at the Hilton Anatole.

Dr. Catalina Garcia

In addition to the foundation’s annual Power of the Purse Philanthropist Award being presented to Dr. Catalina E. Garcia, a new award, Power of the Purse

Dodee Frost Crockett

Wealth Advisor Award, will be presented to Dodee Frost Crockett.

With the lunch’s focus on the crusade for women’s rights in the Middle East, former first lady Laura Bush will serve at the luncheon’s honorary chair. As you probably know, Laura has been highly involved in advocating for “the plight of women and children suffering under the Taliban.”

As mentioned earlier, Mavis Leno will be the keynote speaker for the luncheon.

Following the jump is the full press release. If you would like to be impressed by women of accomplishment, you might want to give it a look and get a ticket.

Photos provided by the Dallas Women's Foundation

[Read more…]

Just-Between-Us: Dallas Film Society’s “Art Of The Film’s” Honoree Revealed

Last year’s Dallas Film Society’s “Art of the Film” was an instant sell-out headlined by the legendary Robert Duvall. Just weeks before he had appeared at the Nasher Salon Series, but the Dallas Film Society’s film critic Elvis Mitchell brought out new angles in his interview with “Bobby.” 

How would they top that? Well, after brainstorming, they did it. They went for an actor who’s flirted with the Academy Awards twice (“Terms of Endearment” and “The World According to Garp”), had a major relationship with television (“Third Rock From the Sun”) and knocked two Tony’s (“Sweet Smell of Success” and “The Changing Room”) out of the ballpark. This Harvard graduate’s presence in Dallas has been sketchy if ever, but his credential are impeccable.

Oh, you’re wondering who he is? You can either follow the jump or wait until the Dallas Film Society makes the official announcement.

John Lithgow

[Read more…]

Mad Hatters’s “The Art Of Nature” Is Off And Running With Escada, Tre Wilcox And Nancy Rogers’ Cristal

The Art of Nature logo

Haberdashers, start your engines! The April 12 Mad Hatters 2012 theme was announced Monday at Escada. Benefiting the Dallas Arboretum, the Women’s Council’s luncheon/fashion show co-chairs Barbara Daseke and Carmaleta Whiteley were bound and determined to try to find a theme that would capture the imagination of the ladies who don hats and the people who make the chapeaus. Without hesitation, they found the answer — The Art of Nature!

Sharon Ballew

Why, they were so prepared they even had Lynn Townsend Dealey present the logo for the event to the crowd including Women’s Council  President Sharon Ballew, Jocelyn White, Lee Bailey and Carol Seay.

Jocelyn White

In making the announcement, they stressed that the creations will not be limited to floral decor but anything that Mother Nature grows in her garden of Earth. Perhaps a wide-brim of strawberries encircled with white roses and topped off with blueberries?

Barbara Daseke, Tre Wilcox, Carmaleta Whiteley

Speaking of food, Escada’s next-door neighbor Terrific Tre Wilcox dropped by to see how his appetizers were doing. He hardly had a chance to check, they were being gobbled up so fast.

Also moving quickly were the Escada items. Poor Escada Store Director Melinda Rathke was trying to be a good hostess, while helping her staff ring up merchandise.

But even before the ladies started pouring in the store, Melinda had set the pace by having Avant Garden’s Mindy Geron create The Art of Nature sculpture in the window. Why, Mindy even provided greenery bracelets for the co-chairs.

Kenneth Craighead

Barbara and Carmaleta were on a roll and told the group that the judges would come from the world of art. The first two to be revealed were former Dallas Museum of Art’s Bonnie Pittman and Kenneth Craighead of Craighead Green Art Gallery, with more judges TBA.

But the theme and judges turned out not to be the only high-ranking news of the night.

Nancy Rogers

The announcement of the honorary chair for the Arboretum was made–none other than Nancy Rogers. Barbara described the blond dazzler as “beautiful, sweet and genuine.

She has a true heart and has given so much from the heart to our causes in Dallas.”

Then Carmaleta shared a secret with the capacity crowd — Nancy had underwritten the champagne for the evening. Don’t you know everything goes better with Cristal?

Nancy Rogers toes

When someone commented on Nancy’s Chanel blue nail polish matching her diamond-and-sapphire earrings and necklace, she wrinkled her nose and admitted that it was to help camouflage her black and blue feet. Seems that her Aspen boyfriend (her gorgeous black gelding) and her Ariat riding boots have given her tootsies a fit.

Still another question put to the honorary chair–Who’s designing your hat for the luncheon and fashion show? After all, the girl is one of the “best dressed”? As wanna-knows leaned in for the answer, she hesitated and implied that the jury was still out. But with that mischievous look in her eye, there’s no doubt that her “art of nature” production will be a masterpiece.

Sold-Out Alert: Nasher Salon Featuring Kristin Chenoweth

If you were hoping to see uber-petite Kristin Chenoweth at the Tuesday, November 15th Nasher Salon, you’re oh-so out of luck. It sold out in a day.

Why, oh, why, does this news surprise anyone?

2012 TACA Silver Cup Recipients Announced And They Are . . .

The 2012 TACA Silver Cup recipients were announced Wednesday night at Jennifer and John Eagles’ art-laden home.

Sarah Perot, Frank Risch and Caroline Rose Hunt

Drum roll — Caroline Rose Hunt and Frank Risch.

They will receive their awards at the Hilton Anatole on Friday, February 24.

Last year’s Silver Cup recipient Sarah Perot was wonder woman of the night, though. Somehow the tall, blonde beauty managed to be at the Eagles’ nest in Preston Hollow for the announcement, and then she made it across town for Methodist Health Care Foundation’s Robert S. Folsom Leadership Award dinner at the Hilton  Anatole honoring Trevor Rees-Jones. As usual, Sarah arrived looking perfect and taking her place at a front row table just before the ceremony began with Karl Rove as emcee. 

Photo provided by TACA

Share-A-Date: Dallas Habitat For Humanity’s 25th Anniversary Dinner

Thursday, November 3: It’s hard to imagine all the good that has taken place thanks to Habitat for Humanity. For more 25 years, Dallas HfH has helped 850 low-income families through homeownership “resulting in an investment of approximately $95 million in more than 20 neighborhoods” in Dallas County.

If that’s not a great reason to celebrate, then put your head down on the desk and rethink your understanding of great deeds.

For those who appreciate the reason to whoop and holler, you’ll get your opportunity at the Fairmont for the “Unlock the Dream” dinner. Honorary chairs Suzanne and David Holl join event co-chairs Gina and Ken Betts and Paula and Bay Miltenberger in orchestrating quite a night of cocktails, dinner, raffle and, of course, remarks.

George Foreman

But wait! Guess who the featured speaker is. Hint #1: He’s an Olympic Gold Medalist. Hint #2: He’s a two-time Heavyweight Champion. Hint #3: His five sons are named George. Hint #4: His electric grill is legendary.

Just knew that last hint would give it away. Yes, George Foreman will be the keynote speaker and KLUV morning drive host Jody Dean will be refereeing. . . uh, rather, emceeing.

BTW, one of the items being raffled off is a pair of limited edition boxing gloves signed by George.

Photo provided by Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity

Texas Rangers Success Translates Into Addition To Fundraisers’ Checklist

The Texas Rangers making their way to the American League Championship Series is creating some adjustments for event planners with evening fundraisers in the next couple of weeks.

Depending upon the Rangers’ progress, large screen televisions are being added to the “Need To Get List.”

The Women’s Museum Is Closing

Christina Rosales at The Dallas Morning News is reporting that the Women’s Museum at Fair Park is closing. It will remain open through the State Fair and until October 31, but then no more.

While it is always sad to see an effort for education and progress end, it may also be a sign that society is veering away from he-said, she-said way of thinking ala Shana AlexanderJames Kirkpatrick. Perhaps it is the fact that people have moved on to greater levels of equality and understanding.

When it opened 11 years ago, Cathy Bonner, who had been a part of the late Texas Gov. Ann Richards‘s posse, was a driving force. She is now president of Service King Collision Repair Centers.

Let’s salute the people who had a noble cause and created the Women’s Museum.

Share-A-Date: 2012 Bishop’s Gala With Martin Short

Saturday, January 21: Comedian/actor Martin Short will headline the 14th Annual Bishop’s Gala’s “Regardless of Faith” at the Hilton Anatole benefiting Catholic Charities of Dallas.

In addition to Short, a raffle will be held for a trip for four to Dallas Bishop Kevin Farrell‘s homeland of Ireland for the 2012 Emerald Isle Classic Notre Dame/Navy Football game at Aviva Stadium on September 1, 2102, and a two-night stay for four in Dublin. Also in the package is a seven-night stay for four in a private three-bedroom, two-bath penthouse in Kinsdale, Ireland. Adding icing to the cake is a $1,200 Visa gift card and a $500 voucher for car rental. Roundtrip coach airfare to Ireland for four is included.