MySweetMusic For Christmas 2017 – Part 5

Christmas Day is winding down. Tomorrow is a day of returns, sales and recovery.

To help you get back to the reality of post-Christmas Day life, here is some music plus a fireplace that you won’t have to stoke up.

MySweetMusic For Christmas 2017 – Part 4

If you’re just getting up, then you don’t have a couple of youngsters who have been up for hours. Regardless, here’s a great way to start Christmas Day — Dean and Old Blue Eyes singing some Yuletide tunes.

MySweetMusic For Christmas 2017 – Part 3

Let us be the second or third to wish you a Merry Christmas! May you be safe, healthy and happy on this day.

Now, open your gift(s), feast with family and friends and relax. To help provide some background sounds, here are some old favorites from Bing, Elvis and Johnny to keep you company.

MySweetMusic For Christmas 2017 – Part 2

Christmas Eve activities are underway. Dinners are being finished up. Dishes are being washed. Little ones are being put to bed. Cookies and milk are out for Santa. Last minute gifts are being wrapped.

Here are some tunes to ease back and prepare for the day ahead.

MySweetMusic For Christmas 2017 – Part 1

What better way to kick off Christmas Eve then with Plácido Domingo, José Carreras and the late Luciano Pavarotti? So, turn up the sound and watch the video of the Three Tenors’ Christmas concert at Konzerthaus in Vienna with conductor Steven Mercurio.

MySweetMusic For Christmas – Part 6

You’re winding down from the food and festivities. But the Christmas aftermath is starting to sink in. There are those thank you notes and those … ugh, returns for the right size.

But give yourself a break. The dirty dishes and demolished gift wrap can wait. You deserve to settle back, turn off the TV, close your eyes and enjoy the music of the season that inspires people to pass-it-forward.

BTW, MSC elf twins Cherry T. and Jerry T. are heading for their trundle beds after 30 hours of DJ-ing. Not to worry. Queenie made sure that their stockings hanging from the MSC mantle are filled with all types of goodies.

We hope that your Christmas was filled with blessings and the knowledge that you’re so very important to the entire MSC community.

MySweetMusic For Christmas 2016 – Part 5

Let’s envision this scene. If you have munchkins anywhere in the house, then you’re up with a cup of coffee watching a destruction derby taking place around a pristine Christmas tree. Gift wrap is being torn apart like a truck pull at AT&T Stadium. But it’s worth it.

Now, there is a full day of activities including food, food and more food.

But let’s have a reality check. As you settle back on the couch, are you  wondering how you could have eating all “that stuff”? Or, perhaps you’re in the kitchen, drafting “volunteers” to help do KP duties? Surely, you’re not already writing thank you notes!

Regardless, it’s a dreary day with gray clouds and rain outside. Still, you’re inside safe and sound. Here’s some music to enjoy your state of being.

MySweetMusic For Christmas 2016 – Part 4

Chances are that you just returned from midnight services. Or perhaps, you just were way late in the gift wrapping duties. Regardless, you’ll be hearing drips of rain on the roof as well as the patter of reindeer. Makes sense. Rain and reindeer on the roof.

But really, should you be up so late? If so, MySweetCharity twin elves Cherry T. and Jerry T. have provided the background music for you to chill.

MySweetMusic For Christmas 2016 – Part 3

The clock just struck midnight and Christmas Day has begun. If you’re still up, you might want to turn off your fireplace. We just heard from Claus Headquarters that Santa cellphoned in saying that his boots got singed as he shimmied down one fireplace that was aglow.

Oh, and don’t forget to leave out the cookies and milk for Kris Kringle. He needs a sugar high, don’t you know?

Here we go

MySweetMusic For Christmas 2016 – Part 2

Most of the retailers have closed their doors and last-minute shoppers are hoping to find a 7-11 or an all-night gas station to get a gift. For the more tech-savvy types, gift cards are the perfect answer.

Now, it’s time to giftwrap, sip cocoa and listen to some more Yuletide tunes.


MySweetMusic For Christmas 2016 – Part 1

Tis Christmas Eve. Some are attending midnight services; some are having a Christmas Eve get-together; some are picking up someone at the airport and others are madly wrapping last-minute gifts.

Not to worry. Santa is making his way to North Texas with his bag of gifts. The old boy has been on a diet, so squeezing down the chimneys might not be the challenge it was in the past.

Before the MySweetCharity elves took off for their annual holiday with their North Pole cousins, elf twins Cherry T. and Jerry T. put together a collection of holiday tunes for your listening pleasure.

This first one has some old favorites from Dean, Gene, Burl, Johnny, Julie, Andy and, of course, Elvis … you know Elvis was an elf.

MySweetMusic For Christmas 2015 – Part 6

It’s time to close down the day of Christmas. To ease into the state of mind of sleep, here are some tunes that just might help heads hit pillows.

May all your dreams become reality in the year to come.

MySweetMusic For Christmas 2015 – Part 5

It’s not been a typical winter day. In fact it’s been darn right warmish. But that doesn’t matter. The day of gifts and feasting is starting to slow down. So settle back for some quiet time with music and memories of Christmas 2015.

MySweetMusic For Christmas 2015 – Part 4

If there are young ones in the household, then gift wrap has been torn from packages and hoped-for and surprises have been discovered.

On the other hand, if it’s an adult-only home, then sleeping in has been underway. Whatever the arrangements, here is some music to help you through the day of “peace on earth, goodwill” to all.


MySweetMusic For Christmas 2015 – Part 3

It’s official in North Texas. It’s Christmas Day. Allow us to be the first to wish you a very safe and happy day of sharing with others.

If you’re up still waiting to have a cup of java with Santa, here’s some music to keep you company.

MySweetMusic For Christmas 2015 – Part 2

An inquiry came into MySweetCharity headquarters if Tinkerbell would be partying with the MSC elves over the holidays. Sorry to report that after taking a survey of her finest looking friends, Tink opted to go in for a two-fer “refreshing” — a wing lift and fairy dust injections.

Back to the music of the season, here you go!

MySweetMusic For December 25, 2014 – Part 7

It’s time to settle down to dinner, start putting the gift wrap in the trash, head for a movie, rehab from shopping overload and perhaps just snooze on the couch.

MySweetMusic For December 25, 2014 – Part 6

Now you’re trying to get ready for a feast, so let’s keep the music going. The first one starts off with Dino!

MySweetMusic For December 25, 2014 – Part 5

Now that Santa and the reindeer have headed back to the North Pole for a mega post-delivery feast with Mother Claus and the worn-out elves, it’s time to start the Christmas Day festivities. You just anyone under the age of 10 are probably wide awake, so let’s have some music to get things going within the household.

MySweetMusic For December 25, 2014 – Part 3

The gifts are wrapped and you’re probably trying to grab a couple winking, blinking and nods. But just in case you’re still up, here’s some cool music to keep you company before the thundering herds interrupt your laid-back time.

MySweetMusic For December 25, 2014 – Part 1

Whatever your religious affiliation, this presentation by the Mormon Tabernacle choir spans the universe of mankind’s talents. May you have a blessed day and may all celebrate the goodness that lives within men, women and all living creatures.

Editorial note: Religion is not limited to one group or another. It’s not a country club. It is hope, a desire and a goal that (wo)mankind can overcome its limitations to aspire for a greatness. Through kindness, understanding and generosity, we can take steps to accomplish that greatness.

What do you say we go for it and establish an example for others to follow?