JUST IN: It’s Their Time’s Leslie Crozier Presents A $100,000 Check For Dr. Roger Rosenberg’s Research In Fighting Alzheimer’s

Anyone who knows Leslie Crozier knows that she’s a human dynamo. Whether it’s entering a room filled with strangers or taking on a cause, she’s a supernova. And that’s exactly how she tackled her personal vendetta against Alzheimer’s. Within 116 days, she created a foundation — It’s Their Time — and held a sold-out event on Tuesday, May 23, at the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek to raise awareness and fundraising.

Steve Crozier, Roger Rosenberg, Leslie Ann Crozier, Greg Fitz and Carol Hall*

It paid off. After all the checks had cleared the bank and the bills had been paid, she presented a check for $100,000 to UT Southwestern Medical School Dean Dr. Greg Fitz and world-renowned Dr. Roger Rosenberg to support Roger’s research in developing a DNA vaccine which “is on a shortlist of promising antibody treatments” that may prevent or cure Alzheimer’s.

* Photo provided by It's Their Time

Last Call To See The 19th Annual Young Masters Exhibition At The Dallas Museum Of Art

Sometimes “putting off” isn’t such a bad thing. An example of that is visiting the 19th Annual Young Masters Exhibition at the Dallas Museum of Art during its final days. This year’s exhibition ends this Sunday. Yup, that’s Easter Sunday. The good news is that a lot of folks and kids have Friday off, so they can check out the 65 original pieces of art that won the hearts of a panel of art and music professionals.

17 Young Masters graphic works*

Displayed along the Concourse, the exhibition includes 54 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional works of art created by AP Studio Art students, five essays analyzing works of art in the DMA’s permanent collections by AP Art History students, and six 4-minute original compositions by AP Music Theory students.

Tiffany Sims of Grapevine High School*

Ryan Irwin of Lovejoy High School**

These were the so-called pick of the litter of 896 works submitted by 10 Dallas-area high schools (Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, Colleyville Heritage High School, Coppell High School, Creekview High School, Grapevine High School, Lovejoy High School, Plano East Senior High School, Plano Senior High School, Plano West Senior High School, and Richardson High School) participating in the O’Donnell Foundation’s AP Arts Incentive Program.

Adhithi Baskar of Coppell High School**

Daniel Che, Kevin Bai and Gahwon Lee of Plano West High School**

According to Program Founder Edith O’Donnell, “The Young Masters Exhibition recognizes outstanding intellectual and creative expression in students participating in our AP Arts Incentive Program.  In its nineteenth year, the students’ work featured in the exhibition continues to inspire. The talented students who participate in our program and complete rigorous AP arts and music coursework build essential skills to ensure their success in the 21st century global economy, including stimulating innovation, cultivating critical thinking and developing a greater understanding of diverse cultures. I continue to be very proud of their accomplishments.”


Lyle Kradolfer, Carol Kradolfer, Edith and Peter O’Donnell and Ruth Mutch**

But wait! Here’s an idea. The DMA will be open Sunday, which is also the ultimate, very last day of the display. So, after hunting down those Easter eggs, going to church services, munching at brunch or whatever, why not check out the “young masters’” artwork.

And while you’re there, see the “Mexico 1900-1950: Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, Jose Clemente Orzco and the Avant-Garde.” Thanks to The M.O.B Family Foundation, admission to the exhibition will be free. But it’s available on a first-come, first served basis. FYI: The DMA opens at 11 a.m.

* Photo credit provided by AP Strategies 
** Photo credit: Steve Foxall

LAST CALL: Dallas CASA’s 2016 Parade Of Playhouses Raffle And Voting Ends Sunday

2016 Parade of Playhouses (File photo)

2016 Parade of Playhouses (File photo)

Those adorable little residences that have been lining NorthPark Center’s hallways have evidently been a big, old hit. In just two weeks folks have purchased more than 10,000 raffle tickets in hope of winning one of the Parade of Playhouses for their own. Thanks to Dallas CASA volunteers including Kappa Alpha Theta types, more than 2,000 hours have been invested in the raffle sales that will benefit Dallas CASA.

Insiders report that sales are ahead of last year and 2015 was a record maker.

And as for the voting, there’s been a bit of debating on which one will win. So far, pollsters claim that the Kid Cottage by LRO Residential, African Safari Adventure by Harman and Crest CASA Garage by Crest Cadillac/Crest Infiniti were in the lead.

Kid Cottage

Kid Cottage (File photo)

African Safari Adventure (File photo)

African Safari Adventure (File photo)

Crest Casa Garage (File photo)

Crest Casa Garage (File photo)

But that could easily change, since voting doesn’t end until Sunday, when the raffle winners will be revealed in NorthPark’s North Court at 4 p.m. BTW, if you’re thinking about doing an online-ticket purchase, get it in before noon on Sunday.

As for the popularity contest, the voting results will be announced via social media and the Dallas CASA website.

Chance tickets are going for $5 each and a bargain-saving $20 for five. Voting is accomplished by texting dallascasa to 41444 with each vote costing $5 and are “not included” in the raffle drawing.

Last Call (Sorta): MySweetCharity December Ad Auction

2011 Crystal Charity Ball snow village (File photo)

Wouldn’t you just know that the holidays have played havoc with the MySweetCharity Ad Auction? Not only does the final day of the December ad auction fall on a Sunday, it’s a three-day. . . okay, it’s a four-day holiday period.

Since there aren’t enough elves to have a quorum, an executive decision was made by the MSC accountant to accept bids until Tuesday November 27.

December is going to be a fun month with loads of glitter and glad tidings thanks to Tutu Chic, National Philanthropy Day Luncheon and the Crystal Charity Ball. Then there will be news regarding plans for 2013 from groups like Mad Hatters, Chic Lit and so many others.

Of course, the elves will be hitting the holiday circuit to pick up newsy tidbits for stocking stuffers.

Who knows what other surprises will be on hand for December? So, go ahead and bid for an ad spot on MySweetCharity. And, yes, holiday greetings and thank-you ads are welcome especially this time of year.

If you would like to submit a bid for an ad space in December, send your offer to [email protected] by Tuesday, November 27, at 6 p.m., and we’ll let you know if you won!

LAST CALL: MySweetCharity Ad Auction For June


It’s Memorial Day weekend countdown! But before you take off for an extended three-day weekend, don’t forget the MySweetCharity ad auction ends Friday at 6 p.m.

What? You thought that because the summer evacuation was getting underway that Dallas would be “Dullas”? Heavens, no. Fundraising never stops. Why, in June alone there’s Jonathan’s Place with Wes Moore, the embarrassingly fun Top Hat & Tails and Go Red for Women, just to name a few.

And, of course, while many are away, others are hard at work plotting and putting pieces together for fall fundraising. With all that behind-the-scenes activities, news is still breaking.

Tip: For those who are eager to sell out their fall events, the MSC ad auction is a perfect way to promote your event. We even link to your online reservations and sponsorships!

Just email [email protected] with your bid for the spot you want and keep your fingers crossed.

MySweetCharity Last Call For April Ad Auction


Sorry to be late with this reminder, but March is going out like a lion! So what is in store for April? How about Heroes and Handbags underwriters party? Mad Hatters? Dallas International Film Festival? Appetite for Advocacy luncheon? Crystal Charity’s announcement party? Chick Lit lunch? Celebrity Waiter dinner? Genesis luncheon? The Art Ball? Stiletto Strut? The Nexus lunch? The Salvation Army fashion show and lunch? And that’s just to name a very few.

So, get your bids in for advertising on April’s MySweetCharity by 6 p.m. Monday. Don’t know how? It’s easy. This link  will explain how to do it.

BTW, if you have a favorite charity or person that you want to acknowledge, this is a perfect way to say, “Thank you.”

MySweetCharity Last Call For February Ad Auction


What a month February is going to be. TACA Silver Cup, St. Valentine’s Day Fashion Show/Luncheon, Karaoke Lounge, Junior League Ball,The Billiard Ball and Movers Shaker and Difference Makers just to mention a scintilla.

If you want to be a part of the February scene on MSC, check out our Ad Auction Page, make a bid on an ad space. It’s simple and fun. Pick out the spot you want, email a bid to [email protected] and keep your fingers crossed. But you’ve got to get your bid in by 6 p.m. on Wednesday, January 25.

If you win, use the space to promote your company or the nonprofit of your choice. . . and trust us. . . the nonprofits would truly appreciate your promoting them!

Thanks once again for being a part of the MSC community. Because of the people and groups that financially support MSC, we’re able to provide coverage of the nonprofit goings-on.

Last Call To Choo-Choo For Ronald McDonald House Of Dallas At NorthPark

Trains at NorthPark

What are you doing at the computer? Instead head over for the last day of training at NorthPark. After today the little locomotives, 1,600 feet of track and the out-of-this-world sets will be a part of 2011 history.

The Trains at NorthPark extravaganza is presented by Bank of Texas to raise funds for the Ronald McDonald House of Dallas. You can’t miss it between Barneys New York and Nordstrom on the upper level at NP.

The doors open for the final time at noon and then it’s all over at 6 p.m.

MySweetCharity’s Last Call For January Ad Auction


Usually the MySweetCharity ad auction ends on the 25th of the month. But it’s an easy bet that nobody is going to be working on this month’s 25th. In fact it’s probable that most offices will be downscaled until January 2nd. . . or 3rd. For this reason, and the fact that the MySweetCharity elves are threatening to hang out with Santa’s elves, the January ad auction will close Friday, December 23, at 6 p.m.

BTW, MySweetCharity wouldn’t be here without some very, very good people including

  • Volunteers, who give hours, days and years out of their lives to make Dallas special. This city has an international reputation and it’s because of people who did far more than punch a time clock. Whether it’s a dad coaching a little league team or a Crystal Charity Ball chair, they’re all investing in their community with priceless energy and dedication.
  • MSC advertisers, who have generously supported the scribblings and fuzzy photos. Each month they take a chance that MySweetCharity will not go rabid and take out Bambi or the Easter bunny. In addition to financial support, their vote of confidence has been appreciated far more than they realize.
  • Nonprofits, that are on the front line in the daily battle to raise funds for extremely worthy causes. Often mistaken for “just charities,” they are articulate, brilliant and caring professionals, whose successes benefit the entire community.
  • Commenters, who have provided thoughtful input stretching emotional and mental muscles on a variety of subjects. They have also kept the MSC staff on its toes. 
  • PR people, who have been horribly abused by MSC to provide information and photos in warp speed. Daily they juggle their clients’ requests and MSC’s requirements with a smile and tranquilizers.
  • Event photographers, who patiently have provided tips and “batteries,” when MSC’s Brownie Hawkeye faltered. Without hesitation, they have allowed MSC to follow in their tracks and offered suggestions like, “Sometimes you get better results if you use a flash in a dark setting,” or, “I find that taking the lens cover off helps.”
  • Vendors, who make the events possible and somehow manage to make each one just a bit different. Bravo to the ones who take a chance and do something out of the box. Sometimes it works. . . sometimes not, but without your efforts, ours would be a dull world.
  • The MSC elf with the pen, who takes notes at events. He has grown through the years and now is fearless in confronting subjects, “Who designed your dress?”, “Are those Jimmy Choos?” and “Is your jewelry yours or on loan?” Without him, MSC would be a very dull, “small potatoes” blog.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re closing down MSC headquarters for the evening to attend the MSC Elves Hearty Party. Attire is flannel footed pajamas. On the menu will be hot chocolate, rocky road candy, moon pies and smores. It will be a night of true sugar highs.




Last Call For November’s MySweetCharity Ad Spots


The auction ends Tuesday at 6 p.m. (CST), so get your offers in for MySweetCharity spaces in November.

If you’re new to the game, just check out our “Advertising” page.

Don’t be shy. Just send your bid to [email protected]

Early Last Call: MySweetCharity’s October Ad Auction Closes Monday


Boy, did we catch grief last month! Seems some folks felt MySweetCharity didn’t put the shout-out for “Last Call” early enough.We apologize profusely, but in our defense we know you want news about the community and not reminders about our “housekeeping matters.”

So, this month because the 25th falls on a Sunday, we’re not only shouting today, we’re extending the deadline for bids until Monday, September 26, at 6 p.m.

Just email your bid and which space you’re bidding for to [email protected] .

BTW, if you’re new to the MSC world, you can learn about our monthly ad auction here!

Last Call: MySweetCharity’s September Ad Auction Closes Thursday


The MySweetCharity ad auction for September ends this Thursday, August 25, at 6 p.m. Get your bids in for one of the busiest months of the year — Crystal Charity Ball Fashion Show, Dallas Symphony Orchestra AT&T Gala, Kevin Bacon at the Nasher Salon Series, TACA Custom Auction Gala, Celebrity Waiters’ Luncheon and a slew of other activities and news.

For information on the ad spaces available for bid and the process, check the MySweetCharity Advertising page.

August turned out to be much busier than planned thanks to so many organizations that put shout-outs for volunteers.

Thank you for continuing to be a part of our neighborhood. Because of you, we’re able to provide news about activities and people who make a difference for the good of Dallas.

Send your bid or news to [email protected]

Last Call: MySweetCharity’s August Ad Auction Closes Monday


It’s that time of the month when the MySweetCharity ad auction ends. If you would like to have an ad on MySweetCharity in August, you’ll need to get your bid in by Monday, July 25, at 6 p.m. (CST).

It’s simple, easy and fun. You simply place your bid by emailing it to [email protected] If you’re outbid, you’ll be notified at once and allowed the opportunity to up the ante.

If your bid wins, you’ll be notified immediately. Then you’ll just need to send the JPEG graphic to MySweetCharity by  July 31 for posting in August.

The following spots are up for grabs in August:

  • BANNER AD — Banner ad across the top of MySweetCharity
  • BADGE AD #1 — Top badge ad on the right side
  • TOWER AD #1 — Top tower ad on the right side
  • BADGE AD #2 — Lower badge ad on the right side
  • BADGE AD #3 — Bottom badge ad on the right side
  • TOWER AD #2 — Lower tower ad on the right side

Because of the response to July’s “Last-Thank-You-Note,” the MSC elves have been working on another series for August.

As always, thank you for being part of the MSC neighborhood. It’s a much better place because of you.

Last Call: MySweetCharity’s July Ad Auction Closes Saturday

Before you head out the door for the weekend, you probably want to check your July plans. If you want to join in the MySweetCharity ad auction, it ends this Saturday, June 25, at 6 p.m. (CST). Oldtimers know the auction allows any person or group to have a chance. Last month ads went for all types of amounts. But remember you can be outbid. We’ll let you know if that happens, so you can up the ante or pout.

The following spots are up for grabs in July:

  • BANNER AD — Banner ad across the top of MySweetCharity
  • BADGE AD #1 — Top badge ad on the right side
  • TOWER AD #1 — Top tower ad on the right side
  • BADGE AD #2 — Lower badge ad on the right side
  • BADGE AD #3 — Bottom badge ad on the right side
  • TOWER AD #2 — Lower tower ad on the right side

The MySweetCharity research elf discovered an amazing fact that startled the entire team. While folks are in-and-out-of-town for the summer, they’re checking in with MySweetCharity for local news. Boy, did that little factoid make a bunch of heads swell up.

Oh, did we mention that a new project will be underway in July? No, no new web designs or hairstyles. It’s a  little like Make-Believe-Benefactors from December. Stay tuned and thank you for being part of MySweetCharity’s community.

Just email your bids to [email protected]