49th Annual Family Night At Six Flags Over Texas Raises Funds And Fun For Children’s Medical Center Letting Early Birds Save Some Money

What’s better than a bargain? A bargain and a night at Six Flags! That’s exactly what’s available until Friday, April 7, thanks to the Children’s Women’s Auxiliary’s 49th Family Night at Six Flags Over Texas.

Tweety Bird, Joanna Clark, Sylvester, Sally Dutter and Bugs Bunny*

How about some questions?

  • What kind of bargain? The tickets at the gate will be $74.99 plus tax on the night of the event. If tickets are purchased online or at DFW-area Tom Thumbs beforehand, they’re only $40! Yup! That’s a $30 discount.
  • What do you have to do to get the discount? No need to give your social security number or your firstborn. If you decide to purchase via online, just go here.
  • Are there any freebies? Yes, but you have to be two years old and younger.
  • Are sponsorships available? You need ask. Want proof? Here!
  • So, have fun, raise funds and save yourself some fivers.
* Photo provided by Children's Medical Center Foundation

The Perfect Fix For St. Patrick’s Day Weekend’s Need For Green

Dallas Arboretum tulips

It’s St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Instead of flying off to Ireland to kiss the Blarney Stone or hitting the pubs for a tankard of Guinness Extra Stout, why not surround yourself in picture-perfect green?

It can be found at the Dallas Arboretum with acres of  magnificent green grounds being highlighted by 500,000 blossoms.

And if you’re set on kissing something, the Arboretum has plenty of tulips. Wink, wink.

A Gentle Reminder: Spring An Hour Forward This Weekend

Clock confusion

Spring break gets underway this weekend, but so does that infamous Daylight Savings Time start.

So, after you finish partying on Greenville and before you tuck yourself in for bed Saturday night, turn your clocks ahead an hour. If you don’t, you’re gonna be arriving at church as everyone else is heading to brunch.

BTW, you’ll get that hour back on Sunday, November 5.

A Gentle Reminder: Greenville Avenue’s St. Patrick’s Day Run/Walk, Parade And Festival To Take Place This Saturday

2017 Dallas St. Patrick’s Parade and Festival map**

While St. Patrick’s Day is still a week away, the Dallas St. Patrick’s Day Parade And Festival will take place this Saturday along Greenville Avenue benefiting the Greenville Avenue Area Business Association.

2017 St. Paddy’s Day Dash Down Greenville 5K*

But before the parade kicks off at 11 a.m., the 22nd Annual St. Paddy’s Day Dash Down Greenville will start at 8 a.m. Organizers are predicting 5,000 participants will run/walk the 5K down “the St. Patrick’s Day parade route, tree-lined Southwestern Blvd., Skillman and University Blvd.,” benefiting the North Texas Food Bank.

Hopefully, all the runners/walkers will be across the finish line before the parade’s floats hit the avenue.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival (File photo)

Now, some suggestions:

  • Barriers and other preparations for the run and parade will start showing up Friday afternoon. So, it might be wise to run those errands today and early tomorrow. Be forewarned: Some stores like Office Depot along Greenville might be closed Saturday during the parade.
  • Weather guessers are claiming that Saturday morning may be damp-ish, so if you’re gonna be among the 100,000+ spectators, you might want to bring along a slicker or umbrella.
  • Take DART to the Greenville station because parking is going to be painfully limited.
  • If you decide to linger into the afternoon and night enjoying the adult libations, reconsider driving yourself home. No matter how responsible you may think you are, you’ll be much more so by having Uber or another professional service drive you home.
*Graphic courtesy of Dallas St. Patrick's Day Parade and Festival 
** Graphic courtesy of St. Paddy's Day Dash Down Greenville 5k

A Gentle Reminder: Get Your Mailing And Banking Done Before Monday’s Presidents Day Holiday

If you were planning on doing some banking on Monday, rethink it because it’s a bank holiday thanks to President’s Day. But if you were expecting bills, you can rest easy because there ain’t gonna be any mail delivery either.

History lesson: President’s Day was originally held on February 22 to celebrate George Washington’s birthday. It was started in 1800 following Washington’s death in 1799. It wasn’t until the late 1870’s when it was declared an official federal holiday. But then in the late 1960s Congress got busy and created the Uniform Monday Holiday Act that “sought to shift the celebration of several federal holidays from specific dates to a series of predetermined Mondays. The proposed change was seen by many as a novel way to create more three-day weekends for the nation’s workers, and it was believed that ensuring holidays always fell on the same weekday would reduce employee absenteeism.”

For some folks, the three-day holiday has become a 3½-day holiday, since some folks took off for a very long lunch.

Barack Obama, Barbara and George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush (File photo)

If you see a U.S. President, give ‘em a kiss for the day off.

Be Forewarned: 2017 New Year’s Day Holiday Will Continue Through Monday For Many

New Year’s Day(s) 2017

Happy newest year of your life! And because January 1, 2017, falls on a Sunday, there will be a lot of businesses and government offices that will be observing the holiday on Monday as well. Here is a brief rundown of some of the closures:

  • Banks
  • City of Dallas departments
  • Dallas County departments
  • Most public and private schools
  • SMU
  • U.S. Federal offices
  • U.S. Post Office

BTW, while other public schools will resume classes on Tuesday, January 3, Dallas Independent School District will continue celebrating the holidays through Friday, January 6.

Happily, most retailers will be wide open for business, as well as movie theaters.

The Passing Of Too Many Took Place in 2016

While 2016 may be remembered for many things like a national election, Dallas being cast in the national spotlight due to a July tragedy and countless acts of philanthropy, it will also be one in which we lost too many people whose lives served as inspiration.

Before celebrating the year to come, let us remember and honor just some of those who have left us:

Paige Anderson (File photo)

Betty Blake (File photo)

Jo Guerin (File photo)

Bill Booziotis (File photo)

  • Paige Anderson
  • Betty Blake
  • Bill Booziotis
  • Antoinette Brown
  • Sis Carr
  • Dallas Police (Lorne Ahrens, Michael Krol, Michael Smith, Brent Thompson and Patrick Zamarripa)
  • Jo Guerin

Joe Laird (File photo)

Rusty Rose (File photo)

Karen Settle (File photo)

Karol Wilson (File photo)

  • Joe Laird
  • Roy Orr
  • Rusty Rose
  • Mickey Rosmarin
  • Karen Settle
  • George Underwood Jr.
  • Karol Wilson

Starting Sunday Dallas Arboretum’s Rory Meyer Children’s Adventure Garden To Take Time Off To Prepare For Spring Festivities

Rory Meyers Children’s Adventure Garden (File photo)

Not only is 2016 closing down Saturday, the Dallas Arboretum’s Rory Meyers Children’s Adventure Garden is going on hiatus until Friday, February 24.

Dallas Blooms (File photo)

During this time period, the staffers will be providing “winter maintenance” and getting it prepared for the spring festivities including Dallas Blooms: Flower Power that starts Saturday, February 25, with 500,000 blooming flowers.

Thanksgiving Holiday Breaks Are Taking Place All Week For Area Schools

As if anyone needs to tell you, it’s Thanksgiving week when turkeys hide for cover and shoppers warm up for Black Friday sales.

But it’s also a topsy-turvy scheduling of schools. Some are starting their Thanksgiving break today. Others are holding out until Wednesday. Check out the MySweetCharity Calendar for which school zones will have the flashing lights and which aren’t.

And speaking of the MSC Calendar, start getting those 2017 dates on the schedule. It’s easy and it’s free, unless you want some bells and whistles. Just fill out this form and hit the “submit” button. Not only will you let the world know that your event has locked down that date, but you’ll give the MSC Calendar elves something to do. Their stubby, little fingers need a work out!

Seasonal Dip In Temperatures Approaches

Some folks have been complaining about temperatures hitting the upper 80s this month. After all, it is November and it just seems downright unnatural to wear shorts when you have a herd of woollies in your closet bleating to come out.

February 2015

February 2015 (File photo)

Well, pack up the shorts and pull out the cashmeres because today the temps are going to be dipping like a debutante on stage. Word has it that Saturday night, it just might hit the upper 30s. But this first cold front of the season ain’t going to be anything like the freezers of 2011 or 2015. Still, why not prepare now for what probably lies ahead in the weeks to come?

For oldtimers, you know the drill. For newcomers, here are some suggestions:

Snow covers neighborhoods (File photo)

February 2011 (File photo)

  • Bundle up with gloves, caps and jackets, if you’re going to catch a Friday night lights game.
  • Remember to take care of the three P’s — pets, plants and plumbing. It’s not going to freeze, but why not prepare those pipes now?
  • Put a blanket and some water in your car. Who knows? If you get stuck, you just might want a gulp of water and a wrapper until you get a tow.
  • Have your HVAC checked. It’s been a while since you turned on the heating element.
  • Check on your senior buds and physically challenged folks. Cold weather seems to hit them harder than you hardy types. See if their windows and doors are sealed to keep out the cold. And while you’re at it check yours, too.
  • It’s not too late to have a chimney sweep check your fireplace. You might also want them to clean your clothes dryer, too. After all, you don’t want the holiday glow to be your home going up in smoke.
  • Stock up on all those comfort foods. Homes just seem to handle the chill when hot chocolate is served or brownies are in the oven.
  • Remember those old blankets that you replaced with brand new ones? Why not donate the older ones to Goodwill or Dallas Animal Services?
  • Stock up on batteries, candles and matches.
  • Get a book and a couple of board games and/or jigsaw puzzles. If you lose electricity, you’ll find high tech goes down the drain and these old-timers can come in handy to handle the boredom.
  • Buy a toy. No, it has absolutely nothing to do with staving off the cold, but you just know you’re going to want to donate to a toy drive, so why not buy something now!

A Gentle Reminder: It’s Time To Get Shot Up

It’s getting pretty late to get that necessary injection if you’re going to make it through the holiday party season. No, not that Botox treatment. Rather it’s your flu shot. After all it takes a couple of weeks to settle in to fight off that nasty, sneezy, headachy stuff. And you just know that you’ll want to be prepared for all the hugging and air kissing that’s in your future.

So, toddle to you fav doctor or pharmacy and get the needle. And, no, you probably won’t get a lollipop, but then you probably won’t be getting the flu either.

Suggestions For A Safe Howl-oween

With Halloween approaching, parents know the drill about checking candy and keeping a watchful eye on little costumed folks not making the rounds alone.

Trick-or-treaters (File photo)

Trick-or-treaters (File photo)

But precautions also extend to pet owners. For instance, candy and pooches don’t mix well. Chocolate may be dandy for humans, but it can be lethal for dogs.

Pooch (File photo)

Pooch (File photo)

The SPCA of Texas has provided the following reminders on how to take care of critters on the night of goblins and ghouls.

  • Keep pets away from live flame decorations like candles and jack-o-lanterns, and restrict your pet’s access to hanging decorations such as streamers. Pets are curious and can become tangled or even choke if they chew on the decorations.
  • Pets may be terrified by tiny gremlins carrying big, orange, pumpkins full of sugar… wouldn’t you? If you have a protective dog that might feel threatened by strangers, keep him/her away from the door when trick-or-treaters arrive. Keep pets in a familiar place with lots of toys and soothing music to distract them from the doorbell.
  • Don’t let the family dog accompany the kids on their trick-or-treat outing. Although bringing your pooch may seem like a fun family outing, your pet would likely feel much safer and more comfortable in his or her own home away from all the Halloween festivities.
  • Make sure your pet’s Halloween costume includes a collar and identification tags, so you can be contacted if he or she does slip away during all the Halloween commotion. In addition to identification tags, ensure your pet is microchipped and the information is current, too.
  • And of course, if the thought of more homeless, unwanted dogs and cats scares you like it does the SPCA of Texas, you can help us spay and neuter more pets by donating today.
Black cat (File photo)

Black cat (File photo)

While in the past some shelter have not adopted out black cats around Halloween, SPCA’s Maura Davies reports, “We are not suspending the adoption of black cats until after Halloween or at any time during the year. We do not have any reason to believe that black cats adopted from us are at risk of being cruelly treated if adopted around Halloween or any time. Tragically, animals of all species, breeds and coat colors can become victims of animal cruelty or abuse any day of the year. Our Animal Cruelty Investigations Unit is here for those animals.

“We stand behind our wonderful staff who facilitate each adoption and our regular adoption counseling processes that ensure that all of our pets are adopted into loving homes. Further, we contact all of our adopters to follow up and offer any needed support after the adoption takes place.”

A Gentle Reminder: 2016 Komen Dallas Race For The Cure Starts Setting Up For Saturday’s Fundraiser At NorthPark

Komen Dallas Race for the Cure route map*

Komen Dallas Race for the Cure route map*

If you haven’t made it over to NorthPark for your turquoise jewelry, suede outfit and killer boots for Saturday’s Cattle Baron’s Ball at Gilley’s, you might want to hustle big time. Preparations are starting to get underway at NorthPark for the Komen Dallas Race for the Cure that is taking place all around the NorthPark area Saturday morning.

Translation: If your Saturday morning is getting a cinnamon bagel and a cup of java at Panera’s or popping into Barnes and Noble to browse the shelves, you may want to sleep in. Or better yet, you just might want to be part of the thousands raising funds to battle breast cancer. The goal is to provide $1.3M and as of 9:30 a.m., they’re nearly halfway there.

BTW, if you just want to stay at home Saturday morning, why not check out the Cattle Baron’s  auction online? There are literally hundreds of trips, fashions, services and all types of goodies and you won’t even have to get out of your pj’s to bid.

* Graphic courtesy of Komen Dallas Race for the Cure

A Gentle Reminder: Monday Is Columbus Day

Just in case it slipped by you, Monday is Columbus Day. It’s a tricky holiday. Yes, it means no mail. But there are some banking institutions and schools that be will be open for business. So, before you set out on a trek to talk with your banker or drop the kiddos off to school, make sure they’re not shuttered.

Dallas Zoo

Dallas Zoo

And if you do have the day off, why not check out the State Fair, the Dallas Zoo and loads of area museums and parks?

While you’re thinking of special days, remember that Yom Kippur and Ashura begin at sundown on Tuesday.

Downtown Dallas Is Gonna Be A Major Traffic Jam… Uh, Party Room On October 21 And 22

If you thought Dallas would be ground zero for revelries on the night of Friday, October 7, with Longhorns and Sooners partying and DIFFA’s Burgers and Burgundy taking place on the Ron Kirk Bridge, think again.

It’s just gonna be a warmup for Friday, October 21, and Saturday, October 22. On those two days, downtown Dallas has all the looks of being a slam-bang theater of activity.

So, what’s the big hoo-ha?

  • Klyde Warren Park (File photo)

    Klyde Warren Park (File photo)

    To start things off, the Klyde Warren Park’s biggy fundraiser Park and Palate will be having food, fun and music from 7:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Friday and from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday.

  • Across the road at the AT&T Performing Arts Center, freebie Prelude: A Preview of Aurora 2017s will feature “10 massive art installations of light, video and sound from around the world” on the AT&T Performing Arts Center campus from 8 til midnight. Plus there will be music in the Annette Strauss Square with the doors opening at 6:30. Suggestion: However, if you’ve got some ca-ching and want a sneak preview, come to the AT&T PAC fundraiser —Prelude Lights — the night before. It will include “an extraordinary evening of interactive art in varied mediums of light and sound, culinary delights, live entertainment by Neon Indian and much more.” The original $250+ ticket levels has had a $75 level offered. What a deal! Plus you won’t have to face the logjam of traffic on Friday and Saturday.
  • Over at the Omni Dallas Hotel the St. Jude’s crowd will be holding the 2016 St. Jude Evening Under The Star starting at 6 p.m. on Saturday.

Needless to say, traffic jamming will test the temperaments of both event participants and innocent commuters. So, if your GPS is set for downtown Dallas on either of these days, pack an extra helping of patience.

Let’s just hope that the weather is pristine. You really don’t want rain on such an occasion, don’t you know?

A Gentle Reminder: Crystal Charity Ball Charity Selection Orientation Is Tuesday, As In Tomorrow

Attention, campers! Any nonprofit benefiting children had better plan on being at Communities Foundation of Texas Tuesday morning. It’s the Crystal Charity Ball’s Selection Orientation Session that starts at 8:30 a.m.

Lisa Longino (File photo)

Lisa Longino (File photo)

According to Grant Selection Chair Lisa Longino, attendance is certainly not mandatory, but this gathering provides insight and tips on how to apply for the 2017 grants.

And while Monday, October 31 (aka Halloween), may seem like many high school football games away, it’s the deadline for submitting applications for the grants.

Prospective agencies must meet three basic requirements:

  • to serve children in Dallas County,
  • have had a 501 (c)(3) tax designation for at least three years and
  • must have provided services in Dallas Country for at least three years.

It was just a couple of years ago that North Texas Food Bank President/CEO Jan Pruitt warned her team that if they wanted to submit an application, it was a daunting experience. Still she added that receiving one was like the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. BTW, her team did submit an application for a 2015 grant and received $750,000 for their efforts.

Applications are now available here, but be smart and attend the meeting. Who knows what tidbits will be shared!

A Gentle Reminder: Monday Officially Kicks Off Back-To-School And Rainy Day Reminders

Oh, goodness gracious! Traffic delays are on the menu for Monday. The reason: school officially is back in session and drop-off and pick-up lines plus absolutely no cellphone activity allowed are taking place.

Mother Nature's tears (File photo)

Mother Nature’s tears (File photo)

BTW, weather guessers are saying that an added challenge might be the first day of school being a wet one. So, rain slickers may be the fashion du jour. But, just in case, why not put a garbage bag with holes for the head and arms in your munchkin’s backpack. It will take a minimum of room and just might make for a less soggy student pickup in the days ahead.

Also, if you see a school bus stopped, you’ve gotta stop until it gets going. This allows kids to safely dart across streets to get to and from their mode of transportation. Not only is it the smart thing to do, it’s the legal thing.

After the kiddos are back at their desks getting educated, grownups should head back to their fundraising activities. With oil prices being as slippery as banana peels and economic jitters filling minds, non-profit organizations are more in need of help than ever before.

Tips For Attending Friday’s Media Panel



This wet stuff that has been falling from the skies is called rain. It’s resulted in cooler temperatures, frizzy hair, lower water bills and a wonderful fragrance in the air. Luckily, North Texas has been spared the overwhelming wash that has engulfed Louisiana and Houston.

Now if you signed up for Friday’s Media Panel, here’s a suggestion or two.

  • Get an early start. You know how wet weather tends to ramp up traffic hassles. So, if you want to get to PlainsCapital Bank’s headquarters by 8:45, take into account that Friday is predicted to be rainy. Translation: a ten-minute drive just might take 20 minutes.
  • Due to the gangbuster turnout, parking will be tight. So, if you and an office mate are attending the panel, consider carpooling to save a space.
  • Don’t worry about lugging along your bumbershoot. The garage is seamlessly connected to the building, so you won’t get dripped upon.
  • Please let MySweetCindy know if you are unable to attend, so someone on the wait list can take your place.
  • Don’t forget to bring your questions. Whether you’re the shy type and want to write it down on a piece of paper, or just want to have Ron Corning do his Phil Donahue with you, this opportunity allows for those questions you’ve always had.

See you Friday.

A Gentle Reminder: 4th Of July Closures And Limited Services

Old Glories

Old Glories

The 4th of July holiday is Monday. But there are those crafty, creative types who are turning that one-day holiday into a four day weekend. Yup! The scheduling part of their brains figured out if they took Friday off, they could take full advantage of the weekend plus the Monday holiday. Some are already checking out.

However, not everybody could do just that. Here is a rundown of Dallas City offices and services that will be experiencing holiday closures or limited operation.

Closed on Monday, July 4

  • City offices
  • Libraries
  • Park and Recreation administrative office and Recreation Centers
  • Animal Services — The Shelter and Administrative offices will be closed. However, Animal Services staff will be available to respond to emergency call that will be handled thru 311. The Everyday Adoption Center at 16821 Coit Rd. will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Police administrative offices.
  • Dallas Fire Rescue administrative offices.
  • Sanitation administrative offices.

Closed Saturday, July 2, and Monday, July 4

  • Municipal Courts Building

Business as usual

  • Police
  • Dallas Fire Rescue
  • Sanitation

Regarding the U.S. Postal Service and banking institutions, they will be closed on Monday.

On the other hand, retailers, entertainment facilities and many restaurants will be wide open for business. And, of course, there are the neighborhood parades. So, don’t forget the sunscreen and DEET, while celebrating the U.S.’s 240th birthday. No gifts necessary.

North Texas Prepares To Battle Buzzing Terrorists

Recently Christie Carter told how someone had wondered why Noah didn’t swat the two mosquitoes as they boarded his ark. After all, would anyone miss the little bloodsuckers? They make a Great White Shark seem downright friendly. Perhaps instead of The Discovery Channel’s producing “Shark Week,” it should try “Skeeter Week.”

But seriously, this disease-carrying “little fly” has once again made headlines with its spreading the Zika virus, as well as West Nile. Luckily, the reported Zika cases reported in North Texas have resulted from people traveling to other countries.

But with the recent rains and heat providing a nirvana for skeeters to flourish, it’s time to take precautions. Here are some suggestions on how to reduce the chances of mosquitoes creating havoc:

Abandoned flower pots

Abandoned flower pots

  • Get rid of standing water — Take you kids around your yard and play the game of spotting stagnant water. It could be anything from a birdbath, an abandoned flower pot, a blocked drain or a dog bowl.
  • Screens — Make sure that the screens on your doors and windows are not torn. That slit of an opening makes your home an open house for the critters.
  • DEET — As much as you love your perfume, the scent of the season is DEET.
  • Outdoor entertaining — If you’re having folks over for a backyard picnic or just chilling in the heat, consider outdoor mosquito prevention like foggers before the guests arrive. Also, electric fans will not only create a pleasant breeze, they also keep the air stirred up and skeeters don’t care for turbulence.
  • Swimming pools — Maintain yours and report abandoned ones to the Dallas County Health Department.
  • Garden pools — If you have a water garden, add a mosquitofish (Gambusia) to it.
  • Clothes — You’re really gonna hate this one, but long-sleeved shirts and long pants are like armor against the flying-disease carriers. On the other hand, they hate light colored clothing.
  • Times of day — Instead of those lovely walks at dawn and dusk around the neighborhood, head to an enclosed shopping center. Skeeters’ fav time of day is just as the sun is rising and setting. Hey, they may be small, but they’re not dumb. They don’t like the brutal heat of the day.
  • Outdoor lighting — While they’re not repellents, the yellow bug lights attract fewer mosquitoes than traditional white lights.
  • Baby protection — Provide baby carriers and beds with netting.
  • Area sprayings schedules — Check when your neighborhood is going to have the trucks spraying and keep the kids and pets indoors at that time.

Too bad Noah didn’t take some precautions. Perhaps those two skeeters would have missed the boat.

Memorial Day Is A Day Of Thanks For The Ultimate Gift

Memorial Day flags

Memorial Day flags

Today is Memorial Day, a holiday where presents are not exchanged. However, it is a day when thanks are shown for those who have given their lives in the line of duty.

Before heading to the movie theaters for first-runs, hitting sunny patios with misters for icy drinks or taking off for summer vacations, consider that these luxuries were made possible by thousands of men and women over the decades.

No Excuse To Miss North Texas Giving Day Kick-Off Events

Anyone who thought that Communities Foundation of TexasNorth Texas Giving Day was slowing down because CFT’s Brent Christopher was moving his nameplate over to Children’s Foundation, forget it. The staff has been ramping up plans. And from recent reports, they’ve been OMG successful.

2016 North Texas Giving Day Save-The-Date*

2016 North Texas Giving Day Save-The-Date*

Need proof? Well, to get things going, the CFT team is holding NTGD Kick-Off sessions for any non-profits interested in benefiting from the Thursday, September 22, mega-fundraising event. The schedule for the K-O sessions are

  • Collin County (10 a.m. to noon on Wednesday, June 8),
  • Dallas (10 a.m. to noon on Thursday, June 2),
  • Denton (10 a.m. to noon on Tuesday, June 7) and
  • Fort Worth (10 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. on Wednesday, June 1).

Needless to say, the signups have been overwhelming with the Collin County, Dallas and the Fort Worth morning session filled to absolute capacity. If you were smart and registered, look in the mirror and smile. But if you put it off because your “Must Do List” got the better of you, there’s still hope. The afternoon session in Fort Worth and the Denton event still have a few spots left.

2016 North Texas Giving Day Kick-Off Events*

2016 North Texas Giving Day Kick-Off Events*

At the K-O, participants will:

  • Learn how to get Giving Day perks by registering early
  • Learn how to update/create North Texas Giving Day profile
  • Hear key dates
  • Receive Marketing Toolkit
  • Hear success stories from peer nonprofits
  • Walk through new marketing tools and tips
  • Learn about Challenge Funds, Bonus Funds and Prizes
  • Pick up #NTXGivingDay yard sign

What’s that? You couldn’t sign up because your kids insisted on your being part of the family vacation the first part of June? Not to worry. Those wonderful peeps at CFT thought of that. So on Tuesday, June 7, they’re having a Kick-Off Webinar from 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.  However, you still have to register.

And if that isn’t enough, CFT will post video recordings of the kick-off on its Nonprofit Resources page on Thursday, June 9.

So, why all the need for attending a Kick-Off event? Because there have been updates and additions to the annual program. For instance, according to CFT’s Carol Goglia, “It’s really important for nonprofits to attend kickoffs because we’re updating the way they register. It also really jazzes them up to hear best practices presented by other nonprofits and hear success stories!”

* Graphic provided by Communities Foundation of Texas

Nobody Loves A Blood-Sucking Skeeter

The temperatures are starting to rise and the rains, they keep a’coming. What does that means? Well, the skeeters see this as St. Barts and that spells trouble.

With tales of an upcoming Zika invasion and past deadly encounters with West Nile, that should put everyone on guard. But still there are forgotten flower pots with stagnant water and and even old birdbaths that even a mockingbird would bypass, where those pesky little mosquitoes would love to make a nursery. Any and all bowls, containers or whatevers need to be emptied.

And start shopping for your Deet du jour. It may not be as tantalizing as Michael or Code, but it will be a major turn off for the blood-sucking little devils.

Government suggestion: “It is not recommended to use a single product that combines insect repellent containing Deet and sunscreen. Repellent usually does not need to be reapplied as often as sunscreen. There are not specific recommendations for products that combine other active ingredients and sunscreen. Always follow the instructions on the label of whatever product you are using.”

MySweetCharity suggestion: Put the sunscreen on. Wait a few minutes. You can use this time to rearrange your

April Is Going To Be Gangbusters, So Fasten Your Seat Belts



Having just emerged from her wrinkle-remover chamber, Queenie arrived at MySweetCharity headquarters to find not an elf in sight. This simply couldn’t be. After all, MSC elves have no life outside MSC. Clearing her throat, nothing happened. Hmm, that usually gets results.

She announced, “The last elf to appear will have lunch with me today.” With that, all elves popped up. No one wanted to be the last one.

Beckoning Elder Elf over, Queenie raised her perfectly engineered right eyebrow and asked, “So, what’s up?”

Trembling, Elder stammered trying to speak. Queenie harrumphed, “Enough with the theatrics. Just put a subject and verb together and tell me exactly what’s the problem. Was the croissant delivery late?”

Elder straightened up and said, “It’s April.”

Queenie wasn’t getting it. She replied, “So? It usually follows March.”

Elder explained that due to the area spring breaks taking place throughout March, nonprofits had moved their usual March events to April. Thus, April had become overloaded with fundraising activities.

From the gleeful look on her face, Queenie still didn’t get it. “Oh, just think of all the fun there’ll be had in April. Lunches, cocktail parties, dinners, lectures, patron parties, announcement receptions, check presentations! Loads and loads of opportunities to raise money for nonprofits. I simply can’t wait to see Tim, Hoda, Goldie, Martin, Amal, Tommy, Brene and the rest! I wonder if I’ll have time to get away for Elizabeth’s private birthday party?”

With all that name dropping, Elder realized that a reality check was necessary at this point. “Ma’am, you really need to look at the MySweetCharity Calendar. The Calendar elves are being treated for finger bruising from posting all the events. The other elves are hyperventilating at how all these activities are going to be handled.”

With that Queenie put on her reading glasses and pulled up the April calendar. With eyes bulging out, her head started spinning like a hula hoop. She returned to her wrinkle-remover chamber.