Dancing For Dollars Brings In The Green For Paws In The City

Because these brave and hardworking folks (pictured) danced and judged their hearts out at “Top Hat and Tails,” Paws In The City raised $125,000!

Congratulations to Tara Harper, Tina Foster and a whole litter of people and sponsors who were behind the scenes making it a success, too.

Take a bow-wow!

Destitute Kittens For Komen, or Beasts for Breasts

Their father left their mother high and dry. Luckily, the staff at Town East Galloway Animal Clinic knew how to handle the situation and knew how to hit our heartstrings:

“The kittens range in age from 6-10 weeks old. We are charging a $150 adoption fee. That includes the first set of vaccinations, deworming, Home Again Microchip, and spay or neuter when they come of age. Adoption package is worth $420. Proceeds goes to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation ($100 from every cat adopted). So anyone who is interested just have them come by Town East Galloway Animal Clinic at 2860 N. Galloway Mesquite,Tx to check them out or call at 972-613-9871.”

Sorry if the picture isn’t up to your standards, but these are kittens not fashion runway strutters.BTW, if you have experienced kitten raising, you know this is a major bargain.

Ratings Soared For Paws In The City’s Dancing With Our Stars

You just thought Dancing with the Stars was over for the season when Nicole Scherzinger and Derek Hough won the mirrored-ball trophies. Wrong! Paws in the City held its own version and managed to jam all the fun, drama and glamour of the television show’s entire season into one night at the Frontiers of Flight Museum Saturday.

The evening began with a jam-packed reception with silent auction and available pooches for adoption on the sideline. One little, four-legged Lab mix was guest of honor despite a nasty looking back. Her name is Faith (pictured. Editor’s note: The photo is reduced dramatically because it’s pretty grim. If you would like to see it full blown, just click on the photo.) and she is recovering from someone pouring hot grease on her back. You’d never know if from her attitude. Throughout the evening she was a friend to all and the feeling was reciprocated as she made her way through the crowd.

Another critter in the reception was Spencer Nilsson (pictured). No, he’s not a pooch, but he’s typical of the many who are the secret to Paws in the City’s success. Spencer is a PITC volunteer and fosters pets until they find their “forever homes.” Checking the dogs up for adoption at the party, he owned up to having a beagle and presently fostering a Maine Coon. You know volunteers really love their work.

Following the reception, the 650 guests adjourned to the main hall where tables were so tightly in place that it’s a wonder the servers were able to squeeze through.  Ah, the problem of having too many people supporting an event.

It was announced that the Wyly Medical Assistance Fund had issued a challenge — if $20,000 could be raised during the evening, the Fund would match it to provide money for animal medical treatment, boarding and training of animals.

We’ll tell you if they made it later.

But first Event Host Preston Pearson (pictured) took the stage. Now Preston is well-known for being one of the Dallas Cowboy legends. Time and time again, like so many of his fellow players, he has donated time, effort and money to causes throughout this area. But you may not realize that this incredible athlete has a very soft spot for animals. It’s largely because of a gal named “Lucy.” She was a dog that Preston’s son asked him to take care of while he was away. It was a match made in heaven.

“I fell in love with Lucy,” the Super Bowl winner said with pride. Then he told of her her death about four years ago and the inscription on her tombstone, “Lucy, A Friend to All.” It was at this point that Preston started tearing up. Regaining his composure, [Read more…]

Get Out Your Top Hat And Tails Dusted Off For Paws In The City Saturday Night

Paws in the City got a nice story on WFAA last night. Perfect timing! Their annual fundraiser, “Top Hat and Tails,” will have a “Dancing With The Stars” feel this Saturday night at Frontiers of Flight Museum.  Hosts Drew Pearson and Scott Murray have arranged for such celebs as Olympic Gold Medalist Carly Patterson, foodie Dee Lincoln, KTVT-CH. 11’s Gary Seith, Dallas Cowboy wife Michelle Witten, chef Richard Chamberlain, TV/radio personalities Jocelyn White and Brendan Higgins and KXAS-CH. 5’s Kim Fischer to dance up a storm.

The dance competition will pair celebrities with Arthur Murray dance pros. There will be one dance routine performed by each couple and judged by  Claudia Marshall, Kellie Rasberry and Tony Dorsett. You just know there will be some Simon Cowell comments dropped. Winners will be determined by a combination of judges’ scores and guests’ voting.

In addition to the fun, the St. Francis of Assisi Award will be presented to Holly Forsythe for her dedication and service to animals.

Barking Hound Village, Toothacres, Urban Paws, Tailwaggers, WUF, Kinder Kritter, Boarding Bungalow and Bikerdogz Dog Training will be presented awards for their support of Paws In The City. What kind of support? They have helped board and train dogs in the program.

Event chair Becky Haisma and Vice Chair Tina Fairbanks have Honorary Chairs Samantha Reid, Andrea Alcorn and Nancy Latner helping them make this another success story for Paws In The City.

Understand there are a few tickets still available.

Cotton Bowl To Become Dog Bowl With Cooling Misters Sunday

You’ve made plans for a little summer fun. Perhaps Six Flags or a trip to visit friends. Well, the family pooch could use a little summer fun, too. Poor thing (pictured)!

Ah, but thanks to the Friends of Fair Park, you’ve lucked out! [Read more…]

PETA Provides Hot Tips Plus "Don't Call 311!"

Just checked the temperature it’s a toasty 95 degrees outside. It appears the dog days of summer are yelping. With that in mind, PETA has provided some reminders for canine care: [Read more…]

A Story About A Cheeseburger And A Cherry

One year ago today, I got suckered into trying to help rescue a dog in need. It was a malnourished Great Pyrenees that had been traded by a homeless man for a cheeseburger and $20 in downtown Dallas. Due to circumstances, the pooch (let’s call him “Cheeseburger”) ended up at the Dallas Animal Shelter in danger of euthanasia.

Thanks to the dedicated rescue groups like the Collin County Humane Society and Metroplex Animal Coalition, Cheeseburger (pictured) was to be rescued if someone could transport the  young GP from DAS to a foster home in Collin County. Shoot! I had nothing else going on that day and I had a gas guzzling SUV that could handle such a project.

The problem? [Read more…]

Shout Out To The "Dallas Area Young Lawyers"

UPDATE: We’re down to two cats and three dogs still in need of legal assistance.

When you hold your “Second Annual Adopt-a-Thon” Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Dallas Animal Services on Westmoreland, ask the staff to introduce you to the animals on death row. This week there are two kitties (Standley and Delphi) and eight dogs including Ulysses, a Flat-Coat Retriever, who are slated for the needle on Monday.

If ever there death row inmates that needed a little help from young legal eagles, these ten are r-e-a-l-l-y are desperate.

Dallas Is Going To The Dogs!

Let’s review the checklist of summer must do’s. Graduations handled? Check! Wedding gifts ordered? Check! Summer vacation plans made? Check!  But what about your dog (pictured)? Doesn’t s/he deserve a little summer activity, too. You know they’re good sports and would be agreeable to any shenanigans.

Here are a couple of solutions to your pooch guilt. Not only will be you have fun, you’ll help other less fortunate critters. [Read more…]

UPDATE: Theo Is Being Rescued

Let’s start the week off on an upbeat note — you can check Theo (pictured) off today’s kill list at the Dallas Animal Shelter!

Jonnie England just notified MySweetCharity that Theo, the last of 55 animals on today’s kill list, is being rescued today by Heart2Heart.

Thanks to individuals and rescue groups, not only were these animals saved from destruction, but the Dallas Animal Shelter staff didn’t have to take on a task that they dread — killing animals.

But you know that there will be a new list posted with a new bunch of critters, so don’t rest on your laurels too long.

Theo Is The Last Dog Standing

Remember when we started out with 55 animals slated to be euthanized at the Dallas Animal Shelter on Monday? Now, only one is left — Theo (pictured). All the others have been rescued or adopted. The sorry little fella who is going to die is a one-year old, 57-pound, neutered pit mix. Yes, we all know about pit breeds. But this guy is

“a handsome fellow with a few red-orange freckles on his snow-white coat. Theo is friendly and good with people but doesn’t like other animals, so he needs a home where he’s the only pampered pet.”

It’s going to be pretty guilt-ridden Monday, if he’s the only one put down. But on the other hand, there are 54 others that have missed the syringe because of good people. We hate to think Theo may lose his life, but we applaud all who helped the other 54.

Now, is there a 55th person out there who might just want one dog to love and be loved by?

To adopt:  214-671-0249; [email protected]; Dallas Animal Services, 1818 N. Westmoreland at I-30, in Dallas. Rescue groups:  214-670-8298; [email protected]

Dead Pets Walking

Jonnie England of the Metroplex Animal Coalition just notified MySweetCharity that three cats and nine dogs will be euthanized this Monday if they’re not adopted or rescued. No, they are not killer cats and scary pooches. They just aren’t puppies and kittens anymore and, let’s face it — young beats out experienced in pet picking most of the time.

Look, the folks at the “pound” do not. . . repeat, do not. . . enjoy killing friendly, sweet critters, but they’re faced with staggering numbers for three reasons:

  1. Owners are not spay and neutering
  2. Financial times are forcing people to turn in their pets.
  3. Irresponsible owners who do not take care of their pets and let them loose.

So, head to the shelter (it’s really quite excellent), take a look at the following critters — potential pets or possible victims: [Read more…]

Will Lookin at Lucky be Center of Attention at Lee Park Saturday?

If you want to impress your friends between now and Saturday afternoon, just toss out,

Lookin at Lucky is starting to look better as the leader now that Eskendereya has been pulled due to injury.

You’ll be so-in-the-know regarding Saturday’s Kentucky Derby.

Now, if you want to really impress them, just ask what time they’ll be attending the race. When they raise their eyebrows, just confess that you’re talking about Park Place Volvo’s “Day at the Races” from 3 to 7 at Lee Park’s Arlington Hall. Did they really think you were taking off for Kentucky, when all the fun will be in Dallas?

Since it’s being tossed by the Lee Park Junior Conservancy, you can expect lots of beautiful people, an abundance of refreshments, and civilized frivolity.

Sit, Heel and Set Your Recorder

KERA is airing “Through a Dog’s Eyes” tonight at 7. It’s a documentary dealing with “services dogs and the people whose lives they have changed.”

Rawlins Gilliland's Birthday at Lee Harvey's Went to the Dogs

Raconteur Rawlins Gilliland celebrated his birthday these past few days with the high-and-mighty (dinner with Neiman’s President/CEO Karen Katz) and the down-and-dirty.

Whoa! What was that last group?

It wasn’t supposed to be that way, but that’s the way it turned out Sunday afternoon at cute Seth Smith‘s Lee Harvey’s. Thanks to Rawlins’ pals “Reid & Kathi,” a non-global warming chill and off-and-on-rain, a celebration of people and pooches turned into muddy paws (pictured), lots of laughs and the type of birthday gifts any non-profit loves — donations to the birthday boy’s favorite cause, Dog & Kitty City Shelter/Sanctuary.

On hand to help Rawlins greet guests were his two favorite gals (pictured with Rawlins), Mona (the Chihuahua) and Honey (the best of all breeds in one). Both of them had been ladies-in-desperate-need when the former NM exec discovered them. Now, they’re ladies of extreme leisure and luxury.

And speaking of ladies, [Read more…]